Disney Arranged Marrige Roleplay?

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  1. About the Roleplay (open)

    More Information:

    • The Children of Disney heroes and Disney Villains have Been on good terms for a while now but in order to keep peace they have decided That their Children who of marrying age shall get married. They will be sent to Jester High School in order to Meet their betrothed and each other.
    Jester High School:

    • The High School Was Founded Nearly a year ago by King Eric and Queen Ariel in order for this event to happen. The School has several Rooms. Most are used for bedrooms but there are some that are used for Class rooms.
    • Roomates will be Male and Female, You will be put in a room with your betrothed. There are Four people in each room. 2 Males and 2 Females. (If anyone has a problem with it, Tell me in the discussion Label Questions or Comments.)

    Characters (open)



    Son of John Smith and Pocahontas:

    Daughter of Hercules and Megara:

    Daughter of Belle and the BeasT: @Brea

    Son of Aladdin and Jasmine:

    Daughter of Snow White and Prince:

    Son of Aurora and Prince Philip:

    Daughter of Rapunzel and Flynn: I will play this one

    Son of Mulan and Shang:

    Daughter of Ariel and Eric: @Shayla

    Son of Tarzan and Jane:

    Daughter of Anna and Kristoff: @Satan's Mistress

    Son Of Elsa: @Brea


    Daughter of Captain Hook: @Shayla

    Son of Maleficent: @Brea

    Daughter of Jafar:

    Son of Queen of Hearts: @Satan's Mistress

    Daughter of Cruella De Vil:

    Son of the Evil Queen:

    Daughter of Ursula: @Brea

    Son of Gaston:

    Daughter of Yzma:

    Son of Hans: I will play this one

    Daughter of Mother Gothel:

    Son Of Hades: @Satan's Mistress

    There doesn't have to be this many

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  2. Oooo I wants in
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  3. Cool someone's interested
  4. You have me completely for this!
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  5. Do Either of you know which characters kid you might want to be
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  6. Because there are so many you could probably have both if you wanted them.
  7. ~ Well than if that is no bother or issue to you than I'd be more than happy to reserve both as mine. ^^
  8. Alright I'll go put your name by the two you reserved
  9. Ooooo! Thanks @Shayla for tagging me! (Especially so early, before all the good spots are taken... because that tends to heppen in rolepays such as these. ♥)

    Is there a limit on how many characters we may have? I'd like to reserve (In this order, from the ones I want most being the first... in case there is a limit):
    Daughter of Belle and Beast
    Daughter of Ursula
    Son of Maleficent
    and then either Son of Elsa or Daughter of Ariel and Eric... I'll decide when I see the male-to-female ratio we have once we get the sign up thread up ♥
  10. @Brea Daughter of Belle and The beast is taken but the rest you can have.
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  11. The limit for characters is four
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  12. ~ Actually Brea if is good by you do you think you and I could make a trade of Reserves? I would be more than happy to exchange daughter of Belle and Beast for the daughter of Ariel and Eric since I have more of an idea in mind for her and have already played a daughter of Beast and Belle before. ^^
  13. @Shayla um what category would this fall under when I create it as a Roleplay?
  14. ~ Well if your doing this as a Modern Version it would be listed under Modern Fantasy. ^^ I don't really see this as placed under Fandom since it is just a tad and not focused on main fandom characters.
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  15. Oh shoot, I had even told myself 'Belle's daughter is taken, don't list here' and then I totally did... silly me. Hmmmm sure, I'd be more than happy to trade with you! As long as you're sure? I don't want you to feel like you have to give up the position or anything. If you are 100% sure you want to trade, though, @Meggie I'd like to have my final reservations as:

    Daughter of Belle and Beast
    Daughter of Ursula
    Son of Maleficent
    Son of Elsa
  16. Son of hades
    Daughter of Anna and Kristoff
    Son of queen of hearts
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  17. ~ Very much so positive , darling! She is all your's and consider the trade done! ^^
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