Dissidents: Winds of Change

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    "Promise yourself to live your life as a revolution and not just a process of evolution."
    -Anthony J. D'Angelo
    JOSEPH PEAKS, #ffff4d
    The pounding of blood echoed through his ears as Joseph felt helpless to struggle against the bindings around his wrists. His eyes were obscured by a white fabric of some kind, it wasn't nearly thick enough to block his vision entirely though the room was dark and only allowed Joseph to be able to see the dark outline of another man. Not that any of this mattered as his muscles felt unresponsive as Joseph couldn't force his gaze to move as he kept staring ahead, fear freezing him in place. The man beyond the blindfold slowly made his way towards Joseph as he raised his arm into the air before suddenly plunging it down. A sharp pain shot through Joseph as he felt a warm liquid spill out onto his arm before trinkling down his skin and spilling over his bound hand. Wanting to scream, yet no voice would come out of his throat, he grimaced as the knife was dragged along his skin again. Sharply inhaling, Joseph's voice again refused to make noise as the knife plunged into his thigh. His body struggle against the restraints but it didn't feel as though it was responding to him. A shiver ran down his spine as the man suddenly began to chuckle to himself as he walked away. The distinct clatter of metal echoed through the small room as the sound of another piece of metal dragging brought Joseph's attention back front and center as his body began to rapidly shake as it fought harder against the bindings around his wrists. The chuckling soon turned to laughter as the man suddenly rushed towards Joseph, a sharp pain exploding into his stomach as he jolted forward, a blood curdling scream finally exploding from his throat.

    "NOOOOOoo!" Joseph sat up in bed, panting as he padded down his chest with his right hand while feeling for Tiresias with his left as he felt the cool wet nose of the golden lab reaching up to comfort him. Stroking the fine fur on the top of the dog's head, Joseph took a deep breath as he focused as he closed his eyes before opening them up again, the once murky green orbs now glowing golden as Joseph looked at himself through Tiresias' eyes. Looking at his chest to assure himself that he had in fact not been stabbed. Joey patted the side of his bed as he moved over motioning for Tiresias to climb up with him. Laying back down as he closed his eyes, he muttered quietly to the dog as a sense of calm washed over him. "Good... boy... Tiresias." His voice trailed off as slipped back into a deep slumber.

    ~ ~ ~​

    As the alarm went off, Joseph rolled over as he groaned loudly. A small bark escaped from Tiresias' mouth as he too woke up and jumped off the bed. Sitting up, Joseph felt around the edge of the bed for his cane only to accidentally bump his clock radio. The voice of the news announcer suddenly filled the room as Joseph scrambled for the volume adjusting it to a more tolerable level.

    "And another victim of the Chicago Butcher was found last night. The body suffered mutilations to both the arms and thighs before coroners believe the vicitm was killed by a slit throat."

    "Well that's a scary conicidence," Joseph muttered to himself as Tiresias sat down beside him with a wimper as he put his paw up on Joseph's lap. "Don't worry, you'll get fed you glutton." Tapping around with his cane, Joseph found his way to the door before taking a hold of Tiresias allowing the dog's eyes to become his as he made his way down the stairs into the bathroom. After taking a quick shower and finding an outfit to wear thanks to the assistance of the brail tags in his wardrobe, the young man made his way downstairs.

    "Good morning Joseph, sleep well?" Joseph's father's voice came from in front of him.

    "I feel like I barely slept at all." Joseph replied as he reached out for a chair, finding one with his hand as he slowly sat down at the table. "What's for breakfast this morning?" He paused as he tilted his head back and sniffed. "No wait, let me guess. Blueberry pancakes and sausage."

    "Indeed, good nose." Joseph's dad turned from the stove as the smell of the frying pan made its way under Joseph's nose. Tiresias let out a whimper as he put a paw up on Joseph's lap, drool dripping from his mouth. "One sassage or two?"

    " Just one for me, could you give Tiresias some food though. I think he believes he's fading away to nothing."

    "Yeah, sure thing Son." Tiresias suddenly scrambbled off as the sound of kibble plopping into the dish echoed through the kitchen. "Eat up, I'm dropping you and your sister off at school, provided she ever gets out of bed." He added as he turned to the staircase before bellowing towards the second story. "Rose! Hurry up, you're going to be late for school!"

    "I'm coming!" A female voice yelled back, followed by the sound of rapid footsteps thundering down the stairs as Rose launched herself into the front room before skittering into the kitchen.

    "Sassage Hon?" Her father asked her as Rose shook her head. Joseph turned his head to the sound of the fridge freezer door closing.

    "I'm just going to make a smoothie to go."

    "Alright then, lets get you both in the truck, c'mon c'mon!" Mr. Peaks changed his voice to mock that of a drill sergeant as Rose turned off the blender and made her way out the door followed by Tiresias and Joseph.
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  2. CALEB FITZROY, #003366
    "Try to stay out of trouble today okay?" Landon's voice yelled at Caleb over the roar of the Dodge Charger's hemi as Caleb turned around, raising his skateboard above his head.

    "Don't I always?" Cal called back with a wink, as he put the board down on the ground and skated towards the back of school. Lane Technical College Prep High School was a selected enrolment school, not that it had been hard for Cal to get accepted. The young man had always been very good with numbers, though his English tended to drag his grades down as his more 'artistic' classes rounded out into average marks.

    Skidding to a stop, Cal kicked his board up to his hand as he raised a closed fist to finished the greeting of another boy.

    "They betting today?" Cal asked as he nodded towards another group of guys as his best friend Bryce replied.

    "Looks like it, though I wouldn't be surprised if they had no interest in playing with you." Bryce grinned ear to ear as he continued. "You have cleaned them out every week this month."

    "And if my luck hasn't dried up, then I'll do it again today." Cal smirked as he raised his hand as it was quickly met by Bryce's completing the high-five. "Hey, you guys putting money down on those cards?"

    "If you've got the money to bet." One of the guys replied. "Which we all know you do, you've got nothing to lose to you Fitzroy?"

    "Not that I can think of. I've lost everything that matters to me already!" Cal replied cooly, "What's the buy in?"

    "For you, a hundred." The dealer stated smugly as he held out an open palm.

    "Fine, but you'll be owing me a whole lot more." Cal retorted in his own cocky tone. "Now come on, hit me." The dealer pulled out a deck of cards, shuffling it quickly before passing out cards to Cal and the other two guys. Flipping his card over, Cal smirked as he looked down at the Ace of Diamonds. Turning his head as the other two flipped thier cards over, Cal noted that one had landed himself a Jack while the other had a seven. Looking back at the dealer, Cal watched as his vision began to glow, various numbers moving before his eyes. Three cards have been dealt, that leaves forty nine more cards in the hand, one ace has been dealt leaving a possible three more while I need a ten which has a four in forty nine. Therefore, I have a eight percent chance of scoring a perfect Blackjack.

    "What'll it be Cal?" The dealer asked as Cal was brought back to reality, looking up at the dealer with a smirk plastered on his face.

    "Would you believe I'm feeling lucky? How about you give me a hit."

    "You like to play it risky don't you?" The dealer replied as he slipped them all a card. The other boy with the Jack let out a triumphant laugh as he flipped over a King. The other managed to get a Queen allowing him to get ahead of Cal while Cal flipped over his card nodding solemnly at the five he had been given.

    Six cards dealt, forty six cards left, I need a five. That gives me a three in forty six odds, a six percent chance.

    "So what'll it be boys?" The dealer asked as the boy in the lead shook his head.

    "I'll stay."

    "Hit me." The other young man said as Cal nodded and held out his hand gesturing for another card.

    "Yeah me too."

    "I would have just quit there, but hey I figure you're both already out so you've got nothing left to lose." The dealer teased as he dealt out two cards. The other young man turned his card over letting out an exasperated groan as he turned up an eight. Cal followed suit as he turned his card over, a grin spreading across his face as he flashed his card towards the dealer and the other teen sitting on a twenty.

    "Blackjack." A smirk filled Cal's face as the three teens shook their heads in disbelief. " Pay up." Cal ordered as he held out his hand. The other teens conceded as they placed the cash into Cal's hand before he shoved it inside the pocket of his leather jacket and turned to Bryce, fist bumping before exploding their hands open.

    "You have some luck man."

    "How come no one ever accuses me of skill?" Cal said with a laugh as the bell echoed through the air signalling the start of school. "See you after second man!" Cal called to Bryce as he threw his skateboard down and headed for the door.

    The steady hum of the school's computer was the only noise in the near empty computer lap. Adjusting in her seat, Sam looked at the completed work of her labours, the new school website would be online with just a click of her mouse. Extra credit had never been so easy for the Senior as she leaned back and published the website. A new school year, a new website and Sam pulled up her purse picking out a large DLR camera, a new toy.

    Hearing the bell go, Sam picked up her bag and logged off the computer as she made her way out into the hallway. Waving to her friends as she headed towards her classroom, she nearly ran face first into Rose Peaks.

    "Whoa! Hey there Rose, I didn't s..." She stopped suddenly as she saw Joseph behind his sister. "Oh hey Joey!" She kneeled down and held out her hand towards Tiresias as the golden lab wagged his tail before licking her hand. "Such a good boy!" Standing up she looked at the siblings as she continued to talk. "Did the two of you have a good summer, though maybe I should be asking if you had a good first year Rose, I feel like the last time we talked was at the orientation last year when I was your mentor."

    "Yeah, it's been a while for sure. I didn't really do too much this summer. We pretty much just stayed in Chicago. I did go see Wicked for the the first time though, it was pretty good."

    "One of my favourites too," Sam commented as she turned to Joey, "What about you Joey, what'd you do this summer?"

