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  1. This is meant for everyone to be able to play. Who doesn't love disney? I know I do <3

    Ok i'll start
    My favorite disney character is Bambi because when I was little my grandfather hunted and he would tell me stories all the time about what deer he saw and his nickname from the army was Sargent Thumper because he got to see the movie when it first came out with my mother. I also watched it every day as a child
  2. I love all Disney movies ouo

    Top 5 would be.. Uh.. Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, Hercules, Atlantis, Aladdin. I think. Maybe. I really can't decide, I love them all! x3

    Favorite character.. Too tough to decide D: Off the top of my head I'd say Mulan, she makes me giggle ^^
  3. Esmeralda. She was the coolest "princess" ever. She was a really selfless princess with a sweet side and a strong personality.
  4. Favourite princess? Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I identified with her a lot as a kid, and still to some extent do now. Favourite character, period... Beast. Predictable of me? Probably, but his character burned into my brain as something I loved. Frankly I need to stop re-watching it, because every time I do it makes me want a B&tB-themed roleplay, which I'm too much of a ninny to ask for ^^;

    I've got a soft spot for the mains from Tangled and The Princess and the Frog too though, kinda surprised me to realise that. I'd always assumed I'd never really develop the attachment to the newer Disney stuff, but there you go.

    What about everyone's favourite baddie? I love Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty! She's so much fun~ :3
  5. Argh this is difficult. I have to dredge up memories of what disney movies I saw as a child... I guess I've always had a soft spot for Kovu from Lion King II. As a child I used to empathize with him a lot.
  6. My favoriet Baddy? ooooohhhh so tff >.< hmm it'd have to be maleficant as weel XD
  7. I do not know, they are all cheesy and what not >.< I can not sympathy with anyone that I know of
  8. I love me some Captain Hook. Peter pan is a great movie. Probably my favorite all around Disney movie would have to be Sword in the stone. Old School.
  9. I found one or 2 D:

    Enchanted - Cus she is weird like me and likes animals and singinger
    Tangle -Cus she weird xD
  10. Hook is awesome, but he also scared the crap out of me at Disneyland Paris as a kid. I went to go ask him where Peter Pan was and he jumped at me brandishing a hook and spouting French at me. As a kid and a right scaredycat, that was quite scary xD Went back since then and never saw him, kinda sad.

    Also, I totally forgot about Enchanted there for a while. Saw that in London, remembered killing myself laughing in the cinema. Yay for dad actually liking those sorts of movies :3
  11. Up is one of the best, newest movie. I love Doug <3
  12. I like the dog.. Doug, yes him! I love him
  13. Doug-I was hiding under your porch because I love you and you are my master...can I stay?
    -oh please be my captive oh please oh please!!
  14. I have a favorite princess and a favorite villain, but I'd like to talk about my favorite mouse. NO not Mickey! But rather Bernard from the Rescuers movies. This is especially noteworthy since I'm not a fan of Disney's animal movies as a general rule.
  15. Berand is awesome! he doesn't get enough attention. Mickey makes you laugh but Bernard rescues!!
  16. Frollo. Oh, but that ties in with my "I LOVE THE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME" bit.

    Uhm, let's see, another villain... Ratcliffe always made me giggle and Shan Yu was a stone cold badass.
  17. Shan yu was just awesome!

    Scar is epic lol he was a whimp but he could scheme and his song is my fav to sing XD