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  1. *As Hiru softly pushed Krystal into the portal, He said his fair well's to the stranger and walked in the portal himself. He had created the portal to designate one of his houses, as Hiru owned many houses from his travels. He pondered on the phrase ''Shadow Dwellers'' And the fact of whether he would have to kill her. The idea wasn't too pleasant in his mind as she was pretty and she had the gut's to talk to, Even when she was clouded with nervousness and worry. Hiru did remember that, she did fight the stranger and even though she lost, she mentioned something that made it almost seam like she was trying to look strong in Hiru's eyes*

    *After a minute of the spiraling portal, They walked into a tidy lounge, The fireplace was not on, the TV was off and all lights was off as it was daytime. Windows was open, Books was neatly stacked on the small table that was in front of the TV, The couch tidy and solid stone walls. Hiru smiled as he walked over to the doorway, Checking whether someone broke into his house again. Hiru then took off his jacket and threw it onto the couch, his sword was visible now and the green line on the blade wasn't glowing anymore. Hiru then looked at Krystal while giving her a minute to be familiar with the new surrounding*
  2. Krystal slowly pondered around the room they've entered. Her eyes looking over every in of the house to get familiar with her surroundings. She was never at ease when she enters a building because she spent most of her life living on the streets. She always thought of high class rich people to be the true scum of the earth only to console herself because she knew her existence meant nothing to the humans. Her name was only known by her enemies, and she preferred it that way. Krystal walked towards Hiru and gave him a warm smile to lighten up the silence that she felt between them.

    "You never truely answered my question you know."

    She then slowly made her way to the couch and sat down on the edge of the cushion with stiff muscled. She wasn't fully comfortable enough to relax. As she was able to sit she felt all the pain in her body return from her fight earlier. Now that she didn't need to act so strong, she didn't feel too strong either. She winced slightly in pain but not enough to be noticeable.
  3. *Hiru smiled back to Krystal as she talked, Hearing her statement of not answering her questions made him chuckle* You will do soon enough. *Hiru mentioned as he took off his sword, knowing that he was powerful enough without the weapon for help, just in case things took a turn for the worse. He watched as she took a seat, making sure that she was alright from the previous fight that she just had. Hiru then walked to the doorway to the kitchin, Checking if everything was untouched and to his luck, everything was left as he left it. He then walked to the couch, sitting down on the couch and laying to the side. He looked towards Krystal as he took a deep breath* I am an assassin master, before being exiled and killed. *He took a pause then, thinking on how he was going to explain the next part without making it sound like, he would be dead if it wasn't for nosfentor, even though that was the reason he is still alive* I took something which didn't belong to me and now, I have a shadow slash Fel demon inside me. master of both and has done slaughters in many cities. *Hiru stopped their as he thought for a moment, '' why is he explaining parts of himself to someone he had only just met?'' He thought as he moved his arm's to the back of the chair, leaving room in case she wanted to sit nearer* Im not sure whether that is the answer you wanted but, this ''shadow Dwellers'' group that you are chasing to kill, If you can explain a bit more, then i can understand better of what it is that you are killing. I could even help you if you wish it. *Hiru stated before realizing that, something must be different here. something is out of place. He thought for a moment. '' Why am I being so nice?''*
  4. Krystal entwined her fingers together in her lap. She looked down at the floor avoiding eye contact. Talking about her past, and her reasoning for revenge. It was all too much of a touchy subject for her. But with the sympathy and gratitude she felt he was giving her at the moment, it was only fair to explain herself. The part of Hiru saying he has a "shadow slash Fel demon.." inside him, it sounds somewhat familiar to the Shadow Dwellers that she is chasing down.

    "I was little, playing in the woods by myself one day. The weather was nice but back at home it was a living hell. An army that calls themselves Shadow Dwellers, they raided my home town. The walk around in black cloaks with hoods, the carry swords with demonic powers. Physically they are in the form of men, but their mind is infected by demons in the form of black smoke, lurking around like shadows."

    She clenched her fists tight and gritted her teeth at the though of the clan, destroying her village like child's play. She could see the event reenact in her head. The females being raped and killed. The men becoming possessed. Her home going up in flames.

    "They multiply with ease. The demons souls simply splits in two and one possesses a mans body, cloaking him in black as well. By the time I went back home, the town was scorched to the ground. Nothing remained. I wondered the streets aimlessly. I was starving... dieing. Then a man found me. He raised me, taught me to fight, gave me the materials I needed to make my own armor and clothing. Then when he thought I was ready to be on my own, he asked me a favor."

    Tears began to fill Krystal's eyes as his voice drifted through her mind. The words killed her from the inside out. The man was like a brother to her, and he asked her to do one thing she she would never want to do.

