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  1. Dorms:[​IMG]


    "Welcome to Royal's Preparatory Academy for Young Men and Women. We are a very "Exclusive" Academy, for only the finest young men and women. Well we do teach the royal children. Yes, Royal Children, the outstanding Sons and Daughters of your favorite fairy tale characters. Oh yes, and the rather.. Intriguing children of some your favorite Villains. Oh How rude of me! My name is Patrica Godmother, Yes I'm the daughter of Fairy Godmother, I'm also the head mistress of Royal's Academy here in Connecticut."

    "Yes interesting situation we have encountered here in the school! Well I guess it's not my place to tell you their stories, instead I'll let you watch it play out. It all started, the first day back to school.."

    {If you'd like to Join the link to the OOC and sign-ups is Here}

    ~Present Day, The first day back to school~ And the first day ever for the Villains

    "Welcome back students! I hope you all had an enjoyable summer, spend with your parents and family. Now as you have all probably heard, Due to a new decree in the kingdom. We will be welcoming several NEW students to our academy. Now I would like to remind you all to be on your very best behavior. We don't want any accidents this school year."

    Royal's Preparatory Academy Rules and Requirements
    1. NO fighting of any kind will be tolerated {Villains and Heroes alike}
    2. NO Public Displays of Affection will be allowed in school
    3. NO dorm room fighting
    4. Curfews are STRICTLY enforced. Weekdays- 10 P.M Weekends- 12 A.M
    5. NO foul language
    6. Be respectful of each other
    Dorm Roommates: {This was random, no you may not change your assigned partner, Deal with it. THESE ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE SO CHECK BACK}

    • Tess Charming, Harley Eve Knight , and Kalynda Maldonia
    • Blair Audrey Lennox and Jackie Frost
    • Benjamin Charming and Shawn Lesalle
    • Sidney Sophia Bjornman and Sarah Skellington
    • Li Siyun and Rosabella Fitherherbert
    • Lionel Phillip, Zachary Brendan Knight and Grayson Frost
    • Jeannette Wish and Bryony Snow
    • Mallory Normard and Carter Williams
    • Rahab Frollo and Alexandrine Facilier
    • Violet Afrodite and Olivia Mirabelle O'Reilly
    • Jason Queen and Alfred De Ville
    • Ge Ming “Gem” Khan and Elliot Gray
    • Jaz Heed and Ashton Sparrow
    • Leo Ashton Hook and (Soon)