    "I was trying to learn to play the guitar, it's a surprisingly tactile instrument. Plus I can learn the music by ear, perhaps not the most conventional method to learn but I'll make it work."

    "Yeah if you can ever get Tiresias to stop howling along with you." Rose teased with a wink towards Sam. "I better get Joseph to class, nice to see you again Sam. Hopefully we'll run into each other again sooner!"

    "Yeah really!" Sam laughed as she turned to leave, Joseph felt a tingle run down his spine as an image of Sam colliding with another student suddenly flashed towards his eyes. Swinging his white cane in front of her, Sam stepped back quickly caught off guard as Caleb Fitzroy glided by on his skateboard.

    "Gangway Cutie!"

    Sam shook her head quickly before quickly muttering under her breath. "Jerk." Turning to leave again, she waved one last time to Rose and yelled a quick 'thanks' to Joseph. Taking a deep breath she watched as Caleb sailed into the same first period room she was headed towards.

    Perhaps this wasn't going to be the best start of the year.
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  3. Makarios Lilis, orange
    The tendrils of steam rose from the shower, wistful and without will. They pierced through the billowing clouds of steam above them, mixing and intermingling in one fluid motion. A true display of amalgamation. Of acceptance.

    Makarios watched the display as the water pelted him, loosening his muscles and reddening his skin. He was trying to stave off leaving the confines of his shower. He found entirely too much solace and tranquility in simply staring at the alabaster tile of his oval tub. He could allow his mind to wander about anything and nothing at all. Nothing bothered him in this mini sanctuary, shielded from the world by a mere chartreuse and mahogany colored shower curtain. But alas, he had school today and it wouldn’t wait for him to show up. He washed the remaining soap from his body and briefly passed his hand over his necklace. The ivory white rectangular totem felt warm to the touch, even in the midst of his makeshift sauna. Makarios grimaced as he thought of it. The thing had been mighty “vocal” lately and Makarios didn’t like it. He tried to keep it under control as much as possible, but something was off.

    Stepping out of the shower, Makarios wrapped himself in a towel, grabbed his toothbrush and set to work brushing before heading to his closet and choosing an outfit. He was in the middle of two tees before his phone started ringing.

    “Oh, now there’s only one person this early in the morning” he said to himself with a roll of his eyes. He unlocked his phone and activated the speaker option. “Yes Miss Southern Belle, how can I help you today?”

    “And just where in the hell are you? I have been standing outside this dern school for the past twenty minutes, trynta look as natural as possible for when you walk up and see my new heels!” His friend, Alyssa Edwards, let out a dramatic sigh over the phone and he could only imagine her coppery hair shaking in judgment. “Seriously, you get your sassy ass here real quick-like, y’hear?”

    “Yes mama, I’ll be there soon, just grabbing a few things.”

    “Bull honky. You got caught up in the shower and you probably ain’t even got an outfit picked yet,” she told him.

    “Dammit girl! How do you always know these things? Get the hell out of my head,” he told her, running through the room now, slipping into his underwear and pants. He cleaned out his mouth at the sink and applied some deodorant before slipping on his shirt.

    “They don’t call me the Baddest Belle for nothing.”

    “It doesn’t count if you’re the only one who says that.”

    “Oh shut up and get your ass here.”


    Makarios made his way to the front of the school, dodging kids being dropped off by their parents. Even now, he sometimes felt like the odd man out here. He was here on a scholarship and being a legally emancipated teen, there was no parental figure for him, unless he counted Alyssa. He shouldered his bag, making his way through the teens and their amalgamation of sexual energy and cheap body spray.

    “Ugh, finally!” he heard a voice call out behind him. He knew the drill at this point and played along. He spun around confusion on his face before he saw Alyssa’s heels.

    “Oh.my.GOD. Look at those babies! Legs for days mama!” He teased her before giving one of his closest friends a hug.

    “Oh shush you, we’re going to be late for class, let’s go.”

    They headed off in to the main hallway, talking about the latest and greatest in the news, including the Chicago Butcher.
    Sliding into her first period class, Sam sat down at an available desk before sliding a tablet out of her shoulder bag. Entering her passcode into the device, Sam easily hacked into the 'teacher's wi-fi' before she began browsing through the daily news. The top item of course was yet another victim of the 'Chicago Butcher'.

    Who comes up with these names anyways? Sam thought to herself as she scanned the article. Apparently the 'Butcher's' Modus Operatus was evolving, and if Sam had learned anything from all the crime shows she watched then the 'Butcher' was likely enjoying the media attention. Looking up from her tablet, Sam took a look around the room noting some familiar faces, both friendly and not who lined the room. Of course there was Caleb Fitzroy, the obnoxious jerk from moments earlier. Sam had known him for most of their high school 'careers' and had even been friends with Cal until before the Winter break last year. But something changed in him after his mother died. Cal had always been emotionally distant but when his mother died it was like he suddenly stopped caring about everything. He constantly began taking risks, hanging out with poor influences and overall just became someone she didn't want to associate with any longer.

    Perhaps it had to do with her changing too though. In grade nine, Sam had been a preppy little blonde, going so far as to join the cheerleading team. At the height of grade ten, she had made it to captain of the varsity junior team. however during the summer before grade eleven, Sam had found that she had a natural aptitude with a computer. She knew she had always had a particular ease with them, but a year ago her parents had sent her off to a computer camp for the summer where Sam had gained very valuable skills which she only continued to develop as she took programming classes throughout her junior year and then when on to further educate herself through the internet until she became something of a computer wizard. Sam had personally rewritten the software and operating system on her tablet as a hobby over the summer that had just passed, and while satisfied with the result she was constantly jotting down ideas on how to further improve it.

    As the teacher entered the room, Sam slid her tablet back into her bag, opening up a notebook on her desk. She would of took notes with the tablet, but despite her technical savvy, Sam believed there was something to be said for memory retention through the physical exercise of writing out each note instead of simply pushing buttons to input the data.

    "Well, aren't you a happy looking bunch? Not that I blame you, I too would love to go back down to North Avenue Beach and spend this lovely day lounging. Unfortunately, I have to work so that you all get to experience that joy in a few years. Hopefully after each of you have chased a degree in a post secondary institute." The teacher cleared his throat as he realized he hadn't introduced himself. "Ah, where are my manners, my name is Mr. Ron Satyr. You can refer to me as Mr. Satyr if you wish but most of my students simply call me Satyr." Turning to the whiteboard behind him, Satyr pointed to a rather large equation that had been written there. "If any of you can solve the equation by the end of class today, then I promise that if the weather is as nice today, or nicer I will hold our Friday class on the bleachers."

    Sam cheered along with the rest of the class only to be caught off guard as she heard a familiar voice clear his throat.

    "The answer is 42."

    "Well that is rather impressive Mr...?" Satyr paused as he turned to look at Cal.

    "Fitzroy." Cal answered coolly as he turned to his classmates with a wink and a smirk. " But hey, it was a lucky guess. Works to our favour though so cheers to that!"

    "Well hopefully your luck will hold out for the rest of the term Mr. Fitzroy. Now how about we actually move on to today's lesson."

    A collective groan could be heard from the class as Satyr took his turn to smirk, turning to the whiteboard as he began to write.

    CALEB FITZROY, #003366
    Watching the last ten minutes of Mr. Satyr's class tick by, Cal absent mindedly played with a deck of cards. Despite his recent rebellious image, his assigned work lay finished, though quickly scribbled into a nearby note book.

    "All done Mr. Fitzroy? Why not get a headstart on tonight's assignment as well then? I'm sure it would be a better use of your time." Satyr's voice came from behind Cal, though not to his surprise as he had watched the teacher slowly walk around the room, peering over each student's work.

    "I would but... I already finished it." Cal said as he split the deck of cards, dragging his thumbs through them as the cards slapped against each other before Cal tossed the deck back together and juggled the cards in front of himself.

    "I'd like to see it then." Satyr ordered, his tone had become tense and annoyed.

    "Help yourself." Cal nodded his head towards his note book as Satyr quickly snatched at it, flipping through the pages as Cal watched the man's face fall in disbelief as he realized that Cal was in fact being truthful. "Pick a card Satyr." Cal spread the deck out in front of the man, "Come on, humor me."

    Putting Cal's notebook back on his desk, Satyr sighed as he pulled a card out of the spread. Cal smiled as he gave further instructions to the teacher. "Now show it to anyone of your choosing."

    Turning around, Satyr flashed the card to everyone who was seated behind him. "Everyone see the card?" The students nodded as Satyr turned back to Cal.

    "Now slide it back in anywhere." Cal spread the deck out again as Satyr did as he was told. Tossing the deck behind his back, Cal quickly juggled the cards around him as he rapidly shuffled them before spreading them out in front of him again. Holding up the fan of cards with their faces towards Satyr and the class, Cal stared at the cards as his vision began to accelerate again. His mind flowed with various numbers, percentages and statistics until finally he saw one card stand out from the rest. Placing his fingers over the card, he pinched it out and flipped it at Satyr. "That your card?"

    Satyr's jaw dropped as he grinned moderately impressed. "Indeed it is Mr. Fitzroy." The bell suddenly sounded as the class scurried to pack up and leave. Cal stood up from his desk, slinging his single strap backpack over his shoulder only for Mr. Satyr to place a hand on his shoulder. "Mr. Fitzroy I feel I should let you know I only cut you some slack because it's the first day of classes. In the future I expect you to focus on more academic pursuits within my class and to lose the attitude. Understood?"

