Dissecting Your Childhood

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  1. I'm so amused right now.
    I wonder if that's normal.
  2. I'm disappointed that fatty cells aren't clearly defined in the artist's renderings of Mario or the Pillsbury Dough Boy. :P
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  3. I love these so much. They're really beautiful.
    You could complain about the lack of anatomical accuracy but whatever.
    They're toys, toy's aren't true to life on the outside so why would they be internally?
    Anyway, my favorite is Barbie. Her intestines are cute!
  4. morbidly educational and brilliant, Thank you for sharing that, I enjoyed that in a weird twisted little way, Now...I must watch Tim burton films.
  5. Mmmm, smell that?

  6. I believe Hello Kitty looks better as a skeleton...xD I love it!! <3 Thanks for sharing.