    "He told me to kill him. He was possessed and held it in this long but was growing weak. He made me kill him. And for that, I swore on my fathers grave that I will avenge everyone that I cared about and lost. Going town to town slaughtering them with these blades. In a humans hands my weapons are nothing, but in my hands, they are poison to the Shadow Dwellers."

  5. *Hiru moved closer to her as she spoke, appreciating the openness of her past and listened closely, thinking of why they sounded familiar. Hiru started growing a concern for her as her past was a bad one. probably as bad or worse than his. He wouldn't admit that it might have been but he knew that, because it was a different kind of past and what happened, there is a possibility that it could have been worse for her. As she clenched her fist, Hiru placed his hand on her fist, hoping to calm her down slightly as things started to sound worse. he actually felt sorry for her as living on the street is extremely hard. Hiru knew this not by experience, but by the fact that, some of his best friends had to live on the street and they explained what it was like, multiple times and in such detail that, Hiru might as well have lived on the street*

    *Nosfentor also listened in closely as the phrase ''Shadow Dwellers'' was something that he knew off. He knew of the workings of them and liked it but never joined them for the simple fact that eventually, they get tracked down and Nosfentor now know's people that would kill him if he did that. Nosfentor knew however, that he already did part of it but he didn't feel bad for it. He enjoyed killing the souls of the innocent for his feeding and fighting was his lifestyle but, he knew about the methods of the ''shadow Dwellers'' enough so than he could kill them if needed*

    *Hiru noticed how her voice had changed, changed for what he would assume for the worse. He let go of her and stood up, looking at her from a certain view to see why she had changed her tone but as he checked, he realized that she had tears fill her eyes. Hiru then sat down close to her and placed his left hand on her back, knowing that speaking of such emotional memories can upset those who are not use to it. Hiru then moved his left hand and started rubbing her back as he spoke* That is a terrible past to hear. I can see why you might have hard times now and hard times ahead of you. I can assure you that, I am not one of these ''Shadow Dwellers'' *Hiru mentioned with a relieve. He liked the idea of not having this turn into a fight for him*
  6. Krystal wiped the tears away from her eyes and sniffed several times, trying to stop herself from crying. She leaned against Hiru for comfort and attempted to smile.

    "That's a relief. I didn't want to kill you anyways. But as you can see, I'm terribly weak from everything I've done before I've reached this town. I'm surprised I'm not dead yet."

    She told him. her heart was pounding to the point that she could hear it. Her face flushed red and she quickly stood up and nervously scratched her head. The moment felt awkward for her, being so open to someone that isn't truly human. She would normally distance herself from people like Hiru. She wondered what was so different about him.

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  7. *Hiru felt her lean into him and he wrapped his arm's around her as she did, knowing that hugs are one of many cures to upsetting thoughts. As he heard her speak, he listened with interest as he was curious as to what she was thinking* you didn't want to kill me eh? I think i know of a cure for your weakness if you are interested but, Im not sure whether you... *He stopped mid sentence as she wanted to get up. He let go and let her get up as he became curious as to why she suddenly stood up* Is there something wrong Krystal? *Hiru asked curiously as he liked the hug. Compassion and care wasn't something that Hiru got or was to as he was a bad omen to most people. They would rather kill him before even thinking of it. He took a deep breath before talking again* I know of certain ways that i can make you become stronger and more agile but, i only like to help when there is a reward for it. *He chuckled after mentioning that, thinking of what she was going to do next. Hiru then patted the seat next to him while waiting*

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  8. "You would want to help me? Really?"

    Krystal asked in surprise. No one really cared for her so she didn't understand why Hiru would. She sat next to him and took him hand lightly. She felt over joyed to think she cold gain more power. She wasn't power thirsty but to think there was more hope for her to finish out her destination filled her with excitement.

    "I'll do anything to get stronger. Anything! Will you really help me? Like, no joke?"

    ​She asked desperately.
  9. *Hiru chuckled as she sat down, her enthusiasom to become more powerful reminded him of how he first acted in front of his master, eager to learn but he wasn't thinking of teaching her the same thing as his master tough him. He felt her hand touch his lightly which made him feel nice inside. He lifted his hand up and softly hovered a finger on the hand to circle her hand, creating a soft, nice feeling to her nerves or he had hoped as he learnt it while researching. He heard her eagerness to gain power and chuckled again, Thinking of whether she would think the same after what he have to say next*

    There is two different ways i can help you. I can train your speed and agility so than you can maneuver more or.. *He stopped there as he thought for a moment* ''He'' can give you something that will make you stronger temporarily and, possibly learn something new but, it will cause you to have an addiction and need more or else. *He stopped there, thinking of whether she would catch on to what he meant. He then turned his head to her and looked deep into her eyes, admiring the color of her eyes while she thought*
  10. Krystal tapped her cheek with her index finger, wondering what her meant by giving her something to make her stronger but addicted. She didn't want anything demonic. She wanted to be as human as possible. So training speed and agility sounded more appealing to her. But her curiosity had the best of her and she looked at him asking,

    "Explain to me what you meant by "he" can give me something."