    "Satyr, we're going to have a lot of fun this term." Cal said with a smirk as he left the room.
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  5. Makarios Lilis, orange

    Shouldering his bag and checking his phone, noting a missed call from an all too familiar number, Makarios headed out of the door of Mr. Satyr's class. He was unsure how he felt about the class. Unfortunately, he kind of needed the class.

    'At least I can take solace in the fact that it's the first class of the day, so bam, we're done,' he told himself as he waited outside the class door for Alyssa.

    "Hey Satyr, pick a card, any card!" A voice called behind him in a false low turn. It shocked Makarios slightly, causing him to turn around only to find Alyssa lumbering toward him and chuckling. "Good Lord in heaven, can you believe that guy?" Without speaking, they headed for the direction of Makarios' locker. A new year, but their routine still remained the same. "I knew there was gonna be a show-off in the class. There always is when you gotta herd of smart ones."

    "Hmm?" Makarios was only half-listening as he opened his locker, listlessly exchanging books for his next class. All he could focus on was the overwhelming scent of the cologne in the locker next to his. He didn't even need his amulet to amplify his nose for that. But regardless, the slightly amplified sense became assaulted with the heavy musk scent that should have belonged more to an old time barber shop than a modern-day high-schooler. It was something he couldn't help, smells seemed to stick out to him more and more. The high school locker room was a torture zone for him.

    "That Fitzroy character. Y'know, if he was uglier, I'd have expected a fedora to come along with the card tricks. Hell, maybe even one of those dragon bowler shirts that went out of style like fifteen years ago," Alyssa went on, throwing a few of her books in his locker. It was essentially their communal spot. It amazed Makarios how Alyssa was perfectly capable of holding two conversations at once: one with him, and one with her long-distance boyfriend on her phone via text. Even now, she was tucking back her hair and prattling away on her touch-screen, but he knew she was fully aware of the conversation as they started walking.

    Makarios simply shrugged. "It is what it is, as long as he doesn't showboat the whole year, I'm good. I don't plan to be best buddies with guy, so I couldn't care less." That was a lie though. Makarios couldn't place his finger on it, but there was something off about Caleb. And he smelled weird, but it was almost like an undertone scent, nothing that he did to himself. It tickled Maki's nose, but he didn't know why.

    "Like my Daddy always says, the loudest show-dogs are always the ones that still got a little shit on their tongue."

    "Alyssa, do you even know what that means?"

    "Not at all. But it sounds good. We heading to our next class?"

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  6. JOSEPH PEAKS, #ffff4d
    The bell had rung signalling the end of the school day as students hurried every which way making their paths towards whichever destination they had in mind. Older students headed for their own personal cars, friends in tow who were more than happy to leave the institute for the day. Others made their way towards the bus port or the front of the school to be picked up by family, while the remnants of the school population left on foot or headed towards any after school activities that might have been meeting on the first day.

    Feeling like he was out of his body and floating above the world, Joseph just went along with it as he watched a lone girl walk out the back of the school, passing Sam's familiar face and hearing the gossip of Alyssa Edwards as she ranted on to a male friend of hers. Walking through the athletic fields passing the supposed genius Caleb Michaels before heading down a trail normally reserved for those who wanted to get high between classes. Joseph had found that out in first year before he had ever lost his vision. But that particular trail also led back onto the sidewalk. It was a short cut that many took every day, but something felt off about this particular day as Joseph's perspective suddenly switched.

    Looking through a leafy canvas, he was now watching the girl from within the bushes that lined the path. Joseph could feel his heart begin to beat. Just like he looked through Tiresias' eyes when he needed to see, his accursed ability had put him in someone else's eyes this time. The girl stopped, looking around to see if anyone was watching her before slipping a pack of cigarettes out of her bag and turning her back to light it. Joseph was suddenly horrified as his vision lunged forward, a familiar knife blade coming into his perspective as a gloved hand went around the girl's mouth before the blade was plunged into her ribcage.

    Tiresias' whimpers began to fill Joey's ears as he flailed his hands around, the sensation of cold stone meeting his palms as he felt a wet nose nuzzle into his neck.

    "Someone get the nurse!" A nearby voice called as Joseph tried to sit up only for a pair of small hands to push him back down. "Try to calm yourself Joseph, you've had a seizure, just take a couple deep breaths until we can get someone here to look you over." Joseph recognized the voice as belonging to his Educational Assistant, Miss Troy.

    "But the girl! She's in danger! We have to stop him!" Joseph yelled as he struggled against the ever increasing force of Miss Troy's arms. "The Butcher has her!"

    "Joseph you've had a nightmare! I need you to calm down." Miss Troy ordered again as another voice suddenly came from the doorway.

    "Helena, what happened?" The school's nurse asked.

    "Joseph was quietly reading when all of a sudden I saw his head hit the desk. Next thing I knew he was on the floor exhibiting some kind of seizure."

    "Alright Joseph, do you often experience seizures?" The nurse asked as she looked him over while Joseph continued to struggle mildly.

    "What time is it? He's getting away!" Joseph replied ignoring the question.

    "Helena, what's he talking about?"

    "I don't know Anne," Miss Troy replied as she turned back to Joseph. "Joseph can you please answer Ms. James' question?"

    "What time is it Miss Troy?" Joseph asked again, his voice getting more strained.

    "It's 2:00pm Joseph," Ms. James answered, "Now can you tell me if you have seizures often please?"

    "School's not done yet then, we can still save her!" Joseph whispered to himself, fully forcing his way to a sitting up position. "I've never had a seizure before to my knowledge Ms. James. Now can I please go back to work?"

    Finishing her initial examination, Ms. James nodded reluctantly. "He seems to be fine, obviously a little shaken up. Just keep an eye on him please Helena and let me know if anything else happens.

    "Will do Anne, thank you."

    "Just doing my job Helena." Ms. James replied as she left the room.

    For the rest of the period, Joseph frantically used Tiresias' eyes to keep a watch on the clock as it painfully ticked away. Thinking back to his vision, he began to memorize the girl's appearance, long dark hair with a strip of blue down it. She was wearing a leather jacket with a white shirt underneath it and colourful jeans. Though Tiresias' eyes were helpful, they wouldn't be much good in distinguishing a student he had never met from the rest of them. Pursing his lips, Joseph mentally went through a list of people he could get close enough to without arousing suspicion of what he was doing. His mind brought only one person to the forefront, his sister and there was no way he wanted to get her involved. That said he didn't want to particularly get anyone involved he didn't have to.

    Sam! It dawned on him suddenly that Sam was an accomplished athlete and if he remembered correctly from times when their practices collided, that Sam was a proficient martial artist. He could get Sam to take him out to at least the football fields. Between here and Tiresias, surely that would be enough to keep the mysterious man who could only be the infamous 'Chicago Butcher' from attacking the girl. Hearing the last bell ring, Joseph sat up from his desk quickly and he rushed to take a hold of Tiresias.

    "Come one boy, we've got to finally bring something positive out of all the negativity these eyes of mine have brought us."

    Letting out a content sigh as she exited her final class of the day, Sam shouldered her laptop as she merged with the hustle and bustle of the student filled hallway as everyone made their way to their lockers without much regard for those around them. Ducking under a football and side stepping the hardcase of a tuba, Sam pulled her hood up over her head and tucked her earbuds in as she turned on her iPod. The melodic tones of Eurythmics 'Sweet Dreams' filled her ears as she bobbed and weaved through the rest of the hallway until she finally made it to her own locker. Placing a few unneeded books inside and swapping out for those she did need for her homework, Sam tucked them into her shoulder bag as she turned coming to a sudden stop as she nearly tumbled over Tiresias.

    "We have got to stop meeting like this." She cooed as she got leaned down and ruffled the lab's fur, scratching him behind the ears before pulling out an ear bud and looking up at Joseph. "Where's Rose? I thought she usually helped you get out this jungle?" Sam asked as Joseph shrugged his shoulders before answering.

    "Oh Sam!" Joseph tried his best to sound surprised and relieved all at the same time. "I can't seem to find her, would you mind taking me out to the football field? I'm a little disorientated at the moment."

    "Sure no problem, what's out there?" Sam asked as she took a hold of Joseph's arm to help lead the way. Closing his eyes behind his glasses, Joseph focused on Sam, opening his eyes as he merged his vision with hers. Looking at the world from Sam's perspective was a welcome change compared to Tiresias' vision. The human eye allowed for much more vibrant colours and a wide perspective. Joseph was sure he could spot the mysterious girl like this.

    "Sometimes, I like to sit on the bleachers and listen to the sounds of the track team just to remember what it was like." He replied, his smile turned down a little bit as his voice became a bit weighted. It wasn't a complete lie, he had in the past done just that though it was never easy to sit on the bleachers while the others were able to run without worrying about tripping over something they couldn't see.

    "Sounds like you like torturing yourself to me." Sam replied in a solemn voice. Passing Makarios from her first class, Sam gave a small wave as she nodded towards his friend and mutual acquaintance Alyssa. "I love your shoes! Where'd you get them?" Sam asked excitedly as she paused to talk to Alyssa. Out of the corner of her eyes, Joseph could see the mystery girl coming towards them.

    "Field is just to my right, correct? I'm just going to go on if you two want to catch up." Joseph said as he excused himself, switching to Tiresias' vision as he whimpered slightly about leaving Sam.

    "Hang on Joey! Have you ever met Alyssa or Makarios?"

    "Sorry Sam, I-er- I have to go. Nice meeting you!" He called back as he nearly stumbled into the door.

