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  1. Name: Alana Maher
    Age: 26
    Appearance: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-g0CRIpTRY...AAFz8/fZG3UJBOSQ0/s1600/jessica_biel__019.jpg

    Nobody knew how they had found out about them. Rumor was there was a traitor within the small den. Such an odd thing to hear, that specific den was by far the smallest and there truly was no reason for them to be betrayed, they had not harmed anyone...not recently at least and they had not done anything to them. Those bloodsuckers...they considered themselves nobles and aristocrats when they were the worst of all races. The most cruel and crude. For some reason they thought the wolves were only worthy as slaves, just because they smelled like dogs; apparently that is how ther were to be treated. Many of them were more than capable of working in a town and living a normal life...mostly normal. They even had members in high ranks amongst the humans. But nay, apparently the vampires could march in and do as they please to the town and people the wolves had come to terms with. Disgusting fiends, children of the darkness. At least they had greater control than them, for the werewolves it was more of a curse...for them...it seemed to be a blessing...

    The vampires thought so lowly of the werewolves that they wouldn’t even transport them properly. They forced them to walk in the dark, their faces covered as they pulled them along. Shackles and binds infused with silver, not enough to kill a werewolf but enough to severely weaken them. Most of the wolves were male, their likelihood of survival was greater than a female; but if a woman managed to survive the infection and first transformation...they could prove to be more potent than the males. There were few women scattered amongst the slaves. Their figures thinner, curvier and with a shirt. The men were pulled around shirtless. Horse drawn carriages pulling the large amount of werewolves to the fortified town. For anyone who disobeyed, well, they got lashed. Silver bladed tips adorned the black whips that the vampires carried, if struck enough times it could potentially kill.

    In the distance the large structure arose, lightning cracking behind the mountains beyond. All the wolves could smell the storm approaching for a few days now. Screams could be heard from the misbehaving werewolves. All their brethren wincing at the sound of their painful screams. The carriages squealed to a stop as the gates of the entrance creaked open. Heads twitched in the directions of random sounds. Whispers, children chuckling, crude words being spoken of the masked slaves. Hair was grabbed as the masks were removed. Her Emerald eyes adjusting to the brighter environment. The town was completely devoid of life, everyone within in was dead and decaying, the smell of rot and death heavily flowed through the air. She looked around, eyes watched all of them from every angle. Gritting her teeth she met as many gazes as possible before her eyes met those of her brethren, some of them afraid, others angered as was she.

    The woman stood tall, taller than most women, and taller than a few men, she reached the average height of a man. Her hair was dirty and matted from the moisture of the approaching storm, the colour not evident at the moment but usually it was a dirty blonde colour with a reddish hue. Her eyes a piercing emerald green, her frame was strong and built. Her features were sharp and straight. The woman’s name was Alana Maher. She was indeed a werewolf, not mistakenly brought here with the rest. She had lived a peaceful and happy life as a child until the vampires attacked; her hatred for them was strong and only became stronger after she had been left out by them, to be eaten by the wolves. The scars that adorned her back, arms and sides proved that she had the will to survive and that she did. The fact that they were ambushed and captured with such ease only frustrated her more. Now they were stuck within these walls as slaves. What was to come was unknown to them. Pain most definitely, anger, sadness...a life of slavery was not something that anyone should have to endure, human or not.
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    Erenne Fayen
    Age: 26
    Race: Vampire

    Erenne sat in her room, she was one of the hightr ranking, one of the elders in this group. She had not mated with another vampire as of yet as she still harbored a grudge against the vampires for wrecking her childhood.... when she was merely 17 her village was attacked, the vampire.... one in particular took a liking to her and dragged her away from her village forcing her body through the change, he had to claw her face and shoulders though as she tried desperately to get away. She had replaced these with wounds with silver, giving herself a metallic gleam her eyes flashing two different, equally eerie colors. She had long black hair and pale skin. She was a force to be reckoned with, her powers grew as she did. She could manipulate the minds of others and objects around them to give a time standing still facade. She was merely controlling the individual molecules of her subject.

    Her tongue runs a crossed her teeth, lingering over her canines as the new slaves are brought in. She had one already of course, her darling male. He had a stubborn streak but he made her happy. She was definitely pleased sexually by him whenever she demanded. Sometimes with more... persuasion. She would not however mind a house slave.
  3. After keeping all the werewolves in the main square for a little longer they decided to move them along. Cracking whips and screaming voices told them where to go. Alana growled in annoyance as she glance to the side, Mikael her partner met her eyes as well. They were both disappointed with what had happened. Looking back ahead they had finally reached the slave quarter. Apparently they weren’t even worthy of rooms or beds, just cages with cold stone floors. There were a few werewolves within the cages at the moment, probably left overs from the previous group. Taking small groups of wolves the put them in the cages and then removed their shackles. The sound of sizzling skin was loud the smell of burnt flesh consumed the area.