    Schedule (If you need a schedule or change PM AAB)
    O'Reilly, O.FreshmanAlgebraHealthBasic EnglishWorld History-PsychologyFrenchChemistry
    Bjornman, S.SophomoreEnglish HonorsP.E.Fantasy HistoryGeometry-ArtLatinChemistry
    Charming, T.SophomoreEnglish HonorsHealthFantasy HistoryGeometry-BiologyHome EcTheater
    Facilier, A.SophomoreEnglish HonorsPrecalculusFantasy HistoryHealth-ArtHome EcChemistry
    Fitzherbert, R.SophomoreEnglish HonorsHealthFantasy HistoryGeometry-ArtLatinChemistry
    Knight, Z.SophomoreAlgebraP.E.Basic EnglishWorld History-BiologyFrenchWoodshop
    Williams, C.SophomoreEnglish HonorsPrecalculusFantasy HistoryJournalism-BiologyFrenchTheater
    Afrodite, V.JuniorGovernmentsEnglishHome EcGeometry-PsychologyPhysicsArt
    Frost, G.JuniorP.E.Advanced EnglishChemistryWorld History-TrigonomentryHome EcArt
    Gray, E.JuniorP.E.EnglishGeometryHealth-Fantasy HistoryFrenchChemistry
    Khan, G.JuniorP.E.EnglishGeometryWorld History-BiologyHome EcWoodshop
    Knight, H.JuniorEnglishP.E.ChemistryHealth-TrigonomentryFantasy HistoryArt
    Lennox, B.JuniorAlgebraEnglishHome EcP.E.-Fantasy HistoryFrenchWoodshop
    Lesalle, S.JuniorEnglishP.E.ChemistryHealth-TrigonomentryFantasy HistoryTheater
    Li, S.JuniorEnglishPrecalculusChemistryHealth-Fantasy HistoryHome EcTheater
    Normard, M.JuniorEnglishP.E.GeometryWorld History-ArtPhysicsTheater
    Queen, J.JuniorEnglishPrecalculusHome EcP.E.-PsychologyFantasy HistoryChemistry
    Sparrow, A.JuniorEnglishHealthHome EcGeometry-Fantasy HistoryFrenchChemistry
    Charming, B.SeniorP.E.EnglishPrecalculusWorld History-ArtPhysicsTheater
    DeVille, A.SeniorGovernmentsAdvanced EnglishPrecalculusJournalism-ArtPhysicsWoodshop
    Frollo, R.SeniorGovernmentsAdvanced EnglishGeometryJournalism-ArtPhysicsWoodshop
    Frost, J.SeniorP.E.Advanced EnglishChemistryJournalism-TrigonomentryFantasy HistoryArt
    Heed, J.SeniorGovernmentsEnglishPrecalculusP.E.-PsychologyPhysicsWoodshop
    Philip, L.SeniorGovernmentsAdvanced EnglishPrecalculusP.E.-BiologyLatinWoodshop
    Skellington, S.SeniorGovernmentsAdvanced EnglishChemistryJournalism-TrigonomentryLatinTheater
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  2. Mallory "Mal" ~ Villain
    Mallory rolled her dark brown eyes as she heard the announcement. "Some prep school.." She thought to herself as she looked around. She was scanning the crowd of "Royal Heroes" That walked confidently into their school. "Great.." She thought as she walked into the school building. She had dropped her stuff off at her dorm already. She had been pleasantly surprised to see her friend, Carter, was one of her dorm mates. Mal was making her way to her dark purple locker on the "Villains" side of the hallway. She unlocked her locker and grabbed her book for her first class, English. She went to shut her locker and noticed a couple people staring at her. She looked down and took a deep breath. "I can do this.. It'll be good for me.." She repeated over and over to herself until she felt confident enough to return the stares and shut her locker. It made a loud slamming noise as Mal went to walk away, she slipped on a piece of what looked like Ice and stumbled slightly, causing all the heroes to laugh. "GOOD JOB VILLAIN" She could hear someone mock her. Her pale face flushed bright red as she stumbled to get up and regain her cold hard bitch face. "And I thought you were suppose to be the nice guys" She though to herself before she started walking down the hallway. Her dark purple locks hung in her face to cover her embarrassment.

    Tess Charming~ Hero
    Tess had been standing at her locker when she heard the laughter. Her curiosity made her turn around, to the sight of a girl on her knees. Tess sighed at the immaturity of her fellow classmates. She knew most people weren't to excited for the new students to join them. After all they were are sworn enemies. Or that's what her brother, Ben, had been going on and on about since he had heard the decree. "What's wrong with mixing it up a little bit? Everyone deserves a second chance." She thought as she picked up her book bag from off the ground and closed her locker shut. She leaned against the metal locker and watched people pass in the hallway. Friends were hugging and "OMG-ing" and Tess just smiled and looked for one of her friends. "New Year.. who knows what could happen!"

    Benjamin Charming~ Hero
    Ben had been watching the new Villain and laughed as she fell. Though he didn't agree with the new "Students" He didn't hate them. Though he knew today would be hard on everyone. No one was that excited to be so close to their mortal enemies. Ben leaned his head on his locker and adjusted his beanie before turning around to face the passing traffic in the hallway. It was still early in the morning but of course classes were going to be starting soon. Ben was not one to be late for anything, including class. So he picked his book bag up and slung it over his left shoulder as he started walking to his first class, History. This was his last year in this school and he couldn't wait to be done with school. He was thinking about what he would be doing next year, as soon-to-be King. "Hey Ben" A girl said, snapping Ben out of his day dream. "Oh Hey!" He said giving her a little head tip and a cute smile. The girl giggled and kept walking. "It's good to be back."

