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    ~Welcome to the happiest place on earth!~

    Not only is Disneyland a magical place, it's also a place full of job opportunities. I mean, someone has to be behind
    all the fun and magic to make sure that all the families have a happy time. Someone has to sign the autographs,
    run the rides, sell the food, run the sound, everything. All the things that go on behind the magic curtain.
    That's where you come in
    Whether you have just started college, just beginning the last stage of education, or if you are just about to graduate
    into the real world, where you get to decide the path you take, everyone can join in on the fun with our Alumni
    program! Young and old, from Jasher, Brayton, or Harborson University, anyone can apply for it!

    This is an all inclusive package. If you are accepted into our program, you will be paired with one person of
    the opposite gender to run all rides and attractions. And of course, no princess could be without a prince.
    Everyone will be put in housing, one wing for males, another for females. There is a pool, a recreation room
    a music room, a full fledged kitchen, and separate bathrooms for each gender. The house comes
    fully equipped. Each dorm room has two beds, two desks and a shared bathroom for the two
    dorm mates. You will be assigned a dorm mate, and can not be changed.
    You may decorate and customize your room how you like, it's
    all up to you.

    The house is located near a forest, and will be on a hill in view of the park. If you are lucky enough
    not to be working, you can see the fireworks from the house. The venue is magnificent, but not everything is
    glamorous. You must prepare your own meals, and do your own laundry. However, you
    do get 40% percent off any Disney item online or in park. You also get
    all in park meals free, since you will be spending some of your
    breaks inside the park.
    The house is conveniently located near a mall, and a shopping center, where you can go out for
    a relaxation day, or just to grab some dinner. Overall, this house is in the ideal
    location for appropriate collage fun. Now we will be paying
    you for this job, so we can at any time fire you,
    and you will be kicked out of the apartments
    so try not to get fired.

  2. Now then, having such a nice job wouldn't come without setbacks, no? Here are the list of rules.

    ~House Rules~

    1. All forms of drugs and illegal activities are prohibited at the house. Under no circumstances are you allowed to
    violate any of the state or federal laws, you will be fired.
    2. All fire arms and explosives, including smoke bombs and fireworks are also prohibited. This will result in
    immediate firing.
    3. You are under a strike rule. For each rule you violate, you will receive one strike, unless stated otherwise. At five strikes, you lose meal privileges. After 10, we start cutting wages. When you get to 25, you are
    fired, no questions asked.
    4. Curfew is at 12 for everyone and lasts till 5 am.. You are all expected to be inside the house and inside dorms by that time. Breaking this rule will result in a strike.
    5. Romance is allowed inside the house. However, "Adult" interactions are prohibited as it disrupts other tenants, and can cause problems for our residents concerning amount of people per room.
    6. All parings are final, no exceptions. You may bring it up with the dorm head if it poses a legal issue, or a
    issue of personal safety.
    7. All room assignments are final. Violating the maximum capacity for sleeping room (2) or switching rooms
    will result in a strike.
    8. No pets as it causes problems with specific peoples allergies. Violating will result in a strike.
    9. Murder is illegal, so is kidnapping, please don't commit these crimes, you will not only be fired, you will also be incarcerated.
    10. Parties are allowed, but no alcohol will be permitted inside the house. Also loud music after 12 is not permitted.
    11. Alcohol and drugs are not permitted inside the house. Underage drinking is also not permitted. Punishment
    will result in being fired.
    12. Respect your dorm supervisors, they are the closest form of vigilance among the house.
    13. You may not get the job you wish to have, but we will do our best to place you where you like.
    14. Enjoy your time here, and remember, be positive.

