Disruption in the Order

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    Shizaya walked briskly to lunch, knowing he had to beat the crowd, then hurry his scrawny bum outside or risk running into the Populars. They didn't like kids like him, and he really didn't want to be bullied into doing extra homework. He was glad to see he was one of the first inside, and he quickly got his lunch. He left to eat outside, sitting under a tree and doing his homework as he ate, careful not get any food on the paper as the soft wind blew his black hair to and fro. He glanced back in the window, smirking when he saw the dumb and popular kids arriving, nearly ten minutes after he had. Of course. It was kind of depressing, really.
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    Brendan walked into the cafeteria at the back of the crowd of his friends. He laughed along with them as they talked about teachers and other guys. However, he remained silent as they started talking about girls they wanted to do and what parties they would attend that weekend. Brendan wasn't really interested in those sorts of things. He really preferred playing basketball on the weekends. Then again, he could go for a party. He was, after all, MVP of the basket-ball team. Girls would be all over him and the guys could chat with him about the last game or whatever.

    He grabbed a cheeseburger and was about to head off to his friends' table when he looked out the window. It's that one kid, Brendan thought. He didn't know the boy's name, but he knew his friends bugged him every now and then. He seemed nice though.

    Brendan motioned to his friends that he would be there in a minute. He walked out the doors and sauntered to the young man under the tree. "Hey, why are you all alone?" he asked.
  3. Shizaya looked up slowly, giving the boy a "what the hell are you talking to me for?" look.
    "I don't do other peoples homework, if that's what you're here to ask," he mumbled, not wanting to talk, and not used to talking to these people. He knew the boy standing over him, but never cared to remember his name. He was a basketball ball player, that much he knew from the times he was stuck after school on a game night. He turned back to his homework and book, glancing back at the boy a moment later.
    "What are you still doing here?" he mumbled again, looking back up at him.
  4. "What?" Brendan said, a little taken aback by the boy's assumption. "Homework? I do that on my own... Granted, I'm one of the few who does that. I don't need you to do it for me." For a moment, Brendan wondered if maybe he should just leave the boy alone, he didn't seem too happy about Brendan talking to him.

    "What are you still doing here?" the other boy mumbled, looking up at him.

    Brendan sat down, smiling a little. "Hm? I'm sitting with you, that's what I'm doing," he replied, "You seemed a little lonely..." Brendan leaned over to look at the other boy's homework. "I think that one's wrong," he said, pointing to a problem on his paper. "Oh, I'm Brendan by the way."
  5. Shizaya scooted away, swatting the boys finger away.
    "I don't need your help. I already checked the problem and it's perfectly fine. Oh, and I'm not lonely, I just don't like most of the people in the world. Okay?" he said matter-of-factly, continuing with his work. He sighed, glancing at him, figuring he could be a little social, just this once.
    "I'm Shizaya Ono," he mumbled, not liking how close this person was to him, or the fact that they were even talking.
  6. Brendan pulled back his finger back. "No, it's wrong," he persisted. "You forgot to carry the one!" He suddenly processed the words Shizaya had said. "But... You don't feel even a tad lonesome? I'm just... Trying to be nice." Brendan pouted a little, leaning back and looking a little rejected.
  7. Shizaya sighed.
    "No, not even a little. Please stop talking. I don't like to talk this much during a normal day," he replied bluntly, turning back to focus on his homework. He finished his meal soon, then the rest of his math, then turned to Brendan.
    "Why do you feel the urge to try and be "nice" to me?"
  8. "I just... Um..."

    Brendan sighed, "I know my friends bother you, so I wanted to be different and come talk to you instead of harassing you!" Brendan stood up. "Just... Forget it though, I'm sorry for bothering you."
  9. Shizaya rolled his eyes.
    "Because it's totally possible for someone like you to one day, magically, want to be around me," he mumbled, even lower know, since he was tired of talking. He got up, dusting himself off and walking in, going straight to the hallway and to his locker so he could again beat the crowd.
  10. "Hey, I know you've never noticed," Brendan called after him, "But while you're busy stereo-typing me, I'm in the back of that crowd of guys thinking that those guys are assholes." He was feeling slightly angry now, though he composed himself. "But hey, Mr. I'm-smart-so-no-one-can-be-my-friend, it doesn't matter, 'cause I'm done trying with you!" he shouted, louder than intended. "Pompous little... Carry the stupid one!"

    Brendan stormed off in the opposite direction, stomping out to the parking lot.
  11. Shizaya rolled his eyes.
    "If you think they're such ass holes, why would you hang out with them?" he wondered out loud. The teenage mind seriously confused him. He walked to his class, being the first one in when the first bell rang.
  12. Brendan leaned against a car, pouting a little. Unfortunately, his pout turned into a slight scream of terror as the car's alarm went off. He quickly ran off into school, running into his class, out of breath. "I'm here!" he said quickly.
  13. Shizaya sighed, realizing he had his non-core class with that Brendan kid. Good thing it was only art class, which Shizaya could hardly see how some artist got famous, such as Picasso, but oh well. He didn't oay enough attention in the class to care, but just enough so he kept his straight A's.
  14. Brendan didn't turn to Shizaya at all as he took his seat. Art class was always his favorite. He wasn't much of an artist, but he did like the relaxing atmosphere it provided, he never had to work really hard in that class. For a split second, Brendan glanced to Shizaya, but he quickly turned away.
  15. Shizaya looked as if he was bored out of his mind, but he jotted down notes in his multi-subject notebook.
    "Alright, for our next assignment, you will all be put into pairs. I have already picked the pairs for you, so no whining," a few people groaned, which was to be expected, despite the orders given. The instructor listed off names and their partners, then when she got to Shizaya's name, he glanced up and waited.
    "Shizaya and Brendan," and then she moved on. Shizaya sighed.
  16. Brendan was listening intently to the teacher. He had the urge to cross his fingers as he leaned forward. But what are the chances of getting-- He didn't even finish the thought by the time the teacher said, "Shizaya and Brendan."

    Brendan almost threw up his hand to protest. But when that lady makes up her mind, there's no changing it. The one person who makes it perfectly clear that he hates me, Brendan thought. He looked over at Shizaya, sighing. When the teacher was done, she instructed them to take a seat next to the partner.

    He walked over to Shizaya and set his notebook down gently, without a word, and sat down.
  17. Shizaya was thankful for lack of speech. He listened to the assignment, getting all the information before turning to Brendan when they were allowed to work together.
    "My artistic ability is a bit lacking," he warned, voice quiet and nearly emotionless.
  18. "What a surprise, Mr. Academic lacks something," Brendan grumbled. He clapped his hands, "Wonderful, let's justget an F, because I suck too."

    For a moment, Brendan sat silently, a resentful scowl on his face. He shook his head finally, realizing that being an asshole wasn't going to help them do their assignment. "Whatever, I guess I can draw alright actually..." he admitted, "I'll see what I can do on this."
  19. "I never said I was terrible, I just lack a bit. I can do the general outline and final product, if you'll just draw what it's going to look like." Shizaya said, not at all bothered by the scowl. He was plenty used to it.
  20. "Fine fine seƱor Shizaya," Brendan said. "What do you want it to look like?" he asked, leaning foreword on the table and looking at the other boy.