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Aqua crossed over the river for the last time.

I will never ever again...cross this god forsaken river.

Before the sentence left her mouth, another water demon sprouted from the river, sending a large wave of salt water cascading around the girl. The Deox was a large white river dragon with fierce blue eyes. It's scales were scarred and glistened in the water. It was a surprise to her as to why the salt water did not harm it's fresh wounds.

"Dammit...Haven't you dealt with me enough already?" she muttered, skimming the tip of her sword on the surface of the water. The Deox caught the threat and let out an ear shattering roar. It was clearly pissed that she wasn't dead yet. So be it, she thought and dipped herself under the surface of the cold water, blue eyes opened and scanning the clear underwater world.

The first thing she saw was the Deox lunging at her with it's wide gaping mouth revealing its tremendous rows of teeth. Wha oh.

In an desperate attempt to stop the lunge, she held up one hand. causing the water in front of her to pressurize it, turning it into a solid wall. The Deox rammed straight into the barrier and roared in pain and frustration. Aqua dipped lower, swimming expertly through the cool water. Her index finger was flexed. creating a trail of water along with her descent. The white beast was aware that the water wall had fallen and it quickly dove along with the girl. That was exactly what she expected.

The wisp of water that followed was turned into a sharp javelin of water.

"It's been fun." she said aloud, hearing her voice clear as day under her aquatic world before flexing her finger again. The javelin shot forward in a surprisingly fast pace despite the water pressure, coming into contact with the beast's throat. A grotesque gargle escaped the demon's mouth as light auburn blood filled the area. If she wasn't mistaken, she was aware of the Deox's blood qualities. In a final kick of her legs, she swam straight through the pool of blood and water and broke through the surface, gasping for air.

Her hair was purple and drenched with blood and salt water as she made her way over to the edge of the river. Licking a slight wound on her hand, she sighed, wringing out the water and blood in her hair.

I will never...ever..cross this damn river again.

Can you hurt that which is heartless?

This world and its kind...will burn before me.

With his sword in his lap and concentration in mind, he meditates at the summit of a volcano, remembering and focusing his power to its limits."Damn you all!!"he mutters in rage.While he meditates in peace,he sees visions of an immense battle soon to take place."Where are you....target?"he groaned in disgust.Intrigued by the vision,his flames raise in heat and engulf his entire body. Show me what your made of

Feeling cautious,he uses his fire to learn more about his opponent ,"Lets see who you are." he groaned,within an instant he felt a rush of cold and weakness surge through his body.Desmond used more and more of his power to sift through his enemy's mind and learn about her abilities,name,and origin.Searching through his opponents deeper memories, he finds out about his opponents powers of water manipulation and begins to feel excited. Well aren't you interesting

There you are

Satisfied with what he knows,he puts on a slick smirk and chuckles.While drawing his sword he leaps from the top of the volcano and splits the mountain in half."Her powers are great" he snickers with intrigue,Desmond walks toward the West in search of next enemy,prepared for battle and anxious to make the waters run red with her blood.looking at the sky he grips his sword and whispers.."Time to die...." Lets see if you bleed

For someone who just rid herself from a gigantic water demon, Aqua wasn't happy. Not at all. The blood from the beast dripped off of her shoulders, splashing sluggishly onto the river bed. Yuol was far from her current location and if she wasted anymore time, she would never make it to Kraytin in time.

She shuddered in disgust, a fleeting image of Kraytin's face snarling at her mother drowning all of her senses...

kraytin.jpg For someone who was as old as he was, he looked surprisingly young and handsome. Kraytin snarled down at the angry woman kneeling before him. His white hair was slightly tinged with blood; not sure if it were his own or someone else. At that point, caring about the origin of the blood would only further anger him. It was bad enough that two mere mortals stood before him, challenging his abilities, his powers, and his patience. They were about to see the true potential of all three.

"Please! Not her! She is not of our kind!" The woman in front of him wept, clasping her own heart.mom.jpg The woman stole a look at the tiny blue haired and blue eyed child to the right of her. So innocent...

