Dishonored: Assassin's Tale (IC)

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  1. Deep within Dunwall, a group of Assassin's resided within the booming city of industrial age. Whale Oil led new technology to power and the ability to expand and grow. Yet, not all power from the technological advances of Dunwall. Some came from other sources, one of those sources specifically known as The Outsider. These Assassin's harness the power of The Outsider, though they are limited as The Outsider hasn't spoken to them or given them his mark. Only one of the group has been given the Mark and that is Vain, current leader of the Assassin's. The story takes place within a hidden hideout, in the sewers of Dunwall now because the districts have been retaken once the Rat Plague was driven out of Dunwall.
    Vain let out a sigh, his body sat down in an old leather chair. A desk in front of him, papers with pictures strewn across, names circled and crossed out. Some were green, some were red and some were orange. It was obvious on what meant what. "So...the Empress is in danger and we are suppose to protect her...well. Why does it matter" He chuckled as he grabbed one of the bags of gold coins that sat on his desk. That was just the advancement pay. Every Lord or Soldier they dealt with that was planning against the Empress was even more money. Money, greed, and power led everything. No matter how pure the city or the person. Anyone could be hired or bribed and Vain had his price. The Empire payed.

    He brought his feet up on the desk as he leaned back, staring up at the ceiling. There was still a light smell of sewer down in the makeshift hideout, but it was their home and they kept it nice and tidy. "I should make an announcement" He grumbled, not wishing to move from the spot.

    Lifting his fingers to his mouth, he made a sharp whistle. Whoever was nearby his door would understand that he was summoning them. The hideout was small, only enough to fit around six to eight people. Vain's own office was also his bedroom, a bed sitting in the corner where the desk sat in the middle.
  2. Gregory walked into the office, as ever with his mask on. Without a word he leaned against the wall next to the door and began playing with one of his spring razor traps. After a moment he looked at Vain and asked "What is the announcement?"
  3. Vlad suddenly appeared at the doorstep, out of nowhere. He walked to be next to Gregory.

    His suit was red as the blood of the fallen, which corresponded to his rank, and he was without his mask, revealing his long scar on his face, a small "souvenir" from one of the guards of his former target (who is rotting right now in a tyvian camp for "Treason" and "Murder", or so people think). His sheathed sword shined briefly in the dimly lit room, covered in dry blood of those unfortunate souls that decided to cross their paths with him.

    "What is it, Vain?" Vlad calmly asked his leader. "Were you calling us?"

    (Please check the OOC for the outfits of your rank, if you are interested)
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  4. Flame was on the roof when she heard the whistle. she jumped off landing softly and gentle on the railing. she placed one of her hand on the bar and jumped down silently. hurrying over to the Office not a foot step heard as she ran. she then walked inside and bowed her head to Vain and the others. then lend on the door frame waiting for what Vain had to say.
  5. Rat sat against the wall outside the office, cleaning her dagger before she heard a sharp whistle from the room. She peered inside at their leader, Vain, resting his legs on his desk. She heard the others approaching and stepped further to the side, letting them into the office. She followed afterwards and threw glances to the others as she sheathed her dagger on her leg and crossed her arms behind her back, standing at attention.
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