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Disney's Descendants

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Adira, Jul 19, 2014.

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    ~Disney’s Descendants~
    {Yes this role-play is based on the new Disney movie}

    Far far away in the present day Kingdom of Maltopia, a proclamation is made that offers the chance for any villainous offspring a second chance at life, a chance to redeem their families. After all, All the Villains were banished to the island of Maptoikia, an island off the coast of the small kingdom.

    “Any child of any Villain that has been banished to Maptoikia will be allowed the chance to attend the prestigious prep school of Royal Preparatory School for young men and women, located in Waterford, Conncticut, In the United States of America.”

    The only problem? The Prep School is also home to the children of all the Villains mortal enemies, "The Heroes"

    Will the villainous children be able to blend in with the children of their parents mortal enimies? At first both groups of children seem to despise each other,and fights break out almost everyday. As time goes on though friendships begin to form, fights are almost non existent, and romance seems to be sparking up between the children. It seems the Villains children are starting to get comfortable in this school.. a little too comfrotable for their parents likings, and when their parents start to get involved it will come down to 1 choice for the villainous children. Will they be loyal to their new found friends, or will they be true to their familes and their roots?

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.