    Grayson Frost~ Hero

    Grayson had been playing around with his icy powers when he suddenly made a patch of ice that made the villain girl slip and fall. He realized to late that he had embarrassed her, and on her first day here. Grayson felt bad and was going to go apologize to the girl, but by the time he had looked for her she was gone. "Damn.." He muttered under his breath. He had probably ruined the start of a already bad day for the poor villain girl. Grayson looked back over to his friends as they continued to laugh at his powers. The warning bell started the oh so original ring to tell students to get to class. Grayson looked at his friends as they said their goodbyes and Grayson ran down the hall to English. He didn't want to be late, AGAIN. "What a great start to this school year THAT would be.."
  3. Carter would make her way down the halls as she saw Mal slip on a patch of ice falling. She would shake her head as she looked around at all the heroes laughing. Carter would walk over to Mal helping her up.

    "She deserved it, she would hear a girl from the crowd say.

    Carter would turn around fast and with a flick of a finger a locker door would fly open slamming into the girls face.

    She would look over at Mal whispering, "You okay?"

    Carter would swing around looking at the heroes, "Oh my bad forgot not supposed to spoil the looks of royalty. Next person to mess with her gets it 500 times worse."
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  4. Shawn watched the girl fall and sigh. This school year was going to be hard for everyone, he could feel it. He walked over to his locker and got the stuff he needed. He had heard that the villains were coming but it didn't bother him much. Sure their parents had been bad, but who was to judge their kids on things that the parents had done. He felt along the wall, making sure nothing was in the way that he couldn't see. Sure, he could just look in that direction but then he wouldn't be able to see in front of him, and that could cause a major collision. He heard a girl yelling at some hero's "Great, the fights are starting already" He mumbled to himself.
  5. Ge Ming "Gem" Khan Shan Yu's son Villain

    Gem stood in the shadow of a school bus, watching the people around him. He'd spotted at least three groups of people that had looked very inviting and like they would accept him if he approached, but...And as lame as it sounded; He was too scared. So instead of sticking around and gazing pitifully at the groups, Gem made his way into the school and navigated to his locker. There were a couple of students in that row, and Gem smiled at them giving a quiet "Hello." They in turned stared at him as if he had two heads. Ducking his head he grabbed his books from his locker, slammed the door and promptly bumped into a girl with wavy blonde hair who had been standing at the end of the row. Gem, backed up immediately his eyes growing wide as he recognized the girl as a hero. He wasn't sure which one though, as he only really knew the faces of the villain students, he just figured this girl wasn't one of them. "Sorry." He muttered.
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  6. Sidney Bjornman :: 15 :: Sophomore :: Daughter of Kristoff & Anna :: Friends-Li :: Enemies-none :: Crush-none :: Hero
    Biting her bottom lip gently as she silently walked down the hallway, Sidney tried her best to stay out of everyone's way. Although the young 'hero' was in her sophomore year this was her first year at the school. Her parents had finally been convinced that she didn't have any ice powers... unlike her cousin Grayson who did have them. Nonetheless, being confined to the castle from the time you are five until you are fifteen is still an awfully long time to go without contact from other people your age... and it certainly makes for a very socially un-prepared teenager.
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    Harley Knight :: 17 :: Junior :: Daughter of Belle & Adam :: Friends-Mal & Shawn :: Enemies-Jason & Jaz :: Crush-none :: Hero
    Harley rolled her eyes at the people making fun of the 'villains' and pushed her way through the crowd. She didn't want to be associated with the Heroes, she never had wanted to be. Sure, the brunette was a princess, but still, everyone was an equal to her. Walking over to the two villains she reached her hand down, offering to help Mal up with Carter. "Hi, I'm Harley... and I'm sorry about how some of them are acting, most of them are pretty nice"
    {Tagged-Carter & Mal}