    ~Work Rules~
    1. No illegal actions.
    2. Do not curse at guests, as it ruins their experience at Disneyland. This will result in immediate firing.
    3. Always point with two fingers. It's the Disney way, as we are following Walt's Suit.
    4. Smile~ It makes the guests feel welcome.
    5. Each job has special needs. You are required to meet all those needs without question. Violation will result in less pay.
    6. Be nice to every and all other colleagues that you like, and those you don't like. All personal issues can be dealt with after work hours, so just plaster on a smile and keep going.
    7. You must know every single nook and cranny in this place, you will have to navigate it constantly.
    8. Wave to all little children, and make sure to give all customers the best experience.
    9. Do not complain on the job.
    10. No illegal actions may be committed on site. This will resort in firing and incarceration.
    11. All costume people are to greet children, always smile, and act as your character. You must have your signature down to a science and be ready to sign at any time. You may not stop smiling at any point and you must have exceptional knowledge on your movie.
    12. All costume characters, provided their movie has a partnership, must act as they are in such relationship while in character. No exceptions may be made for this rule.
    13. All food vendors are not allowed to eat while on the job, as it can cause the spread of germs and contamination of the product.
    14. Shoplifting is illegal, do not take any items without paying the correct amount.
    15. All ride operators are not allowed to ride the rides at any time. There will be an employee day every Friday where you are allowed to act as a guest for one day.
    16. Always do your best to make guests comfortable and don't forget to smile~

    ~Player Rules~

    ~Sign Up and OOC Rules~
    1. I am the GM, and my word is final. I may in the future appoint a second GM, and they will have the same power. I make the rules
    I enforce the rules, and I do have the power to kick you out. That being said, I will do my best to make fair judgments
    in regards to any situation. I am actually pretty nice, don't worry, I don't bite... *Mostly*.
    2. Basic rule, I have a character Skeleton for a reason, please use it. It's not fun when I have to look for information that may or may not be there.
    3. Please, for this rp, USE REAL PICTURES. I know I have a lot of anime rp's, but I would like to keep this one of the more
    realistic side of things, because it has to do with a real place, not something made up.
    4. There are three universities in this game, each of which has a different kind of atmosphere. Chose your college wisely in regards to what
    your character is like, and what they want to do.
    5. Under no circumstances are you allowed to post without a GM accepting your character.
    We have to make sure that each character is up to code, and that they don't have anything that could pose problems with the storyline or the lore.
    6. Please flesh out the characters, I like seeing that people put effort into their characters, and that they took time to have some
    formatting and other things.
    7. Please be kind to all your other rp friends, we don't want people feeling attacked or threatened by other. It helps create
    a more cohesive bond between players.
    8. For the sake of not going crazy at the beginning, pace yourself, but there is no limit
    Almost all the roles were snatched up quickly and all by the same people. You will all have to have ONE different
    character at the least, to balance things out, and if you have 5 or more, it must be TWO.
    9. Have fun~

