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  1. I don't care what anyone else says, this shit is good
  2. sweet alcohol is sketchy territory imo
  3. Not when it comes to candy corn vodka. That shit fucked me up the other night and really quickly.
  4. Because people drink as fast as they'd drink juice?
  5. What shit is good? O____O I NEED TO KNOW!
  6. Smirnoff. And I'll admit, I like it too :D
  7. Smirnoff is okay!

    Try to like the fizzy booze, but it just dun sit well with me. D: I like the non fizzy liqueurs better.
  8. Non fizzy booze...

    Had moonshine once XD it totally kicked my ass, I was pretty close to drunk after one glass
  9. C'mon. Absolut. The good stuff.
  10. If you're talking vodka, then it needs to be Russian Standard or Stolichnaya.

    Or, you know, if you're made of money... Belvedere.
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  11. I'm more of a fan of Hard Cider.
  12. I used to be a Stolichnaya exclusive kinda guy, but the Swedes make it damn smooth.
  13. *peeks into thread, recognizes so many names, double-takes* WHEN DID SO MANY PEOPLE FROM-- Wow the Migration really did spread o.o

    I feel out of place in this thread, I haven't drank in so long it isn't even funny.
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  14. I think that's my problem with Absolut; it's too smooth for my taste! I like my vodka tasting a bit raw... it's good for what ails you.
  15. See, that's what whiskey is for!

    Gibson's, by the way.
  16. Don't worry, I like my whisky too. It might not be the most prestigious thing around, but I've been very partial to cinnamon whisky recently. It's great for these wintery nights we've been having.