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  1. I want to do an RP about a society divided into two sperate groups ordinary humans like you and I, and those not so normal; blessed with abilities far beyond human comprehension they were once revered as gods, then monsters and finally "The Gifted." While they are still looked upon with skepticism and fear an alliance has been formed between the two races; so long as the gifted do not abuse their powers the humans will not fight them. Now that is not to say that every now and again a "Gifted" will go against this alliance to stir up trouble, the one that do are forever refered to as "Dishonored" and are branded with a mark for all to see. After that they are sent to a prison guared by other "Gifted." The mark is usually put somewhere easily seen by others, usually on one of the hands or face; the one's who become "Dishonored" are usually let go after a few years of confinment but are still left with their marks so people will know that they have gone against the rules.
  2. Oh I thought it was the game >.> :P *trollface*
  3. nope sorry no Corvo here XD
  4. I think it sounds really interesting:)
  5. So would this be fantasy, modern, sci-fi, etc.?
  6. a mix of the three Gifted are the fantasy side humans are the modern scifi side of it
  7. This sounds interesting
  8. I'm actually thinking of changing the name from "Gifted" to remnants

    I want to make this rp a success so if you feel it might need something added send me a private message and I'll see what I can do.