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    Dunwall has been saved, Corvo a hero and Lady Emily put onto the Throne to succeed her Mother. Havelock was locked away for trying to use Emily and gain power. The Assassin Daud was spared but left the city and disappeared after that. The plague was defeated thanks to Sokolov and Piero's work. The Empire began to prosper once more now that the Throne was secure and the plague was beaten back, but as time went on and Emily grew older, so did Corvo. He isn't what he used to be and there is always some Noble vying for power.

    The only problem is that Corvo doesn't want anything to happen to little Emily like in the past with her Mother. He doesn't want to turn to the Overseers, City Watch, or even the other Nobles as he fears that whoever he turns to may be working for the Conspiracy. So he has gone the only route he believed was right. He searched down the Remnants of Daud's Assassin Group, which is now being led by a new man.

    Corvo hires this Assassin group to track down and kill the conspirators and he will pay them handsomely. The unknown man agreed to the terms and now stalks through the night, searching for the ones that conspire against the Empress.


    Leader: @Urdnot Grunt - Vain Mindru
    Veteran: @Aravhorn - Vlad Rohoviric
    Seasoned: @JextheShadow - Triton Briar
    Initiate: @Death Name Cry - Flame
    Initiate: @Inquisitor Dusty - "Rat" Parsons
    Initiate: @Vulnus - Gregory


    Powers: The Leader is the only one blessed by The Outsider and has the ability to unlock new powers, but he sacrificed this "gift" to become powerful by sharing the wealth of powers between his Assassins. They have the ability to blink and pull, the more they use these abilities, the less strain they have put on them, etc. (So initiates would probably have low mana after using blink once or twice)

    Mana: Yes, there will be mana involved in this game (Please leave a suggestion on how we should deal with Mana) Unless everyone can agree not to abuse the few powers they have and be realistic. So I don't want to see the Veteran and Seasoned one blinking around hostiles like it's nothing and prodding at them and making fun of them. Now, the mana will only really be involved when they go out on missions, but when they are at their hideout and really doing nothing, just talking and resting, then their is no mana limit as long as no fight ensues.

    Lethal and Non-Lethal Takedowns: The missions that will be tasked to the group also have two ways, it is up to the group to decide on if they are willing to go down the pure path and find a non-lethal way to take them out of the picture.

    Anyother questions or concerns, just leave a comment :P


    Name: (Pretty simple)
    Age: (Over 20)
    Appearance: (Appearance, duh. Description or Picture works)
    Powers: (Though everyone has the same powers)
    Equipment: (Throwing Knives, Pistol, Assassin Blade, etc.)
    Background: (Optional)
    Personality: (Optional)
    Extra: (This is for something I forgot)
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  2. Before I continue my sheet, I just wanted to double check something. Are we all starting with the same two powers and we'll unlock more as we go along?

    As for mana, possibly just have each power have a cost from 1 to 3, then a different number of mana points for each rank. Blink would probably cost 1, while Pull I think cost more and would be 2? And if you don't use a power in your next post you regenerate 1 mana, like in the game.
    Initiate: 3
    Seasoned: 5
    Veteran: 7
    Leader: 10

    Also, appearance is something you might want to add :P I added it to my sheet myself.

    Name: "Rat" Parsons
    Age: 23
    Powers: Blink, Pull
    Equipment: Assassin's Blade, Dagger, Smoke Bombs,
    Background: Rat was born and raised in Dunwall, typical orphan sob story. The plague got her parents when she was young and she was dragged from her tiny home to live in an orphanage. Rat grew up among the children, and always felt sort of distant from the others. She couldn't bring herself to care for other orphans. Instead, she found solace in the rats that managed to sneak into the orphanage. Though they never talked to her, she found herself more comfortable talking to them in darkened rooms than playing games with the other children.
    Personality: Rat is a bit cold to outsiders, preferring to keep her thoughts to herself unless they're urgent to the mission. She is well aware of her limits and doesn't push herself if she knows she can't pull something off. At the hideout she is similarly withdrawn, though mostly due to her often acting awkward in conversation. She's unfortunately also a bit skittish, though she has no qualms with bloodshed... As long as she isn't spotted in the act.
    Appearance: Rat has a general disheveled look about her. Her dark brown hair hangs around her face and has a jagged, short cut. Her face seems always covered in a layer of dirt, and like the Whalers before her, she wears a gas mask. She's a bit on the shorter side, and slight of frame.
    Extra: (This is for something I forgot)

    Still very WIP and subject to changes and all that.
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  3. Yes, an appearance. I knew I forgot something.
  4. Name: Vlad Rohoviric



    Powers: Blink and Pull

    Assassin's Blade, Wrist crossbow, 5 sleeping darts, 10 darts, 3 Sokolov's elixirs*, 3 Piero's remedies*

    Background: Born in the cold plains of Tyvia, Vlad arrived to the city of Dunwall when his father was offered a job as a whaler in a fleet. At the age of ten, when the Empress was murdered and the plague tormented the city, his mother died during this period of time and his father was lost to the seas, forcing the young boy to survive in the streets alone. That's when Daud picked him up and enlisted him in his ranks. During his early days as an assassin, Vlad was already showing a talent for his job, and eventually he became almost as good as Billie Lurk and Daud himself were, which helped him to reach his rank at the age of 25.