    Zachary Knight :: 16 :: Sophomore :: Son of Belle & Adam :: Friends-Rosabella :: Enemies-Jaz :: Crush-Rosabella :: Hero
    Zach wandered around the school grounds for a bit before heading for the main building. Once he entered the tall male spotted a very familiar and very beautiful blonde girl. "Hey Goldie" he smiled at his friend as he walked over. "How was your summer Rosabella?"

    Jaz Heed :: 18 :: Senior :: Son of Jafar :: Friends-Carter,Jason,Rahab,Mal :: Enemies-Zach,Harley,Ben,Lionel :: Crush-Rahab :: Villain
    "Stupid Heroes" Jaz muttered as he strutted down the hallway to his locker. It was black with a classic Agrabah palace design in bright red... not exactly the colors or design the sly teen would have chosen, but it was sure to let everyone know who his father was. As he threw some things into his locker and shoved it closed again the boy turned around and rested leisurley against the metal cabinet, making sure he wouldn't have to help any of his friends.
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  7. Rahab Frollo ~ Villain

    Rahab sat against a hallway wall, her posture showing ambivalence. She looked over her schedule for the semester. English first, thank God. The next period would be art, just generic art. Rahab had wanted a ceramics class or a paint-by numbers class or something more specific, but this place just had plain art.
    After art would be math. Bummer. Rahab had hoped not to have that until after lunch. At least lunch would be something to look forward to. If nothing else could be said of the preparatory school for princesses, it served great meals.

    Knowing she would have to head for class soon, Rahab paused her perusal of her schedule and looked at her dorm arrangement. She knew there weren't many villainesses in the upper-classes. Perhaps she'd be stuck with juniors for roommates...

    Rahab's nose wrinkled as she read the name, but her lips kept together. It was Alex. That bratty little witch. Why were they sticking Rahab with a sophomore? Were they that desperate to make sure she didn't get a room to herself? Rahab resisted the urge to crumple the paper in frustration, shoving it into her black backpack as she made her way toward English class. On the way, she passed one of her old friends, who was leaning against his locker. "Hey, Jaz," she said with a nod and a touch of enthusiasm.
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  8. Li Siyun
    "It's a new year... Don't mess it up." Li Siyun sighed as she walked through the halls of the school she knew oh so well. It felt weird to be so far from her home in China, but it was necessary. After all, it was a good experience as her mother would tell her. The black haired girl dug through her bag, pulling out a letter from her three uncles. It was well worn, but it helped give her confidence. The new year was always fun, though it brought with it it's own risks. She quickly walked to her locker, determined to set it up before she dashed off to her first class. She wouldn't want to be late after all. Baba had always said that being on time was the best way to impress someone. She found her locker and twisted the familiar combo into place. She was greeted with an empty locker. A blank slate, perfect. She quickly put some of her things away and headed to class. Siyun was hoping she would at least make a few more friends this year. However, as she was walking, she found a familiar face that she had only seen via pictures in letters. "Sid? Is that you?" She walked up to the girl, curious.
    Alfred De Ville
    Alfred, despite being a very tall boy, was completely intimidated. There was so many people walking around, and most of them stood at least a head shorter than himself. He felt out of place with his self-made clothes and blue binder held close to his chest. He adjusted the strap of his messenger bag, taking a deep breath before walking through the crowds of students. A lot were finding friends, meeting up with them. Alfred didn't really have anyone to meet up with. The boy had already gotten his schedule, but was afraid to look at it quite yet. He was more curious about who he was bunking with in the dorms. However, what if he was bunking with a mean person? Or maybe he was bunking with a hero who would hate him? Alfred sighed. "Well, looks like this will be interesting."
  9. Mallory "Mal" ~ Villain
    Mallory looked up to see Carter. "Carter I swear I'm gonna die here" She said under her breath as her friend helped her to her feet. Carter was also a fellow villain child, and happened to be Mal's best friend. Mal was friends with almost all the villainous children as they all had one thing in common, their parents. She looked at the new girl who had approached her and Carter. She leaned over to Carter and whispered. "What do you think of princess?" Before she flipped her purple hair over her right shoulder. "I'm Mallory, but my friends call me Mal. I'm sure they're all very nice.. to you" Her cold dark eyes couldn't stop from taking in the royal hero. Mal wanted to be kind to the girl but she couldn't get over her trust issues, especially with a hero.