Kraytin had enough of her begging. The light tinge in her voice was a buzzing bee in his ear. The man of smoke and shadow was collapsed on the ground, struggling to lift himself up. Kraytin sneered.

"Pien. Your woman is begging for her child's life. And it is quite annoying." His clear crisp voice turned into a growl, dark eyes piercing the woman's gray ones, both the very same color. Kraytin swiveled over to the girl, took one look and smirked, readying the silver knives he grasped in both hands.

"No!" Pien yelled, reaching out to the woman. The woman, took one look at him and smiled.

"Save her?"she asked. Before Pein had a chance to register inside his head what she meant, a silver knife, about 3 feet long, lodged itself straight into her face, cutting off any screams or sound that could possibly come out of the woman's mouth. The small girl jumped slightly, eyes wide and mouth closed. It felt as if the world were revolving dangerously slow. Her mother's head whipped back, filled with blood as Kraytin yanked his weapon from her face.

Both Pein and the girl glared at Kraytin, the man who just murdered their mother...their wife...and still managed to grin.

Aqua merely looked at the atmosphere in front of her, the memories that she told herself to lock away flooding back to her. In a single swing, she attached her sword back into the sheath on her left hip. Unfortunately, she would have to cross the river to get to the other side. After defeating the Deox, she wasn't aware to what side of the river she was resurfacing from.

With a heavy sigh, she made her way towards the water, when suddenly, she caught a blur of movement with her keen eyes.
Not hesitating in the slightest, she unsheathed her sword and twisted it once, taunting her new incomer.

You have got to be kidding me.

It was early in the day, the sun risen, and the land was clear of people. All except the sent of one, a girl and she was the same that Desmond was seeing in his visions, his dreams, the warrior he dreamed to battle. Her scent became clearer as he edged in closer and closer to her, they were miles apart, but being a humaniod dragon allowed his senses strengthen ten fold. The armor he wore among him sparked warmer as this woman's location became clearer to him.

It made him revel in the thought of their soon to be epic feat of battle. One that shall be legendary to the gods, demons, and the elements themselves.

Desmond became restless from the thought of his blade clashing against his opponent's. Over excited, he placed his blade on his back and began to morph, slowly and visiously, into his dragon form.

His hands and feet dug into the swaying grass beneath him, from his finger tips to his feet, flames engluffed his limbs. His armor changed from a maroonish red to a glossing gold, wings breaking their way from outside of his back. His eyes began to glow and change color while the armor became scales, toe nails to claws, and his body swallowed in fire.

"Lets begin shall we..." he roared, as he finished his transformation from an amored body, to a destructive golden dragon.

Desmond spread his sun-gold wings and took flight to his challenger. Miles turned into yards as he speeded through the air, her smell was stronger as he closed in, thicker now. The smell was intense and stimulating to his lust for battle, when he spoted her at the end of a bridge holding her weapon drawn, he believed she expected him. But really, it was a rabbit crossing the bridge.

Desmond laughed loudly as he was hidden in the mist of the river, the silently felw around her vision and landed behind her in the grass. the wind from his landing breezed away the mist, and revealed him to her. The dragon glared at her with his green eyes with his wings folded to his side, he hand no arms in this form so his wings would substitute.

What...the hell....is that.

Fear was the last emotion that clung to the edges of Aqua's mind was fear. In fact, fear had transformed into curiosity the minute the giant beast landed in front of her. She eyed the monster, noticing that it was eyeing her back in the same manor. Waves of blood lust lapped off of the dragon like an angry ocean. Aqua had never come across a beast of that stature, and she wondered what it was doing by the edges of the lake in the first place. The dragon was obviously 95% fire, so to have it prowling at the edges of a lake was odd. Even odder was that it's eyes were piercing into her own.