    "Joey!" Sam called after him before turning back to Makarios and Alyssa. "I should probably make sure he's alright. Nice you seeing you both though!" Sam waved as she took off as Joseph, quickly exiting the school.
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  7. Makarios, orange

    Makarios leaned against his locker and smirked at Alyssa as he ranted on. This was one of the things he loved about her. In the midst of her fashion-centered and gossip frenzied mind, stood a true intellectual. She was passionate about justice and made a point to let others know, even if it was to her detriment. She'd make a great attorney.

    "And it's total bull honky!" Alyssa spoke, rummaging in her locker and pulling out her binder of notes. "The trans community is solely shooting itself in the foot. I shouldn't have to feel bad every time I ask a trans person their damn pronoun. The war is lost when the soldiers begin to doubt their allies! How can she be so damn dense?"

    "Well, sweetie," Makarios chimed in, sensing a pause in her rant. He knew he needed to calm her down, lest she start shouting and then they'd have an uncomfortable situation on their hands, "we don't know how she felt in her perspective. I wouldn't chalk it up to malice or ill intent, but more ignorance. And remember, you can't fault the ignorant. I've seen her type before. She's been scorned and her spirit is hardened. That in no way excuses her actions, but it does shed a certain type of light on her being. Reasoning is your best weapons, Alyssa and it'll take you far."

    Alyssa rolled her eyes as they continued talking and she leaned against the freshly painted lockers of the school. The throngs of people continued on, most of the unaware of the conversation, just the way Makarios liked it. In the back of his mind, his nose prickled and he felt his amulet shudder. He disregarded it though, as a typical fluctuation in his emotional state, most likely responding to his passion for a good conversation. Makarios shouldered his bag and turned to her again, nudging her playfully.

    "Ugh!" Alyssa threw her hands up, shaking her vibrant and curly locks. "But how dare she? To tell me that I'm not important to this movement. To tell me that, as an ally, I don't serve a purpose. To say that I'm a waste of space?! She's all squirpin like-a, chirpin like-a bird or something. Look, I may be a straight, white country broad from a good family, but that does not mean I can't love and love fervently. Where I grow up, you don't bite the hand that helps you out! Do you think women would have gotten as far as they did without the help of at least a few men in power and what about the slaves!? Don't even get me--"

    "I know I know, love, trust me, I do." Makarios placed a hand on her shoulder, "Take solace in the souls you have helped and your good heart. Never lose that for the sake of proving yourself right. If it hadn't been for you, I probably wouldn't be here. Rest on that, not the words of the negative." He smiled as he looked at his friend.

    Alyssa's face puckered before she finally relented. "Okay fine! You're right! You know, Maki, you're like my worst enemy in an argument. You always talk me down with your spiritual and understanding nonsense."

    "Yeah, I'm pretty damn good, huh?" Maki looked up just in time to see his classmate, Sam, walking toward them. He gave a wave before she stopped with the guy she was with. A second pause and Makarios was able to place the face, Joseph Peaks. Alyssa had spoken about him before, being so well-connected to everyone in the school. Looking at him, Makarios could see that he was kind of cute, but he looked rather worried.

    "I love your shoes! Where'd you get them?"

    Alyssa perked up, the conversation almost forgotten. "Hey Sam! Thanks, darlin! Jimmy Choo all the way! Gotta say, I'm diggin this look today. Hey Joseph!"

    Makarios was about to speak up, but paused. His nose flared and he smelled Joseph, something lingered on him, his dog...and even Sam. But, it was ever-so-faint on Sam, almost indistinguishable. It seemed more prevalent on his dog, but seemed to come from Joseph. The odd thing was, it was similar to the scent he had smelled on Caleb...yet, different. It tickled his nose and seemed to settle in his head.

    Joseph hurried off with some excuse and Sam went after him. At the same time, Makarios felt his amulet pulse and begin to vibrate. At the same time, a wave of energy surged over Maki as he felt his hairs stand up and his muscles tense. Sounds became louder, visions more vivid and scents assaulted him. What was going on? He placed his hand on his amulet and it felt warm, but why? He tried to shake his head, ignoring the sensation and turned back to Alyssa.

    "Hey, what do you say we start walking?" he asked her as they merged into the crowd, Makarios unconsciously leading them toward the football field.

  8. CALEB FITZROY, #003366
    Sitting on the bleachers as the football and cheerleading teams practiced, Cal, Bryce and their other card shark friends dealt out a hand of poker while keeping an eye on the girls twirling through the air nearby. With a smirk, Cal watched as everyone else made their bets before putting his in. Laying down his cards, the other guys groaned as Cal once again beat them.

    "You were stringing us along!" Bryce cried out in exasperation as he threw his cards down on the hard wooden bench. "Seriously, you threw three games just to make the pot big enough for you to afford a down payment on a car!"

    "I've never been one to complain about people who can't think ahead. If you thought I just owned you now, we should play chess sometime. I'll have you beat before you make your first move."

    "Someone's cocky." Scott snarked while still shaking his head at Cal's win. "I just don't understand how you could have predicted that. Seriously, either you're cheating our you've stolen all our luck and used it for nefarious purposes."

    "Yeah," Drew chimed in. "Our humiliation."

    "Enough chit chat boys!" Bryce suddenly spoke up as he poined to the cheerleaders, his phone in his hand as he snapped a quick picture. "Looks like Kourtney forgot full underwear today."

    "Fuckin' right!" Scott snatched the phone out of Bryce's hand as he made a lewd gesture atop his crotch.

    "Damn, she could give Kardashian a run for her money!"

    "You're all a bunch of hound dogs." Leaning back in his seat with no obvious interest in either the cheerleading team nor the upskirt picture Cal looked up at the sky. "If you guys really want some 'ass' why don't you man up and go talk to them?"

    "Looks who's talking?" Bryce sneered at Cal. "You asked Sam out yet?"

    "Shut your mouth before I shut it for you." Cal snarled back as he stood up. Shouldering his bag, he tucked his skateboard under his arm and tucked his cards into his pocket. "Look there she is now, I'll go ask her to homecoming."

    "This I've got to see." Bryce replied with a smirk plastered across his face.

    "Looks like you may need to hurry Fitzy, Your girl is chasing after the burn out."

    "Man, poor Peaks. He could've been someone one and now he's just another loser literally stumbling around blind." Drew chuckled to himself as he tipped back a pop only for Cal to flick the bottom causing the contents to spill all over the other teen.

    "Pull your head out of your ass next time you think to open your mouth." Taking a hold of the railing, Cal swung himself over as he dropped to the ground. Impacting with the hard gravel beneath, the bleachers, his knees buckled slightly before he straightened himself and walked towards Joseph and Sam.

    "Yo Peaks!" Cal called as Joseph and his dog headed towards the center of the field. "Where's the fire?" Watching as a scowl crossed over Joseph's anxious face, Cal looked around as he noticed another girl a few yards ahead of Joseph. He can't be following her... Cal thought to himself, yet despite all evidence arguing it to be impossible, Joseph couldn't be doing anything else but following the girl. Cal recognized her by the blue stripe in her hair, that was Skye, Cal had briefly met her at a party a few months ago. May have made out with her just before Sam walked in too... The painful memory came racing back as Cal physically grimaced only snapping back to reality as he heard Joseph's voice reply to him.

    "Sorry I'm really not in the mood to deal with you." Joseph moved past Cal, his white cane almost slapping him in the ankle as the dog let out a low growl.

    "Skye doesn't really seem to be your type." Cal called as Joseph paused.

    "What are you going on about now?"

    "You're following Skye, kind of creepy man. Especially with a serial killer at large in the city." Cal paused as he stepped in front of Joseph again. "How exactly does a blind man follow someone? I get that your other senses adapt, but there's no way you're smelling her or listening to her foot steps."

    "Were you always this ignorant?" Joseph replied as he reached out for Cal's shoulder and tried to step around him. "Look 'man', I'm in a hurry. Can't I just go now?" Reaching up, Joseph took off his glasses and opened his eyes wide in front of Cal, the murky pools of green and brown staring back at the other teen. "Blind as a bat! Happy Caleb?"

    "Look man, I'm..."

    " Cal! What the frak? Are you seriously harassing Joseph right now?"
    Cal felt his ears go red as his mind suddenly lit up with various thoughts. Actually I was, and by the way since I can tell you're likely uber pissed at me, how about going to Homecoming together? Y'know to patch up the last nine months where I've been a complete ass to you.

    "See ya!" Joseph smirked as he took off again with Tiresias, heading towards the 'Smoker's Grove' at the far side of the field.
    Turning to Sam, Cal opened his mouth to speak before Sam held up a finger and cut him off. "Slag it Fitzroy! Don't think for a second I didn't see or hear what just went on. Did you actually accuse the man who lost out on being possibly the top gymnast in the world of faking his disability? You have some nerve!" Cal opened his mouth to speak again only for Sam to wag her finger. "I'm not done yet!" She hissed before continuing. "Just because your father walked out on you, and your mother was killed doesn't mean they aren't people who don't still care about you. But if you shut us out and continue to be an ass to everyone then you won't have anyone who cares about you. You have Landon, you have Bryce and you could of had me if you didn't decide to push me away."

    "So I take it going to homecoming together would be off limits?" Cal asked with half a smirk, though his eyes betrayed them as they showed the guilt he felt. Not that Sam was paying attention as she threw her hands up in disbelief.

    "Did you actually just..." Sam was suddenly cut off by a scream echoing from beyond the field. Looking around frantically, she noticed Joseph too was gone. "JOSEPH! Gah! Rose is going to kill me!" The football team and cheerleading teams both suddenly paused at the blood curdling scream as Cal cursed underneath his breath.

