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    In the history of our planet Earth, there has always been a desire to learn. To gather knowledge. To boldly go where no man has gone before, and all that good spiel.

    The world we live in is a world populated by wonders and beauty. But also with the darkest of evils, and mysteries to be solved. Things began somewhere within the 1700's that George Washington and his men had a few adventures, whose documents were once lost to time. It was in the 1800's however, with the advent of invention and new technology that the government thought it best to dedicate an entire military branch to the pursuit of study and exploration of the world.



    It is today that such a foundation, a truly courageous company of supreme adventurers flourishes as they witness the unknown and the unbelievable. A group dedicated to the defense of the Earth and all innocent sentient life against injustice, and to assist in any and all worthy causes wherever they may be found, and to innovate in the sciences to bring the world into a fantastic future.


    Now, this group seeks out the problem-solvers of tomorrow. The saviors of OUR future. Those who dance with the monsters born from the Earth's Mantle, the cosmic tyrants seeking to turn Earth into a new territory for their dictatorship, and the internet jerks who keep complaining about the girls' uniforms not being revealing enough.

    Welcome, to something Bigger than Big. Longer than Eternity. More Infinite than Infinity itself.

    Welcome, Open Minds. To the Discovery Corps.


    RULES and other stuff-

    1. There will be NO Godmodding. This pretty much goes without saying.

    2. This RP will currently follow an episodic format.

    3. Post at least once a week if you can. Everyone should understand that we're going to be busy.

    4. This is a Science Fiction/Superhero type story. Think Fantastic Four meets the Justice League, and about a dozen Sci Fi Flicks.

    That's all for the moment.

    UNIFORMS- Uniforms are a kind of jumpsuit/bodysuit type deal. They all come in dark blue as the main color, with options for custom secondary colors. The chest holds an emblem which is usually just an arrowhead pointing to the left or right, but the emblem itself can be changed for a more personal touch.

    DEFAULT STYLEs: (Color and emblem settings from above apply).




    HISTORY/ORIGIN: (Either your character's life story, or maybe just how they became superpowered and/or members)


    SKILLS: (Things you learn, like Quantum Physics or First Aid.)

    INTELLIGENCE LEVEL- (Note: Keep in mind DSC recruits, especially humans, are recruited for heightened intelligence. If they're not here because of that, they'd better have a really good reason.)

    FIGHTING SKILL- (How well trained are you? Do you have no idea how to close your fist? Or are you a skilled Kickboxer or something?)

    POWERS/ABILITIES: (A max of three main powers can be chosen. Feel free to detail the full extent of each power.)

    STRENGTH- (Do you even lift?)


    Durability- (Pssh. That didn't hurt. Much.)

    Energy Projection- (Now, I know not every character will control energy all that much, but energy, even as a power, comes in various forms, and happens to be very versatile)

    WEAKNESSES: (Put something that makes sense here or I will stab you in the brain with a hammer. All characters must have SOME kind of weakness.)


    Fun Facts:





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  2. NAME: Atlas Adams, AKA "Atomic Atlas"
    SPECIES: Human Mutant
    GENDER: Male
    AGE: 19
    APPEARANCE: Atlas sports short-medium length dark brown hair and a lean physique. You can usually find him sporting a grin of some sort, standing tall at all times.

    His uniform is dark blue of course, with additional yellow stripes on the sides going from the armpit downwards to the feet to join with the boot color, also yellow. Rather than a pair of gloves, he simply has a pair of dark green wristbands/bracers, along with a pair of sunglasses which for some reason, have red lenses.



    - Commbox: A small device not unlike a super advanced version of a smartphone.

    SKILLS: Atlas has had some practice singing and playing the guitar, but has since abandoned singing, only rarely ever using a guitar. Coincidentally, he's one of those few superheroes that ironically, read comic books.

    INTELLIGENCE LEVEL- Atlas seems to possess some knowledge on physics and astronomy. He also enjoys history greatly.

    FIGHTING SKILL- Atlas seems to possess basic stand-up hand to hand combat skills.

    POWERS/ABILITIES: Atlas's body is capable of generating its own nuclear energy, giving him great strength and durability, with the potential for other powers present.

    STRENGTH- Atlas can lift approximately 100 tons with relative ease, upper limits still unknown.

    SPEED- Atlas is capable of sprinting as fast as most athletes. His reflexes are good enough to dodge most normal speed attacks, and his agility lets him leap several feet into the air.

    Durability- Atlas's durability nearly qualifies as invulnerability. He can tackle bullets like bug bites, and go toe to toe with most superhumans.

    Energy Projection- Atlas doesn't have much control over his atomic energy. But the DSC researchers determine he'll be able to expend energy outwards, but in a very ballistic and destructive way, like energy bolts, or a large explosion emanating from his body.


    - "The Kid Ain't Stable,": Unlike most energy based superhumans, Atlas constantly generates more energy than he can handle at once, meaning he must either expend it all outwards, or use his powers on a regular basis, for worry that he'll cause a massive thermonuclear detonation, gain or give illnesses to others, and lord knows what else. A concentrated energy attack could also alter his structure and render him incapable of controlling his powers.

    - Attitude: Atlas is kind of a jerk. He's the type to shoot first, and ask questions later. It's this cocky arrogance that tends to screw everything up because he's usually always gung ho before using other possible solutions.

    - Supers: Superhuman strength and durability are not uncommon amongst higher level superhumans. Coupled with a much larger power-set, there are easily folks who put a strongman like Atomic Atlas to shame.

    Quotes: "Didn't work? Let's go thermonuclear." "A dozen eggheads in one star-spangled buncha crimefighters and we can't even handle *insert ridiculous problem/threat here*"