"....You've got to be kidding me."she repeated aloud, eyes lowering as she took tentative steps around the monster. The beast was hideous, that was fact. Aqua had never seen such a creature covered in scars and dark blood. Even the near and compressed stare in its eyes was enough to describe the trials it went through. She was even starting to feel slight tinges of pity for the dragon, but those were only momentary relapses. The dragon was obviously out to kill her. And that, simply could not happen.

Aqua flexed her fingers while she continued to eye the dragon. There was a no doubt in her mind that the dragon had no idea of her water powers, so she was at an advantage. She only hoped it could be enough.
So far the woman seemed to impress Desmond, she was the first to never realy panic at the sight of him. Making him even more lusting for the fight to begin, the moment to strike was so close in his eyes till he could taste it.

As she paced herself around him, he followed the same steps, vidulantly skulking in circles with her waiting for her to make the first move. his reptilian eyes glaring into her soul, enormous fangs aching for blood, and his senses locked into battle mode.

HE noticed how she stayed close to the water, she knew her advantage boost, but not of his power. His intense flame attacks would kill her given the chance, but water is water. His own life can be vitally affected if submerged in it. Desmond may have had they sky and the fire within, but that one weakness is a major flaw.

Little did it matter to him though, he intended to arise from this fight victorious. Whether he dies or not, his out-look on life, it's people, and her will be done.

He felt she would not make the first move, so to begin he sat up on his hind legs, breathed in deep and blasted a large breath of fire.
Aqua was prepared for fire. When the large blast flew towards her at the high speed, she waved her free hand once, conjuring a wave of water to hit the blast, creating steam. Perfect, she thought with a smirk as both her and the dragon disappeared behind the cloud of steam. Aqua's blue eyes scanned through the cloud, making out bits and pieces of the dragon's body. It wasn't hard to find due to the immaculate size of it. The plan was to shroud herself in the steam and come up with a better plan to kill it. Even though she clearly had the advantage, the dragon was huge! It would take a great amount of water to defeat it and Aqua was already pretty exhausted at her battle with the Deox earlier.

She could detect the deep rumble from within the dragon's throat. I can't just wait here to be attacked. Time to go on the offensive. With that thought, Aqua closed her eyes and took a deep breath outward. The blood from the Deox that covered her body began to soak into her her hair in skin, changing it a deep white. Aqua's blue eyes opened again before she lifted her free hand slowly. Simultaneously, a large amount of water thrashed and transfixed itself into a giant water Deox.


The creature, made of water and steam, still held the white glow of a real Deox. Red eyes looked over the area as the Deox let out a shrieking high pitched roar. Aqua pointed towards a sliver of the dragon's body that she made out through the fog.

The dragon instantly sensed her style of battle when she disappeared behind the steam. His size may have given him a disadvantage to hide as well, but he saw this as an opportunity dispite the short amount of time he had to use it.

His wings spread out and lifted him to the air to hover slightly off the ground, his tail swung close to the ground allowing him to use as a distraction if fallen for. Desmond's draconic eyes sifted through the steam and revealed her body heat to him, she was nearly the same temperature as the lake behind her. But he could see her clear as day. He then spotted the glow of a water-ish creature lurking by her command. "Interesting." he snarled, as he growled behind the mist.


As she finished the word, Desmond shot himself back, then launched forward and dug his massive fangs and talons into the body of the creature. A loud slam against the ground follwed as the two beast hit the ground. The dragon planted his right foot on the throat of the creation and breathed a strong blast of fire to kill it.

The creature quickly evaporated from his breath. Desmond looked over his right wing and spoke in a deep, monsterous voice.

"Is that all you've got?"
The steam had long since evaporated along with her water Deox that she created. The dragon destroyed destroyed it in less than a minute. Aqua only stood there, watching her Deox disintegrate into more steam. That wasn't her intentions. She planned on having the Deox destroyed so that it could collapse in puddles. She forgot about the fire.

"Ah."she said said before she heard the dragon growl out words. Words. The thing can talk. Great. Aqua glared up at the dragon that had risen into the air. Not wanting to give him the signal that he had won, Aqua lifted both hands into the air, water following their every movement. She kept her hands at waist length before running to the left, following the line of the lake bend. The water traveled along with her until Aqua spun on one foot, conjuring the water into a whip that wrapped around her like a snake.

