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    ~Welcome to the happiest place on earth!~

    Not only is Disneyland a magical place, it's also a place full of job opportunities. I mean, someone has to be behind
    all the fun and magic to make sure that all the families have a happy time. Someone has to sign the autographs,
    run the rides, sell the food, run the sound, everything. All the things that go on behind the magic curtain.
    That's where you come in
    Whether you have just started college, just beginning the last stage of education, or if you are just about to graduate
    into the real world, where you get to decide the path you take, everyone can join in on the fun with our Alumni
    program! Young and old, from Jasher, Brayton, or Harborson University, anyone can apply for it!

    This is an all inclusive package. If you are accepted into our program, you will be paired with one person of
    the opposite gender to run all rides and attractions. And of course, no princess could be without a prince.
    Everyone will be put in housing, one wing for males, another for females. There is a pool, a recreation room
    a music room, a full fledged kitchen, and separate bathrooms for each gender. The house comes
    fully equipped. Each dorm room has two beds, two desks and a shared bathroom for the two
    dorm mates. You will be assigned a dorm mate, and can not be changed.
    You may decorate and customize your room how you like, it's
    all up to you.

    The house is located near a forest, and will be on a hill in view of the park. If you are lucky enough
    not to be working, you can see the fireworks from the house. The venue is magnificent, but not everything is
    glamorous. You must prepare your own meals, and do your own laundry. However, you
    do get 40% percent off any Disney item online or in park. You also get
    all in park meals free, since you will be spending some of your
    breaks inside the park.
    The house is conveniently located near a mall, and a shopping center, where you can go out for
    a relaxation day, or just to grab some dinner. Overall, this house is in the ideal
    location for appropriate collage fun. Now we will be paying
    you for this job, so we can at any time fire you,
    and you will be kicked out of the apartments
    so try not to get fired.

    Now then, having such a nice job wouldn't come without setbacks, no? Here are the list of rules.

    ~House Rules~

    1. All forms of drugs and illegal activities are prohibited at the house. Under no circumstances are you allowed to
    violate any of the state or federal laws, you will be fired.
    2. All fire arms and explosives, including smoke bombs and fireworks are also prohibited. This will result in
    immediate firing.
    3. You are under a strike rule. For each rule you violate, you will receive one strike, unless stated otherwise. At five strikes, you lose meal privileges. After 10, we start cutting wages. When you get to 25, you are
    fired, no questions asked.
    4. Curfew is at 12 for everyone and lasts till 5 am.. You are all expected to be inside the house and inside dorms by that time. Breaking this rule will result in a strike.
    5. Romance is allowed inside the house. However, "Adult" interactions are prohibited as it disrupts other tenants, and can cause problems for our residents concerning amount of people per room.
    6. All parings are final, no exceptions. You may bring it up with the dorm head if it poses a legal issue, or a
    issue of personal safety.
    7. All room assignmets are final. Violating the maximum capacity for sleeping room (2) or switching rooms
    will result in a strike.
    8. No pets as it causes problems with specific peoples allergies. Violating will result in a strike.
    9. Murder is illegal, so is kidnapping, please don't commit these crimes, you will not only be fired, you will also be incarcerated.
    10. Parties are allowed, but no alcohol will be permitted inside the house. Also loud music after 12 is not permitted.
    11. Alcohol and drugs are not permitted inside the house. Underage drinking is also not permitted. Result
    will result in being fired.
    12. Respect your dorm supervisors, they are the closest form of vigilance among the house.
    13. You may not get the job you wish to have, but we will do our best to place you where you like.
    14. Enjoy your time here, and remember, be positive.

    ~Work Rules~
    1. No illegal actions.
    2. Do not curse at guests, as it ruins their experience at Disneyland. This will result in immediate firing.
    3. Always point with two fingers. It's the Disney way, as we are following Walt's Suit.
    4. Smile~ It makes the guests feel welcome.
    5. Each job has special needs. You are required to meet all those needs without question. Violation will result in less pay.
    6. Be nice to every and all other colleagues that you like, and those you don't like. All personal issues can be dealt with after work hours, so just plaster on a smile and keep going.
    7. You must know every single nook and cranny in this place, you will have to navigate it constantly.
    8. Wave to all little children, and make sure to give all customers the best experience.
    9. Do not complain on the job.
    10. No illegal actions may be committed on site. This will resort in firing and incarceration.
    11. All costume people are to greet children, always smile, and act as your character. You must have your signature down to a science and be ready to sign at any time. You may not stop smiling at any point and you must have exceptional knowledge on your movie.
    12. All costume characters, provided their movie has a partnership, must act as they are in such relationship while in character. No exceptions may be made for this rule.
    13. All food vendors are not allowed to eat while on the job, as it can cause the spread of germs and contamination of the product.
    14. Shoplifting is illegal, do not take any items without paying the correct amount.
    15. All ride operators are not allowed to ride the rides at any time. There will be an employee day every Friday where you are allowed to act as a guest for one day.
    16. Always do your best to make guests comfortable and don't forget to smile~

    ~Player Rules~
    ~IC Rules~
    1. No god moding. Everyone hates it, especially me. We don't have much physical interaction such as fighting in this roleplay, but
    it can happen, so don't have your character instantly knock someone twice their size out and come out unscathed.
    2. This one goes with the first one, no automatic hits. It kind of sucks when someone just hits you in the face over and over and then throws you off the building without you being able to do anything, like a dummy. Don't do it.
    3. Your characters can break the rules! Sure, it gets them a strike, but only if they get caught. I will roll a 6 sided die for every time
    someone breaks a rule. If its and even number, you're safe, if it's and odd number, you are in trouble!
    4. As this is an OPEN AGE roleplay, no smut will be allowed in this thread. It's also a personal rule of mine, that I don't do smut
    so I would prefer to leave it out of this roleplay.
    5. Cursing. Now, I know some characters are not going to be the sweetest, and some are just going to have a few instances, but
    I am completely fine with your characters cursing. However, one every single post is kind of extreme, so try
    to avoid putting one in every message.
    6. GRAMMAR! Now one of my pet peeves is having people who spell things shorthanded. It doesn't matter to me if there are a few mistakes here
    and there, but when I have to spend 5 minutes reading a three sentence paragraph, I don't enjoy it as much. Please refrain
    from using text talk and please try to use a spell checker if you don't know English very well.
    7. Likewise, only type in third person. Reason is, first person can confuse people. It makes them get lost in all the I's, since there would be a ton of them. So please, for my sake and the sake of others, use third person. Also, the first word from the next rule is he password,
    please put this in at the bottom of your CS, in a sentence, in the other section, and ignore the last rule.
    8. Disneyland was made to be for families, so feel free to have some NPC's while you are using your characters.
    9. YOU CAN NOT BE YOUR OWN PARTNER/LOVER! I hate it when people do this, it sucks to be done, and if you plan on having a drama point based on the fact that two of your characters are together, that's fine as long as it doesn't stay
    10. Please try to post a paragraph each time. I really detest having a lot of 1 liners, so please try to keep them away.
    11. Try not to go to far without me posting, I hate feeling left behind
    12. If you read everything, put Roller coaster in a sentence at the bottom of your CS.

    ~Dorm Supervisors~

    ~Female Dorm Supervisor- Yumi Shawashima~

    ~Male Dorm Supervisor- Jake Long~
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  2. As the sun rose over the California hills, the light filling ever crook and crease of the land below. It was shaping up to be another gorgeous day in sunny California, and it was a big day for a lot of people. Today was moving day, the day when all college students moved into their new dorms. And for a select few, they where moving into the most prestigious house on the block. Not only was it big enough to fit more than a class size worth of people, it was also the home of the new Disney employees, running though an alumni program.

    All of these people, as diverse as they where, had a small part of them that was still a child, and still enjoyed the thrill of Disney. And weather they dreamed of doing it all there life, or where tired of all the missbelievers, they had scored a dream job among many. Only few get into this prestigious position, even out of all 3 schools. That was one of the struggles the program was trying to tackle. They saw the feuds between the schools, and made this program, hoping it would help bridge the gap. But needless to say, as the sun rose, the new guests slowly started to trickle in.
    The first car to pull up was a Kia Soul, a pretty blue one at that, with a short haired girl inside, a black beanie slapped over her head. A big truck followed suit and parked behind her. As soon as the car stopped, the door swung open and the girl hopped out, stretching her limbs. The girl was wearing a white tank top with the ace of spades slapped on the front, a pair of grey skinny jeans, and a skateboard swinging from her hand. A man on the other side hopped out as well, walking around and opening the trunk.

    "Thanks for letting me borrow the truck dad." Alex thanked as she started taking one of the boxes. "Anything for my daughter." He said sweetly, kissing her head and giving her a half hug before she started walking into the house. She gave a soft wheeze as she managed to get up all the steps to the front door, and set down her box, cursing her asthma inside her head as she reached for the doorbell. She pressed the doorbell lightly, hearing it ring throughout the house before a pair of feet followed it. Soon enough, the door swung open, to reveal the female dorm supervisor.

    With her long cascading black hair, and her eyes that where crinkled at the edges, she looked like a beautiful woman. Heck, if she was younger, she could have played Mulan. The woman smiled sweetly and opened the door wide, gesturing inside. "Welcome to Disneyland Dorm! You will find your new house key, and room key conveniently inside your room, which is up the staircase to the right. Welcome Home." she said, smiling brilliantly. Alex was sure that if she stayed any longer, she would be blinded by this womans smile. So as quickly as possible, she picked up her box of stuff and shuffled inside, looking around.

