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  1. The thought process in my head is a mess, so I'll try to explain what I envisioned as best as I can..
    The Basic Plot
    Each and everyone of you was created for a reason. This reason is unknown to you yet, but you are guided by a force known as the "conscience". You are grouped with others that somehow look familiar, yet they don't all the same. You are given a simple task. "Free the Blessed". And so each are guided by their own "Conscience" and they are led through worlds vastly different from the next. You will make allies, and enemies. In your quest to free the Blessed.

    I'd like this to be a large scale roleplay, between 15-20 people, perhaps? There will be different characters you can play. Obviously the Original Character, and then characters and villains from your favorite disney movies/stories. Every action you make effects the roleplay main plot. There are quests to follow, and you're main goal is to "free the blessed". You can have more than one character if you can handle it!

    Ideas and Suggestions
    If you have any ideas or suggestions to contribute to this plot, [I know it''s pretty vague] Than please feel free to chime in! I want to see what your brains can come up with!
  2. I'm completely lost-- What is the plot and what does Disney have to do with any of it? If you could maybe explain that, it'd make more sense.
  3. I'm in, I'm getting a Kingdom Hearts vibe.
  4. Ah... if it is going to be Kingdom Hearts - esque, then I am SO in.
  5. Yeah, sorry. Like I said, my thought process is a mess. Haha, yes it's like kingdom hearts in a sense! :D
  6. I may be interested. I've never played Kingdom Hearts, is that a problem? I'm assuming not.
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  7. No, you don't have to have played KH to be able to Roleplay this.
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