"I don't know who you are, but before I kill you, I'll give you time enough to escape."she threatened, the water rushing around her body fiercely.
If he was using his human form he'd be smiling at her confidence right about now. She was confident of her ability, sure of herself that she'd put him down. Desmond couldn't help but chuckle just a bit, but not enough to show he was doubtful of her ability. This was something he wished ever challenger he'd killed had what she was displaying. Courage, boldicity, determination, and ferosity similar to his.

"I admire your display of courage, but I'll inform you now, that you're in over your head, human." he growled as he fiercly glided forward and over her head. He made a fluid back-flip in the air to face her, chanting in words of his dragon language.

"Invaradah Isoolus Sorahnen, Shen-Gurandaa Akah Ramendor."

As the words shouted briskly to the wind and howled through the mountains, a large ball of flame ignited in his jaws. His jaws opened wider as the orb gre larger, the heat intenser, as his wings began to start strong gusts of wind blowing towards her.

"Are you ready..?" he grunted.

The orb was now the size of house, scortching the very air and eminating burning heat. He tilted his neck back, then whiped it forward as he shouted.


The blast of heat accelerated forward to the woman, tearing at the ground, burning the grass, and intending to turn whatever it hits into ash.

Aqua listened intently to the dragon's words. He seemed pretty right enough. She may have been going slightly insane by challenging the giant beast, whether she had the advantage or not. It soured above her head and started to grunt something incoherent. Aqua strained her ears to listen to what he was chanting. The words became clearly the louder he spoke, but it wasn't English. Before Aqua could retort by saying something sarcastic about his mumbling, she noticed an intense fire hovering deep within the jaws of the dragon. The Orb was a great deal larger than she had anticipated for it to be. It was about the size of her cottage back in Yuol. Aqua looked up and watched the dragon send off the terrific blow with a single wave of its neck.


Aqua stood at the edge of the lake, looking up at the orb that was flying down towards her. The heat was unbearable even at that great of a distance between her and the ball of fire. Aqua lifted up both of her hands, rose them over her head as the water followed, and brought them down quickly, allowing the water to consume her. In the processes, the molecules in her body became one with the water and Aqua became part of the lake, water splashing into the lake.


The blast of fire soared through the lake, disintegrated the bed of water. As the steam and fog cleared, nothing remained but a giant crater and Aqua's slightly burned body at the ground.
The moment quickly became silent in the burned area. the sky became an orangee hue as if desmonds flames scortched the sky, ashes looming in the wind, and his seat of victory was at hand. He had Aqua in his grasp.

The dragon crawled to the wounded woman on foot and wing, slowly but surely he was planning to end it here. His sensation of battle, desire of power, and lust for a worthy adversary all came down to this moment, a quick ending by fire. Atleast, so he thought. Standing above her like an elephant to a badger, he saw how his power wasn't fair to her's. Most of her body was spattered in burns, burns from his own breath. She faught him couragiously, but it ended so quickly.

The dragon sat up on his hind legs and looked down at the woman, he knew her name from his vision, but not why he could see her. He soon felt a sick feeling as he thought of finishing her, his stomach ached and begged at him to cease. Whatever reason he had for trusting it he'll never understand. Desmond used his teeth to lift her by her shirt collar and drop her gently on his back, between his wings.

After three flaps of his wings he took flight, soaring off into the air. Desmond made sure to keep a straight flying pattern and zero combat rolls. He was flying a familiar route he knew as a youngling of his humanoid species. He was heading back to his village, Aringier.

It'd been three hours since he'd taken off from the scortched area, his wings were beating strongly against the wind, twisting and molding the wind to his flight pattern. Desmond noticed how she was so small compared to him, it was like a 50 foot croc carrying a bird on it's back.

Soon there it was, Aringier, vilage of the dragonaut species, or atleast what was left of them.