    The foyer was incredibly large, leading strait back to the staircases, one with pink decorations, the other with blue. At the top of each staircase was the name of the dorm wing, and down the hall on each side she assumed was where the rooms are. To the right of the foyer, was the kitchen, which seemed to be big enough to fit all of them at once. To the left of her was a living room, with several types of chairs and long couches. On the wall hung a huge TV, plenty big for watching movies, sports, or anything else you desired. She slowly walked a bit further towards the dorms and the other parts came into view. There was a small descending staircase on either side from the ascending staircase, and from a small peek, she could tell it lead to a game room, with foosball and videogames galore. Walking back up, she noticed the door at the opposite end of the house, which was a door that lead to the outdoor pool. She pursed her lips together, thinking about maybe taking a swim later, if she could remember.

    Slowly moving towards the girl's dorms, Alex stood there to ponder the architecture for a while, before she shuffled strait up to the dorm sign. Underneath the dorm sign where the room assignments. Looking at the assignment quickly, she found her room and shuffled inside. Once inside, she dropped her box on the floor, looking around the plain room. Just as she was about to go grab some more boxes, the door swung open, revealing her dad. She smiled, moving past him and down the stairs. After a while of carry boxes back and forth, she had a large pile of them collected in the room, but only on the left half. She sighed, running a hand though her short hair before looking back at her dad. "Thanks Dad, but I got it from here." She said with a smile, giving him a big hug before he left the house, taking the truck with him. Smiling, Alex looked around her room and starting to unpack.

    The second car to show up was Naria's, along with her sister, who was driving the car. An excited, rainbow haired girl bounced out of the passenger side, a red head following suit on the other side. "WOW! It's much bigger than the picture." Naria mumbled, looking up at the huge house. "Got that right." Her sibling mumbled, popping open the trunk. Naria ran around to the trunk of her car, and pulled out her suitcase, and a box, stacking the box on the top of her suitcase as she rolled it up the stairs, skipping happily. She knocked on the door and the dorm supervisor came to greet her, but Naria only half listened. She was in awe over the new house. Within seconds, Naria was squealing like a child and dashing up to her room.

    Making it up the stairs, she checked her room quickly, a little dismayed that she wouldn't be sharing it with her sister, but then again, maybe it was for the better. Smiling, she skipped down to her dorm, opening the dorm room. She was a happy to find it empty, as it was an empty canvas for her to paint. Smiling, she dropped all of her bags instantly, and dashed back out towards their car, eager to start unpacking

    The less hyper sibling sighed as she pulled up, seeing her eager sibling bound out of the house. Anna took a much slower route, chuckling as her sibling gazed at the mansion. It was a lot bigger than she thought it was going to be, so as her sibling commented, "WOW! It's much bigger than the picture." she responded with "Got that right." Popping open the trunk and starting to take out her bags. Before she could even say anything else, her sibling was rushing past her and into the house.

    Pardoning for her sister, Anna kept walking inside, looking around the house in awe. It was quite a large place, and she knew that she probably wasn't even going to be able to remember all the places inside it. Anna walked slowly up the staircase, unlike her sibling, taking her time to absorb her surroundings rather than rush though it into new things. She staggered to the side of the staircase as her sibling ran past, probably to get more boxes. Letting out a sigh, she kept moving up the stairs until she was at the top, already disliking the climb up the stairs. It was going to take a long time to get up those stairs with boxes. Groaning, Anna looked at the room assignment, a little relieved that Naria was put in a different room entirely from her, though even from room 11 she was sure her sibling would come and find her. Opening her door, Anna slid inside her empty room, setting down her box and breathing for a bit before getting back to bringing up boxes.

    Hinako was the third to arrive, pulling up in a big black truck, that looked ready to run multiple robberies. Getting out of the passenger side, a buff looking man coming out of the other side. Smiling, Hinako popped the trunk, revealing all of her luggage. "Thanks for helping me Osaki." Hinako said, punching the guys arm softly. The guy smiled and hugged her, lifting her off the ground. "Well I wouldn't leave my best friend on her moving day!" before setting her down. "Come on, let's get moving." Hinako said, pulling out a few boxes and stacking them on top of each other before walking towards the house.

    She paid respect to the house, half bowing as much as she could to the Female Dorm Supervisor without tipping her stack. She walked up to the dorm assignments, too busy trying to balance the boxes to look around. She quickly walked to room 2, and opened it, seeing the empty space before her. Smiling, she set down her stuff, and stretched, looking at it before going back to get more. On the way back, she took a chance to walk around, an froze as she looked at the ceiling. There was a huge dome above her head, beautifully constructed with swirls and designs which lead to the gigantic crystal chandelier hanging from the center. She took a moment to gaze at it, before someone rushed past her, reminding her that she had to get moving and kept walking for more boxes.

    Geo was the fourth to arrive, and she pulled up shortly after the truck had pulled away, taking his spot with her sleek car, that looked ready to race. She was wearing a pair of sunglasses, and a leather jacket, topped with a pair of dark skinny jeans. She looked almost ready to kill, but as soon as she lifted her glasses, it was clear the girl meant no harm. She was not as stunned as the others, but she did have a sweet smile on her face. "This is it." She mumbled happily, walking around to her trunk and popping it open. She pulled out some of her boxes, carrying a few at once before walking up to the house.

    "Welcome to Disneyland Dorm! You will find your new house key, and room key conveniently inside your room, which is up the staircase to the right. Welcome Home." she said, smiling brilliantly. At the words of the female dorm supervisor, Geo gave a short bow. "Thank you for volunteering for this job." She said, smiling at her before continuing to her room. She pulled her stuff towards the dorm 12, where she would be staying for the duration of this year. Smiling, she pushed the door open and walked inside, setting down her boxes and smiling. "Could use a touch of personality." She mumbled to herself before heading out to grab more boxes. As soon as she had finished pulling up the boxes, she shut the door, grabbed her key and put it in her pocket, taking off her jacket and glasses and cracking her knuckles. "Let's get to work."


    (Her and her lama)​
    The fifth to arrive was Amber, who was smiling from ear to ear as she pulled up in her dinky car. The car was a bit beat up, but it was drivable. She had a cap on backwards, her slightly blond, slightly dark hair spilling out from the top of the cap. She was wearing a quarter sleeve grey shirt with a tiger printed on the front, and a leather jacket over that. She had a skateboard in her car, and as soon as she had gotten out herself, she had pulled out her board with her, setting it on the ground. She started piling as many boxes as she could on top of her skateboard, and slowly began pushing it up the driveway, with some effort.
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  3. [​IMG]

    Being the first male to arrive at the Disney residence, Dylan felt completely alone. His parents couldn't make the flight down for moving day and as a result, he was moving into Tommorowland Terrace by himself. Slowly pulling up to the large residence building in a rather clunky 2002 Honda Civic, Dylan let out a large, nervous sigh and climbed out of the car. The door wouldn't close properly the first time, meaning that Dylan had to slam it roughly into place. When he got enough cash from the restaurant, he would have to get that old thing fixed up. As it was, the vehicle was one piece of jagged metal away from a death-trap. He quickly made his way over to the trunk of the car and tossed it open, reaching for the six large cardboard boxes (and one large blue box) he had packed full of the essentials: clothes, his laptop and cords, a USB drive (with a Terabyte of storage capacity), a few video games and their respective systems, his guitar, blankets, towels, toiletries, books, some DVDs and his "Disney Collection" (which was a small multi-DVD case that held pretty much every Disney film ever created within it), a few pillows, some basic furniture and room-decorations, and of course his favourite stuffed-bear (and best friend), Professor Doctor Albertus Jeremiah Fingleburt, more commonly known as "Professor Fingleburt". Dylan briefly checked the contents of each one to make sure nothing had accidentally fallen out during the drive. Once everything was accounted for, Dylan took in a deep breath and heaved all seven boxes out of the car (which in itself was a triumph for the rather skinny man). He quickly closed the trunk of the car and moved it into a parking spot before returning to his luggage. With one more heave, Dylan grabbed the boxes all at once and made his way towards the large wooden doors of his residence.

    His head turned to look across the way where he saw a stream of peppy and attractive young women climbing out of sports cars and entering the residence building through another door. At the other door, a lovely Asian woman who reminded him of Mulan (because she looked similar, not because she was Asian) welcomed them in. That must've been the way to the female dorms, Mermaid something-or-other. Dylan hadn't really heard about any of the residences outside of his own (except that they shared two different street addresses despite being the same building), but whenever he mentioned he was living at a Disney-dorm, people thought he was staying at Vista Way. Only problem about Vista Way was that it was located in Disney World, whereas Dylan was going to be working at Disneyland, with the potential to switch over to California Adventure based on promotions and whatnot. However, he saw some of the girls look over at his direction and smile. Some even waved excitedly, but Dylan only ducked his head and walked forwards, ignoring any human interaction. Needless to say, he was shy. Really shy.

    With all of the boxes in his arms (rather uncomfortably, but he didn't want to make another trip), Dylan hauled himself up the staircase leading to the door and knocked, hoping somebody would answer. Before he could even ask if somebody was home, a young man with dark hair and a slight beard opened the door, smiling at him. If he said anything, Dylan wasn't really paying attention as he nearly stumbled backwards after the man made the doors open so suddenly. It took him off guard, but Dylan regained his balance and nodded at the man. He didn't catch a name or even hear anything outside of something about his room being upstairs and to the right. Nodding thankfully at the man who's name tag read "Jake Long" (Dylan had to prevent himself from making an American Dragon joke), Dylan made his way into the house and stared up in awe at the location. It was incredible, ironically like being in a Disney cartoon. Everything was so bright and colourful, but also very expensive and looked like it could cost a fortune if he broke anything. Taking a moment to look around, Dylan suddenly regained himself and climbed up the stairs again, heading down the hallway at the top to find his room. Luckily, he had passed Kindergarden and knew how to count, because after 13 doors, he came to room 13. What incredible luck!

