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  1. Disney Saga

    In the year 2XXX, Disney continent,

    Decades since the war broke out between the 2 sides and both heavily affected by the outbreak but thankfully it has brought to an end. With the end of the war only one kingdom that able to survive and that's King Mickey's Kingdom, Distenia. Distenia was in a bad shape, left nothing but a pile of brick as the war end, King Mickey decided to rebuilt his kingdom with the people left inside. Years after the rebuilt announcement, King Mickey feels that a kingdom will just start another war out, so he recall the builder and create an ordinary peaceful village with retaining it's name. Now the Village which was hidden in the depth forest are called, Distinia Village.
    Map of the town will be wip, if anyone would love to make the map please do so~ what I've plan is to create a small blank map apart from the mayor office and fountain like in animal crossing and later on people can request where they want to locate their home at.
    ▼△King Mickey△▼ - Mayor of the Town [Retired]
    ▼△Aladdin△▼ - Bar owner (Pub)
    ▼△Tamago△▼ - Blacksmith
    ▼△Mulan△▼ - City Guard
    ▼△Cheshire Cat△▼ - Bartender/Entertainer
    ▼△Toothless△▼ - Saddlemaker
    ▼△Nuka△▼ - Cobbler
    ▼△Tiger Lily△▼ - Messenger
    ▼△Nala△▼ -Huntress
    ▼△Merida△▼ - Horse Caretaker
    ▼△ Jess Frost△▼- Babysitter
    ▼△Meg Olympiano△▼ - ???
    ▼△Cobra△▼ - Mayor
    ▼△Edward of Arandale△▼ - Aristocrat
    ▼△Roles Available△▼
    `Mayor's Secretary
    `City Guard (3 more)

    ▼△Roles Taken△▼
    `Bar Owner
    `Horse Caretaker

    Any other job are upto player to decide but Distenia will need at least a Mayor and his/her Secretary
    As in Interest Check I've said we can do some rpg but without any numbers involved because numbers and I don't get along pretty well. So for any rpg enthusiastic that rp in here can enjoy some rpg action in here~ (just tell me when you guys think that number are need for this thing)

    Base Job
    ~Mage : A supported in the rear side of the formation, they usually cast spells that can deal certain amount of damage and as well heal their comrade.

    ~Warrior : A tank which serve as human meat shield of the party, his thick hp can block damage from the enemy.

    ~Rogue : A fast stealth attacker with low HP, his swift attack make up for his thin hp.

    Advance Job

    1. No metagaming

    2. Romance are allowed just remember this isn't liberteen, so keep it mild

    3. I don't expect you to write an essay but please at least a paragraph would be appreciated

    4. I don't have perfect english so it's okay to have grammatical error, at least make some sense when it comes to write things~

    5. I as a GM tend to discuss and take person's opinion so don't be shy when to ask or giving an opinion because I don't want my player to end up being blind when doing the RP

    6. Be innovative, punctual and unique, just my pet peeves, I hate stereotyping that much. I don't want character to suddenly have different personality or the usual tragic past and now their cheerful people.

    7. This is canon character, any character which are non canon, call GM for approval.

    8. Disney Saga are the title but this doesn't mean that other animated character aren't allowed to come in

    9. You may gender bent canon

    10. Appearance must be in gijinka preferably in anime/semi realism artwork though cartoon artwork are accepted. (means no real life pics~)

    11. Have a Disneyful time here~

    Decendant of/Canon character:
    Financial Status: (poor, rich, decent / if you guys think that it would be appreciate if I add the money system then contact me~)

    Calender: Like in HM/RF there's Summer, Spring, Autumn, and Winter but I would like to Disneyfied the season.

    Relationship system: Player can make their character married to each other or add a drama of love triangle to it~

    Birth system: so if any player that would love their character to have children then they are allowed to do so (just be sure that they are married first~

    Festival: adding festival like cooking festival would liven up the village~

    Quest: Just for fun + to add rpg players some feel~

    None at the moment

    Reserved Character:
    `Jim Hawkins
    `Vanellope Von Schweetz
    `Mad Hatter
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  2. Aladdin


    ▼△Character name△▼

    ▼△Character Age△▼
    Age: 24

    ▼△Canon Character△▼

    ▼△Character gender△▼

    ▼△Character sexuality△▼

    ▼△Character role△▼
    Bar Owner

    ▼△Character job△▼

    ▼△Financial Status△▼

    ▼△Character Personality△▼
    Aladdin is a gentle man which a lot of girls adore and man looks up to. His kind and soft way of talking making him more lovable.