    As she said those words, she noticed that Hiru was staring into her eyes. Her reaction to it was to look away at the ground and pretend that there was no connection there at all but she could tell that was a lie. Her heart wanted to admit that she likes him but her mind wants to erase the fact that she was falling for someone that's part demon.
  11. *Hiru chuckled as she looked away, thinking of how he could explain the training from Nosfentor* When i say ''him'' or ''he'', i mean my demon side. Because he is a Fel master which is rare, He can sacrifice some of his blood for other's to drink. The energies in the drink causes one of two outcomes;
    one, their body becomes stronger in an overall stature, or
    two. It can be mixed in the bloodstream of the person and depending on whether the blood mixes or fights, you could learn something unique like this. *He stopped as he lifted his left hand in the air and with the energies inside his body, He was able to create a fireball in his hand. He didn't have to focus as he was a master with fire manipulation and has created fireballs for a long time* Capabilities will be extended but as i mentioned before. There is a downside. When you drink the blood, it only lasts a certain amount of time and after that, you will become weaker again until you drink more but, you will feel an addiction that is not known to humans. *Hiru stated as he stopped and started looking at the fireball, thinking of memories in the past and those that tortured him at youth*
  12. Krystal's eyes widened. She wasn't the type to even think about drinking blood. It kind of scared her and she didn't want to be addicted to something so foul. She looked back up to Hiru and gave him a smile.

    "I'd rather have you train me. But, what would I have to do in return?"

    She wondered for she knew that everything in the world had its own consequence. And at the worst moment her stomach growled in hunger. She hasn't eaten anything in days and the only thing she drank was that half bottle of whiskey from the bar before her fight. She closed her eyes and shook her head.

    "Could this day get any more awkward..."

    She mumbled under her breath.
  13. *Hiru snapped out of his memories and chuckled at the sound of her being hunger. It was at no surprise as to his memory, she had only that bottle of whiskey until now. Hiru then stood up and looked down to Krystal* Is there anything that you don't like? and anything that you feel up to eating? *He wanted to make sure that he didn't cook anything that she didn't like. He had a lot in his fridge and larder as he restocked recently* I'll start cooking myself something and when you have thought of something, let me know ok? *He said as he smiled to her before walking into the fridge*

    *As hiru walked into the fridge, he opened the fridge instantly as he just got hungry as well. He didn't feel up to anything big so he got some chicken slices, cucumber, cheese and mayonase out and started making himself a few sandwiches. One for now and some for later*
  14. Hiru got off the couch, offering Krystal if she wanted anything to eat. Krystal sat there wondering what her taste buds were craving and Hiru walked off into the kitchen to make some sandwiches in the meantime. It finally came to Krystal that she would like home made ramen noodles. She remembered her mother made it for her all the time when she was a child and to be able to taste it one more time would bring joy to her memories and her stomach. She stood up and silently walked into the kitchen, passing Hiru up and looked around in the cabinets and the refrigerator. She knew it wasn't polite to just open everything but she didn't feel comfortable asking someone she just met, to make her food. Especially when he was kind enough to care about her when no one else did.

    "Ok, i've got chicken broth, noodles, vegetables, seasonings..."

    She mumbled to herself out loud as she made sure she had all the ingredients she needed. She then turned on the stove to heat the chicken broth as the soup and started chopping up the vegetables. She looked over to Hiru, who was eating a sandwich at the time and asked him with a smile,

    "Would you like some ramen Hiru?"

  15. *Hiru had started making the second sandwich for another time, thinking of his past didn't help as he kept getting the order wrong. He wasn't fussed with the order but he was bothered by not only the memories of his past, but also blank parts of his memories. Hiru always liked to remember every aspect possible of his past so than it can't be used against him. Curiosity was his best weapon but, was also his downfall as it costed him dearly in his past. As he finished with his second sandwich, which was messed up due to remembering and thinking of the wrong memories, he picked up the spare food and turned around to put them away but was surprised at seeing Krystal in the kitching. He thought that he had sensed another presence in the kitching but never really thought of who it was. He listened to her offer and decided that he would leave the sandwiches for another time and try her Ramen*

    The guest shouldn't have to cook. You are my guest and I should be cooking for you. yeah i'll try your Ramen.