    Smiling when he realized just how big the inside of his new room was, Dylan set down his boxes on the floor before he realized there was a second bed. "Oh no," Dylan quietly groaned, looking at the other bed. "A roommate." When he had applied for a room, Dylan had made it very clear that he did not want to bunk with somebody else, but apparently the higher ups didn't listen to him. Calm down Dyl, the voice inside his head (that everyone hear when they think) told him, It might be a mistake. They didn't tell you about anyone else joining you, so don't get worried. Its probably nothing, just a leftover from last year perhaps. Dylan nodded when his brain told him to chill out, taking a deep breath before returning to his work. If he was going to get a roommate, it would be a good idea to decorate one half of the room instead of both, just for the time being. He soon got to work unpacking, whistling his go-to working song, "Steamboat Willy", as he did.

    After about a half hour, Dylan had completely unpacked everything, had made his bed, dragged the TV and its stand over to the center of the room, and had set up a small workspace under his single-bunk so he could relax and enjoy a bit of personal space. The walls on the right side of the room were covered in posters from all kinds of movies: Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Batman, Spider-Man, and a few of his favourite Disney films such as The Black Cauldron, Aladdin, The Lion King, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and various Mickey Mouse cartoons (as well as promotional art for the video game "Epic Mickey"). Once everything was all set up, Dylan relaxed in his folding ball-chair thing that his mom had bought him, opened up his 1st-Edition copy of "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" and began to silently read.

    However, about ten or twelve minutes after he started reading, Dylan set down the book and looked below him at the smallest cardboard box he had not yet opened. Of course, it was the one to contain Professor Fingleburt, but only he knew that. Looking around to make sure nobody passing by could see him, Dylan opened the box and pulled out the stuffed bear, admiring him slightly. He had owned the toy since he was just a baby and it was given to him by his... Well, he didn't like to talk about the people who gave him the bear, but all he knew was that it was the only thing they ever gave him. Shaking away the depressing thoughts, Dylan's eyes were suddenly drawn towards a rather large discovery: Professor Fingleburt was incredibly dusty.

    Probably from hanging out on his lowest shelf for so long, the bear had accumulated a great amount of dirt, which cluttered its fur and made it look a little worn-out. Not wanting his childhood companion to be dirty anymore, Dylan slowly stood up and tucked him back inside of the box, grabbing a few tissues, some minor dusting supplies he had brought, and a can of air refresher (to make Professor Fingleburt smell better). He quickly began tossing the items inside of the box so people couldn't see him carrying a stuffed animal to the bathroom. Once it was packed, Dylan grabbed the box and made his way out of his room, searching for the bathrooms.
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  4. [​IMG]

    Moving in day. Although it was her third year at Jasher it was Alice's first working at Disney. Alice drove up her cream mini cooper. It was stuffed with her junk it was just about ready to explode.
    Alice opened her mini's back suicide doors. Making it easier to grab her stuff. She would have to make multiple trips so she prayed there were no stairs. Grabbing four smaller boxes she contemplated on leaving her trunk open but decided against it. She closed both doors with her foot. And started her way into the beautiful building.

    "Holy Cobra Bubbles." Alice cursed under her breath taking in the awesome structure of the place. Her eyes never staying any one place too long. Alice smiled polity and greeted the dorm supervisor with a simple "Hi, Nice to meet you."

    Alice's prayer was not answered as there were stairs, pretty ones decorated in pink and blue but stairs non the less. Alice walked up the stairs easy enough nervous for the bigger boxes though. She read the room assignments sign and walked to room 11. A girl she guessed to be her roommate had put down a box and was breathing heavily. "Hi I'm Alice" She said with a bubbly smile on her face.


    A Taxi pulled up to Tomorrowland Terrace and out came Jacob Calvet, excited to be living in California.
    He just moved from Barcelona, Spain and Canes, France. After moving back and forth yearly to be with his mom or with his dad Jacob was glad to move somewhere for himself.

    He grabbed his stuff put it on the curb and paid the taxi driver about a hundred bucks for the drive from the airport.

    Jake carried all his belongings like a pack mule into the awesome building before him. He went up the blue staircase because... well it's self explanatory. Jacob walked to room twelve after finding his name on the room assignments sheet. He dumped all his belongings on his bare bed mattress. So this is my home for the next year Jake thought to himself looking at the bare walls.

    He took everything off his bed and put on bed sheets that have white and grey stripes. And then collapsed on his newly made bed. He had never had such bad jet lag and wanted nothing more than to take a nap.​
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  5. [​IMG]

    ~ Mikalyn Ross ~

    A small black cab pulled up outside Mermaid's Cove, where Mikalyn was under the impression she was going to be living. Because of the fact that she had to fly to school, Mikalyn had barely packed anything at all. She had one large rolling suitcase, filled with her clothing and bedding and toiletries, and an oversized backpack stuffed with personal belongings and anything else she thought she might need. Beyond that, if she found she'd forgotten anything, she could just purchase it for cheap from somewhere nearby. Certainly California wasn't short of convenience stores.

    "Thanks again," she said to the cab driver as she handed him his cash payment. With her backpack slung over her shoulders and the roller in hand, Mikalyn turned to finally scope out her new living situation. "Whoa..." she muttered. "I'm gonna be living here?" The place was absolutely stunning; Mikalyn couldn't believe she had managed an opportunity like this. With a deep, calming breath, she put away her excitement and started to get a move on.

    As she began hauling her belongings up to the building, however, she came across another girl pushing her move-in boxes along on a skateboard. Mikalyn cringed slightly as she noticed how rickety the stack was, worried that it might fall over if the skateboard hit a bump. Without even thinking, Mikalyn stepped in to help. After all, she didn't have very much stuff to worry about herself. "You alright?" she asked. "Here, let me help you with that." She took one small box off the top of the stack to carry in her free arm and balanced another box on the handles of her roller suitcase. "Just don't want anything to break if something fell over, you know?" Mikalyn smiled awkwardly at the girl, just realizing how suddenly she had stepped in. They didn't even know each other at all -- was this something that was socially acceptable?? "I-I'm Mikalyn, by the way," she added, deciding to just go with it. Too late to worry about it now!


  6. ~:Amber:~
    Amber was about halfway up the driveway, pushing on her skateboard with a lot of effort. She hadn't had to push this much in months, it was really starting to hurt her back. But suddenly she heard footsteps approaching her, and she looked up, seeing a girl take a box off the top of her skateboard. Grinning at her, Amber adjusted her cap. "Thanks man!" She said, before she started pushing again. As she mentioned her name, Amber smiled and saluted. "Howdy, Name's Amber." She said, and kept pushing. "What job did you get here?" She asked excitedly.
  7. ~Ashley~
    It had been a long summer working with the local photography shop back home, and Ashley was happy to be back at Brayton. When she heard that her application for working with Disney was accepted she was beyond words, and couldn't wait to start. She had always loved Disney movies growing up and couldn't believe she had a chance to play the character Jasmine, in the park that is. Driving up to the Disney dorms in her car, Ashley was surprised at how breathe taking the entire house was. Shutting of the engine, she climbed out of the car, and popped the truck. She had came early to deliver most of the heavy duty stuff, and the two bags, and three petite boxes that were in her truck where all she had left to convert from her home to her new home here at the dorms. Walking in with the two tote bags and her purse, she climbed the pink staircase and glided down the hall, until she found her room, dorm six. After collecting the rest of the boxes from her trunk, Ashley started to set up her dorm to her liking. It took a mere twenty minutes to finish set up, and when it was over, Ashley jumped up to her bed and pulled out her phone to begin scrolling down Facebook.

    It had been a long two day trip in a car with his Father, which was filled with home much his father wanted him to be the best he could possibly be, and make him proud like his brother Hunter did; the car ride was unpleasant for Jordan after that point. Jordan hated being compared with Hunter, his brother was a business owner and physical trainer; personally all Jordan wanted was to teach the importance of healthy living, and play basketball. When the car pulled up to the dormitory, Jordan was pleased. "Wow, look at this place son." His father nudged him and then climbed out of the car. Jordan joined him, and started pulling out his boxes from the trunk. When the got up to the front door, the male adviser held the door open for them, and told them to go up the blue steps. Jordan and his father followed the instructions and soon found his dorm room, three. Stacking his boxes, one on top the other, Jordan gave his father a hug good-bye and began unpacking. It was nice to be back at Jasher, and really escape the whole 'be your brother' rant from his parents.

    The flight over back to Jasher was long and boring compared to her summer. Olivia had spent most of her time in Scotland, with her father. She met some really nice guys, and got to really experience Scotland this time, since she chose to stay all three months. Landing at the airport was a drag with all the security checks for in coming passengers. The drive from the airport to the Disney dorms where the only thing she enjoyed, being back at Jasher was amazing for her. She was on the Volleyball team, and she could continue learn how to teach the disabled ways to play sports. When she arrived to the dorms, Olivia was shocked, it was so different from all the other dorms. She knew she was playing Cinderella, but this is just unbelievable, it was like a palace all in itself. After hearing the greeting from the female dorm adviser, Olivia made her way up to her dorm, number nine. It wasn't the largest, but it had a nice view. She had all her belongings moved in a set up by her mom and her brother. Looking at the note on her desk, it was from her brother -Listen up women, the amount of stairs this place has is ridiculous, and the awkward stares I got for sitting up your room, was embarrassing. You are very lucky I like you!- Olivia smiled and threw the note away, and pulled out her phone and sent a thank you text to her brother.

    It had been a while since Sam drove the streets of Jasher, he was a little sad to be back, he was going to miss his "family." Pulling up to the house in his car, Sam liked the design of the place. Grabbing his three bags, and some how managing balancing the bags with his body, he made it to his dorm room, four. Pulling his large tote bag through the thrash hold, he threw them up on to the bed. From the looks of it, this year was going to be good. He was a senior of Jasher, and he also was accepted into the Disney program, and would be the ride operator for Splash mountain. Laughing, Samuel was happy to work with ride that included water. He always felt at home in the water, or near it. Going to the window, he saw the outdoor pool and was immediately excited, he was for sure going for a swim later on. Going back to his belongings, he began to unpack.