    Thankfully Alana had been placed in a cage with Mikael and Sorvin. Men whom she trusted and worked well with. The others were familiar to her but not necessarily by name. Leaning forward she gripped the cage bars and quickly withdrew her hands. Made of pure silver it singed her flesh as if she had placed her hands in a fire. Most of the wounds would heal but scars to remind her would remain. Clenching her jaw she stepped back. Mikael and Sorvin standing next to her. Mikael was the same height as Alana but slimmer and Sorvin was much taller and large, a man you would not want to fight. Both had dark hair, Sorvin’s was long Mikael’s was short. If you were to look at Mikael you would be met by a set of piercing ice blue eyes, the man’s features were sharp and angled, Sorvin was the opposite, his eyes were a bright amber colour almost yellow, his features wide and flat.

    Their attention was drawn as one of the guards cracked his whip. “Listen to me you mangy animals.” Alana gritted her teeth and the words. ‘What gave this savage the right to call us animals?!’ She was ready to step forward and curse at the man but Sorvin held her back and gave her a look. “The elder’s and nobles get first choice in who they want as their personal slave, whether it is as a house slave, personal guard or anything of the sort. From there The Council and the head of the guard decides what to do with the rest of you all. Some might end up as blacksmiths, some might end up being the guards of the city during the day, others might be stuck ridding of bodies. In the end, you will all be doing something, whether you like it or not. You will not be paid for any of this, when your shift is over you will return to your cage, you will be offered two meals a day and nothing more. Those collar’s will remain on your necks at all times, if they are removed you will be executed.” The guard chuckled as he looked at all the werewolves. Alana was very eager to tear this man apart. “When the full moon rises you will be placed in a different location in which your collars will be removed and the transformation can proceed. Try not to kill each other when you are in there, it is an inconvenience to us and we would appreciate it if you all returned alive.” Alana sighed as she looked at her two pack mates, they both looked back at her and then back to the guard who was speaking again. “That is all you need to know, the elders and nobles should be here soon to make their decisions, enjoy your new lives.” He laughed and walked away.

    “We cannot stay here, there must be a way for us to escape...” Alana whispered to Sorvin and Mikael. “Nobody will survive here like this, under these conditions.”

    “There is nothing we can do now Alana. Do you not understand, the vampires have too much power, escaping will only lead to death.”
    Mikael spoke as Alana glared at him.

    “I do not want to be stuck here serving some bloodsucking fiend. I cannot stay, I will not stay. I will figure a way out and once I do I will come find you two as well, I will not leave you here.” Alana stopped speaking as footsteps were heard in the distance, they approached and there were many. Soon all the vampires were in view and standing where the guard had been. Alana clenched her jaw as they all waited to be picked.
  4. Erenne walked nonchalantly relaxed and she arrived later then the others. She stops in front of Alanna's cage and suddenly all of her movements die. The girl looked different but she knew. She knew the face... As she was dragged away screaming all those years ago it was this face she had been looking at... A werewolf.... She had lived? "alana?" her voice is soft and only she and the three were wolves in this cage could hear her. She cannot believe her eyes! Her best friend... The only person she ever really loved was here... In a cage... Hurt. She wonders if she has a mate and pups as her eyes continue to travel over her. She then remembers how she looks and doubts Alana will recognize her
  5. Alana didn’t look at the vampires, she had her face turned to the side, glancing at them every so often. Her ears perked at the sound of her name as she looked over at the woman who spoke it. Raising an eyebrow she turned to face the lady before stepping close to the bars of the cage. Cocking her head to the side she took in her appearance. Sniffing the air she could smell the traces of a distant and very distinctly familiar scent. The woman that stood in front of her didn’t look like the person she smelled, well not completely. There were certain features that remained the same but something was off. Stepping closer she gripped the bars and quickly retreated her hand, forgetting that they were made of pure silver. Clenching her jaw she still looked at the woman before speaking quietly. “Erenne?”

    She smelled like her childhood friend, certain features were the same but...she was a vampire, her skin was scarred and pale. Her eyes two different colours. But she was alive...the last time she had seen her she was being dragged away by some disgusting man. “What happened?” She asked...Alana thought that the vampire had sucked her dry, but obviously he had not since she was standing in front of her, not alive but definitely breathing. “What did they do to you?” She wanted to run up to her, and hug her tightly, it had been a decade since she had seen her friend, although it felt more like a century; one of the few people that truly mattered to her and her fate had come to this. Alana wasn’t proud of the curse she had to bear either but there was nothing she could do about it at the moment, it seemed that Erenne had suffered the same fate. ‘I wish I could be closer to her.’ Death literally separated the two, if Alana came in contact with those bars for a long enough she would surely die.
  6. She nods then looks at the other two males, " do they matter to you alana?" she will claim them if they do. She as going to take Alana that was for certain. They had so much catching up to do... She could not believe her eyes. She raches through the bars unaffected by the silver and strokes her friends cheek gently almost in disbelief that she was truly real. No way would she allow another vampire to have her. Her eyes soften slightly, eh isn't known for being soft. Quite the opposite really. She was known for being a hard ass, heartless, bitch.