    "Frak!" Looking around for Skye, he went into a jog as he moved across the field. "SKYE!" Sam came up beside him as they both went into a full jog into the 'Grove'. Sam came to a dead halt as she saw Joseph's body sprawled out on the ground. She went to go to him only for Cal to hold up an arm to stop her. Opening her mouth, he quickly hushed her with a finger to his lips. His eyes darted around taking in the scene, fresh blood was splattered on nearby leaves and grass where a set of small foot prints had stopped. An unlit cigarette, lay littered on the ground and Joseph's dog was nowhere to be seen. As a noise came from behind Cal, he took a hold of his skateboard with both hands, raising it above his head as he spun around quickly on his heel.
  9. Makarios, orange

    The cheerleader's were in full swing for practice as Alyssa and Makarios made there way across the field. Various students littered about the bleachers and the surrounding area, doing any and everything. Alyssa waved to a member of the football team also practicing, Jonathan Hughes, causing him to become distracted and take a tackle full-force.

    "Dammit, Alyssa, you're gonna get someone killed," Makarios chided her as they continued walking. Though, John was pretty cute. Those tattoos and muscles....Makarios shook his head, chiding himself at the thought. He felt his face flush as he tried to shift the conversation from where he had inadvertently guided it. "So anyway, Mr. Ives' extra credit writing assignment. Are you going to do it?"

    "Oh no you don't!" Alyssa cut in, shoving him. "When are you going to stop doing that?"

    "Doing what?"

    "Oh Maki, we're both too intelligent to play dumb like that. When are you going to stop allowing yourself be you? I saw you! You can look at a guy without feeling ashamed. Babe, it's not enough to just say you're gay. You gotta be okay with it, too. The good Lord has too much to worry about with ridin fools like our mayor and stuff to be concerned with a man honestly loving another man." She turned to Makarios, stopping them in the middle of the track, "Makarios, you're fine just the way you are. And I know, you hate this talk. But Imma keep giving it to you until you stop hating yourself, dammit."

    "Alyssa, c'mon, let's not do this. I just....I'm getting there..." He could feel his face flushing more. Images of a hand forcing his head down in the shower ripped through his mind. The mold-ridden tiles of the shower built themselves up around him and he felt small once more. The smell overwhelmed him and he felt nauseous as he felt the cinched leather of a belt make it's way across his back and his muscles tensed. He could almost feel the pulsing sting of the belt as he stood with Alyssa, though that had been years ago.

    "And I'm gonna help you get there. By choice or force, this belle is gonna be your shining light! And I'll make sure--"

    She was cut off by the sound of a scream that seemed to pierce not only Maki's ears but also his soul. It was filled with terror and pain. Immediately, his body froze and in that pocket moment of a second, he knew what would come next. A part of him wanted it to come. Even on his own, he knew something wasn't right and he felt an urge in him rise that he couldn't place. He felt it. The surge of his amulet as it heated up and pulsed. With an intake of breath, Makarios blinked, viewing the world with new eyes. Alyssa looked around frantically, unaware of his change, asking what happened.

    "Wait here," he told her simply, his voice gruff. Without a thought, he took off running, feeling tendrils of power spread over his body, a feeling that should have been foreign but almost felt familiar. 'As if this is supposed to happen.' Makarios found himself thinking as he, for once, allowed the amulet to guide him for a brief second. His strides became more fluid, his posture righted himself, his strides grew and he seemed to bound across the field. Reaching the gate, he didn't give a second thought as his hand reached out and his body followed suit, jumping up and sailing over. He seemed as graceful as a deer, and that's exactly what he felt. His sight became slightly more vivid and seemed to keep up with his racing mind. The scent of blood wafted to him and he tore through the brush of the 'Grove'.

    He skirted around a stump and leaped out of the brush, sensing other individuals. He didn't know what to expect as he leaped once more and slid in to the clearing. But it definitely wasn't a skateboard to the face that could have seriously muddled his face. And that's almost what he got as one appeared, swinging full force toward him. Without thinking, Makarios reached out, catching the board and pulled in, grabbing the assailant by the scruff of the shirt. He snarled at him, ready to swing until he realized who it was.

    "Shit!" He blinked, dropping Caleb's shirt and stepping back. He turned his attention to the body laying on the ground and examined it. "He's not dead. Someone prop his head up."

    He looked at the blood splattered on the ground and inhaled deeply. "They went that way...I think," he told the group and took a step to continue on.

  10. JOSEPH PEAKS, #ffff4d
    Chasing after the girl as he left Caleb to be chewed out by Samantha, Tiresias could feel Joseph's anxiety as he began to pull harder, almost dragging the teen across the football field. Deciding to risk it, Joseph stopped faking it with his white cane as he tucked it under his arm and broke into a light jog. Jogging while looking through Tiresias' vision was exactly the easiest thing to do, but Joseph had practiced it enough that it was starting to come as natural as jogging would have been to anyone else. That said though therewas still something to be said about the height difference as a branch smacked into Joseph's forehead knocking him back a bit as he stumbled into the 'Smoker's Grove.' As Tiresias caught sight of the girl, Joseph called out towards her nearly falling flat on his face as he tripped over another branch that was out of the dog's peripheral vision.

    "Hey!" Joseph waved frantically. "You can't be here." Turning around as she noticed Joseph, Skye casually lifted her lighter to her cigerette. Stopping just before she lit it, she looked at Joseph's frantic expression before speaking to him in a cool, condescending manner.

    "Dude, relax. The teacher's know full well about this place, they just don't care." A cool breeze blew through the 'Grove' knocking the loosely held cigerette to the ground as Skye let out a groan. "Damn it, that was my last one."

    "It doesn't matter!" Joseph yelled out to her as he stumbled forward trying to reach out for her. "Someone is trying to kill you!"

    "Okay one, I thought you were blind or something. How'd you even follow me here? And two, what are you even talking about? Why don't you just go back to the school before I start yelling rape or something. I'm not falling for your little tricks. Who put you up to this?" Turning around, Skye raised her arms above her head. "Hysterical guys!" Suddenly the bushes behind Joseph rustled, sending a shiver down Joseph's spine that felt like it electrified every nerve in his body. His arms felt like it was suddenly jerked to the side, as Joseph reacted faster than he ever had at the height of his gymnastics career. Spinning around his white cane flew to his hand as the sound of metal biting into the hard plastic echoed through Joseph's ears. Falling to the ground from the force, he was powerless to stop the assailant as he heard Skye's scream from behind him only for it to be cut short by a chilling gasp as the sound of a knife dragging against skin filled the grove.

    "NOOOOO!" Joseph cried out as he scrambled to push himself back to his feet only for a sharp kick to his ribs to wind him and leave him on the ground. The man took off, his footsteps weighed down by what he could only assume was Skye's body. Tiresias' leash slipped out of Joseph's hand as the dog dashed after the 'Butcher', his barking filling the grove as Joseph slumped to the ground.

    "Joseph!" Sam's voice filled his head as he felt her hands lift him up, holding his body against hers to brace him. "Can you hear me? What happened?" Coughing, Joseph forced himself to find his voice.

    "He has her." He cleared his throat again. "The Butcher, the Butcher has the girl."

    "Which way?" Cal intervened, before shaking his head. "Wait, nevermind, bad question."

    "Tiresias..." Joseph suddenly called out weakly. "Where's Tiresias."

    Sam looked up at Caleb, her face was full of fear and worry. Caleb nodded solemnly as he turned to Makarios.
    "I'm coming with you."

    CALEB FITZROY, #003366
    Following behind Makarios, Caleb's eyes rapidly took in his surroundings just like his mother had taught him. Always moving, his eyes swept back and forth, scanning and analyzing every detail on the ground. The fresh tracks in the mood, the specks of red on the grass, tuffs of dog hair on the low laying branches. Swinging his backpack around onto his chest, Cal felt around the bottom before carefully opening a hidden pocket. Slipping out a tazer, he switched it on as a gentle arc of blue danced between the two prongs on the front.

    "This animal doesn't deserve to face the justice system." Cal muttered. Suddenly a loud whimper filled the air. "The dog!" Quickly plunging into the bush, Cal rushed towards the sound ducking and dodging around branches and trunks. Tripping over a stump hidden beneath a pile of leaves, Cal tumbled a few feet nearly landing on top of Tiresias. The dog's golden fur was stained with the dark color of fresh blood and judging by it's limp, the blood belonged to Tiresias.

    "Makarios! Cal yelled back towards the trail. "I found the dog, and he's hurt! Listening for Makarios to come towards him, Cal could hear a nearby road as the air was suddenly filled with screeching tires.

    "No, no no! Cal scrambled to his feet. It didn't take a detective to figure out that those squealing tires likely belonged to a vehicle driven by the 'Butcher'. Sliding out his cellphone, Cal dialed Landon as he focused on the sounds of the road.

    "Landon, hey! Something's happened at school and we believe the Butcher has a girl by the name of Skye Matthews. He's headed North on North Rockwell Street heading towards West Addison Street."

    "Cal I don't know what you're playin..."

    "Landon, listen to me! I need a paramedic at the Football Stadium, we have another student injured. He tried to play hero."

    "Isn't that what you're..."


    "I already radioed it in."

    "Oh okay, thanks. Bye!"

    "Caleb! Where are..." The phone went dead as Cal slid it back into his pocket.

    "Makarios!" Cal yelled out again. Hopefully he was right about the van, and hopefully the Butcher worked alone otherwise Makarios' life was on his hands.
  11. Makarios, orange
    The amulet sat warmly on Makarios’ chest as he trekked through the woods, Caleb in tow. In the midst of earthy scents mixed with slightly sweet decaying aromas of fallen leaves in the air, Makarios concentrated on the small wafts of perfume and iron from her blood. He tried to focus on the task and forget about how idiotic he had been. He had grabbed Caleb by the scuff of his shirt and snarled at him! Makarios didn’t know how his face had looked specifically, but he was sure it couldn’t have been anything too tame.

