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  1. Um correction about David. He was actually really strong. In the Bible it says that while he was shepherding his flock he killed a bear and a lion with his bear hands. Yea, I've read the Bible :-)
  2. How the **** he do that.
  3. The way Moses parted the Red Sea and Jesus rose from the dead. Weed. Lots and lots of weed.
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  4. The magical herb! *Sings*
    Kyd Jhesus threw 50-faced die for: bags of weed to smoke. Total: 13 $dice
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  5. If I may just throw my two cents in here... What Naois_DragonGirl brought up was relevant to the thread. In the Bible, David was the youngest of his siblings but by no means a physically weak man. According to the Bible he did indeed, as she mentioned, kill bears and lions with his bare hands. Whether you believe this or not is irrelevant to the discussion, it is fact that the story goes that way. Now if you want to create a story where David's accomplishments are nothing more than a fantasy he's having whilst high on marijuana, that is your right and your prerogative. That's what this thread was made for, to come up with creative stories. What I'm fairly certain this thread was not made for is you to have a place to spout your insensitive and religiously intolerant ideas. There is no need to be insinuating that something from anyone's religious texts are the result of some drug-induced stupor. I will thank you to keep such things to yourselves in the future.

    EDIT: Since apparently this was moved, the context for this exchange was a "Creative Challenge" thread about David from the Bible.
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  6. I didn't think anyone was really discussing David's relative strength.

    Anyway people as with all personal discussions lets keep everyone's opinions on religion respectful

    If someone says they believe that swans will one day rule the world I still want you to be respectful

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  7. Did you really need to smite me? IT WAS A JOKE. I honestly apologize for offending you in any way, but people (at least in my country) have the right to make a joke, which at least one person has laughed at. There was no need for getting angry, as I'm not saying that the events in the Bible did not happen, I have taken no shots at the existence of God or any other deity, and have taken no shots at the existence of the characters (in this sense people) in the Bible. However, if you're going to be angry at me, I might as well: Sure the Bible says that David killed a bear and a lion with his bare hands. It also says there was a virgin birth (biologically impossible in humans), that a man made another man rise from the dead (along with several other people, and not to mention the various cured ailments), a snake spoke, there's a wondrous city in the clouds, a malevolent torture dungeon in the ground, and men and women with wings exist. I personally believe that the Bible (at least the New Testament. The Old Testament seems like the Dictator's Manifesto) was a very well-written narrative with a well-known and well-received message of peace, love, and affection, backed by the historical existence of a very good guy named Jesus of Nazareth, who went around helping people, trying to unite them against evil things. That's my belief. And as such, I feel it's okay to make a joke about a NARRATIVE. Again, if you feel differently, that's fine. Don't respond to the joke. I was not being intolerant. Being intolerant is saying "Them damn Christians, with all their ramblings about peace and love and confessions, they ought to get out of our country!", or "The Jews are stealing our jobs. Lock them in the gas chambers!" (that's more genocide than intolerance, but the Holocaust stemmed from Hitler getting the rest of Germany hateful enough towards the Jews to go along with what he wanted), or "Sacrilegious Muslims are attacking our country. Persecute them to oblivion!"

    THAT is intolerance. What I said was a joke. When people are high, they do and see VERY WEIRD things, like dancing aliens with monkey heads balancing on a unicycle while singing "Roar". That is what happens a lot in the Bible. VERY WEIRD things, such as turning a sea red, or bringing a man back from the dead. Put those two together? There is no need for anger. If you like the joke, great. If you don't, great. Also, if you picked Smite in the hopes that God would actually give a shit this ONE TIME that someone made a joke about his religion and execute me with a lightning bolt and a boom of thunder, I'M STILL ALIVE!
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  8. Well didn't this horse take a life of its own... I can not say anything for my beautiful godde....I means Mini would like this not to become something that gets out of hand.
  9. Speaking of things escalating o.o
  10. i said Mini not Minibit!
  11. OOOOH

    @Minimalistic Kid Jesus thinks you're a beautiful goddess!

    You're the only other person on the forum whose name starts with Mini :3
  12. Beautiful godde...and yes i meant that person...honest.
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  14. Bruce Lee punched the time continuum in the face, found David, taught him, but secretly beat the shit out of the lion and the bear before they limped into David's hands and he gave them merciful deaths after witnessing the display of Bruce Lee.

    But getting back to the original subject, David was legend to be a king, buried in The City of David (yeah yeah thank you captain obvious!). From what I've read, this guy has been said (a myth to me), and said to have killed a giant. I may have the wrong David unless he was the same guy.
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  15. *also read the bible cover to cover*

    Nope, same guy!

    I'll grant that David was probably incredibly strong; shepherds were the tree planters of the Biblical times. However, the Bible HAS been translated and re-translated several times, so I think the bit about killing them with his bare hands was probably a mistranslation or an exaggeration. I'll buy that he killed dangerous animals though.
  16. You'll forgive me, but I'm missing the part where it says "bare hands" or other weapon here. Was there an earlier verse that said that?
    If we're going to be debating it we should at least have the context in which the statement was made :)
  17. Could be a different translation?
  18. @Mr. V Well I'm glad to know I missed the seminar on how something being a joke means it can't possibly be disrespectful. I had a group of friends when I was in the army which included people of many religions. We were all very respectful of each other's religions, with one exception. There was an engaged couple who were Wiccans. The girl was one of the DMs for our group when we played D&D, and she was great and showed respect for everyone. Her fiancee on the other hand just could not stop making jokes about Christianity in particular, despite the fact that the rest of us were very respectful of their religion and asked him politely to refrain.

    At one point, after I'd mentioned that my father was a pastor, he started making some jokes about Catholic Priests - except in his version it was my father touching little boys... but sure. Let's all just have a laugh and shrug things off because someone decides to say "it was just a joke!"

    Also, I don't see how "but this other person laughed" is a defense.

    Let's change the situation up, hypothetically. Let's pretend I'm in a room full of people. Let's pretend that I decide to make a sexist joke, one that insinuates that a woman's place is in the kitchen. Now let's suppose that someone in the room is made uncomfortable by that joke, and they find it offensive and disrespectful. Would I, in this scenario, be justified by saying "but it was just a joke, and all these people laughed?" No! I would be a fucking despicable human being.
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  19. @Minibit - Good point, but not that I've found with this verse :)
    I went and pulled up one of those web sights that shows a bunch of different translations side by side, None of them say bare hands (one does say club though) That's not to say a version somewhere out there can't have it, But the 19 I've found so far don't.
    Here's the link if you're curious: http://biblehub.com/1_samuel/17-35.htm

    Now the Bible does say Samson killed a lion with his bare hands, so there is a story like that in there. That's Judges 14:5-6. So there is a lion story for people to discuss :)
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  20. In the Jewish Bible, Samson was the one that killed lions with his bare hands. It's not unheard of some people having enough will-power and strength to do such a thing, case in point there are some tribal people in Africa that have done just that in modern times.

    David was an expert slinger because of his lifestyle in 1000 BCE. The sling, easily produced, was the weapon of choice for shepherds fending off animals. Due to this, the sling was a commonly used weapon by the Israelite militia. Ancient peoples used the sling in combat—armies included both specialist slingers and regular soldiers equipped with slings. As a weapon, the sling had several advantages; a sling bullet lobbed in a high trajectory can achieve ranges approaching 400 m. Close range to the head and that will kill you. Granted, it is also important to remember that David knocked Goliath out with the stone, it was when he cut off Goliath's head with a short sword that did the giant in.
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