    She looks at her friend and feels a little ashamed at what she had become.... A dead creature..... Who fed from others to survive
  7. Looking at Mikael and Sorvin Alana nodded. “They are my pack brothers...” She told her friend. Her touch was cold almost causing Alana to jump back. Raising her hand she held Erenne’s hand for just a little longer. She seemed in awe and also upset. Alana didn’t really like the look on her face. It saddened her. “Why are you upset? There is no reason for it, we’ve found each other once more...” Alana spoke sincerely.

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  8. She nods, " I am not upset Alana" she turns and looks at the other vampires, " I claim this cage" has many others tried to claim three at once there would have been an uproar but it just wasn't worth it to argue with her and she is handed the key and she turns and lifts the cage easily andbrakesbthem to her room. They see another werewolf curled and sleeping in the corner. He is tall and muscular, long black hair covers his eyes and he is scarred and wearing only ripped pants and a collar. She sets the cage down and smiles at Alana, " tell your males to behave and not to make a run for it. I am getting everyone their collars and then you all can be out of this cage "

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  9. Alana nods at her now found childhood friend. Looking at Sorvin and Mikael they eyed her suspiciously. She glared at both of them with a low warning growl. Sorvin clenched his jaw as Mikael chose not to do anything more to provoke her. “This is a chance for me to get you two out and yet you eye me as if I have betrayed you.”

    “Of course we do!”
    Sorvin speaks with anger and frustration. Mikael puts his hand on Sorvin’s chest to stop him. Alana looks at both of them in angry disappointment. “She wasn’t always a vampire...” She spoke behind clenched teeth, glaring at Sorvin. “She has now become one, yet you speak to her as if she matters.” Sorvin retorts. Alana roars and shoves passed Mikael. Shoving Sorvin against the silver bars, the sound of his flesh sizzling and the smell of burning was strong. Growling she glared at him as he looked at her in pain. “She DOES matter!!” Mikael attempts to pull her back. Alana simply reacts by shoving him across the cage, his body slamming against the bars. Turning back to Sorvin she held him where he was as he began growing weak. “Do not think poorly of my judgement. I trust her, with my life even. Next time you decide to speak poorly of her you might not come out of it alive.” Pulling him away from the bars Alana threw Sorvin to the middle of the cage. The wounds on his back looking painful.

    Clenching her jaw she watched the two as they were both in pain. Mikael limping to help Sorvin up as he was nearly in tears. Crossing her arms over her chest she looked away from the two who looked at her with fear, the smallest speck of anger visible in their eyes.
  10. The other male looked up hearing the fight. He arches a brow seeing his mistress brought home three wolves while he had slept farid chuckles. " alpha females should not be messed with" the male was of course collared and he was leashed. He sees their eyes fall on it and he grins, " don't mess with the alpha female. I'm a bad boy" he leans against the wall and smiles, " she will be back shortly. Say what ya'll are for? I mean, I'm her bedroom slave. And she doesn't like females..." he is clearly stumped and he looks at them quizzically

    Meanwhile elaine was busy getting their collars made, she could not believe she had found her.... My god! She was almost giddy with glee
  11. At the sound of a foreign voice all three of the pack mates snapped their heads in that direction. Alana’s jaw tightly clenched. Walking over to the side of the cage that was closest to the bed she glared at the foreign wolf. “Why we’re here doesn’t matter.” She took in the wolf’s appearance. He seemed rugged but well taken care of. “How long have you been here?” She asked the foreign wolf.

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  12. He shrugs, " three months. I came in with the last shipment of slaves and well let's be honest, I don't play well with others. No one claimed me, I bit and kicked. They had me down for the block. Guess mistress thought she could tame me, can't complain though. I'm alive" he laughs and in many ways she had tamed him. " I heard the cages rattling... How many wolven were brought through?" he looks at them
  13. Three months. Interesting. Alana assumed it was much longer. Who was this wolf anyway? Acting as if he was something special. Brianna looked back at her pack mates, they both met her eyes still sitting on the cage ground. Turning back to ‘the big bad wolf’ that sat close to the bed she spoke. “They ambushed our whole den and brought us all in.” She spoke simply. “Our den was a small one, so it’s not as many as you think, but a good amount.” She didn’t like this wolf, the way he thought of himself, the way he seemed to carry his actions, words and motions. She didn’t like it, she didn’t like him. He angered her and that wasn’t a good thing.
  14. He nods his eyes growing serious for a moment, he acted like an ass but he wasn't truly such a bad guy. He looks like he is about to say something else when Erenne comes in and glances at him, " oh. You're awake? Lazy boy. Did you shower or do your chores?" he arches a brow and cocks his head to the side and she sighs, " I don't know why I put up with you" she shakes her head then smiles at Alana, " let's get you out of there" she unlocks the cage stepping up to her childhood friend and she undoes the painful collar and substitutes her own much gentler one, " collar your males for me then they can go sit with grouchy. We have much to catch up on"