    Tess Charming~ Hero
    Tess looked at the boy who had bumped into her. "Oh! It's fine! My fault!" She gave him a charming smile. "Hiya, I'm Tess." She greeted him as she bent down to pick up her book that she had dropped. Tess brushed her blonde hair out of her face and smiled. The boy looked Asian in decent, maybe he was a villain child. She had met Mulan's child, Li, which must make this boy a villain. She didn't care and her kindness never once faltered as she talked to the boy. "So, do you need help finding a class?" She asked as she batted her blue eyes at him.
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  10. Carter would laugh a little, "Oh I doubt your going to die here. I think after my little incident they will hopefully leave you alone."

    Carter would walk over to her locker which was right next to where Mal had fallen. She would get it open fast putting some items in it. As she looked around she could see some of the heroes eyes on her. Carter would sigh thinking just great let's just segregate us because that's totally going to work.

    Carter would shut the locker turning to Mal and the other girl, "Yea but I'm sure I'm having a worse day then you. Lowbo ate my schedule. The only thing I could read was the dorms. Oh by the way I dropped him off there so he's probably chewing on your shoes as we speak."

    Carter would giggle before walking over and hugging the Mal, "Catch you later and don't worry about them."

    Carter would walk down the hallways looking around. This place was much bigger then she expected. It was a giant maze if chaos.

    As Carter looked around she wouldn't notice a boy in front of her. As she bumped into his back she would think to herself please don't be a hero please. As a tall boy with brown hair and blue eyes turned around her heart would sink. It was clear her was a hero and a cute one at that.

    Carter would frown, "I'm so so sorry. I...I'm trying to find the office. I um need a schedule. I wasn't paying attention I swear it won't happen again."
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  11. Rosabella Fitzherbert Rider | H e r o

    Rosabella was wearing a black zipped crop top, and knowing it wouldn't be allowed she wore a pink long skirt to cover her belly that stopped directly at her feet, seemingly making it look more like a dress then something to revealing. The girl was far to busy talking to others and laughing about playfully that she was then approached by a male from behind which startled her slightly and caused her friends to look then grin.

    "Hey Goldie." She heard stepping back and accidentally slightly stepping on the the guy's foot. Almost immediately she turned around and jumped back."Eek!" She said in the process before seeing it was only Zachary and bursted out laughing softly gently."Oh! Hey! Sorry if I stepped on your foot!" The blonde said grabbing his wrist and covering her mouth giggling slightly awkwardly at the accident.

    Her friends excused themselves leaving the two alone and 'Goldie' chuckled as she held onto his wrist and pulled him over to the direction she was walking to, the entrance."How was your summer Rosabella?" Asked the male. Rosabella puffed her cheeks raising an eyebrow as she turned around and faced him and let out a depressing deep sigh."Boring....." She muttered.

    But once she said that she looked up at Zachary and slowly grinned laughing."Nope! Just kidding! It was awesome! I went on so many adventures!" She bursted out happily."Even bungee jumping!" Added Rosabella with hands up in the air for a more dramatic affect. She looked away chuckling and spun on her foot turning around and continuing their walk."What about you Zachary?" She asked then turned around again now walking backwards."Missed me? I certainly missed you!--OH speaking of that..." She abruptly said jumping forward and hugging her friend."I missed you!" Rosabella said laughing happily as usual."Now spin me like in those romance movies or something dude!" The girl said grinning.