    ▼△Character hobbies△▼
    Cooking and Baking things

    ▼△Character likes△▼
    -Warmth of being together with people

    ▼△Character dislikes△▼

    ▼△Character History△▼
    He was a knight when the kingdom was at war and now reside to be a normal bartender in the village. His bar soon becomes an adventurer bar which later he put bulletin board for adventurer or townsman to receive or put quest in it.
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  3. [​IMG]
    I want a moment to be real

    Jim's Theme - I'm Still Here:

    "Mom called me James. Silver called me Jimbo. Me, I go by Jim."

    Jim Hawkings

    "I've seen my share of the stars."


    "The origional dreadpirate. Don't worry, I cleaned up my game."
    Decendant of/Canon character


    "...Have you been hanging out with morph? Has he been doing something weird?"


    "uh...I don't know what you've heard about pirates, but..."

    Want to touch things I don't feel

    "...This'll explode if you don't let me finish."

    Engineer at Hiccups & Hawkings (co-owner)

    "I'm faster then I'm tough, but I rely on my brains most of all."

    "Sometimes I wish I hadn't left all that treasure behind... but - stretches- I'm comfortable enough."
    Financial Status:
    He's not high society, but he earns his own wage. Working class.
    want to hold on, and feel I belong

    "Who? Me?"
    Jim is a free spirit and a little headstrong. He does his own thing, regardless of what people of authority think, and because of this he was considered rebelious in his former years.

    He can sometimes be sulky, stubborn and a little sarcastic when he thinks other people don't understand him or recognise how hard he's been working. But he listens to his own heart and follows his dreams regardless of the danger or trouble it would cause him.

    He's courageous and unafraid to stand up for himself or the people he cares about, and he gets excited when confronted with a new adventure or puzzle to solve. He's fiercely intelligent, quick-witted and with nimble reflexes. While he's not the strongest he often thinks his way out of hard problems, or uses his engineering skills to help him create something.

    Despite being a little rough around the edges and sometimes hard to get to know if he's in a bad mood, Jim is fiercely loyal, unafraid to throw himself into the heat of danger when the moment calls. He's a big softie at heart, with a sharp sense of humour, a love of hugs, and a deep desire to protect the people in his life and make them proud of him.

    "Whatever gets my adrenaline going. I need a challenge."




    exploration and discovery


    "These things aren't too bad."

    feeling the wind in his hair
    Morph, Hiccup and Toothless
    making people proud of him
    creatures / pets
    protecting the people he cares about from danger
    "...greaaaat, my favourite..."

    Being talked down to
    being prevented from doing something he wants to
    letting people down
    being threatened

    ~Under Construction!~
    "Cya 'round."

    ~reserving Jim Hawkins~

    can we only have one character? If not I'd like to reserve Hiccup too ♥

    Gonna reserve Kuzco, Mavis and Vanellope Von Schweetz as well :DD​
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  4. Muse's Reservation List
    ~ Jack Frost
    ~ Megera (Hercules)
    ~ Lady (Lady and the Tramp)
    ~ Ariel
    ~ Jasmine
    ~ Mad Hatter
    ~ Hades
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  5. I am reserving Toothless, Cheshire Cat, Merida, Gogo (Because F it she is a Disney character!), and Nala
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  6. [​IMG]
    Gogo Tomago


    -:Canon character:-
    Gogo Tomago

    Bisexual, Biromantic



    -:Financial Status:-
    Gogo is not your average girl. Where some girls in this age sought out nothing but to marry someone else,
    Gogo let's the man come to her. She has places to go, and she isn't going to let others get in her way.
    She is brutally honest, and is pretty much a need for speed. Though she is tomboyish, the girl
    can dress to impress as well, and though she hates skirts, she can always make things work.

    Forging weapons, riding horses, running, creating art.

    Blacksmithing, running, pants, black, blue, minerals, coal, fires, moving fast.

    Warriors, skirts, the stereotypes of womanhood, feeling weak.

    Gogo grew up in an untraditional family. Her mother had died at childbirth, leaving
    Gogo with one older brother and a father to live with. With her older brother already going into the art of shoe making, her father decided to teach her his art of craft. After a few years, she mastered the art, but
    she eventually got to be a master at his arts, though recently she has been perusing the art
    of being an assassin.