    Justin was a little happy to be back at Harborson, this was his second years o for him it wasn't anything special. What was special was he got to be among the few that stayed in the Disney Dorms, being he worked for the park. Driving in his Mercury Cougar Eliminator Convertible, Justin pulled up to the dorm, and cut the engine. Grabbing his two bags, from the back seat, he made his way to the rooms. Walking into the house, he was surprised at how huge it was, it wasn't way to full like most other dorms, there was space here. Being greeted by his dorm adviser, Justin made his way up the blue steps, to his dorm room, number five. Planting his stuff on the ground by his bed, he took a seat on the bed and lied back. Inhaling, he felt like this was going to be along hard year. Opening his eyes, he saw a bed across from him, who was his roommate? Where was his roommate?
  8. [​IMG]
    Issac got out of the cab that had driven him from the airport. His parents had wanted to come with him but he knew that if they had come then hey would of just cried and talked about how much they were going to miss him so he had asked them to stay back. He took a deep breath of the air and smiled. It was his first year of college and now he had a sweet job to go with it. He grabbed his bags and walked to the dorms. Walking in, he waved hello to his dorm head before going to find his dorm. He spotted the number 9 and opened the door. He noticed that he was the first one there so he picked a side and started unpacking.
  9. Forrest Scicchitano

    Forrest pulled up in his rickety Ford pick-up truck, having driven all the way from Harborson in double the time than need be. His old girl had sputtered out twice and the third ailment happened to be a rusty nail in his front tire (it had taken over an hour on his own to pull out the spare and get back on the highway). He pulled the emergency brake and pushed himself out of the driver side door, slamming it harshly so the damn thing would actually lock itself in place like it was supposed to. He toyed with his keys for a moment before shoving them into his jeans pocket and going around to the bed of the truck so he could start unpacking the load. In all, he over six boxes that needed to be hauled into his room, but he knew how to pack correctly so they were light and only held the necessities. The brunette unlocked the bed of the truck and began sliding the first two boxes that caught his eyes. Once they were safely in his hands he began his descent up towards the Disney house where he let himself in through the open doorway. He met the dorm advisor briefly, offering his name and a quick, "Nice to meet you man," before checking the dorm sheet and making his way up to Tomorrowland Terrace.

    Once he was at the top of the stairs (which were horrendous), Forrest began looking at the dorm numbers tacked onto the doors, nodding his head at anyone who he caught unpacking their things. Eventually, he came up on room eleven and smiled knowing that he would be without a roommate for a little while. He would leave the second half of the room empty though, just in case. He placed his moving boxes somewhere near the bed and backtracked through and out the house so he could grab another set of boxes and haul those up as well. It took only about five minutes for all six boxes to be transported into his new room and another extra minute for Forrest to lock up his truck. After that was all said and done, he went back up to his dorm and took a seat on the bed, pulling boxes towards him and checking their contents so he could begin to unload them. The first one he opened up happened to be his lines so he made haste with setting up his favorite piece of furniture in the whole room. It was hard not to give into the temptation of a nap once the task of making his bed was finished (he prevailed though and continued to unpack). The next box happened to be the knick-knacks that would be hung on the wall and placed in the shelf behind his bed. He worked casually as he hung up two black&white photos of his favorite mountain, his Burton cork board, the hooks meant for his bags and/or jackets, and the cheap set of antlers on a mount he had bought at a yard sale. His mother had convinced him to leave his snowboard back home, saying that lugging it around wasn't going to make it any prettier (Forrest adored his board). He pulled the black and orange DETOUR sign from the bottom of the box and decided to just lean it against the wall for now.

    After the third and fourth box, Forrest's side of the room was beginning to come together rather nicely. It was a small room altogether, but he managed to move his bed slightly to grant him some room on both sides and then set up the desk that was in their for him. His brown plush chair was thrown in the middle of the room and his oil lanterns were left on the shelf behind his bed. He worked diligently and by the time he hit the fifth and sixth box, his room was completely done. He had kept to himself while working, not bothering to meet anyone because he knew that they would all get acquainted sometime. The fifth box happened to be some of his clothes (the rest of his luggage was in the backseat of his truck) and the sixth was his toiletries, which was the box his mom packed for him. He took the liberty of opening up the box in his room, checking it's contents to make sure his mom hadn't put anything embarrassing in there. He had recently gotten in contact with his parents again and it was obvious that his mother felt guilty about they day he had been kicked out, but his father had decided to stay somewhere else while Forrest occupied his old room in his childhood home. He had talked to his mother about everything that was going on and when he mentioned the Disneyland job he had snagged, his dear mother demanded to help him get set up. Forrest sighed at the memory, closing his bathroom box and sliding it over by the door for now. He took a seat in his plushy brown chair that occupied the floor, relaxing for just a moment, but then, he got up to search in his fifth box, retrieving a dumb Storm Trooper night-light he picked up on the way here. He chuckled to himself and plugged it into the nearest outlet, flipping the switch and going back to relax in his chair.

    Kammael Wayshire

    Kammael slammed the breaks harshly as she nearly took out one of the plotted plants outside of her house. She had been blasting music from her baby-blue Beetle's radio rather loudly, getting completely lost in the music and the excitement that came with landing a Disneyland job. She cut the engine and pushed herself out of the driver side door with a huge smile on her face. She turned her head to watch her mom pull up behind her in her Honda Civic and walked over to her Beetle's trunk just as her two younger brothers bounded out. They were hitting each other, complaining about being cooped up up in the car for so long and were definitely not looking forward to the ride home. Patricia, Kammie's mother, came over with a scowl, carrying two duffel bags filled with Kammie's clothes. "Will you two stop it and help out your sister?" Her eyebrow raise was what got the two teens moving, grabbing the smallest boxes and waiting by the front door for Kammie. "Thank you mom," the brunette mused, grabbing a larger box and leading her family up and into Mermaid's Cove. She attempted a wave at the dorm advisor, but practically dropped the boxes she was holding, so she simply told her her name and retrieved her dorm number; fourteen. "Come on munchkins," she teased her brothers, traveling up the stairs and into room fourteen where she seemed to be the first to arrive. She simply picked a side and began piling the boxes on top of the bed, gesturing for everyone else to do the same.

    After about five minutes, the team of four had gotten all ten of Kammie's boxes into her dorm room. Anthony and Ben were sitting in the Civic with their faces glued to their PSP's as Patricia came up to her daughter. "I am so proud of you sweetie! I know you're going to have so much fun!" She gave Kammie a hug and they spoke for a few minutes before Kammie had to say goodbye to her two boogers and her lovely mother. She couldn't help but tear up at the sight of them leaving once again (this was the exact same interaction when she arrived to Harborson). She wiped under her eyes furiously and made her way back into Mermaid's Cove where she walked back to her dorm in hopes she could unpack everything quickly. The last thing she wanted to do was spend all day in here trying to make everything look pretty.

    She had chosen the bunk bed on the right side, which offered her a desk and a pretty snazzy dresser. She decided to unpack her clothes and place them into the dresser first, since that was the easiest thing. It didn't take long before all of her fashionable accessories and garments were neatly stacked in the wooden drawers. Afterwards, she unpacked her linens box and took her time making her bed as well as hanging up the string of lights she had brought with her. The large, graphic sheet that she had brought along had been a gift from her father and she knew it would look stunning against the entirety of the wall behind her bed. She decided to move the desk from out beneath the bunk bed and move it beside it so she could use that cubby hole for her TV. She was breathing heavily once the feat was accomplished. Kammie opened up the rest of her boxes and began to put everything where it needed to be, but the process seemed to take twice as long due to the fact that she kept getting distracted with her cellphone.

    Eventually, her laptop had been set on her desk and all of her junk was thrown in the desk drawers, her make up was stuffed in the plastic container on her dresser, her beanbag chair sat right in front of her TV, and all of her pictures were taped above her desk. Everything looked fantastic once she was done. Since there had been no name to accompany her own on the dorm roster, Kammie decided to go back downstairs and explore the place, maybe run into someone on the way down.
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  10. -|Alex|-
    After a while of unpacking, Alex was finished with her room. Everything was filled up, and all her boxes where unpacked, there was nothing else for her to do. She remembered seeing a pool out back, and from where she was in her room, she could see the pool as well. It seemed to be empty at the moment, not a soul in sight, and the sun was shining brightly. Even though it was early, the heat was already rising outside, and she decided to just go for it. Reaching for her bag, Alex pulled out her favorite bikini, and her large bag of makeups, going to the bathroom. After changing, Alex was faced with looking at her body, which was covered in scars.

    Taking a good long look at everything that was left on her body, she could already feel her lungs being deprived of breath. This was one of the reasons she hated mirrors, they showed the things she never wanted to see. Sighing, she quickly changed back into her regular clothes, rubbing her arms where there where even more scars hidden under a layer of makeup. Sighing, she grabbed her hat and slid it on, walking out of her dorm to see if she could find the gaming room.

    After a long time of searching up and down the hallway, Alex finally found the gaming room and slipped inside it. Scanning the shelves, she found Titanfall among the games and slid it out. She grabbed a controller out of the basket and turned on the tv, staring up a game, and hoping it wasn't to loud.
  11. ___________________________________________________________
    ♦Prima Ballerina Cartwright♦-Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
    Prima was in her car, she was driving to the House. She had gotten a job at Disney, she was also glad she was going to be with her sister, Nina. Prima text her sister, she would meet her at the room. Being in different colleges, they didn't leave at the same time. Prima left first, so she would get there first.

    She made it to the house. "Wow...this place is amazing." Prima drove up the driveway. After she parked her car, she walked into the house. She went straight to Dorm 1. She would meet the other roomies and everyone later. Right now she just wanted to get the bed closes to the window.