    Every rustle caught his attention, but yet he moved with surprising certainty of the path they needed to take, trusting his senses.

    The crackly of something caused him to pause before he realized it was coming behind him. Caleb had a taser in hand. “Make sure you don’t jab the wrong person with that,“ Makarios commented, continuing on.

    "This animal doesn't deserve to face the justice system."

    “Maybe, but our first thought should be helping our schoolmate, not doling out vengeance.”

    While Caleb followed the sound of a whimper, Makarios smelled a spike in the content of iron filling the air, he could also smell the smell of nicotine carried toward him and snapped to action. His nose found and his eyes narrowed on a van nearby. A figure loaded a bleeding person in to the back of the rusted clunker. With a surge of adrenaline and power, Makarios darted through the trees, losing sense of himself for a moment and letting his power guide him. His legs sailed over stumps and logs, kicking off fallen logs to land a few feet further. The air he took in seemed colder, invigorating him further. As he neared, he made sure not to alert the figure now loading things in to the back passenger door. He knew what he had to do and he had to time it perfectly.

    Bursting from the trees with as little sound as possible, Makarios opened the back door as the man closed the back passenger door and closed it back again as the man closed the driver side door. He ducked down, unnoticed and felt the car start up and peel out before he had the time to gather his bearings, he rolled back, hitting the wall and heard a chuckle.

    “That should keep her out for a while longer.”

    Makarios swore as he rubbed his head. The girl was indeed unconscious, or barely hanging on to consciousness. He had to wait for a good opportunity to jump out with the girl in hand and somehow get far enough away. Now that he wasn’t moving, he could feel the weariness on his body. Things were starting to hurt all over. He just hoped he could hold on long enough.

  12. SAMANTHA RUSSELLS, #4dff4d
    Sitting Joseph against a tree, Samantha tried to wake up as she checked him for injuries. He had a nasty bump on the back of his head and there was some small cuts on his arms.
    "Joseph! Hey wake up! If you've got a concussion you can't fall asleep!"

    "I saw him Sam, I saw him attack her. I tried to stop it but I couldn't."

    "Joseph you've been hurt," Sam paused as she heard approaching footsteps. Pulling out her cell she saw that Cal had sent her a message saying he call Landin. "Wow, at least he had the brains to do that." Making sure Joseph was secured, Sam stood up and went to greet the authorities. Suddenly someone lunged out of the brushes as a gloved hand wrapped around her mouth. Trying to scream, Sam's eyes widened as no sound came out. Another hand inched towards her throat as Sam tried to give her head a shake.

    Pull yourself together Russells! Sam urged herself as she remembered the self defense lessons she had been taught in her Taekwondo classes. Raising a high top clad foot, Sam drove it down hard before launching her elbow backwards as her attacker stumbled away.
    "HELP!" She screamed at the top of her lungs as the man hopped backwards before pulling a knife. Lunging towards Sam, he swung the blade wildly obviously caught off guard by the female fighting back. Moving fluidly like water, Sam backed out of the way of the weapon as looked around quickly for anything to help herself with. Grabbing a fallen branch, Sam twirled it around in her arms before holding it up in time to deflect another blow of the knife. The metal blade dug into the wood as Sam pulled it out of the man's hands, the momentum sent the weapon flying into the woods as Sam tried to swing the stick back at the man. It struck him in the chest but he was able to catch it as he wrestled it away from Sam before jabbing her in the stomach. Sam gasped in pain, her belly piercing stabbing into her as the stick left her winded. The man swung the stick upwards, it collided with her chin as Sam went toppling backwards into the bushes.

    Trying to get up, Sam scrambled to regain her senses as her head continued to ring, the 'Grove' seemed to be circling around her. The last thing she saw of her attacker was a man in a trench coat and ballcap putting Joseph on his shoulder before he gave Sam a shift boot to the side of her head putting the girl out.
  13. Makarios, orange

    Makarios steadied himself in the van as it rode along, careful not to make a sound. He still hadn't quite deduced what he wanted to do just yet. He could probably wait until the man hit a stop and attack, take the girl and run, but something held him back.

    The amulet.

    The accursed object seemed to want him to stay in the vehicle with the man. As crazy as it sounded, Makarios wasn't all to surprised. He had come to expect the worse from the necklace that hung from his neck now, pulsing steadily, as if replenishing his strength.

    But, that didn't seem right. As much as Makarios may have had some dissonance with the relic, it had never held malice in its actions. It might presumptuous to say of the thing, but it always seemed to put him in situations with a purpose. Though brutal, it always seemed --with whatever sentience it had-- to do the right thing. So, why did it insist on urging him to stay in the van?

    The answer hit him as suddenly as the bump in the road the van came over. He had to push a string of curses back in to his mouth as he rubbed his throbbing head, soothing it from its most recent encounter with the side of the truck. The amulet wanted to see justice done! It wanted to see this man pay. Makarios wasn't sure how he was so certain of his necklace's intentions, but something felt assured about the thought. He shuddered, even in the warm van, as he considered the answer might have come so easily to him because at his core, it's what he wanted to see. He was about to make up his mind to lunge for the man, safety be damned, when the drive picked up his phone.

    "Yeah?" He spoke with a guttural voice, but something seemed educated about him.

    Makarios stopped, he didn't need any phone witnesses.

    The man chuckled, a truly twisting sound that caused Maki to grimace. "Good to hear you got 'im. Though, he didn't have his seeing eye dog, so I guess it wasn't too much of a fight huh?"

    Seeing eye dog? Joseph! What had he done!? There were two of them? Makarios set his teeth as he tried to consider his situation. They had Joseph now and who knows why they took him, but it couldn't be good.

    "Yeah that's right, give that bitch a headache to wake up to. That kick probably did her good."

    Makarios didn't have to wonder who they were referring to, hoping at least that Sam was fine.

    It looks like he would have to ride this out. He pulled out his phone, making sure it was on vibrate and shot a text to Alyssa. Hopefully, she would alert Caleb and some others about the situation. For now though, all he could do was try and regain his strength, come up with a plan, and pray to all the gods that he wouldn't be noticed.
  14. CALEB FITZROY, #003366
    With no sign of Makarios, Caleb cursed under his breath as he helped Tiresias back to the clearing despite the dog growling at him every few steps. Hopefully that's where Makarios was and not in the back of the van or whatever other vehicle the 'Butcher' had taken Skye in. Emering into the clearing with the golden lab in tow, Cal looked up as he saw Landon with another paramedic as well as a pair of police officers who were talking to Sam while she held an ice pack to her face.

    "What happened here? Cal asked as he subtley slipped his tazer away. He had stolen it from Landon month's ago and the latter had assumed he had simply lost it on patrol. Unfortunately that also meant he got a minor write up.

    "Another student was taken, Sam was quite roughed up when we got here." Landon knelt down giving Tiresias' head a rub. "And how are you doing big guy?" Tiresias let out a cheerful yip before whining and looking around for Joseph. "Don't worry guy, the boys in blue know what they're doing. They'll get him back."

    Caleb had to stifle his laughter when Landon mentioned that the police knew what they were doing. Ever since the handling of his mother's murder and the fact that the 'Butcher' was still on the loose Cal had lost all faith in the local law enforcement.

    "Not the time Cal, why don't you go see how Sam is doing." Landon said as he walked over to one of of the officers while taking Tiresias with him to see what he could do to help the dog's leg.

    "Cal! Where's Makarios? Someone took Joseph, they just came out of nowhere and I tried to fight them off but he overpowered me. I honestly thought they were going to take me but why would they take Joseph."

    "He didn't come back?" Cal asked as he looked around. "Frak!" The adults turned to look at Cal only for him to look back at them and shrug his shoulders. Taking Sam by the arm, Cal quietly guided her out of earshot of the adults before continuing to talk in a hushed tone. "It looks like the Butcher isn't working alone, and he's likely got Makarios, Joseph and Skye. I need you to get you back in that school and on a computer. We need to pinpoint Makarios by the GPS in his phone and then I'm going after him."

    "Cal, I don't think that's a good idea." Sam started before Cal took his turn to cut her off.

    "Look, if we do nothing three people could die. The outcome is worth the risk no matter how ill advised it is."

    "But if you die!" Sam started as Cal turned her and pointed her back towards the school.

    "I won't die, not get me an address." Cal ordered before running up to Landon. "Hey Step-Daddy-O!" Cal called out. "Can I get the keys to the car, I just want to throw my bags in it."

    "Sure." Landon said tossing the keys before turning back to the other paramedic. Catching the keys, Cal smirked as he ran out of the grove. Walking before the school's stadium, he spotted the Charger parked on the road as he clicked the remote hearing the door unlock before he swung himself into the driver's seat.
    C'mon Sam, what do you've got me.
  15. Makarios, orange

    Why were there so many people in the way? Was it really so much to ask for a clear path!? Many of them were just oggling bystanders, with their phones out and idiotic looks on their faces. All the flies were attracted to the flashing lights, even though they could do nothing to quell the flame.

    Alyssa shoved past her last pair of resilient shoulders to make it to the clearing. The officer presenting a barrier began to block her path before she cut him. "I'm Theodore Edwards' niece, Alyssa. District Attorney.I'm a witness and my friend is in there." He couldn't move fast enough to keep her from ducking around him and making a bee-line for Caleb. "Hey Card Counter, I've got something for you."

