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    Horror/Survival RP

    2 year's ago in 2010 New york city went silent after one final hectic and clearly terrified transmission of horror. But when night fell, we never had the chance to React. They spread over the united states like a plague killing everyone they could find.They lived in the darkness struggling to find there way through the light. I seemed as though sun light hurt them, which meant we still had a chance. 2 Years later they have taken over, But we are fighting back, and we are fighting back. We spread during the day, and when night falls we bunker down and hold the line. When all else fails we cannot. We can't let them kill us, we must survive. If we fall now all of humanity is lost to those things. My name is Dante and i lead one of the only surviving groups of people willing to fight back. Me and my people have just made it to New York and were going to try and get to there nest. We will most likely die before we can do it, but if we can get to there nest, we may stand a chance at taking back our world.

    Okay so the basic idea is This starts in New York with these creatures coming out through the subway systems and killing, MOST, everyone in new york. There not vampires they don't suck blood, there like subterranean monster's that have finally came to the surface. The picture up top shows what they look like ^__^, well face wise anyway. They mostly hunt , outside, during the day because sunlight hurts them but you can sometimes find Brutes, Which i will discuss if i get enough interest in this, which are rather strong and have a much higher pain tolerance. You will play a Role in a Rag tag group of people banded together to try and take back the country. There will be two NECESSARY ROLES, i want them to be best friends of my said character who is the leader of the rag tag group- and if one of them would like to be my Lover That's what i really wanted. But there will be no sex just the romantic tension between lovers. There will be implied sex such as when everyone goes to sleep but for the sake of those RP'ing with us i don't want it going any further as to not make anyone shy away.

    Now onto the RP mechanics involved in this game. We are not super humans we are not super soldiers, we don't have exoskeletons, or any of that bull shit, for the most part we are just plain old civilians. So i don't want any John Rambo's in this RP who have 12 years of combat experience as a US Delta Farce Marine (Yes i meant Farce). This is Survival Horror. Yes we have guns, and yes over two years we've learned to use them in our own civi sort of way, but we don't have military training. Maybe some police officer survived who helped with the basic police training. Also do to the Survival aspect, i expect your character to have weaknesses, to need to drink water and eat food. That will always be a constant mechanic. Within a day's time we need to eat at least once a day, to keep ourselves from collapsing. There fore you will need to keep track of the food and water you have on you at all time, if all you carry is a canteen and some granola bars, keep track of how much you drink and how many you have left. Now onto the Horror aspect. During the day, we are FAIRLY safe and can scavenge and move freely as a squad, but at night, things get very dangerous and one wrong move could end up killing your guy, and i will kill your guy if i get the chance. I want the night time to be very hectic and suspenseful, you need to watch each others backs and keep your lights on. They won't scare away the creatures but it will help you see them.


    Respect my authority. What i say goes. I am mostly lenient but i have to keep the reins and keep things going sometimes ^__^.

    2. Have fun, and respect each other, this is a co-operative RP you need to work together or i can guarantee you you will Die Off Fast.

    3. Keep the sex to a none or at the very most simply Imply it happens once everyone goes to sleep.

    4. Keep OOC conversations in the OOC ^__^

    5. Keep cussing and vulgarity down when in the OOC

    Character Sheet






    Gear: (canteen, candy bar, Ipod, Flashlight, etc.)

    Weapons: (Most of our weapon's will be scavenged so keep that in mind no fucking prototype weapons or super rare ones)


    Bio: [At least one Paragraph]

    Accepted Character Sheets

    Show Spoiler
    Name: Dante (Ace)

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Age: 24

    Height: 5'10

    Weight: 129

    Gear: 2 Canteens, Industrial LED Flashlight with shake charge battery, Bullet Lighter, 3 Granola Bar's, 1 energy bar, 2 protein Bar's.


    AK47, with front mount grip and sling- 2 spare clips

    Police Issue Glock 22- 1 spare clip

    Kukri, stainless black steel blade, back sheath

    [I won't put in the Character sheet till i have at least 3 people interested ^__^]
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  5. Name: Adrian Vance

    Appearance: Athletic build, short dark hair, dark brown eyes, tan skin, cargo pants of pockets, black belt, and dark blue shirt with a brown leather coat, and hiking boots, and a backpack.