    Prima and Nina always fought about who got what bed, since they had to shared rooms most of their young lives. "This is fucking beautiful." Prima jumped on her bed, kicking her heels off. That took a minute, since they were all tied up. After getting comfortable, Prima just laid down waiting.

    ♥Nina Bella Cartwright♥-Alice
    Nina Cartwright was busy fixing her hair in her car, she didn't even notice the text her sister sent her. Nina had been trying to get the right look for weeks, she had finally got it down. The roses looked cute and the black bow, just sat it off right. Nina had on her Mickey Mouse Shirt, she thought it would be cute and ironic.

    She already knew that her sister would beat her to the school, Nina would be stuck with the bed closest to the door...Great. She finally made it, Nina hopped out of her sparkly car. She was starstruck, since she was a little kid she always wanted to work at Disney.

    She didn't only work there, she was playing her favorite character...Alice, from Alice In Wonderland. "This is Heaven." Nina blushed and started to walk in the house. She made it to Dorm 1. She didn't have to knock, it was her sister after all. "Riri." Nina went to hug her big sis, Prima.

    "You look beautiful." "No...look at you, I love your hair." They both sat down and started to talk. They hadn't seen each other for like a week, getting everything together was taking up their time. They were happy that they would be sharing rooms for the time being. Just like old times.

    ♣Thalia Diamond Robertson♣-Princess Tiana
    Miss Thalia Robertson had finally made it to the house. The traffic and the family goodbyes, seemed like they would never end. Thalia wanted to be the first to her dorm, but after everything she would be late. "I just hope that I'm not stuck with a snob or anything." Thalia got to the house.

    She went up the stairs, she didn't really pay attention to the detail of the house. Right now she just needed a break. Having a big family, meant having annoying and aggravating family drama. Luckily she had made it out before someone would have been sent to jail.

    "Dorm Room...6?" Thalia looked around the dorm room doors, finally finding it. She brought her bags with her, opening the door. After putting her stuff down she turned around to see..."Ash! I'm glad I'm with you and not someone that I would end up strangling. How've you been?" Thalia and Ashley were both Juniors at Brayton. Thalia would consider Ashley a friend.
    ♠Connor Brandon Chambers♠-Prince Charming
    Connor had made it to his dorm, before his roommate did. Lucky for the roommate. Connor would have just told him to switch beds if he picked the one Connor wanted. This was the life. Connor would be getting paid to play himself basically. A sexy brave guy, who all the girls wanted. Connor was the Real Life Prince Charming. Now all he had to do was just wait for the fun to begin.

    ♥Gavin Trevor St. James♥-Cozy Cone
    Gavin was in his dorm room, still reflecting on everything. First he got excepted to Jasher and now he would be working for Disney. Gavin has loved Disney Movies, Shows and everything else in between since he could remember. This is a dream come true, for Gavin. He could wait to meet the other workers and socialize. For now he was just trying to get over the fact that he was in College and working at the best place on Earth. "This is going to be the best...I can already feel it." He went to Tweet on his phone.

    ♦Romeo Prince Carter♦-Space Mountain
    Romeo was in his dorm room, bored. His roommate hadn't shown up yet, so he didn't have no one to talk to yet. Sure he could have went out of the room to find someone, but he would first like to meet who he would be sharing a room with for a whole year. Romeo was glad he got a job, he needed the money.

    His parents would support him with his Education, but they wouldn't support him with his music. They thought it was just a foolish dream. Romeo knew it in his body and soul that he was destined to be a great musician. "Guess I'll just play some music, until they show up." Romeo got out his guitar and started to play on it, music gave Romeo a new world to escape too when there was nothing in the Real World for him.
  12. Breanne Grace Herman ♥ Splash Mountain ♥
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    As the house came into view Brea felt butterflies in her stomach. She bit her lip as she pulled up to the house in her yellow slug-bug, taking it all in. This is beautiful, she thought as she parked her vehicle, unbuckling her seat belt and double checking the address, as if it was too good to be true. Once she confirmed she was in the right place she got out, avoiding the gazes of everyone else lugging their things inside.

    The red-head opened her trunk, revealing five boxes, a back-pack, a trunk and two suitcases. she pulled her backpack on, and grabbed both of her suitcases. Once the handles were pulled out Brea dragged them up the stairs, making an effort to hide how hard the small task actually was, and walked into the door, which was being held open by the female dorm supervisor. Brea only nodded in response to what she was being told, stopping dead in her tracks when she saw the stairs. "Oh, you have got to be kidding me," she muttered to herself, heaving a sigh.

    Brea left her suitcases and backpack at the bottom of the stairs, going back for the boxes. After four more trips her car was locked up and all of her belongings were waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs. She smiled at those who walked passed her, secretly hoping they wouldn't offer some help. She didn't want to be a bother on the first day. She then went to work on carrying everything up the stairs. She took each box one at a time, because she didn't want to risk dropping one, but took her backpack and suitcases all at once. "Dorm...9," she said to herself as she located her name, looking down the hallway. All she had to do was drag her things down to the ninth dorm, and then all the hard work was over.

    Brea stacked the boxes on top of each other in piles of two, pushing them to her dorm room. It wasn't until everything was outside of her room that she actually opened the door, and pushed everything in. Once all of her boxes were inside of the room she actually entered, jumping when she realized someone else was in there. "Olivia, right?" Brea asked, remembering the name from the board. She hoped her face wasn't as red as it felt, and could only wish her exhaustion from moving her boxes wasn't obvious. "I'm Brea, your roomie." She decided to leave their dorm open, and began pushing her stuff the her bedside. It seemed that Oliva had already set up her half of the room, which saved Brea the struggle of choosing a side for herself.

    Brea wasted no time getting to work. She put her black trunk at the foot of the bed, and opened it up. Inside was all her bedding, which she threw on the bed, along with her two suitcases. She then unzipped the suitcases, revealing all of her clothing, which was organized by type. Breanne briefly looked around the room, trying to locate where she was to store her clothes.


    Jennifer Maria Hart ♫ Elsa ♫
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    "Cause darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream," Jenna sang along, looking over to her brother, Jason. He had come along to help her unpack, and his friend was following behind them as well. Before long the two cars pulled up infront of the Disney house, and Jenna took in a deep breath. "Oh my god."

    "No way," Jason said, laughing in disbelief. "You get to live here just for playing a princess?"

    "Queen," Jennifer corrected him, getting out of her Chevy Avalanche. Jason's friend, Mark, got out of his car, and as soon as Jenna opened up her trunk the trio grabbed boxes. Jenna led them up the stairs, smiling wide at everyone they passed, including the dorm supervisor.

    "How many stairs does this place need?" Jason complained once inside, and Jenna shot him a warning glance over her shoulder. At the top of the stairs they paused to find her dorm number, and Jenna was glad to see it was only number two. As they entered the room Jennifer found that her roommate, Emma, hadn't arrived yet, which meant she got to choose which side she wanted.

    "Let's just put my stuff here," Jenna said, placing her box down under the half-bunk bed, deciding that was where she wanted her stuff. After another twenty minutes the trio moved her mini-fridge, her microwave, her two chairs, all of her other furniture, and all but one box into her room. Back at her car Jennifer said goodbye to her older brother, thanked Mark for his help, and waved them goodbye. Jennifer then grabbed her last box, and closed her trunk before walking back into the house.

    This box was larger than the others, and so Jennifer could not see past it. For this reason once she was inside she had to step out of someones way, which led her to going up the wrong stairs. It wasn't until she was at the top that she realized she went up the wrong steps, when she ran into the wall. Jennifer staggered back, laughing at herself until she bumped into someone behind her. Jenna's feet got tangled beneath her, and when she fell she brought her victim with her.

    Luckily Jenna's box was still sealed, so all of her things stayed inside. The boy she bumped into was not so lucky. His box collapsed to the floor beside him, all of the contents spilling out. Instantly Jenna was on her hands and knees to help him pick up. "I am so, so, so, so, so sorry, I got mixed up and went up the wrong stai-" Jenna began, stopping mid-sentance as she looked up at the boy. He had brown hair with nice skin, and she recognized him instantly. "Hey! I know you... we sat next to each other in Calculus last year!" Jenna snapped her fingers as she tried to remember his name, finally exclaiming, "Dylan! It's Dylan, isn't it?"

    It was at this moment that Jennifer remembered she was supposed to be helping him clean up, and so she looked back down to put his things back into his small box. Her eyes landed on a teddy bear, lying amiss the other items on the floor. She picked it up, an 'awwww' escaping her lips. Jenna's blue eyes flashed back up to Dylan, a smile spread across her lips as she asked, "Is this yours? It's adorable!"

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    Braeden Anthony Roden ∞ Autopia ∞
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    Grinning wide, Braeden pulled up to the Disney House. It was unbelievable. He got to work at Disneyland and live in a big house and go to one of the most exclusive colleges there was, all at once. As far as he was concerned Braeden was living the dream. Chuckling to himself Braeden parked his blue and black jeep, jumping out with perhaps too much enthusiasm.

    Within seconds Braeden's trunk was opened, and he began to lug his boxes into the house. He was greeted by the boys dorm adviser, Jake Long, at the entrance, and he introduced himself without stopping. At the top of the stairs Braeden stood side-ways to find his dorm room, almost amazed by how many other people there was going to be. He planned on befriending every last one of them.

    "Let's see," Braeden said to himself, finding his name. "Dorm thirteen, with Dylan Robertson. Sweet." Braeden had a roomate the previous year at Jasher, but his roommate was hardly ever there. Hopefully this Dylan Robertson would be around more often, Braeden really wanted to get to know his roommate this time around.

