Discussiong Time!: Updating the Iwaku Policies!

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  1. We are coming up to a new year, which means we are busily going across the site trying to update any information that is out of date and is no longer relevant to our community.

    The rules on Iwaku are here to protect YOU GUYS and keep things organized, so we like to let all the members take a look at the rules and let us know if there's something that hasn't been working, if something is missing, etc, etc, etc.

    You can view our current rules here.

    Review them and let us know what YOU think!

    Remember: Iwaku does not want to be a restrictive community, where people are afraid that they'll break one of the 293724 million rules. We want to allow people the freedom to speak about anything while still remaining respective to the community. KEEP THIS IN MIND WHEN MAKING SUGGESTIONS!

    Have at you!
  2. Thought I'd chip in with the fact that I don't really see anything wrong with any of those rules.

    Though a little part of me kinda wants there to not be 13 of them xD but that's inconsequential.

    All looks fine to me!
  3. Another thing to keep in mind is that there's a handy form for reporting people to staff to deal with - and make sure you know who the members of staff are? Mostly it looks about right still.
  4. I also have to say that I don't see anything missing! The only suggestion I might add is to include something about drug use, because I have seen people become uncomfortable when drugs have been discussed. But that would probably fall under rule #4.
  5. Unfortunately, I think that's one of those ideals that's become superfluous. While on a personal level, I don't mind hearing about it, and from a community level, we should be able to speak our minds, this is a member-to-member issue and not an entire community thought, and if another person has a problem with the discussion at hand, the original speaker should back off the conversation. That's part of the respect each other rule.
  6. I agree. I personally don't mind the topic either, and I don't think it's a pressing matter to address.
  7. I just want you to know that I like all of the rules. I think they're reasonable and completely understandable and I might be using a few on my own site. Of course I'll paraphrase and write it differently but I really like the idea of number 2 since I just had a huge problem with a few people about freedom of speech and such.

    By the way, I think I spend more time on this site then my own, but that's because my site is WAY smaller than this.
  8. Rule 14: Drug Use
    If you absolutely must load an Iwaku page, turn the laptop horizontal, sprinkle a line of cocaine over Grumpy's picture, then snort it whilst masturbating, do not log into the Cbox afterwards to brag about it.

    I suggest a rule that states Iwaku is a COMMUNITY and not a DEMOCRACY, and the difference that entails (namely that communities have "elders" who decide what's best). That way people won't get pissy when big changes are made without their express permission.

    And maybe a policy about topic hijacking?
  9. The picture of me is important to that process, kids; remember it.

    Seriously though, Iwaku is indeed a community and like Asmo said that entails certain things. A rule that drives this fact home would be quite beneficial, as it help to avoid the difficulties and issues that can sometimes arise when changes are made to the site and some people don't like it.

  10. Er, actually I am a little unclear as to what these certain things are. On a scale of 'Diana's Nesting Again' to 'Rule 15: Iwaku-tans must stay within their allocated enclosures' would you classify these big changes? Because that would have a great deal to do with whether I liked it or not.

    Changes to look and layout? Look at all these fucks I do not give.

    DAH RULES: That effects us all, as members, and should always be subject to forum-wide discussion and not limited to the super secret Elder Member's Sub Board.

    While I await further clarification, I shall recite excerpts from my people's manifesto.

  11. *throws Tegan's book in the bedroom fire*

    Well, that's aesthetics vs functionality, and in that instance it should work like the British Parliament, where you have both the party whips and the free votes.

    Mmmmm.... party whips....

    Anyway. I would clarify it like so:

    If there is something that NEEDS to be done for the greater good, the Mods should be able to do it without the shackles of democratic delays or that one bitchy member.

    If there is something that affects everyone but has no right or wrong answer and is completely a matter of personal choice, we can then toss that out to mob justice.

    Mmmmm.... tossing out to mob justice.....

    So, in brief, an "Elder Decision" is where Mods can change something and then back it up with cold hard facts which show how the alternative would've destroyed the space-time continuum or made Xindaris happy. A "Community Decision" is one where everyone is like "meh" and has divided opinions.

    And yes, a shrewd satirist may see the problem here: If the mods all agree on something, they can do it. And that's true. Because we're chosen to bear that power. We don't allow retards and monkey button-mashers onto the staff team. The Mods are smart people with experience in running forums, and we've earned the magic wands we wield.

    *pictures a battle between monkeys and wizards*
  12. Tegan told me last night, in the heat of roleplay passion, that she agrees completely with my point of view.

    So we can go ahead and close this thread before any intellectual-terrorists try to harm the community with counter-productive objections.
  13. He's lying! >:( I've just been working way too much overtime to come back here and call him on his bullshit blanket terms!

    *Screams and shouts from the press area as security drags her away*
  14. See.

    Her jokes mean that she's content with the status quo.


  16. ASIDE from Asmo's suggestions, do we have any OTHER members with new ideas or suggest changes, updates, or fixes? XD