As he arrived to a soft landing an elderly woman greeted him. "Welcome back, Desmond. Mind explaining why you've brought us a human girl?"

"She was my opponent, I fought her earlier your wiseness." "You didn't finish her off?" "She's different."

He landed to all four and the elder carried the woman to a healers tent. She layed her gently on the silk smooth blankets , green flames rose from her hands as she began to heal her.
Aqua felt something tingling across her skin. The feeling was soothing and at the same time...very mysterious. It was as if she were floating in a lake of clouds if at all possible. Aqua was too afraid to open her eyes to look around. The last thing she remembered was suppressing the catastrophic blast from the mysterious golden dragon before blacking out. If she was feeling something then that meant that she was still alive. If she hadn't of done what she did in the lake, she would have been incinerated into pieces.

Aqua flexed a finger and didn't feel any immediate pain or agony. Was she even hurt at all.

"Where...am I...?"she spoke aloud to no one in particular. She wasn't even sure if anyone was in the room with her...if she were even in a room. Curiosity was tearing her apart but she willed herself to remain still until she had the courage enough to move.
"You're at my village, he replied as he morphed back to his human form and walked close to the bed. "Our shauman, Minerith is tending to the wounds I inflicted apon you, any perminant damage will heal, I assure you.

As he raised his hand to reach out to the woman, he saw his hand spark a small shot of a brisk purple aura. What was that? he thought, as examined his hand to see where it came from, he noticed her wounds returning to her normal shade of smooth human skin. It was breath taking how quickly she healed, being a water user it might have been a natural perk in her system. Either way Desmond would never know.

"You did a good deed bringing her here, Desmond. Today you've saved a life, one that may be in common with yours more than you think." the shauman preached, as she finished healing the purple haired girl, she pulled the blanket over her and left a wet towel roll on her head in case of sickness. "What do you mean "more than i know" you elderness?" He sat down in a chair beside the bed and waited for her response. "Her name is Aqua my child, she has a great destiny ahead of her, just like you. Your fates are intuind by a common event that set you two into motion.

"What do you mean?" he questioned further still not understanding. The old woman looked up into his eyes and grinned at him as she spoke.

"Hurtled into the chaos they fight, and the darkness shall shake before them."
Aqua listened in on the voices with her eyes closed. She recognized the first voice as the dragon she battled before, but the manor in which it was speaking did not seem as if it were coming from a dragon at all. It seemed more human than anything. The brows on Aqua's forehead wrinkled but she didn't move an inch and, instead, listened in on the conversation that took place before her.

"I know that you may be a shaman and all, but I highly doubt that my life is intertwined with a humanoid dragon that tried to kill me. You may have me mistaken for another Aqua."she said. The room had grown silent again and Aqua took that time to open one eye slowly. The first thinkg that caught her eye was a green flame around her. She flinched in the quick reaction to seeing fire, but a hand settled her down.

"Easy, girl. Do not move."the shaman spoke. Aqua opened the remaining eye and glance over the room. It was nothing like the houses in her village. It had a more...abstract element to it. Aqua took in as much of the sights as she could, still not being able to see this man who had brutally wounded her.

"When can I leave?"she questioned aloud, still afraid to move around while there was fire around her.

"You've not made a full recovery yet, my dear" the shaman concerned. She took her leave outside the tent and gestured for desmond to come with her. "She'll need her rest, can I trust you to stand guard of this human until she's healed?"

"But my elder, she is my opponent!" Desmond raged, as he glared at the shaman with a look of battle. "I know nothing of this girl and I certainly doubt she knows anything of me, other than my species. "If she was just a another opponent, wouldn't you have finished her off then?" the shaman sassed him. He would've told her off if she wasn't right, why didn't he finish her? That was one question that the shaman could see, but not him.

