Dishonored anyone?

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Have you played/Watched someone play Dishonored?

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  1. Yes I have And I want to join!

  2. No I have not maybe Ill join

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  3. Yes But I didn't like the game so I'm not joinning

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  4. No And it sounds stupid! (Me: Rude much!)

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  1. Hi, Umm so I have been Watching Cry Play Dishonored and it sounds fun. I have yet a plot to make and I need Ideas if you can help me. yeah.... It will probably mostly after the game or even before ^^; like i said I have yet to make the plot and I am still watching the game and It seams cool so far! so i wanted to make something out of it ^^;

    By the way if you give me an idea You will be given full credit of it! Unless you don't want to and then your crazy!


    P.s here the place to go to watch Cry play Dishonored he makes it more fun to watch XD
    There is 21 episodes so Its long!

  2. Um..yes i want this to happen so badly!
    if you want I could look up some of the stories and stuff about dishonored and shoot over some ideas..
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  3. I am cautiously interested. There's a lot you could do to make a plot in the Dishonoured setting, but at least 80% of them would fail miserably due to the volatile nature of a world inhabited by both technology and magic. It was a miracle it worked in the original plot.
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  4. Really thanks ^^ But Just know I still want the idea of the outsider in it.... (i'm not sure if he died or the people destroyed him or if they guy destroyed him because I'm not really far in the game but i REALLY like the game so far...)

    Yeah I know but Its hard to find the RIGHT plot to use for the Dishonored world! because I am a big fan of the world and everything I just feel that I have no right to destroy or UA on it.... I am starting to feel that I should have never made this rp in the first place as well because I am a big fan and I don't want to mess it up
  5. Hah. I don't mind RPing in a game/anime world I like, but if it involves pre-established characters then I avoid it like the plague. No way fandom people would be able to not-ruin those characters regardless of how good at RPing they were. The outsider actually plays very little of a role in Dishonoured, so I wouldn't make that a central theme. The outsider is just there to give a supernatural slant on the environment in a creepy sort of way rather than the normal straight forward "yeah magic's real" thing. I don't know how much you know about the world so I don't want to just start posting my ideas as they contain lore you may not have encountered yet.
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  6. Ill keep that In mind Thanks
  7. what we need to think of is the time line, is it before, after or during the video game?
  8. hahaha I have no idea I have yet to finish the game like I have said before and I'm almost finish so when I watch the last Episode Ill tell you ^^; I feel so Rushed in fishing this game walkthough *sigh*
  9. Trust me, it's the kind of game that you really ought to play rather than watch. Its not the kind of game in which you still think theres loads you havent seen with the videos. The plot's incredibly linear, and its just small variations in insignificant side activities that you'd be missing out on if you didn't play it. That being said, the game is still fun and it's almost impossible to do it with low chaos. Personally, i'd say we should have it being set before the events of Dishonoured, during a possibly made up period of time. What i'm thinking is we do a kind of thing where technology is just starting up with whale oil and that solokov guy being only a recent discovery, with weapons being incredibly powerful but very temperamental and unreliable. Also a time in which it's far more dangerous to be a magic user because the church are having a giant witch-hunt thing. I say before because they're making a Dishonored 2 and i don't really want to disturb that.
  10. ^^ No I watch Cry play the Game and he like how I would play the game XD

    and I can't play the game because I am A failer to gamers to only have a 3ds and a Wii
  11. Hey, not owning an Xbox isn't necessarily a bad thing. My favourite games are split between DS, 3DS and Wii. Frankly, I think most of the Xbox and PC games i've played are pretty terrible. And then there's Playstation, but everyone knows they barely class as a gaming device. More as a box to make your TV stand look more impressive. Though, there are some very good VNs for PS which I would be willing to give myself RSI with the PS controllers in order to play.
  12. That sounds promising (both the aspect of the setting and the idea of buying an Xbox)
    I would also advise to read the Wiki, even if a person had played or watched Dishonored, since it placed a lot of things in the Dishonored universe into easily digestible text.
  13. Thanks ^^ Maybe that will help as well ^^
  14. But wait which ending did you pick?
  15. well it all depends on how gameplay turned out…and unless you have finished i shan't spoil it.
  16. I've played through the campaign mode 4 times now. The first 2 times I had high chaos, third i managed to get away with medium and 4th took me a week of restarting checkpoints but I finally did it with low.
  17. So… have we come to a conclusion on what the time frame is on the RP?
  18. After the game and it has the good ending I don't like the little girl evil. she to evil for my teats. And it creeps the hell out of me! so yeah its after the Game maybe many years later??

  19. i shall write my character then!
  20. And Ill have a Plot soon Not yet but soon ^^
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