    Once he reached his room Braeden discovered that his roommate had already been there, and he couldn't help but wonder if he had passed Dylan unknowingly. Braeden simply shrugged his shoulders, set his box down, and went back for others. He avoided the brunette male and blonde female at the top of the stairs, who had obviously collided, simply because the female was too busy apologizing for him to say hello.

    After several more trips up and down the stairs Braeden had all of his stuff piled up in his room. He made one last stop at his jeep to lock the doors and make sure he had grabbed everything. On his way back inside Braeden saw a girl with short brown hair coming down from the girls wing, who looked to be in the mood to explore the place (Kammeal). He quickly decided he also wanted to take a look at his temporary home, and decided to take this opportunity to have someone to do it with. "Hey," he said, waving slightly to her. "I'm Braeden."

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  13. image.jpg

    Dylan had been casually strolling down the hallway, his head turned to the side so he could locate the bathrooms. He had been searching for five minutes already and had not yet found any signs that indicated a place to "answer nature's call" existed in the long hallway which held all the rooms. Maybe it was downstairs? Dylan was just about to turn his head back to facing forwards when he was suddenly winded by an unseen object, stumbling backwards as something crashed into him. Dylan's body hit the floor with an audible thump, accidentally spilling the contents of his box across the floor. Luckily, there were other boxes nearby so Dylan was able to tell what was his and what belonged to the person he had crashed into. Then, he heard a female voice speak just as he said "I-I'm sorry! L-Let me help you with that!" Dylan looked up at the face of the woman for just a moment before he ducked his head again, not looking her in the eyes as a dark blush spread across his face. It was Jennifer, a girl who sat beside him in Calculus the previous school year. Back then, he wasn't a member of the Disney group, but he didn't even know the program existed until the first year began. But he remembered Jennifer well, he remembered everyone he met. Dylan had an almost flawless memory. If you introduced yourself and never said another word to Dylan for the rest of his life, Dylan would still know who you were and remember the details about the day you met.

    The biggest things he remembered about Jennifer (or Jenna as she demanded he call her), was that she was peppy, energetic, and wouldn't stop talking. She was always trying to engage Dylan in idle chit-chat, even when they were supposed to be silently studying. However, 75% of those conversations were about the course and Dylan did his best to answer her questions (despite not looking at her, raising his voice higher then a whisper, and constantly stuttering nervously), but she was just so chatty. Knowing she was going to be moving in made Dylan feel slightly more nervous then he usually was. He knew now that he would probably see her all the time, which meant more idle chat then he would've preferred. But, his thoughts were suddenly interrupted when she began to snap her fingers before calling out his name. Clearing his throat and continuing to pack his box, Dylan asked "Y-Yeah... H-How're you... J-Jennifer? D-Did you have a... A... A good summer?"

    Before his question could be answered, he suddenly made a shocking discovery: Professor Fingleburt had gone missing! Did somebody see him and grab the stuffed bear by accident? What if they knew Dylan was the owner of it? But, just as the worst possible scenario crossed his mind, Dylan heard Jennifer give an "awwww" towards something in her hands. Dylan's blush grew deeper as he instantly realized what she had found. When she asked if the bear belonged to him, Dylan cleared his throat and, in an odd moment, turned his head up to face hers. He rarely looked people in the face, so this was a tremendous feat for him. "N-No! I-I'm a... A grown man! I-I don't need a... A..." Dylan began, trying to put on the tough-guy front. However, the blush on his face, the stuttering voice and the nervous/embarrassed demeanour didn't let him keep up the ruse.

    Sighing, Dylan lowered his head again and whispered "Yes... I-It's mine... H-His name is... Professor Doctor Albertus Jeremiah Fingleburt... B-But I call him "Professor Fingleburt". I-I've had him since I was just a baby and... U-Uh... Well, um... J-Just don't tell anyone I brought a stuffed animal t-to college... Please?"

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  14. tumblr_nj0q89zwuw1tn4bnbo4_500.jpg

    Victoria Rochenfort
    Victoria let out a shaky breath and adjusted her black hat. Her brown and black hair now a mixture of two colors of browns and her green eyes now blue because of contacts. This is the first time she'll be living in a dorm and her nerves are getting the best of her. "Aww, is little Tori scared of college?" her older brother, Patrick asked. "Shut up! I'm just nervous okay? So don’t tease me!" she told him honestly. This is the first time she'll be living in a dorm, and being in college plus working. Stepping out of the car, her brother opened the trunk and grabbed several boxes handing it to her "You sure you wanna attend college? You can still back out you know" her brother stated with a hint of worry in his voice. Victoria laughed at how worried his brother is and grabbed the boxes from him "and miss all the college parties? No thank you." she retorted back teasingly. "Hey! No parties! You're here to study, remember that!" her brother scolded and grabbed more of her boxes before walking inside. She then followed her brother, greeted the dorm supervisor and went upstairs.

    She bumped into a girl that has a short wavy, auburn hair and mint green eyes, on the hallway upstairs, her boxes nearly falling over.
    "A-ah! I'm sorry!" she apologized quickly, and then headed to her dorm room.

    "Oh my God, it's my first day here and I already bumped into someone!" she mentally scolded herself and muttered curses under her breath. Swinging open the door, she saw the right half of the room fully decorated and her brother setting down the boxes. "Huh, I didn't know you'll have a roommate" he said and showed her his sad smile "My little sister's all grown up. It seems like it was just yesterday when you tried to eat those mud cakes at our backyard." She playfully punched his arm, laughing a little. "I'm gonna miss you, you know." he said seriously while patting her head and giving her a hug. She sighed softly "I know. Take care of mom and dad for me, will you?" she said hugging back. Her brother let go of her and walked out mumbling a quick "I will" before closing the door behind him.

    A few tears escaped her eyes as she set down the looked around the room.
    "This is it." She and her brother are really close since they were a child, so seeing her brother worried and sad made her heart slightly tremble. "Tch. Stop being so dramatic" she said to herself and wiped her tears away "Today is your first day here Victoria. No tears, just smiles." she talked to herself and grabbed a box "Now, time to unpack."

    She grabbed her boxes and placed all her clothes inside a closet, then started to arrange her bedside until everything is perfect. Pictures adorn the walls and a few inspirational messages here and there. After everything is unpacked, she sat on the couch under her bed and wiped the sweat away from her face
    "Finally done! Now, all I have to do is wait for my roommate" she said smiling, grabbing a bag of candies and started munching.
  15. *Olivia*
    Olivia looked up from her phone when the door swung open, it was her roommate. "Yeah the names Olivia," She smiled, "and you must be Brea." Looking over to the amount of stuff she had brought up to the room, Olivia was slightly surprised. "Did you carry this all up yourself?" Olivia stood, and walked over to the hallway and looked out, seeing no one it clued in that she did bring it all up herself. Turning to look at Brea, "You know all you had to do was ask, and I would have been happy to help." Olivia walked back over to her bed, and leaned against the bed post. When she saw Brea contemplating where her clothing would go, Olivia giggled a little. "The large mirror, it has handle on the side. They put in built in closets and replaced the door with a mirror so it would be a kind of magic mirror." It had took her a while to figure out where her clothes were, until her brother sent her a text saying -The magic mirror holds all, I feel so ridiculous saying that.- Walking over to the mirror, Olivia slipped her hand behind it, clicking on the latch that was hidden, the mirror made a faint popping noise and the door was able to be opened. Exposing a closet to her roomie, Olivia returned back to her side of the room, and took a seat at her desk.

    Ash smiled when she saw, Thalia, it had been almost an entire summer sense she saw her. Ash couldn't help but laugh about the strangling comment, know Thalia she probably would have if someone pushed her far enough. Redirecting her attention back to Thalia's question, Ash smiled. "I am great! My summer was fun, got to work at the photography shop where I meet this cute guy...he is gay, SO I quickly became friends with him." Ash smiled as she finished hanging up her Audrey Hepburn poster to the wall, and hopped down off of the bed. "How have you been darling?" Ash smiled as she picked up her cell, took a selfie and put it up on Instagram. This was going to be a great year, rooming with Thalia and not some crazy from that ridiculous moving, The Roommate.

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  16. Forrest Scicchitano

    Eventually, boredom struck Forrest as hard as it could and he found himself out of his plushy chair and heading through the threshold of his dorm. He went slow down the stairs, not because he was frightened that he may slip at any moment and die, but because he was too lazy to travel at a faster speed. He passed a boy and a girl, who must have bumped into each other on the way to their destination because of the items strewn about, but he didn't stop to make small talk. They seemed to be fairing on their own quite well--he offered a smile and then retreated into the main foyer. Another gender opposite duo caught his eye, but he hurried past so he could explore the rest of the mansion in peace. He wasn't big on integrating himself on conversations that had already started.

    A few minutes later he found himself entering the game room where a girl had already started up her own game. He was about to continue onward, so he wouldn't disturb her, but as soon as he recognized the game she was playing he couldn't help but butt in. "So, which do you prefer?" He took a seat on the small loveseat that had been put into the room, leaning forward so he could watch her play, "Pilot or Titan?"

    He preferred Titian, but on somedays he could get into Pilot.

    Kammael Wayshire

    Just as she stepped into the main foyer, breathing a little heavier than normal due to the stairs descending from the Girl's wing, a boy, most likely around her age, had waved her over and offered his name. She immediately broke out into a huge grin, ecstatic that she wouldn't have to be the one to initiate idle conversations with strangers. "Braeden huh?" She closed the gap between them and stuck out her hand for him to grab, remembering the simple manners her mother taught her, "I'm Kammael, but I'd rather you just call me Kammie." Once the introductions were out of the way, Kammie wondered if the boy would like to accompany her on her journey through the house. It would most likely be funner than wandering aimlessly by herself. Who knows? Maybe they could find the kitchen and whip up a snack, the brunette would be lying if she said she wasn't just a bit famished. They would have to find the kitchen first. "So this place his gargantuan," she gestured to the foyer they stood in and the set of hundred stairs leading up to the separate dorms, "and I don't really feel like getting lost on my first day here. So why don't we go explore?"

