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  1. I've wanted to do a story for this character for some time, but I haven't found anyone willing to rp with her. But basically here's a run down of the idea behind the club and what she's doing.

    The club has no name, never will, your characters can suggest some, but it will always remain unnamed for anonymity. She doesn't want any ties for herself or coven.
    When I say coven, I mean like a group of vampires living together. Absinthe or Abbi as those her know her can call her, is there current leader, though its only temporary as the real one has gone off for a while on business of their own.
    The club was made to see how many nonhuman beings are leaving within the area and to discuss what kind of alliances can be made between them.
    There has been some unsettling reports that there are some hunters and slayers going around killing off their kin, any race not just the vampires. Abbi wants allies in case things blow into a complete underground war against them.

    So some characters that you can play if you have no idea what to do, the bar tender, has to be a friendly character, they would know Abbi, can be as old or younger as you want them.
    The DJ of course, would also know Abbi, probably younger or from the current generation of club goers.
    Miscellaneous patrons to the club, like come one lets get some random encounters going!! Any race human or not is welcome, make something up or go with the classics, its up to you!
    And of course, our villians, the slayers and the hunters, think Sam and Dean of supernatural. If you're going to be one of these, don't make them mindless killers, they need reasons to do what they are doing. Makes for more interesting encounters!

    If you have idea for future plots go ahead and comment! Any questions? Ask away!