    She didn't wait for him to form more words before she shoved her phone under his nose, speaking at a rapid pace. "Makarios just shot me a text. He's in the van with that girl. Damn boy is trying to play a Wild West hero or some nonsense. He says there's two guys and to ping his cell-phone if you can. He asked for you specifically, for some reason. He's not sure how much time he has left. We've gotta hurry. C'mon."


    Makarios held on to the girl. She was out cold but housed a light sheen of sweat above her brow. He wasn't sure what had happened, but it urged him to act quickly. It had a been a few moments since he reached out to Alyssa and no doubt she had gotten to Caleb. There was something about Cal and Samantha that made Makarios trust them, in this instance at least. If he could at least get Skye, Joseph and himself out of this situation, he would be fine. Then the cops could come in, but he didn't want to risk too many prying eyes about how he had done what. Cal and Sam seemed like they just wanted everyone out safely...he hoped.

    The smell of salt water reached his nose along with decay, wafting in powerful doses that made his sensitive nose wrinkle with fervor. With a grimace he realized their destination must be near and from the metallic sound he was hearing, he could only imagine where they were.

    'The Barges.'

    As cliche as it seemed, it was a perfect spot. Crates going in and out constantly, it'd be hard to pin-down much of anything, and those crates weren't exactly being overly monitored. It would also be away from many prying eyes. Though the drive hadn't been long, Makarios feared how long it would take for someone to come to their aid. He hoped giving in to his urges and trying to dole out justice wouldn't fuck him over.

    As the van came to a stop and he heard movement, Makarios tensed, shifting his weight and placing the girl off to the side. That door would be opened soon and things would start.

    Counting on bated breath, Makarios called energy to him, trying to move himself to a state of greater tranquility, urging the necklace to respond. He felt his hearing increase and his other senses spike as well as the latch and groan of the opening door started. Without missing a beat, he growled and lunged forward, knocking the van double doors open the rest of the way and tackling the waiting man.

    Makarios' hands flew around his neck and struggled him down, wrapping himself around and pinning the man, like he'd been taught. He slipped his hand away and pushed the masked figures face down. Makarios felt his breath quicken and his heart pound. A snarl emanated from his lips and he sat on top of the struggling man's back, attempting to subdue him.

    The pipe to the head came from nowhere and the pavement met Makarios' cheek quickly.

  16. CALEB FITZROY, #003366
    Cal had almost gotten into Landon's Charger when Alyssa ran up to him babbling on about how Makarios had texted her.
    "First off, there is no 'we'." Cal made an air quotes motion above his head as he turned to Alyssa. "Secondly, I can't ping that cellphone." He paused for a second before holding out his hand for the device. "But I know someone who can."

    Whipping out his own cell, Cal tapped Sam's number as the phone immediately dialed her.
    "Any luck finding Makarios yet?" An exaspherated huff came from the other side of the phone.

    "Cal, I'm a hacker, not a wizard." Sam replied, the sound of fingers flying across keys in the background filled the phone as Cal placed it on speaker. "Plus, Makarios has surprisingly well protected his Facebook, I'm starting to doubt his number will even be there if I get in so I'm going to have to piggyback off the servers to try and locate the source of any mobile uploads."

    "What if I told you I had Alyssa Edwards standing here with a text from Makarios so we can ping it?"

    "I would say you're an ass for wasting time taunting me." The lack of amusement in Sam's tone was plain as day as Cal smirked, tapping the phone quickly as he complied the information Sam required.

    "Forwarded you the info already, can you get a location now?"

    "Please." Sam replied flatly.

    "That easy huh?" Cal said about to hang up the phone.

    "No say 'please'." Cal rolled his eyes, he could practically hear Sam beaming through the phone. "C'mon Cal, you can't waste any more time."

    "You're being ridiculous..." Cal looked aside to see Alyssa's look of annoyance as he finally reluctantly relented. "Fine, please find Makarios."

    "Already did!" Sam's voice sounded immediately chipper. "Get your ass to the barges now! And tell Landon!" Sam ordered though Cal shook his head as he jammed the keys into the ignition.

    "Chicago PD are useless, there's a reason we have a high crime rate." The rear tires squealed as the Charger merged into traffic. "Besides, I have a score to settle with the Butchers."

    "Cal! Did you just say Butchers? As in plural?" Sam screamed into the phone only for the line to go dead. "Damn fool!" Pinging Cal's cell, Sam got no response as she realized he had blocked her search. "Frak." Using the information Cal had sent her to find Makarios, Sam dialed Alyssa's number.

    "Please tell me you're with him?"
  17. Makarios, orange
    Alyssa picked up her phone, crossing her legs as she did so. An unconscious habit she had developed. "Alyssa Edwards," she spoke, brushing back a strand of her hair.

    "Please tell me you're with him."

    "Of course, hun. He can't get rid of me that easily," she told Samantha as she smirked at Caleb. She put her hand over the receiver end of her phone and looked at Cal directly. "Oh and if you ever try to cop a tone with me again, you'll learn real quick why I was the best shot in my county's co-ed skeet shooting contest. Trust. I'll singe that ass quicker than a hog on May Day." She readjusted herself, leaning against the car panel as Cal drove and spoke again to Sam. "We're on our way now, we'll get them, don't even worry. I'll talk to you later, okay? Bye."

    She kept her peeled to the road as they drove, trying hard not let her emotions get the best of her. What had Makarios been thinking, running off like that? Damn idiot is what he was.


    Sound came to him first, surprisingly. The sound of water lapping against an unrelenting object and seagulls. For a second, Makarios believed he had fallen asleep at the beach and he immediately began to worry about sun burn. He never remembered to put on sunscreen! But he couldn't feel the sun. What he could feel though was groggy. He could feel the pounding in his head and...his wrists, they felt raw. He wasn't lying down like he should be at the beach. He was...hanging by his arms.

    The smell hit him finally. Rotting fish, rusting metal, musk and sweat swam through his nostrils, making him gag, a rather difficult task, given his position. His eyes fluttered open, but no image met him, only a darkness. A sharp intake of breath and panic set in as he gasped, wriggling in his position. Gravity pulled down on his body, aching his shoulder joints. The pounding in his head began to grow until it seemed to sear his skull. The familiar taste of iron played on his tongue and he could feel the swelling of his lip now. All in all, he felt damn terrible.

    ’That second one must have gotten me, but…why keep me alive?’

    It was a question he didn’t have time to mull over as he heard the grind of metal on metal and something opening. The sound of the seagulls became clear for a moment and faded with the slamming of what he could assume was a door.

    “You ready?” A gruff voice asked. The guttural sound set Makarios’ hairs up.

    “Yeah, but what do we do with the extras? Do we kill ‘em?” A slightly softer voice ask. Makarios could tell from sound alone that he was smaller and unsure of himself.

    “Dunno, all three seem to be out cold still. We’ll start set up, c’mon.”

    The metallic sound met him again and he could only assume they exited. Soon after, he heard a soft whimper to his left and below him. A grunt followed as the holder of the sound struggled to get free. Her attempts became more frantic and her voice grew louder as she whimpered more and more.

    “Somebody?...” she asked, “Somebody hel—!”

    “Quiet!” Makarios hissed at her, trying to quell his own rising panic. He could feel his heart erratically beating, and his jaw hurt from his clenched teeth. He couldn’t see, he was immobile and he was sure their fate was going to be sealed in a few moments. They had to do something and fast. “They’ll hear you and there’s no help around us right now.”

    “Who…who are you?”

    “Someone who’s in the same position as you, just stay quiet while I figure out a way to….do something.”

    “But what? What can you do? They’re going to come back and they’re going kill us! We’ve gotta get out, maybe there’s some near here, maybe they can help!” Her voice grew more shrill as she spoke.

    “Look! I don’t know what I can do! Just…just trust me! There’s no one near us, but…we can’t let them know we’re conscious, it’ll make things worse.”

    He just hoped help was on the way.
  18. CALEB FITZROY, #003366
    The Charger roared beneath Cal's foot as he gunned the engine dodging in and out of traffic. Though Alyssa couldn't see it, Cal's mind was working much faster than even he could realize as it materialized a glowing path for his eyes only to follow. Revving the engine harder, Cal raced towards the barges. These psychos had Skye, Joseph and now Makarios, there was no way Cal was losing them. If the police couldn't catch up to them, then Cal was going to do it his way. The Butchers had killed his mother, his classmates and now they had his friends. Cal was angry, and he wasn't about to lose.

    Gripping the hand brake hard, Cal drifted the Charger around the corner as he slid into the docks and headed towards the Barges. Flooring the pedal again, Cal rammed the muscle car through a chain fence as it ramped over a fallen platform before soaring through the air and skidding to a stop on the ground.

    "To be polite," Cal said as he turned to Alyssa. "I'm sorry about this." Cal suddenly poked Alyssa with his tazer leaving her slumped over in the front seat of the charge. Locking the doors, he quickly picked up some sheets of plywood and hide the car before searching for a way in.

    Finding an open door, Cal moved into the hallway gripping his tazer tight. Footsteps echoed along the steel pipes which lined the hallway as Cal looked around for any sign of the captives or their captors. Ducking behind a corner, Cal watched the shadows of two men move by as he quickly shuffled towards the direction from whence they came. Finding another set of stairs, Cal quickly move down the stairs only pausing when he heard a slight sob. Focussing in on the sound, Cal quickly traced it through the tunnels as he emerged into a room and found his three classmates suspended from the ceiling. Running up to Skye, Cal checked her breathing noting she was still alive as he struggled with her chains.