    *Hiru mentioned as he picked both sandwiches and walked around Krystal to place them into the fridge, thinking of what he would do as Hiru had never had anything related to noodles, and never heard of Ramen in his life. Hiru then closed the fridge and walked to the side of the room so than he wasn't in the way. He watched how Ramen was done as it was new to him. Maybe he would start making it if it seamed simple enough*
  16. As the broth began to boil, Krystal added the noodles and vegetables in. She stirred it occasionally as she read the labels on the spices to make she she had the right ones and started measuring the amounts into a bowl. Her mother always told her that if the spices were evenly mixed together and placed into the soup at the same time, it would taste more better and balanced. She didn't understand how that would work out but she had no right to question her mothers cooking skills. As the noodles got tender, she added in the spices and continuously mixed it, setting the heat on low to let the soup simmer. In a few minutes the ramen was ready to be served. She had two bowls and enough soup for four. As she filled the two bowls she placed a lib on the pot and said to Hiru,

    "There's some left over if you want more. If not then I'll eat it later."

    She gave Hiru a sweet smile and handed Hiru the bowl of Ramen.

    "Be careful, it's hot. But enjoy!"

  17. *hiru watched as it looked reasonably easy to make and interested on how precise she was being while making the noodles, it make hiru think of how tasty it must be as she was making it. Hiru always thought that food wasn't effected by the person making it but this time, it felt different then normal, he thought that if she cooked the stuff that he did, they would taste better. To hell would he ever ask her to make it for him but the idea was always nice to think off. As she passed him the ramen, he noticed her sweet smiled and held the bowl by the edges so than he didn't get burnt*

    Let's hope that this ramen is as sweet as your smile.

    *He mentioned in a soft, flirtatious tone as he thought about complementing her but never thought of the right oppotunity until now. He nodded with his head about sitting in the lounge as he wasn't fussed with whether it was eaten in the lounge or in the kitching. He walked to the archway that lead to the lounge and stopped to see whether she either had a problem with it, or was find with the idea.*
  18. Krystal's smile grew a little bigger. She was flattered when Hiru complimented her smile but at the same time she was embarrassed. She never took pride in her smile and had a habit of hiding her face in front of others. Her usual personality that she shows to everyone was more rough around the edges and serious all the time. Being with Hiru made her feel more at home. But thinking of all that, it saddened her that this was only for one night. She couldn't spend the rest of her life here because she still had a promise with her father to keep. She decided to live this night as best as she could and leave her worries behind.

    As Hiru motioned for them to eat in the lounge, she let Hiru lead the way, walking closely behind him but slowly. She made sure the Ramen didn't spill because she would feel horrible if she ruined the floor of his perfectly tidy house. That was one difference she knew between her and Hiru. He was a clean person, she was a mess.
  19. *As hiru noticed her follow, he lead the way to the lounge and then placed the ramen on a small tabletop near the couch and looked over to her, Curious as to what she was thinking and whether she would just follow him still or go to the couch. He waled over to the window sill and looked over to her with a smile*

    You can sit on the couch. Il join you shortly.

    *He mentioned as he looked over to her, making sure she was ok as well. He looked outside of the window, thinking of what day they could start training and whether it would be soon or later. While thinking about it, he looked back over to her, Curious as to why he felt different around her. Usually he wouldn't let people he just met into his house and, he wouldn't feel relaxed and comfortable with a stranger being in the same house as him, let alone a friend but she was different, he had a mixture if irritation for not knowing but also happiness for her being here*

    Do you fancy watching a movie? or seeing what is on TV while we eat?

    *He asked as he walk over to the TV, Just in case she said yes. He went to his knee's and looked over to her, Smiling as he did as he enjoyed he company and looked forward to how the ramen would taste*

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  20. Krystal sat down on the couch and prayed before she took a bite of her Ramen. It tasted delicious but it wasn't as perfect as her mothers. She then looked up to Hiru whenhe asked about watching a movie. She hasn't watched television in a long time since she was always on the streets killing her enemies. She slowly nodded her head and took another bite of her ramen. When she swallowed it she wiped her mouth with the back of her right hand and asked,

    "What kind of shows play on television now a days?"

    She hated to sound like she didn't know anything about modern technology but she seems to be living in the ancient times. Krystal set her bowl down on the table and stood up, starting to take off her Kimono.

    "Hey, don't look. I'm taking off my armor and putting my clothes back on so I can feel a little more comfortable ok?"

    She assured Hiru. She didn't want to weird him out or anything but carrying around armor all day everyday can get a bit tiring.

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