    She didn't really wait for an answer (the woman was just like that), instead she looped her arm through Braeden's and made her way towards the hallways that branched out through the rest of the mansion, with him right along side her. People always expressed how little personal space Kammie could manage when she was with other people, but the brunette rarely saw a fault in that. She was just being friendly and if people were uncomfortable with her actions then they were more than welcome to express their thoughts. Kammie was just being, well, Kammie and the excitement that came with landing a Disney job, retuning to college, and... did she mention the job at Disney? Well, that all added up to a rather hands-on and energetic girl. She was always very talkative with first encounters so it didn't take long for her to speak up again, "What college do you go to? And what job did you land here?"

    She walked aimlessly, looking side-to-side at all the rooms that were in this particular hallway. They passed one and Kammie could see that it was a game room, stacked high with as many games as it could hold--as well as a short-haired girl (Alex) and a boy she swore she had seen earlier (Forrest) She continued onward, slower in case her new companion wanted to check anything out on his own accord.
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  17. [​IMG]

    ~ Mikalyn Ross ~

    Oh, thank God, she's friendly, Mikalyn thought, breathing a mental sigh of relief. All the social anxiety that had suddenly jumped Mikalyn just faded away, and she smiled back. "It's nice to meet you, Amber," she answered, matching stride up the hill. "I'm gonna be working somewhere in Culinary. I think at one of the concession stands in Tomorrowland?" Mikalyn shrugged. She'd only been to Disneyland once before, years and years ago when she was a little kid. She had faint memories of what the park was like, but nothing too concrete. "When I applied for this program, I was really nervous about working at such a huge place and not knowing anything, so I decided to just stick to what I know," she laughed. "I've only ever worked jobs in food service, so I'm hoping it won't be too different here..."

    Mikalyn paused as they approached the front entrance. She prayed that they would find an elevator inside, but at a place as nice as this, why wouldn't there be? "But I digress!" she suddenly added. "How about you? Where are you going to be working?"

  18. ~:Amber:~
    Amber smiled and kept pushing her stuff up until the steps, and she sighed, listening to Mikalyn as she talked. "Well, I got a job as a ride operator for Indiana Jones, so yeah, that's going to be fun!" She said. "I get to watch people get on and off an amazing ride, and at the end of the day, maybe I can sneak one in." She said happily, finishing her last box, and picking up her skateboard and placing it by the door. As she was about to knock, the door swung open, revealing a girl who looked like Mulan.

    Smiling at the dorm supervisor, she bowed happily, waving at her before looking inside, to see another set of stairs. "And more stairs." She grumbled, putting her boxes back on her skateboard and rolling it inside, and feeling the glare from the dorm supervisor on the back of her head. "Let's get this over with."
  19. ═╗─╔╗─────╔╗
    ║║╚╗║║─────║║ Noah Evander Winston "Noah" x

    ║╔╗╚╝╠══╦══╣╚═╗ 21 ; July 18th ✮ Harborson College ; Year 4 ; Business Major
    ║║╚╗║║╔╗║╔╗║╔╗║ Position ; Prince Eric Health Ailments ; ADHD
    ║║─║║║╚╝║╔╗║║║║ Straight ; No Relationship Dorm 12 ; Jacob
    Chuckling as he glanced over at his always peppy and happy-go-lucky little sister as she sang along to the third Disney CD she had put into the player a little over two hours ago. It had been a very long drive from their home in Coos Bay, Oregon here to Anaheim, California, but it was well worth it. They had just pulled through the gates to the grounds they would be staying on and Noah couldn't help but yawn. Yes, both of the siblings had their licenses, but he wasn't going to let Valeria do all the driving. Especially when the thirteen and a half hour car ride turns into an almost seventeen hour car ride because of traffic. Either way, Noah was glad he had managed to save enough money to buy the beat up, old, red 1954 Chevy Pickup truck that was abandoned at his dad's Auto shop: Old Timer's Garage. Of course, he got it for a discounted price of only $2,000 ... a real steal if you asked his dad who gave his brother a newer truck for only $1,800, but those are just little details. Shifting his truck into park as he pulled up alongside the curb, stopping a bit past the front doors so others could pull up easily behind him, Noah half noticed it was silent in the vehicle as Valeria had turned off the music and stopped singing while they both stared up at the residence hall in awe. This was nothing like the halls at Harborson where he attended, Brayton where his sister attended or Jasher where his brother attended. Thanks to his ADHD Noah couldn't focus on the beauty of it all for long. within a few minutes he had unbuckled the newly installed seat belts and hopped out of the car, making his way to the exposed pick up truck with the eight, tightly covered, plastic storage tubs.

    "Hey Leri, a little help?" he called, snapping the short girl out of her trance. Being the gentleman that he was, the now Prince Eric character grabbed one tub, the lightest one, and handed it to Valeria before taking the two heaviest and motioning to his sister to lead the way. It would have been nice if their dad had came with them to help, but he hadn't. He had opted to help move Hyder into Jasher again this year... even though that guy kept practically all of his stuff at the schools storage over the summer. Regardless, When the duo stopped to check their rooming situations it appeared as though they had the same dorm number which was kind of cool... if not just a little creepy. Walking up the stairs behind Val, Noah had to envy how that girl basically had super strength in her right calf from the numerous surgeries in the past. Stopping at the door, Noah swayed slightly as Valeria placed her tub ontop of his two tubs (which were technically also hers, he was just carrying them) so she could play the 'search and rescue' game to find her key that was hidden in one of her pockets. Thankfully the eighteen year old found it pretty quickly and unlocked the door... only to find another person in the room already. Letting out a soft sigh of relief as his sister took the tub back, he followed her into the room and placed the tubs down on her bed giving a friendly smile to her roommate as he did so. "Think you can carry up your last one Smiley?" He asked as the siblings walked out of the dorm, both of them grinning from ear-to-ear.

    Once they were back down on the first floor, Noah and Valeria took the time to formally introduce themselves to the Dorm Supervisors. A young woman who looked quite familiar yet also a lot like Mulan and a man who resembled an unshaven Prince Eric. After a few minutes of introductions they wandered back to the truck where he gave his little sister a hug and handed her the last tub. "Hey Val, Don't worry... If I hear anything about a possibility for Belle I will ask if it is possible for you to switch positions" he smiled reassuringly, knowing that his sister's true dream was to be a character, Belle specifically, like him. Picking up two of the last four tubs, Noah sighed with relief once he noticed that he only had one more trip ahead of him. Heading back inside, Noah wandered up the opposite set of stairs this time, Tomorrowland Terrace looked just like Mermaid's Grotto... except it was on the opposite side of the building. Wandering down the hall until he found room 12, Noah set his things down after pushing the door open and was somewhat glad to see his roommate asleep, it meant formalities could wait until later.

    After moving his truck to the parking lot and carrying up the last two tubs, Noah began to unpack his stuff on the empty left side of the room. Starting with dumping his clothes, that his sister would probably neaten up once she came to check on him, into his drawers and hanging up some of his nicer, more important things in his closet. Rolling up the sleeves on his black polo, Noah got to work. He placed his laptop, desk lamp and a family picture from Disneyland when he was about eight on his desk, he set up his semi-puffy, black, fold-away chair and began work on his bed, slipping on blue sheets and a navy colored pillowcase before tossing his favorite blue, black, navy and white striped blanket on and crashing down.
    {Tagged ; Val => Geo => Jake}{Location ; Outside => Val & Geo's Dorm => Outside => His Dorm}
    @IceQueen @Lazy_Not_Bored

    Valeria Madeline Winston "Val, Ria, Eria, Leri, Smiley, Smiles" ✮ x
    ╚╗║║╔╩═╣║ 18 ; December 21st ✮ Brayton College ; Year 1 ; Fine Arts Major/Education Minor
    ─║╚╝║╔╗║║ Position ; Teacup Attraction Attendant ✮ Health Ailments ; Sunburns easily/Chocolate allergy/Osteosarcoma survivor
    ─╚╗╔╣╔╗║╚╗ Straight ; No Relationship ✮ Dorm 12 ; Giovanna
    "... 'Cause for the first time in forever, nothing's in my wayyy... oh... my... Noah, look at this place... it's amazing!" Valeria exclaimed excitedly, her smile only growing brighter and bigger as she cut herself off from the Frozen song she had been singing along with and mindlessly pressed the stop button on the CD compartment as she stared at her new 'home' for the year. Sure, she had been accepted into Brayton College, but she wouldn't actually be attending that for her first (or hopefully any) year of her college experience. She had been fortunate enough to get into the Disney College Program on her first application which was completely awesome... even if it wasn't necessarily for the position she had her heart set on. Lost in a trance, Eria blinked a couple of times when her brother more or less called 'Earth to Leri' without saying it so bluntly. "Sorry, I'm coming" she said lightly, slipping out of the beat-up old truck that she still couldn't believe her father had charged Noah for... at least it drove well though.

    Hopping around to the back of the truck she held out her arms and gave a small, fake, half frown when her brother placed the lightest bucket on her arms. He always spoiled her, it could get a little annoying with how protective he was, but at least she knew for sure that Noah didn't blame her for their mothers death anymore, unlike the other two men in her life. Unfortunately though, having such an over-protective big brother also meant she had never been able to date. Those were all little details though, right? It made so much more sense to love than not. Leading her way through the doors, Val paused in front of the room assignments and found her number, 12, with a girl named Giovanna... hopefully they could be fast friends. The last thing Val needed was an enemy to live with for a year. "Well, isn't that strange? We're both in Dorm 12... I guess it's safe to assume we'll never forget the other persons dorm number?" She smirked, voicing her brothers thoughts nearly exactly before ascending up the stairs, into Mermaid's Cove. Alright, so maybe the name was a little cheesy, but it was still cute and it fit the Disney theme perfectly.