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  7. I'm reserving Tiger Lily, Mulan and Nuka!
    Let's Get

    Name: Fa Mulan (Last, First)
    Age: 24
    Canon character: Mulan
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Down To

    Role: Captain of City Guard
    Job: Warrior
    Financial Status: Rich
    Personality: Mulan is a bold and headstrong young woman who hates to see other people bullied. She will often step in and get involved in others business' if she thinks that they are miserable or being oppressed. She can be impulsive sometimes and that usually gets her into trouble.
    Hobbies: Training (fighting), Sparring with Shang, Teaching the village children how to defend themselves, going on rides with Khan (her horse).

    Likes: A challenge, polite people, crickets, horses, Mushu
    Hates: Unnecessary violence, bullies, war, sexism.
    History: Mulan had taken her old and ailing father's place in the war and had fought valiantly, and although the revealing of her true self appalled and enraged her fellow soldiers for a while, they eventually accepted her and they continued to fight side by side.
    When the war ended, Mulan came home to a family that was upset with her for what she had done, but also a bit proud. However, they began treating her differently and treading lightly around her, so eventually she left to live in Distenia where she became captain of the City Guard.

    (Imagine lion ears and tail. This is the closest I could find to a human Nuka look alike..)​
    Mother, are you watching?
    Name: Nuka Mgeni
    Age: 21
    Canon character: Nuka
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Gay
    I'm doing it for you!
    Role: Cobbler
    Job: Rogue
    Financial Status: Decent
    Personality: Nuka is a relatively quiet guy who has a bit of a mean streak and standoffish nature. He tends to think the worst of everyone and he gets jealous easily, which is why he isn't in many long relationships. He's the type of guy who prioritizes money over meaningful relationships and people, so he can be a bit harsh and extremely greedy.
    Hobbies: Writing letters to his mother that he will never send, baking, designing new types of shoes.
    And I'm doing it for me!
    Likes: Shoes, profits, drinking, stuck up rich people, Zira, Vitani.
    Hates: Being accused of poor craftsmanship, slow days, peppermint (or any kind of mint really), Kovu, Simba, Nala and Kiara.
    History: Nuka grew up in a family of mercenaries, led by his mother Zira after his father, Scar left. His mother was harsh and cruel to Nuka and his sister Vitani, but achingly nice and lenient with their half brother Kovu. It was because of this favoritism, that Nuka became jealous of his brother and often tried to show off to impress his mother. Needless to say his mother never paid enough attention to him to be impressed. But that all changed when the war began. Being known for their strength, the Mgeni family was hired to fight for the side that offered the most money. Zira, gathered her best mercenaries and sent them to fight, but instead of assigning Nuka to lead the squadron, she assigned Kovu and Nuka was enraged. He got into a huge fight with his mother, with his last words to he being "I'll show you that I can be great!", before he left and became a solo mercenary. For awhile he worked alone, winning most of his battles and gaining fame, but after awhile he got tired of that life and when the war ended, instead of continuing to offer his services to other organizations, he came to live in Distinia village as a cobbler.

    Name: Tiger Lily
    Age: 14
    Canon character: Tiger Lily
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Undecided, possibly Bi
    Role: Messenger
    Job: Mage
    Financial Status: Decent
    Personality: Tiger Lily is a little smart ass. She's pretty obnoxious and is often unknowingly insensitive. She doesn't like to be told what to and often goes off on her own adventures. Her somewhat abrasive attitude gets her into a lot of trouble with others, but she either solves her problems with running away or playing little tricks with the little bit of Shaman magic that she knows.
    Hobbies: Learning new spells, picking flowers, going on adventures, racing the other Distinia kids.
    Likes: Peter Pan, the lost boys, her tribe, racing, eating sweets
    Hates: Being told what to do, Captain Hook and his pirates, cats, mud.
    History: Tiger Lily was born to the chief of her Tribe in Neverland, but her and her tribe didn't stay there for long. Due to the pirates often encroaching on their territory, and because Tiger Lily's father didn't trust the Lost Boys or Peter Pan, very much, they soon moved to the main Disney continent, thinking they would make a new and better home there. Unfortunately it was then that the war began and ravaged the land. Tiger Lily's tribe was cut down to nearly half, leaving only her, her father and a few of her cousins, and uncles.
    When the war ended, Tiger Lily and her tribe came to live in Distinia village, and against her father's wishes, Tiger Lily became the village messenger. She also began learning magic, from her uncle Blue Tree, the tribe's shaman.
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  8. reserving Stitch and a few others
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  9. we can have multiple character and also

    all of the characters that you guys posted will be reserved for you guys~

    Also @IceQueen The egg are ready to be served~! (sorry it's my lame jokes on tamago..)
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  10. Ahaaa, I like it~
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  11. [​IMG]

