Disney Anyone?

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  1. YES!! I have sooo many ideas

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  2. Yes!

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  3. Yeah, I guess...

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  4. Whatever

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  5. No, you loser

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  1. I have been craving Disney.
    Maybe genderbent or Once-Upon-A-Time-ish (our own characters of course)? Or maybe where Disney characters get sucked into the real world? Or the children of Disney characters all have to go to school together? Or the Disney movies suddenly all clash creating chaos?
    I dunno.
    Anyone who's interested though, you can state your ideas and maybe when can have a vote!

    It would be open to all ages (though Libertine shit could happen if you wish, as long as both players are adults and it happens over PM) so keep it kid-friendly.
  2. I'd so be in for doing something along the lines of a Genderbent Once upon a time plot and or the Disney character's being sucked into the real world and having to face all the troubles and new experiences head on.

    You have me in for this :)
  3. Awesome! I was definitely thinking genderbent ;) Thanks for your input!
  4. UGH!

    I'm too impatient >.< I think I'm gonna start making a plot, or at least start thinking up the idea of it.
  5. I am in for a genderbent once upon a time and I feel like the disney characters getting sucked into this world is basically once upon a time >< but that is just me. I really would love to do a genderbent once upon a time hook or robin hood!
  6. I knew I'd have some competition to be Hook :D

    I'd deff's want to take up being female Charming , Hook and or Rumpelstiltskin
  7. I really want a female hook though because I have done a pirate rp as a female hook ^^
  8. I would love this! Genderbent Once Upon A Time sounds amazing!!! Count me in. FYI, I would love to do a Genderbent Flynn Rider, Snow White, and possibly Peter Pan
  9. I'm in for a Genderbent OUAT (Favortie Show on TV) rp, I would have to do a femalr Dr. Facilier though and a male Maleficent xD.... andf for a hero, a male Belle
  10. Well I'm deff's going to try to have a Hook for myself :D

    I will also maybe be aiming for Jafar and female Aladdin and or Mad Hatter/Jefferson

    But , I won't let the idea of having Hook be given away so easily since I lost the role last time in another RP and never had a chance :D
  11. Yeah, I got my three^^ all set though xD M(Maleficent) F(Dr. Facilier) M(Belle)
  12. Fine whatever then I might not even do this one... have fun guys
  13. I won't take Hook because I just can't bare to upset people.

    I'm calling a Female Hatter , Female Aladdin and Female Rumpelstiltskin
  14. No go ahead I have a lot on my plate anyway...
  15. I'm truly being honest , I care more for not hurting and upsetting people who I enjoy RP'ing with more than a silly character.

    If your plate open's up the character is there and your's. :)
  16. I guess I will join because I am joining another rp... I will be F(Hook) M(Ariel) M(Tinkerbell)
  17. Wow O.O Explosion. Um, alright. I'll try and reserve the spots you guys mentioned wanting (Though I totally call a male Snow White, shh.) I'll probably start setting it up either later today, or, at the latest, tomorrow. I have two babysitting jobs in a row xD (Can't say no to family friends) Anyways, thank you all for expressing interest!! I'm so excited!
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  18. Okay! I'm almost finished setting it all up! All spots you mentioned wanting will be reserved till the end of the week! I'll post a like to the roleplay once it's finished.
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