    Once they got to her dorm, Leri placed the light tub on top of her brothers other two playfully, without hesitation. She knew it would through him slightly off balance but he would be able to handle it as she searched her pockets for that small gold key that would, without doubt, end up on a chain around her neck within the next day or so... unless she wanted to lock herself out of the room every time she went out to the bathroom. Placing her tub on the bed she turned briefly to her roommate as her brother joined them to put two other tubs down "Hi" she smiled cheekily "I'll introduce myself in a moment, excuse me" she promised politely before heading back out the door with her brother.

    "Of course I can carry up the last tub, You should have just given me two to start with" she teased, gently pushing her brothers arm. After introducing themselves to their Dorm Supervisors, Val quietly thought to herself how the woman looked almost exactly like one of her best friends Ming-Yu Chan. They had been hospital buddies along with another girl, Sarai George. All of them had been fighting different cancers, Sarai and Valeria had gotten lucky and lived. Ming had sadly passed away almost two years ago after losing her battle with a malignant brain tumor. After giving her big brother a hug and thanking him, yet also threatening him with keeping the promise, he placed the last tub on her arms and she walked back up to her room, placing the box on her bed and turning to face her roommate again. "Hi again, sorry about before... I just wanted to get everything up here. I'm Valeria... you must be Giovanna" she said happily, holding out her right hand.
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    Oakley Zara Dutch "Oak, Oaky, Dutch, Dutchess" ✮ x
    ║║─║╠══╣║╔╗ 19 ; November 27th ✮ Harborson College ; Year 2 ; Pre-K & Elementary Education Major
    ║║─║║╔╗║╚╝╝ Position ; Soarin' Over California Attraction Attendant ✮ Health Ailments ; Sunburns easily/Pollen allergy/Bee-Sting allergy
    ║╚═╝║╔╗║╔╗╗ Straight ; No Relationship ✮ Dorm 15 ; No Roommate
    "Oh my gosh, Phillip, look at this place, Look Bibi, isn't it beautiful?" she asked, holding the four month old up so she could see out the window as her uncle drove the rented vehicle onto the grounds. "Oh, Uncle Laramie you're driving on the wrong side of the road again, we're not in London anymore, you must drive on the right side" she said gently, letting out a half chuckle as her uncle came back with a snarky remark and her father hit him behind the head. "See, Papa agrees with me" she smirked, sticking her tongue out briefly before handing her niece back to her brother. Stopping in front of the school, Her uncle stayed in the van, wanting to ensure nothing happened to it or the baby while the three other adults climbed out. "Oh Papa, thank you for letting me come back!" she exclaimed happily, knowing how expensive it was to go to university in London let alone one in the United States of America. Grabbing a purple and gold duffel bag that was formerly used as a ballet and gymnastics tote, Oakley draped it diagonally across her chest from left to right and grabbed a large cardboard box. "Phillip could you grab the telly for me? And Papa could you grab my last trunk. Thank you so much, all of you."

    "This place was gorgeous from the outside but it is just incredibly breath-taking inside too! Oh I cannot wait to explore!" she breathed excitedly as the small group was greeted by a handsome male who introduced himself as Jake Long the male superior or supervisor or whatever the title was. He pointed Little miss Oakley in the direction of her dorm and wished her the best of luck before going off to help other students. Walking up the stairs, never once did it cross her mind of why this magnificent facade didn't have an elevator or escalator. Oakley was a bit disappointed to find that she didn't have a roommate, but perhaps it would be for the best. For now she stuck to only placing her belongings on the right side of the room, figuring she would give it a week or two before taking over the entire room, just in case she did end up with a dorm-mate. Turning around to face her dad and brother she quickly blinked the single tears out of her golden-green eyes and gave them each a hug, already dreading how home-sick she would be the next few days. After all, it had taken them just under eleven hours to fly into Los Angeles and roughly one hour to drive from LA to Anaheim. Thankfully it would be worth it for the experience of a lifetime... the only catch would be that Oaky wouldn't be going home for any holidays, heck, she might not even get to go home for the summer holiday.

    After everything was put on the ground, Oakley gave her papa and Phillip a hug before takin a step back "Tell Uncle Laramie I say thank you, I miss him and I love him" she smiled sweetly, giggling at her brothers remark "Oh of course, tell the same thing to sweet little Bianca and yes, of course I love you too dear brother" she smiled, kissing both males on their cheeks and watched as they walked out. She didn't bother to shut the door behind them, Oak just went on the setting up her room. She started with the bed, placing a light lavender and white striped sheet with matching lavender pillows and a lavender blanket complete with a very large Daisy Duck in the middle of it on her bed, smoothing out all the wrinkles so everything would look neat and clean. Pulling out her stuffed Elephant, Oakley gently placed Sir Lancelot next to her pillows on the Day-Bed appearing bed before moving over to her desk where she quickly set up some pictures, slipped two albums into a desk drawer, plugged in her desk lamp and night light, set up her computer, Iphone speaker dock and cup of pens and pencils as well as plugging in her keyboard. Walking over to the wall she hung the TV on two of the hooks and was immediately glad that the wires were clear and transparent against the wall. Setting up her two fold-away chairs, one fuzzy blue with purple tips and one purple bungee chair by the telly.

    After her room was completely set up Oakley decided the next best thing to do was not to give into her fatigue but to go explore the area she would be living in for the year. Hey maybe she would even get to meet some people as she wandered around. Stepping out 'into the unknown', Dutchess pulled her door closed behind her, took a deep breath and headed down the stairs to begin exploring the first floor.
    {Tagged ; Open}{Location ; Outside => Dorm => Wandering the Building}

    Aladdin Kassim Al'Aeshi "Al" ✮ x
    ║║─║║║ 20 ; April 30th ✮ Jasher College ; Year 2 ; Bartending Major/Physical Education Minor
    ║╚═╝║║ Position ; Indian Jones Attraction Attendant ✮ Health Ailments ; None
    ║╔═╗║╚╗ Straight ; No Relationship ✮ Dorm 11 ; Forrest
    Twenty Hours over two days... that was certainly a hell of a lot of driving to be done in his new, white, Audi A3 Cabriolet from Colorado Springs to Anaheim. Glancing down at his phone as he turned the fancy convertible off, Al swiped the screen across and unlocked his phone to text his dad who, although very traditional, was beginning to accept some of the more modern ways like texting... especially when he was now responsible for his grandson. Sending the text, Al looked at the picture of his three year old that was currently his sons background for a moment before he hit the 'sleep' button on the top of his IPhone and slipped it back into his baggy jeans pocket before hopping out of the car and collecting his things. All of his belongings managed to fit in three bags, two large duffels and a large styrofoam filled suitcase that housed his electronic devices and overall fragile equipment.

    Driving his car into the parking lot and putting the waterproof hood up, Al hauled all three items out of the back and passenger seats of his car before lollygagging up to his dorm. Unsurprisingly he had a roommate, however he wasn't in the room... which didn't surprise Al much at all. Setting to work, Al tossed some things around like a few pillows, some of his posters, a couple pictures... not that he had many... only like three really, tossed his clothing into his drawers and closet, then began work on his bed. Al's bed had grey sheets, a set of grey pillows, a set of royal blue pillows, a thin white blanket sheet, a thinner royal blue blanket and a somewhat thin grey blanket. Sure, it was a lot... but Al preferred to have several thinner blankets than one thick one that would just make him too hot and, in the words of Cuzco the Emperor/Llama 'Throw off his groove'.

    After everything was finally set up Aladdin plopped down onto his bed, the mattress giving an audible 'thop' sound. Just as the young man was about to give into his exhaustion he felt a vibration... and last he checked this bed didn't have a vibrate setting... though it would be sweet if it did. Glancing down he noticed his phone screen was lit up and he had an incoming call from 'home'. Picking up the phone he was beginning to dread the call until he heard that voice within a mere second of the call being answered "Hey kiddo" he smiled as the toddler exclaimed 'daddy' into the other end of the phone. "Are Grammy and Grampapa and Nana and Grandfather and Grandmother taking good care of my boy Diese?" he asked then listened as his son went on about everything they had done. It seemed like his son was having a good time which didn't surprise him in the least since he lived with them... it was just a little different without 'daddy' being there. After a few minutes Al heard his father in the background telling the toddler it was time to take a nap. The sad child's voice returned after a few minutes of arguing "I'll call after work tomorrow alright bud, I love you Diesel, now let Grampapa talk on the phone okay, you go take your nap... and yes I'll buy you that Disneyland train set you keep asking for" he said rather hesitantly. Even though Al would never admit to it, Diesel Nate was his pride and joy, he spent every last penny he had on that kid, and hated being away from him even though it would eventually lead to a brighter future for his son and any other family he may eventually have.

    Eventually, after getting off the phone with his father Al found himself to be extremely bored and becoming quite restless just sitting in his room. Deciding he would rather be wandering around, Al would meet his roomie later. Walking out of his dorm he quickly walked downstairs and began wandering around.
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  20. -|Alex|-
    Alex was so immersed in her game, she couldn't even notice if anyone had entered the room. She loved playing this game, mostly as a pilot, because she could kill people easier and Titans where just hard to deal with. She liked the assault rifle the most, because she could just rapid fire at someone until they dropped. She was in the middle of a brilliant kill streak, when someone sat down next to her, causing her to jump and look over at the man, and she could feel her brain go to mush for a second.

    Everything from his jawline, to his hair, down to the clothes he wore, he seemed pretty cute, though she wasn't going to admit that. She swallowed the thick bile that had built in her throat, and she looked back at the screen. "Pilot." She answered sincerely, yet sternly, determined to keep this guy out. Cute guys always meant players, and she didn't want one of those in her life.