    (Refuses to be called anything else)

    -|Canon character|-
    Undecided, though is presumed to be pansexual

    -|Financial Status|-

    Toothless normally uses grunts and body language rather than words. He mostly trusts his
    words to his customers, or his best friend Hiccup. He has yet to understand some human codes or
    emotions such as love, among others.

    Riding horses, flying, hanging out with Hiccup
    Leather, Hiccup, Snuggling, His tummy being rubbed
    Eel, Hiccup being hurt, Feeling Hunted, loud noises
    Toothless grew up with his kind in the wilderness, but they where all poached and only he
    was left behind, only to be found by Hiccup a month later. Taking him in, Hiccup raised
    him for a while, and they still are very close, and even live next to each other.

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  12. is it alright if i use stitch the actual character and not a human because nothing works for him for being human.

    Also i am reserving genie, baymax, Dr.Faciler and Jamar, if that's too much then I'll choose three.\

    EDIT: Actually changing Jamar with Mr.Arrow if that's okay?
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  13. [​IMG]

    "Oh~ CUriOUs Ones Are we~?"
    Christoban (Chris) Cheshire

    "My my, I would love to tell you, but I will leave it up to the imagination~"

    -Decendant of/Canon character-
    "We Are All Mad Here.' Does that ring a bell to you?"
    Cheshire Cat

    "I can be whatever you want baby~"

    "Hey, I am anything and everything, so it's up to your Imagination~"

    Is thE OnLy WeApoN

    "Oh dear, why would you ask that? Are you interested in purchasing my services?"

    "My My, my class? Why do you ask?"
    Mage- Dark Spells

    -Financial Status-
    "Is money that important to you? If that is the case, I'll take you anyway~"

    In tHe waR AgaiNsT rEalITy

    "OH dear, what do we have here~?"
    Chris is extremely flirtatious and mysterious, which is part of what attracts the ladies to him.
    He is a real charmer, and tends to float from woman to woman, which is normally frowned upon by
    others, but it is very typical of this cat. But if you stick around with him enough, he can be really understanding.
    The key to his flirtatiousness is that he had a girl in his past who he is still sort of hung up on, who
    keeps him from trying to settle down, or stop flirting with others. He also
    is pretty good at poetry and writing since he basically
    lives in his own imagination.

    "Well, there are many hobbies I posses, and one is charming you~"
    Flirting, Bartending, "Entertaining", Confusing Others

    "Oh well there is a lot of things I like, and one of them could be you~"
    Tea, Piercings, Laughing, Sleeping, Charming Others, Human Emotions.

    "Ugg, you would not BELIVE the hatter this morning. Such a diva."
    Commitment, His past, Living Poorly, Rude Customers, Little Pay.

    "That's pretty personal.... I don't want to talk about it."
    Chris is very secretive about his past, and doesn't like talking about it.
    Chris was a stray from a very young age, wandering the streets alone and preforming magic tricks
    for money. After 16 years of living this way, someone came along who flipped his life upside-down. It was
    a girl with details of which he could not remember. She took him in, as a guest, and soon the magical
    cat fell for his captor, who had the heart of a angel. The two where tangled in love, but Chris was
    more tangled than his partner. One day, he fell asleep with a jewel, and awoke to find
    it stolen. His entire life of what he thought it was was ripped away form him like
    a fresh bandage, leaving him sore and broken. Covering it up as much
    as possible, Chris pretended he was ok, but he never has
    been ok, never.

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  14. kay" also it's fine just an exception though for stitch..

    and guys if your character being like means it's accepted~ even though I haven't edit my main post~
  15. Ah, well first three characters done, but I still have Merida and Nala to make

    I would like to add Honey Lemon, and Anna
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  16. Okay i need to actually start making these characters.
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  17. AND JASMINE!!! I can't believe I forgot to reserve Jasmine......
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  18. Do you like my Cheshire cat Muse~?
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  19. Yesh.... yesh I do..... *fangirling*
    UPDATED~ @GreenSea I feel like this will just make it easier for you~
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  20. Reply Got it~