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  1. As you can tell I'm very much interested in making an RP that revolves around the 2nd generation of any and all Disney characters! It will be a first come, first serve when it comes to picking your potential parents (or parent) and as for inter-canon pairings (ex: Ursula & Jafar), that is completely plausible. I want creativity to have free reign over this RP (and if you can back that up with a convincing back story, you deserve a gold star)

    As for the setting and plot, I know that a lot of people are getting tired of the over-used academia, boarding school environment. So if anyone would like to suggest something, I'd be grateful. For example, I've been playing around with a Percy Jackson-esque summer camp setting. Anyways let the ideas flow ^^

    (Feel free to reserve your parents now *looks stranger typed if you'd like so I can compile a list) As for me I'll be taking Jack Skellington and Emily (ie. Corpse Bride) -You've caught a Tim Burton Maniac, congrats.

    List of reserved parents:
    • Jack Skellington - Emily (corpse bride)
    • Queen Elsa - TBD (Father)
    • Dr. Facilier
    • Merida
    • Cruella de Vil - (Father unknown)
    • Ariel
    • Alice - Mad Hatter
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  2. I'd be down for this. Maybe the son of Elsa (father TBD)? I have other options in case, though!
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  3. That'd definitely be cool (puns always intended) I'll put Elsa down as taken. Let me know whenever you find the father :)
  4. May I have Dr. Facilier's daughter and Merida's son?
    Also is it okay to make Merida's son adopted cause I figured she would never get married. Or does she have to have been married?
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  5. Sure thing ^^

    And to answer your question, feel free to do any sort of relationships. As long as you can back it up with an explanation that makes sense, go crazy with the backstory.
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  6. Would the face claims be real people, or drawn?

    I think that'd influence my parental choices...
  7. Is there a character limit? I'll take daughter of Ariel, Son of Alice and Daughter of Mad Hatter for now
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  8. Okay, so before any others I want are taken, I'll reserve the Son of Cruella de Vil. The father shall be unknown.
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  9. I prefer drawn but I know since tv shows like Once Upon A Time exist there are really good face claims of people out there. I'd say whatever you find, you find, so both are good to use.

    You got it ^^

    Nope! It is unlimited but just make sure you can handle the amount you take.
  10. @NaYe Thank you! I found a drawing, so it's all good~ c:
  11. Can i take the son of Tiana and naveen, i have to think of anyone else i want to reserve, so i'll get back to you on other's soon.
  12. This is really interesting. I think I might want to join! :D
    We get to choose whether villian or hero right? DISNEY, right?

    If at all possible, I want the son of Grimhilde; the evil stepmother of Snow White, and the daughter of Aurora and...Prince Charming (we should give him a name) and the youngest son of Christopher Robin. Was wanting a daughter for Snow White, but that would be a little too biased. XD

    Wait, is Winnie the Pooh allowed? If not, scratch that.

    Here's to hoping.
  13. What about Atlantis' Kidagakash (Kida) and Milo? Atlantis was always a favorite of mine.
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  15. Hello, Princess. But you're not a Princess anymore! @ A @;;;

    I got dragged back by @Mippu . LOL. Also RL was a horrible
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  16. Hi @Mundane Monster , it's us again! Hope you're not sick of us popping up at random.

    So, any and all Disney? LIKE STAR WARS MAYBE?! :D Okay so maybe not because that won't make sense. Since Tim Burton is in, would you include Pixar?

    Actually, dibs on descendant of Princess Eilonwy and Taran the wanderer of The Black Cauldron. Or I might go with a descendant of Fa Mulan instead, depending on how it turns out.
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  17. I FORGOT BLACK CAULDRON. /kills-revives self
    Son of Fa Mulan mayhap? :D
  18. I would be interested in this as well. I've been trying to find a Disney RP. I would like Belle and Aaron (the beast) daughter.
  19. I'm definitely going to be Kida and Milo's daughter....
  20. Hm, pretty interesting.
    I'm Cinderella and Jack Frost's son... Because whynot?
    Like, in this case, Cinderella's story gone a lot darker (Refer to Br.Grim version), and Prince thrown her out. Winter started, and Cinderella was dying from frost, when suddenly Jack Frost appeared, his heart was melted by beauty of Cinderella (sorry for this part, i'm laughing XD) and he decided to protect her. They were together, but Jack Frost couldn't be seen to anyone. Then, they married, and by unkown-spooky-plot-twist Jack suddenly became visible to everyone, he lost his non-aging, but still had got his ice powers. So basically, this is the plot i planned.
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