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  1. post songs redone by people that you love. Here are some of mine. Also say why their your favorite all of mine Are literally just stuck in my head?

    Mix - What's This - Flyleaf (Lyrics):

    Watch "Sally's Song - Amy lee [With Lyrics!]" on YouTube

    Watch "Nightmare Revisited Marilyn Manson "This is Halloween"((LYRICS IN DESCRIPTION))" on YouTube

    Watch "Maleficent's Once Upon A Dream - Traci Hines (OFFICIAL VIDEO)" on YouTube

  2. And pretty much all of the Nightmare Revisited album - including the instrumental songs only.

    As for Once Upon a Dream, I much more prefer Lana Del Ray's version by 500%

  3. Are Disney songs covered in another language allowed?
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  4. Lots of Nightmare Before Christmas songs on here.
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  5. This is a fan made translation in Hindi for Let it Go. I listened to the original and don't like it compared to this lol.
  6. Covers.

    A song performed by someone who is not the original artist is a Cover.

    I like the Elton John cover of Can You Feel the Love Tonight better than the version the actors sing
  7. BUT what if the voice actress for the Swedish Disney version decided to record the English version which she isn't the voice actress for, would that be a cover? Cause she would be the original voice actress in Sweden, so she is one of the many original artists, but she's singing it in the language of one of the other artists. WOULD IT BE A COVER OR NOT???

    -Don't think it has actually happened, but it's a fun thought :3-

  8. Oh gosh, okay.

    So I love Norm Lewis' version of Go the Distance:

    There are so many versions of Hellfire that I adore, but I'm linking up firstly Annapantsu's version:

    and then also SweetPoffin's version:

    Caleb Hyles' Out There:

    His If I Can't Love Her:

    And his I'm Still Here:
    I'm Still Here (Treasure Planet) - Caleb Hyles

    Natewantstobattle's cover of Let It Go:
    Let It Go - Rock Cover (Frozen Soundtrack) - NateWantsToBattle

    Not sure if this technically counts, but Chris Villain's Why Don't You Do Right cover:
    Male Jessica Rabbit - Chris Villain Cover

    Nick Pitera's stuff is always amazing, so here's the Aladdin tribute:
    Nick Pitera's One-Man Tribute to Aladdin on Broadway | Oh My Disney

    Oh, and Pellek! Here's his Disney tribute:

    ...and I think I should stop now, because technically I'm not even allowed to post that many media files inside one response.
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