    Rosabella can look like a proper lady, but she surely doesn't act like one. Heck, she doesn't act like your typical royal child anyways! She was to bubbly and bright and just herself. She wasn't afraid to let loose all the time therefore had some type of whimsical and alluring difference.


    Lionel Phillip | H e r o

    Aurora and King Phillip's son, Lionel Phillip, happened to be in the very same halls as the others who had seen the great maleficent's daughter slip and fall. Upon keenly observing after the fall, he saw ice and knowing all to well who had icy powers, it would be the child of Elsa, and Mal would surely be after him most likely... Unless Lionel stepped in. The male grabbed his things stuffing them in his book bag and closed his locker walking off casually.
  12. Ge Ming "Gem" Khan Shan Yu's son Villain

    Gem looked up, startled at how friendly the girl--Tess was. On the subject of his class, he almost shook his head, as he had memorized the way to all of his classes in advance. But instead he nodded,
    "Uh yeah," He pulled out the crumpled piece of paper that had his schedule on it. "do you know where this," He pointed at his English class, "is?"
    And then remembering that he had yet to introduce himself he spluttered, "And I'm Ge Ming. My friends err--well, you can call me Gem." He murmured.

    Alexandrine Facilier Dr. Facilier's daughter Villain

    The walk to her locker took no time, as Alex didn't stop to talk to anyone. When she saw the other students sneer in her direction, she simply smirked and kept going. They weren't worth getting worked up over, as they were all beneath her.
    The little troglodytes." She said to herself as she spun the dial on her locker. Reaching inside, she grabbed the books for her first class, but instead of heading their first she made a detour and approached Alfred DeVille, a villain kid. She wasn't really friends with him, but he did possess skills that would come in handy in the future. Like dress making.

    "Alfred." Alex said in way of greeting. "Can I see your schedule? Maybe we have a class together."
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  13. Tess Charming~ Hero
    Tess smiled. "English? Yeah it's down this hall. Here I'll show you!" She touched his hand before pulling it away. "Too forward too fast Tess.." She muttered to herself. "So Gem huh? Where do you come from? If you don' mind me asking of course!" Her pale complexion flushed red at her embarrassment. She was everything a young respectable young princess should be, but all she wanted to be was a regular teen who could make friends. She walked down the hallway and waved to a couple people. She ignored the odd stares and smiled and Gem. "Don't mind them, they're just judgmental"

    Benjamin Charming~ Hero
    Benjamin felt a girl bump into his back and he turned around quickly. "Are you okay?" He took in her appearance. She looked new, obviously a new villain. He looked her over quickly and felt the back of his neck. "Uh Yeah, It's fine. Do you need me to take you to the office? It's on my way to my first class anyway." He didn't know how to feel about a cute villain girl. He adjusted his beanie and gave her a charming smile.
  14. Shawn Lesalle-Hero
    Shawn stopped in the hall and looked at his schedule, English was first, so he needed to get there first. He sighed and took his hand off the wall. It would be faster if he didn't hold onto the wall but it would be safer if he did. He looked at the clock before walking forward. He didn't have time to be 'safe' so he just walked quickly through the hall. Trying not to bump into anyone. He found his classroom and walked in, finding a seat.
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  15. Carter Williams~Villain

    Carter would look up a little surprised. She for sure thought he was going to yell or at least get mad. But instead he was being kind. So far he was the first hero she had seen show compassion.

    "That would be wonderful if you could show me the way," she would say with a smile.

    As she followed him down the hallway she would cross her arms as everyone stared. As people whispered as she walked by she would sigh. For once in Carter's life she felt so insecure but in the back of her mind she knew not to show it. As she looked over at the handsome boy beside her. She could tell he looked a little nervous too.

