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  1. So yeah because the last one was for requestings but this is for Kronas and me to discuss this thingy.
    By the way I feel so bad for Dallas, Leonel didn't even intend to rush him like that mentally but I guess that's just his "thing" lol
    By the way, what happened to his brother? I'm curious
  2. Lol its cool it makes things intresting. And Dallas brother died in the army right before the disaster struck. He always promised he'd come back for Dallas but wound up dying.
  3. Oooh it sounds so harsh for them... Poor Dallas ;A; I feel bad for the kid..
  4. lol he dosent like to bring it up much. So whats the past with your chari
  5. well, if I told you you'd probably hate me
  6. i wont so tell me
  7. Well, he was abandoned after birth, and spent his entire childhood in an orfanage in which he was beaten, abused (physically, psychologically and sexually) and forced to starve as a common everyday life, because of this his whole body has lots of scars, but not the worse ones, mainly for the same reason he grew up as a very depressed and lonely person, commonly sad and very dependant of others, to the point in which when he met his first boyfriend, he basically became his rag doll just so he wouldn't leave him, and during this time he also met his lover, who really did love him and usually fixed all his wounds, until one day the guy found out, killed his boyfriend, and after a long torture and stabbing Leonel five times he shot himself thinking leonel was dead
    but he wasn't, then the war came and everything went down to hell, so he took the gun he had gotten from his biological father after the only time he'd ever see him, and went out to the world only to toughen himself up, so that wouldn't happen ever again
    in fewer words he had PTSD, ginophobia (that's the spanish name, I don't know the english name but it's the terror towards falling in love with someone.)
  8. wow thats some serious shit. I deffinitally feel bad for your chari
  9. LOL yeah, I usually make it so my characters suffer a lot
    don't ask why toh'
  10. thats good, they have a bad past but it also helps with the chari's emotion and progress as the story goes on
  11. yeah, like they get each other a bit
  12. yeah, and eventually they'll get to know eachother in a deeper way
  13. I request you to please check your orthography and grammar, I can't read most of what you wrote because I can't understand it ; A ;! :foxsad:
  14. Dude im sorry for the spelling i wake up and type the reply right before i head out for school
  15. Oh that's okay just... when you get the chance please
  16. I edited it
  17. Now I feel sorry for Dallas ;A;!
    omg bby lemme hug you.
    And by the way, it may seem odd the way Leonel is confusing reality with the past, but that's PTSD for you :/
  18. Yeah i feel bad for him too. He wants to be with your chari and you make it hard lol
    ...Ok no but I love playing hard to get, that's my favorite game play XD
  20. lol dont worry it's cool because it makes things intresting.