    Age: 23

    Height: 6'1"

    Weight: 190

    Gear: Canteen, 15 snack bars (3 fiber, 5 protien, 2 energy, 5 granola), lighter, flashlight with set of replacement batteries, black blanket rolled up and tucked in the bottom of his backpack

    Weapons: 9mm pistol with 3 clips of ammunition on his person, a hunting knife, and a sheath and holster tucked in the belt on his back.

    Personality: Chipper friendly guy with a positive outlook on people and situations, tries to find humor in everything. He's a really personable guy, friendly, and willing to work with others. He doesn't like confrontation and really hates how violent his life has become. To maintain his sanity he likes to crack jokes about the messed up situations he manages to scrape himself out of.

    Bio: Growing up, Adrian spent a lot of time idolizing sports stars, firemen, typical young boy hero worship. As he got older he took a bigger interest for himself and what he wanted to do with his life. He spent some time in high school on various sports teams and even took up hunting for a short period of time. Didn't take him long to get out of that sport, didn't like the killing aspect. In college, Adrian realized he really wanted to help people for a living. Before the decent Adrian worked part-time in a restaurant and full time as a fitness/nutrition coach trying to build up to owning his own gym.

  6. Accepted Nicely Done ^__^ Woot! ^__^
  7. Name: martin snow

    Appearance: pale skin, black hair, black jeans black long sleve lether jacket, old gray backpack with a bedroll tied to the top

    Age: 25

    Height: 5 foot 8 in

    Weight: 146

    Gear: camalback 3 road flares 2 cans of dogfood 3 power bars a iron cross on the end of a rosary a flash light with 1 set of extra AA batries

    Weapons: one S&W 32spc with 1 speed loder a ruger mini 14 rancher with 1 10rd mag and one 30 rd mag and one KBAR tanto blade knife straped to his back pack strap

    Personality: quit guy he says littel and he keeps to him self when he can, thinks this is all gods way of punishing earth

    Bio martin ran track in highschool he went on to flunk out of collage,martin was never able to hold a job. He has never found his place in life all he was ever able to do right was shoot and run. martin was a janitor in a small office building befor the shit hit the fan,

    im kinda new to this so i would love pointers

  8. Okay so here i go,from your name to your weight your fine, but your gear. This includes back packs armor things like that, so you want to include what he's wearing.

    Your weapon's are rather hard to find unless you special order them, i'd suggest something a little more accessible, something alot of people would buy at your regular gun store. Your personality is cookie cutter, i want to know how he thinks and reacts such as example: Marcus is a cold man who rarely reacts to what people say to him and simply answers there questions. He rarely gets mad but when he does it's because you've crossed the line. He has an undeniable soft spot for children and always helps the younger people rather then the older under the pretense that younger people need the help to grow up safely. . .: See what i mean.

    And lastly your bio . . . . It's not even really cookie cutter, it's just not very thought out. I want to know the major points in his life that lead up to the person he is now.
  9. Thanks for accepting. This is my first time on an RP site and a friend said I would probably enjoy it. Your idea sounds extremely fun I hope you can get enough people.
  10. ill try to re write it when i get off work thanks man
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  17. Well, in hopes that this ever picks up again, imma post a character sheet.

    Name: Sita Martyn.

    Appearance: Curvy, has long, wavy blonde hair with a red streak in it that comes down to her butt. She has dark violet eyes.

    Age: 20

    Height: 5'9"

    Weight: 125lbs

    Gear: A flashlight, 2 packages of batteries, 5 granola bars, 3 energy bars, a canteen full of water, a lighter, lighter fluid, two packs of matches, a green blanket, a pair of worn combat boots, jeans, a t-shirt, a jacket, and sunglasses.

    Weapons: A few daggers, which she keeps one strapped to her side, another to her leg, and one to her arm, some throwing knives, which she keeps strapped inside her Jacket, a taser, and a small gun with a couple extra rounds of ammo.

    Personality: Sita is kind, and she tries to help anyone she can. She is also very loving. Despite her kindness, she is very fierce, often standing up for what she believes in. She would easily sacrifice herself for someone she cares for.

    Bio: She grew up in a small town, and mostly kept to herself as she grew up. She had good grades, and after high school she got into college because of a scholarship. When these thing came, they killed her mother, father, and her little sister. Since then, she has vowed to avenge their deaths, no matter the cost.

    Hehe, sorry about the shortish Bio. Also, I was wondering, could I be the Lover...? You wanted one so if this picks up again, I wanna be the lover. Please. :3 ^.^ Well, I hope people join 'cuz I reeaaallly wanna RP this. Bye-Bye.