    ~IC Rules~
    1. No god moding. Everyone hates it, especially me. We don't have much physical interaction such as fighting in this roleplay, but
    it can happen, so don't have your character instantly knock someone twice their size out and come out unscathed.
    2. This one goes with the first one, no automatic hits. It kind of sucks when someone just hits you in the face over and over and then throws you off the building without you being able to do anything, like a dummy. Don't do it.
    3. Your characters can break the rules! Sure, it gets them a strike, but only if they get caught. I will roll a 6 sided die for every time
    someone breaks a rule. If its and even number, you're safe, if it's and odd number, you are in trouble!
    4. As this is an OPEN AGE roleplay, no smut will be allowed in this thread. It's also a personal rule of mine, that I don't do smut
    so I would prefer to leave it out of this roleplay.
    5. Cursing. Now, I know some characters are not going to be the sweetest, and some are just going to have a few instances, but
    I am completely fine with your characters cursing. However, one every single post is kind of extreme, so try
    to avoid putting one in every message.
    6. GRAMMAR! Now one of my pet peeves is having people who spell things shorthanded. It doesn't matter to me if there are a few mistakes here
    and there, but when I have to spend 5 minutes reading a three sentence paragraph, I don't enjoy it as much. Please refrain
    from using text talk and please try to use a spell checker if you don't know English very well.
    7. Likewise, only type in third person. Reason is, first person can confuse people. It makes them get lost in all the I's, since there would be a ton of them. So please, for my sake and the sake of others, use third person. Also, the first word from the next rule is he password,
    please put this in at the bottom of your CS, in a sentence, in the other section, and ignore the last rule.
    8. Disneyland was made to be for families, so feel free to have some NPC's while you are using your characters.
    9. YOU CAN NOT BE YOUR OWN PARTNER/LOVER! I hate it when people do this, it sucks to be done, and if you plan on having a drama point based on the fact that two of your characters are together, that's fine as long as it doesn't stay
    10. Please try to post a paragraph each time. I really detest having a lot of 1 liners, so please try to keep them away.
    11. Try not to go to far without me posting, I hate feeling left behind
    12. POST OFTEN! I don't want people who give up after a few posts, or just don't respond, it causes
    us to just be sad, and for this to die
    13. If you read everything, put Roller coaster in a sentence at the bottom of your CS.
  3. {Realistic Picture Replaces This Text}
    ✮Nicname(s)✮ Here
    ✮Age and Birthday✮ Usually between 18 and 21
    ✮Year Of College✮ Here
    ✮Major✮ Here
    ✮College✮ Here
    ✮Gender✮ Here
    ✮Sexuality✮ Here
    ✮Position✮ Where you work in the park
    ✮Nationalities✮ Here
    ✮Eye Color✮ Here
    ✮Hair Description✮ Here
    ✮Height✮ Here
    ✮Weight✮ Here
    ✮Piercings✮ Here
    ✮Marks✮ Including Tattoos
    ✮Health Ailments✮ Here
    ✮Personality✮ Paragraph please
    ✮History✮ Optional
    ✮Likes✮ At the least 3
    ✮Dislikes✮ At the least 1
    ✮Hobbies✮ Here
    ✮Talents✮ Here
    ✮Fears✮ Here
    ✮Secrets✮ List a few, can be silly, or serious
    ✮Family✮ Here
    ✮Relationships✮ Here
    ✮Dorm #✮ Here
    ✮Dorm Appearance✮
    Picture here
    ✮Other✮ Anything Else I Forgot​
  4. ~Universities~


    This college is known for it's sports. Most of the students going there are for sports related activities, or they really just want to please
    their parents by going to college. This place has parties nightly, and most of the people there drink under the age limit.
    They may not be the brightest, but when it comes to partying, they got it down to a science.

    ~Popular Majors~



    This university is very artistic. This is where artists go to play their game. There are some parties here, but many of them are more tame than
    the ones from Jasher. This school has a few sports, but it's not that favorable to going into art. Most people here are of average
    intelligence, with a few outshining people. But some of the characters here can be a little, funky,
    and a lot of the more rebellious ones are known to beak the rules.

    ~Popular Majors~
    Fine Arts
    Concept Art
    Digital Art



    This college is prestigious, and just like it's look, it's students are equally scientific. Most of the students go on to be engineers or doctors.
    This school has no parties, and no sports, unless you count robotics and math competitions. Here, most students had 4.0 in
    high school, and all of them where probably awkward and unpopular, though you do find the occasional
    super smart person who happens to look like a supermodel. A large percentage of these
    people are driven by parents to become doctors.

    ~Popular Majors~

  5. ~Housing Assignments~

    ~✯ Mermaids Cove✯ ~

    Room #| Person 1, Person 2
    1| Open, Open
    2| Open, Open
    3| Open, Open
    4| Open, Open
    5| Open, Open
    6| Open, Open
    7| Open, Open
    8| Open, Open
    9| Open, Open
    10| Open, Open
    11| Open, Open
    12| Open, Open
    13| Open, Open
    14| Open, Open
    15| Open, Open

    ~✯Tomorrowland Terrace✯~

    Room #| Person 1, Person 2
    1| Open, Open
    2| Open, Open
    3| Open, Open
    4| Open, Open
    5| Open, Open
    6| Open, Open
    7| Open, Open
    8| Open, Open
    9| Open, Open
    10| Open, Open
    11 Open, Open
    12| Open, Open
    13| Open, Open
    14| Open, Open
    15| Open, Open
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