    "Yes, I am a quote villains kid but that doesn't mean I'm going to bite. Well not super hard at least," she would say in a joking tone with a wink.

    She would pause for a second before remembering, "Oh man I'm such a wreck. I didn't even mention my names Carter."
  16. Sarah Skellington

    Sarah walked for what seemed like hours, but in reality was only a few monuments. The prep school was much larger on the inside then it appeared outside, Its large white walls gleaming with the sunlight that the incredible tall Windows let in. Sarah was dressed in all black and white strips, her dress looked similar to her fathers Halloween Town Suit, and in truth was the mere female adaptation. The halls where crowded with children, some busy talking among their friends, others quickly and quietly making there way to their classes, and others where causing unnecessary drama. Sarah took a sharp left turn hoping to enter the hall her first class was in. Looking from left to right, Sarah scanned the room numbers, and eventually found her class at the far left end of the hallway. 'Okay, do I have everything?'. Looking to her waist, Sarah could see her medium sized black bag, and continued her inner checklist. 'Check, Okay, I already dropped my stuff off, Didn't meet my roommate, or Roommates.' Sighing, Sarah ventured fourth, entering her governments class.

    Jason Queen

    Jason wore his small red tennis shoes, his pants where a red pair of skinny jeans, and far better looking then his ragged red and black checkered shirt. The shirt was button to end at the middle, exposing Jason's white V-neck. 'This place is full of idiots, most of them being heroes.', Jason's pace was quick, and he shot between the crowds blocking his path, his face showing his major displeasure. 'Alfred De Ville, Cruella De Ville's son, I wounder if he knows about anything besides fashion....' Jason's train of thought was interrupted when a large tan boy bumped into him, and quickly ran off. "Watch where the fuck your going." Mumbled Jason, his hand facing the direction the boy ran. Turning his head forward, Jason went on, once again dodging the crowds of people. 'I still haven't met my roommate, I wounder how this will go...' Jason stood still, his eyes focused on the small light browned wooden door in front of him. 'Its time for English, I hope theres someone besides the teacher worth staring at.', Jason formed a forced smile, and opened the door.
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  17. Sidney Bjornman :: 15 :: Sophomore :: Daughter of Kristoff & Anna :: Friends-Li :: Enemies-none :: Crush-none :: Hero
    Sidney froze in place as if she had just been encased in ice when she heard her name. -That definitely wasn't my cousin- she thought upon hearing a girl's voice. Taking a deep breath to steady herself, Sid quickly and quietly did an 'about face' and turned to look at the person who had called her. At first Sidney was confused as to how the Asian girl in front of her new her name when she was new... but after thinking for a minute Sid recalled a letter with an attached picture she had received. "A-are you L-Li?" the overly shy girl asked quietly, curious about the person who was bothering to talk to her.
    {Tagged-Li Siyun}

    Harley Knight :: 17 :: Junior :: Daughter of Belle & Adam :: Friends-Mal & Shawn :: Enemies-Jason & Jaz :: Crush-none :: Hero
    Almost as soon as Mallory said that all the Heroes were nice to the brunette she shook her head "not all of them, especially not my annoying little brother" Harley insisted honestly. "Do you and your friend know your way around here?" she asked after a moment. "If you don't, I wouldn't mind helping any of you out... as far as I'm concerned a person's a person, Hero, Villain, Prince, Princess or not... it doesn't matter to me".

