Dissidia Final Fantasy

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Ike Sapphire

Hello I was just wondering how all of you Iwaku people though about Dissidia? In my opinion I though that it was very well made due to the fact that they have a battle more active than just sit and wait. It is more like a Kingdom hearts battle than a final fantasy and that is what I liked about it. Anyway I would like to hear all of your opinions about Dissidia.


Its fun, but not worth 40 bucks. Wait til it goes down.

Sephiroth: Overhyped. Easy to pick up, but his odd close-range style with mid-range attacks makes it hard to master early on.

Cloud: Basically the Ryu of the game, good mix of mid and close range attacks between Braver and Cross Slash.

Tidus: Fast, but his charges have an odd way of backing off and switching from close to mid range.

Warrior of Light: The Ken to Cloud's Ryu. Easier to pick up than Sephiroth, but very, very basic. There's a reason he's the tutorial/prologue character.

Having fought a computer-Terra several times, I can safely say she's a demonic long-ranger with good combos to take out close-rangers trying to close the distance.

Still playing through the others.