    Personality: He is cold, but has a clear sense of morals (like his preference to not to spill innocent blood pointlessly and "neutralize" his targets instead of killing them). He is selfless, ready to help his fellow assassins when they are in danger, and has a tendency to sometimes give orders to the ones that are of lower rank (although he isn't allowed to).

    Vlad is a 1.87 meters tall, reasonably strong man with light brown (almost orange) hair and goatee of the same colour. He sports a long old scar over his right eye and cheek, a "gift" from one of the guards of his former assassination targets.

    (This is for something I forgot)

    *A side note: In the low chaos ending of the game, Piero and Sokolov might work together to make the cure by mixing the ingredients of both potions, so it might be possible that exists a potion that heals you up AND restores your mana.

    Dusty, actually mana only regenerates only a lower difficulty levels AFAIK. In higher levels you needed to take elixirs to replenish it.
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  5. I've always played on the second to last difficulty and I could use Blink infinitely as long as I waited a bit. Can't speak for the hardest difficulty though.

    Edit: Oh, and it's Billie Lurk. No hope around these parts :p
  6. Yes, that's true, but if you use repeatedly a power without giving enough time to "cool down" then you would quickly run out of mana. Also, it only regenerated a small part of it. Also, thanks for pointing that Billie's name was wrong.

    Also, Grunt, did you know that each individual that bears an Outsider's mark has an ability or power that is unique to them? That means that you can have a power that is not mentioned in the game without problems, but only one.
  7. I know ^^

    I'm still making my CS and I don't know what ability to create for my character
  8. That's why I said it would only regenerate one point if you wait a turn after using a power, silly :p
    Anyways, thoughts on my system? I think it's simple enough.
  9. As to me, the system looks good enough. (Also, I have just misunderstood what you were saying. At first I thought that you meant that the mana would regenerate each turn if not used, so yeah, my bad)
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  10. Name: Gregory
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Rank: initiate
    Appearance: Five foot four inches. Shaved bald, with part of the right ear missing and a scar that runs down from his eye brow to just above his neck. On his right arm is a tattoo of an anchor with two rifles crossed in front of it. His eyes are a dark blue. He wears the assassins hood and robes, along with his mask. His mask is designed to look like the face of a mannequin.
    Powers: Blink and Pull
    Equipment: Assassins blade, two pistols, 4 spring blade traps, 3 throwing knives.
    Background: Growing up Gregory was thrown out of his home at thirteen. He got involved in gangs, purely as a way to survive. At sixteen he got a job at the whaling yards, and said goodbye to the gangs. then, just a year later the plaque came. The whaling yard fired him, and he was sent a drift. That is when the assassins picked him up.
    Personality:Has a strong sense of morals, is jovial when the situation isn't serious.
    Extra: (This is for something I forgot)
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  11. Name: Triton Briar
    Age: 34
    Appearance: Standing at 5'7, Triton is Average in almost all respects. Well groomed short blond hair and a clean shaven face, his eyes a piercing green. A slim build, he relies on finesse rather then brute strength in combat. Day to day he prefers to wear dark clothing and a trench coat. ( Ill have to research becuase my lack of knowledge is killing me x.x) Hidden in his sleeves are his throwing knifes concealed by a simple strap system, a flick of his arm can send the weapon to fall into his grasp. His hands are scared both from practicing his neat trick and from his trade.
    Powers: Blink, Pull
    Equipment: An upgraded pistol , Assassins Blade, 4 throwing knifes
    Rank Seasoned
    Personality: Serious and well mannered, Triton has the poker face of a butler. He is quicker to strike with his wit then his fist, even in the most chaotic of situations he manages to keep his head. Even so every one has a wild side, if not in there feelings their actions. Time and time again Triton will throw himself into the chaotic situations he works so well within. Working with him can tend to be .... difficult. Simple assassinations become outright massacres. He will even go far as to kill in the streets and walk away without a trace.

    Extra: (This is for something I forgot)
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  12. Jex, wait, there weren't any revolvers in the world of Dishonored AFAIK, just whale-oil-powered pistols. As for the knifes, they look fine enough.
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  13. I.... may only know the concept of the game Dishonored so thank you for enlightening me good sir. Ill change it.
  14. Oh! Also, in the CS could you all put what...Rank your character is. (Veteran, Seasoned, or Initiate) so I don't have to look through the list several times to put it xD
  15. It's worth mentioning that Corvo's pistol, once you upgraded it with more shots per reload, was technically a revolver.

    Anyways, my constantly shifting character should be finished later tonight, busy with school ATM.
    This isn't even her final form!!!
  16. Oh yes! Gender should also be in the CS D:

    I always forget little things
  17. Shall this still be the standard Assassin Uniform? (Only have to wear it during missions)

  18. Looks good, though I'd like it if my character could wear his own mask.
  19. Yes, they may have their own mask.
  20. Hmm, strange. I don't recall seeing those kinds of masks in the game! Are these some pre-release "sketch" models of the assassins?
    Anyway, here is another mask variant:
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