    Zachary Knight :: 16 :: Sophomore :: Son of Belle & Adam :: Friends-Rosabella :: Enemies-Jaz :: Crush-Rosabella :: Hero
    Grunting as the beautiful, golden haired girl stepped backwards and onto his foot, Zachary just grinned as he knew immediately that it was his best friend, completely true to herself. "It's nice to see you too Rosabella" he said, smiling mischievously at her. Laughing at his friends enthusiasm, Zach hugged her back, tightly and spun around once before putting her back down. "Is that better?" the tall, strong male chuckled as he glanced quickly down to see there hands still attached. "My summer was pretty nice, we went down to my grandfather's cottage for a bit, and just spent some time in the countryside. It was quaint but nice... a great place to go riding... I should take you there sometime... if you ever come to France that is"

    Jaz Heed :: 18 :: Senior :: Son of Jafar :: Friends-Carter,Jason,Rahab,Mal :: Enemies-Zach,Harley,Ben,Lionel :: Crush-Rahab :: Villain
    Once Jaz was sure everyone was on an equal 'pplaying field' again he turned and gave a 'what's up' nod to his friend. "Hey Rahab" he said rather warmly as he walked over to catch up with his fellow villain and current crush. "Which class are you heading to?" he asked lightly, just trying to make conversation so he could pass the time. The school day was not exactly Jaz's favorite part of life... he'd much rather be hanging out with his fellow villain buddies or planning on how to destroy the heroes so the villains might rule the school.

    Olivia O'Reilly :: 14 :: Freshman :: Daughter of Gaston :: Friends-None :: Enemies-Rosabella :: Crush-None :: Villain
    Olivia rolled her eyes as she roughly pushed her way through the crowded hall and over to her locker. It was satisfactorily designed with a gold trim and a sparkly purple door. Grabbing her Algebra and Health books, Olivia slipped them into her large pocketbook before sliding the bag back onto her shoulder. Within seconds the young teen was strutting toward her first class.
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  18. Rahab Frollo ~ Villain ~ Hallway

    "English," Rahab said as she half-unslung her backpack and pulled out her schedule to compare it to Jaz's. "No," she amended, realizing she had read it wrong the first time, "Governments." The first period looked more like a header than a class, so she had glanced over it the first time. "Then English," she continued, showing the paper to her friend, "we have any classes together? If not, usual place at lunch, right?" Of course she would prefer to have most of her classes with Jaz. Mal wasn't too bad and Alf had his good points, but Jaz and Elliot were the ones Rahab really considered as friends.
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  19. Li Siyun

    "Y-yeah! Look at you, all taller than me in real life!" Li laughed. She started to bow, but corrected herself and held her hand out to the shy girl. "It's nice to finally meet you in real life." She said, smiling to hopefully calm the girl down. "So, how is America treating you so far? It's a bit scary, isn't it? Oh! Did you get your schedule yet? We could compare to see if we're in any classes together." Siyun was excited to see her pen pal face to face for the first time, but she could tell the girl was nervous. It always was for the first day of school. "I have English first, so a boring and hard class right away in the morning." She looked through her schedule, seeing the one class she didn't get was P.E. She would have to just practice on her own.

    Alfred De Ville
    Alfred nearly jumped in his skin when someone approached him. Seeing it was Alex, he gave a small sigh. He really didn't want to deal with anyone right now, but he would answer the smaller girl. "Sure. I don't think I have anything with you, but you never know." He handed her the piece of paper that listed his classes. He glanced at the paper detailing who his roommate was and nodded. Jason Queen. At least he wouldn't get a break in or out of school. That would be just lovely. This was going to be a tiring year.
  20. Elliot Gray:: Villain
    As Elliot stood at his locker he stared at his schedule and sighed. Gym first, then English, Geometry, Health, Lunch, Fantasy History, French, and finally Chemistry. Elliot folded his schedule and stuffed it into his pocket before closing his locker. Elliot wasn't used to school; since he and his father were always traveling Elliot was home schooled for a majority of his life. As Elliot walked to the gymnasium, he took a look around. Perhaps putting all of these heroes and villains in one building wasn't the best idea. Of course everyone's here for school, but couldn't there be separate buildings? Elliot shrugged it off as he neared the
    gymnasium, it's not like he could anything about it, he'll just have to deal with it.
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