Something was special about him and her, something they had in common. But what is the standing question. What is it that connects them? Destiny, fate, or maybe a childhood event. Was his visions of her not for battle, but something else? Only time would tell and possibly what lied in store.
Aqua sat up and glared at the man in front of her. His appearance was a lot for her to absorb due to the fact that she encountered him as a giant golden beast. Now, seeing him in human form, it was difficult for her to contain her rage. This guy nearly killed her, saved her, and wants to kill her again. Aqua's cold blue eyes blazed into the man's red ones, showing absolutely no signs of fear.

"I don't care what she says. Try and kill me if you want. You'll regret it."she said in a cold voice. No matter if he saved her or not, he still approached her with the intent on killing. That only was enough to make her hate him forever. The green fire around her began to die out and Aqua brought her gaze down to her skin. It was perfectly clear of any scratches, bruises, or burns.

"Tell your shaman I send my thanks. If you don't mind, I'll be on my way now,"she said with no emotion at all before getting up from where she lay, turning away from the man, and walking out the door without a second word.
She's got guts, is what most would say about her, that was displayed immediately as she took her leave. All he could see was the cold stare she shot at him as she walked, feeling her anger in her steps further and further from him. At this point there was basically nothing he could say to stop her, an apology would probably mean something, but the question to that is "will she listen?" Despite the doubt he had to aopoligize, he'd be mad if someone saved him and tried to kill him afterwards too.

"Wait," he eased, reaching out to her. Desmond quickly made his way and stood infront of Aqua."I apologize for my actions earlier. You probably expecteed my arrogance and for that I'm sorry. If it helps, I no longer wan't or desire to harm you, but learn who you are." he said, bowing on one knee with his right hand to his chest. "My elder's visions have never been wrong, Aqua. But I shall not keep you here against your will, you may leave. but i shall be watching you close.

He came to his feet, Desmond manifested a small red ruby in his hand. "Here take this," he said softly, "It will call me to you r location If you're in danger." His helmet covered his face from her, but he could tell she could see his red eyes. He took a good look at her blue eyes, then walked by her and went back to his tent.

Aqua looked down at the ruby and then back at...what was his name? She didn't remember receiving one so she would just call him Dragonoid for the time being. The ruby was really a thing of beauty. It shimmered in the beams of sunlight. The ruby rays of light even ricocheted off buildings and windows. The sight was magnificent and Aqau had to clasp her fingers over the stone to stop the light show. She looked back at Dragonoid and then shrugged once, turning to continue her walk.

This thing could probably go for some major money in Yuol. With a smirk, Aqua turned her current brisk walk into a jog, winding her way around tents, cottages, and shops until she found the exit to the village. Fighting Dragonoid had importantly been an adventure, but it also strayed her off course. The plan was to make it to Youl before nightfall....and it was already nightfall. The girl bit her lip as she rounded the corner of the entrance gates and stepped into an unknown forest. Dammit, I don't even know where I am. What the hell is that guy's problem!? Aqua turned around to fully face the village from which she just left. She could go ask someone where she currently was...
Looking over shoulder she disappeared from his sigght, but her smell lingered close in the camp. Her way of manuvering tthrough the camp was impressive to him, it showed she was a lot faster than what he knew. A few younglings stared at her as she wondered while others glimpsed and ignored her as she left. the only one majorly concerned of her leave was the shaman. The girl wasn't hurt anymore, so whatever reason she had must have been serious.

"Are you not worried she'll become lost?"

The shaman glared with a concerned look at him. Desmond simply sat facing the direction Aqua ran, with his arms crossed and stern look beneath his crimson helmet. His red eyes were concerned for the darkness lurking around toniught. Bandits, murauders, and maybe even a woman's worse nightmare. All could be lurking at night, and all could take Aqua by the slightest sign of a distracted prey.

A quick sigh let out from desmond's lips as he stood to his feet. The dragonoid removed his heavy armor, but kept on what was needed. just the guantlets, boots, under vest, and a long cape made to cover the body. The night air was fresh to his light brown skin, his red hair spralled across his head without his helmet.

"Where are you going?"

He walked forward, not answering his elder, facing twards Aqua's direction. "I'm going to find her..."