    "Frak." Cal muttered as he hopped back to the ground. Looking around for anything he could use, Cal's mind highlighted various broken pipes laying on the ground but none of the options seemed to be worth pursuing as they would only lead to the trio getting hurt. Looking back towards Skye, Cal paused as he noticed a bobby pin in her hair. Hopping back up, Cal fished the pin out of her colored locks as he jammed it into the lock. His mind highlighting which way to turn the lock and which effect it would cause. A click echoed in the room as the cuffs released Skye's arm. Cal gracefully catching her in his arms as he lowered the girl to the ground. Standing up, Cal moved to Makarios as he freed him too.

    "Are you hurt at all" Cal muttered to Makarios as he helped him down before moving on to Joseph. "We're both going to need to take one of these guys and get them out of here. Alyssa is out in the car waiting on us." The sound of heavy footsteps suddenly entered into the room as they echoed down the hallway.

  19. Makarios Lilis, orange

    Relief washed over Makarios as Caleb entered the room. He hadn't realized it, but his mental strength had been fading quickly. Panic had been gripping, closing in on his heart. As his feet hit the ground, he almost collapsed. Hell, even his physical strength had started to leave him. He shook his head, despite his slightly trembling frame, pushing Cal's hand away from him. He would worry about himself later. For now, they needed to get Skye and Joseph out of here.

    He felt panic rise in him as Caleb mentioned Alyssa. "Why is she here?!" he hissed at Caleb, "She should be as far away from here as possible!" But even as he spoke, he realized just who he was talking about. Of course Alyssa had come. The girl saw herself as a giant that could take down anything in her path. Makarios wouldn't be able to forgive himself if something happened to her, one of his only friends.

    They made quick work of getting Joseph down, trying to be as quiet as possible, but the footsteps were getting closer. "Look," Makarios started as he situated Joseph on his shoulders "we've got to have some type of exit strategy. Those guys aren't just going to let us walk out." But Makarios couldn't understand why they had abducted Skye in the first place. The sadistic qualities were beyond him. His necklace had been quiet for some time, but now it flared with heat as he thought about it. He wouldn't let two sadists stand in his way, no matter what. As soon as he thought it, the footsteps grew louder and suddenly their group was met with The Butchers.

    Seeing them face to face almost made Makarios cringe. There was a grotesque quality to their very presence, the larger of the two held a grim face, but one that seemed warped with a maddening glee as the light from outside obscured some of his features in shadow, while the second man held a playful glee in his eyes. The second man's face contorted in confusion, then shock and finally rage as he noted the freed captives. But the first man seemed to take it all in stride as he took a step forward.

    "Oh look, our little piggies are trying to break out of the pin," the large crowbar he held in his hands spun around playfully. He pointed it to Caleb, "And they seem to have found a stray."

    A soft whimper emanated from behind him as Skye tried to meekly protest, pleading for some type of mercy. But Makarios was no fool, he knew no mercy had been seen in this place for some time. The Butchers had made sure of that. "Let us out of here, you know this won't end well for you because the cops are on their way," he told them, his anger rising for some untold reason. Seeing the smug look on the bigger man's face, the way he mentally dissected each and every on of them, dehumanizing them past the point of tolerance, it was enough to make Makarios seethe.

    "Nuh-uh," he stated simply, closing the door behind the two of them, sealing all inside. "You see, if the cops were coming, why would you little friend have shown up by himself? He's either a fool or you're lying to me and tsk tsk, lying isn't appreciated here." He took a slow step forward, measured and intentional. Skye whimpered once more again and Makarios could feel his neck prickle. From anticipation or fear, he knew not. "So why don't you set the blind vigilante down, and we can get this whole show started. There's no use in fighting it. Cooperate now, and I'll make it all quick, understand?" He pointed to Skye, "Unfortunately for you, you're the first on the list."

    That seemed to be enough to severe the last remaining strand of stability Skye held and her sobs were almost instantaneous. "Why!?" she wailed, sinking to her knees next to Caleb, "We haven't done anything to you! Please, just let us go!" She hugged herself, looking to the Butchers. Even Makarios could see that hysteria had set in and there would be no reeling her back now.

    The smaller of the Butchers clapped his hands together, delight in his voice. "Oh that's right. Scream bitch, scream. Get those vocal chords loosened nice. You see what I told you? I told you she was a screamer. They always make the best ones." He produced a large bowie knife from his back pocket.

    "Why?" Makarios asked, his anger rising, "Just...why?" He didn't know why he mirrored Skye's question. Their answer wouldn't change anything. But, it slipped out.

    "Why?" The first Butcher repeated as he rested his elbow on his partners shoulder, nonchalance radiating from him. A total disregard for the severity of the situation. A total disregard for their lives. Finally, he answered, "'Why not?' would be the better question."

    The smaller man threw his head back in exaggerated jubilee and laughed a hardy laugh.

    Something in Makarios snapped. Something in him lost its hold on his restraint. The disregard, the complete ignorance. It was enough to make Makarios drop Joseph and charge. There was no yell. No exclamation of rage. Only a snarl as Makarios took off, feeling the amulet radiate power through him. The primal fury and hound like ferocity overtook him and made a bee line for the smaller of the two, the spirit of Wolf ruminating within him. He rammed the man, sending them both to the wall. His hand closed around the mans neck, lifting him up and tightening to a frightening degree.

    The feeling of something hard met his slide and Makarios was yanked back and down, his back meeting the floor with a force that should have winded him. But he snarled in response, reaching up and grabbing at the larger of two men as his foot made swift contact with Makarios' ribs.

  20. JOSEPH PEAKS, #ffff4d
    The world around Joseph felt like it was spinning, he couldn't be sure due to his lack of vision but the sensation in his stomach made him want to keel over and empty its contents. His head was pounding, a vicious ache seemed to be racing through his skull threatening to explode it at any second. As he took a step forward, Joseph nearly stumbled to the ground before realizing his arm was around someone else who held him steady. Flexing his hand, he noticed the sensation of pins and needles overwhelming his arm before suddenly leaving as feeling came back to his formerly numb arm. He could hear hushed voices around him, they sounded familiar but then they went silent only to be replaced with the sound of ominous footsteps.

    "Where..." Joseph began before changing his question. "Who are you?" He asked, but the question went unheard with the appearance of the two butchers. Joseph could feel his cheeks burn as the speaker taunted the gathered assembly. Evidently he and Skye were not the only ones captured as Skye's wails of sorrow were not coming from the person supporting him.

    "Oh that's right. Scream bitch, scream. Get those vocal chords loosened nice. You see what I told you? I told you she was a screamer. They always make the best ones." A familiar voice rang out as Joseph clenched his teeth as a shiver ran down his spine.

    I know that voice. That's Ron Kent, one of my Educational Assistants! Joseph's thoughts were racing as it began to make so much more sense now why the Butchers targeted students. They had a man on the inside, and one with access to the Guidance Office. He knew the girl's family and her history, no wonder he went after an outsider. Suddenly, Joseph found himself falling to the floor as he spread his hands out to catch himself, the cold concrete slapping hard against his palms. A flurry of motion echoed through the snarl filled air as Joseph stood up again reaching out in front of himself for something to steady him.

    "Hold on there bud." An all too familiar voice called out to him as Joseph felt a hand steady him as he grimaced.

    Cal. He couldn't believe of all the people that could have come to help, that one of them was Caleb Fitzroy. Cal's hand suddenly let go of Joseph as the other teen suddenly cried out.

    "Makarios! No!"

    CALEB FITZROY, #003366
    Cal could scarcely believe his eyes as Makarios lunged at the smaller man like a feral animal. While the attempt it was good, Cal stood almost frozen as Makarios was all too quickly overwhelmed, tossed to the floor and savagely kicked.

    "Makarios! No!" Cal yelled as his mind went into action. The smaller man who Makarios had attacked first stumbled backwards, steadying himself on the metal walls of the old warehouse. Cal smirked as he put an arm around Skye before pulling out his tazer and stabbing it against the wall.

    "In the immortal words of Pete Wentz, light'em up!" An audible crackle echoed through the room as a blue spark lit up the dim lighting before the smaller Butcher was thrown to the floor in spasms from the spark accelerating up the wall. The larger man turned towards Cal, as he left Makarios behind and advanced towards the cocky teen tapping the crowbar against a fat hand before rushing forward and swinging it wildly.

    "Hold still so I spray your brains out on the floor! The girl is ours!" The roared angrily, his spit flying from his mouth as Cal pushed Skye back as he tried to get out of the way of the flailing weapon. Crying out in pain, Cal stumbled backwards as the hook end of the weapon dragged across his arm, ripping through his jacket and spilling a warm crimson liquid onto his skin. The man howled like an animal as he swung again, only this time the swing carried towards Joseph who was completely unaware of everything around him. Cal bit down on his lip to distract his body from the pain in his arm as he was about to charge the large man only for his jaw to drop.

    Joseph suddenly reacted last minute to the crowbar, as he bent around it before using the man's own momentum to disarm him. Joseph flipping into action as he easily pushed himself over the larger man as though he was just simply performing one of his old gymnastics moves before delivering a swift kick to the back of the man's knees, dropping the man to the ground. Seeing his opening, Cal dashed forward and jabbed his tazer into the man's neck, dropping him to the floor with his partner.

    "Are you sure you're blind?" Cal panted at Joseph who seemed as though he had just left a trance as he suddenly began feeling around himself for something to steady on.

    "I don't know what came over me..." Joseph muttered as Cal shook his head.

    "Skye, can you help Joseph out of here? Maybe the two of you can support each other." Cal bent down to the ground as he hauled one of Makarios' arms around his shoulders and picked the other man up. The four teens quickly made their way outside as Cal cleared off the car before ushering them all in as fast as he could.
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