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  1. If you were a part of this and wish to rejoin, search the title.
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  2. Name: Reinfall
    Nickname: N/A
    Gender: Female
    Age (In appearance): 16
    Core-Human or Combine Escapee: Core-Human (kinda)
    Heterosexual,Homosexual,or Bisexual: Bisexual
    Looks: (Apologies for the massive size) Linkness

    Personality: Instead of receiving the personality of a core, she was given the traits of the special turret. (the one that must protect the humans) So of course she is a great singer, and she also talks in a sweet, cute high pitched voice (just like the turrets, just tad more human). She will also quote the turrets like "oh no, dispensing product, I see you." Though her greatest flaw is that she is blind! Her genetic coding was wrong as she failed, and GLaDOS does not let her forget, always saying in her own sarcastic and clever way that Reinfall is a failure and will always be. And that she is fat.
    Crush (optional): N/A
    Favorite Song (optional): The Turret Opera
    Other: Other than being blind, and a turret... Not really.

    Is this okay? Okay if I'm really a turret-human?
    Also this sounds awesome fun! I loved Portal!
  3. Being a turret-human's fine! I wouldn't put it past GLaDOS to do something like that for the express purpose of ridiculing somebody... Actually,I'll edit that in right now.

    I loved it too.
  4. You can post now,just so you know.
  5. This has my interest. Will we be solving puzzles for GLaDOS or doing something completely different?
  6. A little of both. We'll be solving tests,exploring Old Aperture,greeting the Combine escapees,and maybe starting a Combine-Aperture war. If we have time. We may also be exploring Blaperture Science (GLADOS bought them out),and maybe traveling to Xen. Also,everyone's favorite Brit will be making a comeback!
  7. Name: Vanessa Janelle D'Cruze
    Age (In appearance):17
    Core-Human,Turret-Human,Defective-Turret-Human, or Combine Escapee:Combine Escapee
    Heterosexual,Homosexual,or Bisexual:Homosexual
    Looks: [​IMG]
    Personality: Vanessa is of the silent, cynical type. She is very independent and likes doing stuff on her own. She was orphaned at a young age, and therefore, doesn't take instructions from anyone. She is a rebel and doesn't like being challenged. When people try to treat her like a child, she gets really mad, as she is far from a child. If anyone touches her, she will attempt to kill them, as she had been abused in the past. She is very wary of new people, and enjoys painting. She is a wonderful artist, but sometimes her work will be disturbing, depending on what mood she is in. She is a major narcissist and tends to think she is better than everyone else, partially leading to her lack of trust.
    Crush (optional):Herself
    Favorite Song (optional):None
    Other:She has a pet wolf named Whirlwind.
  8. Name: Xun Kwan

    Nickname: Sunny

    Gender: Male

    Age (In appearance): 21

    Core-Human, Turret-Human, Defective-Turret-Human, or Combine Escapee: Core-Human

    Heterosexual, Homosexual, or Bisexual: Heterosexual

    Looks: A young man of average height and average complexion who is thinner than he should be, Xun does not give the impression of being strong or reliable. Sometimes he seems as if he is about to be shattered by a single touch, however, he is much tougher than he looks like. He has short, black hair and blue eyes with his characteristic features being his bony face, thin cheeks, the goggles under his eyes and his constantly exhausted expression.

    He wears a pair of plain black jeans and a white shirt, both of which are tattered and covered in dirt.

    Personality: Xun used to be the Hyperactive Core, which shows. He never seems to stop thinking, moving around, tinkering or doing something all the time, even when he should be sleeping. He is also excitable about the smallest of things, even if it is something mundane, not to mention that he has no concept of personal space. He usually confronts new people to try and find interesting things about them, often getting uncomfortably close to the people he is studying. Fortunately, he can be distracted by the prospect of something interesting. Unfortunately, even if he is hyperactive, he is not forgetful and will resume his examining.

    Other than that, Xun is friendly to a fault and is more than willing to assist everyone with their problems. He seems to be cheerful at all times despite the fact that his human body cannot keep with his thought processes. Lately, though, his body is becoming increasingly weak due to his inability to sleep and he is starting to realise what is happening to him. Therefore, whenever he cannot occupy himself, he tends to become depressed, unhappy and passive for a time until someone snaps him out of it.

    Crush (optional): None

    Favourite Song (optional):
    Warning: Flashing lights and fast video editing. (open)

    Other: If anyone is uncomfortable with the actions of my character at any point in the game, they can tell me and I will make him back off.
  9. Alright,I think that's enough people! Post when ready!
  10. So where should I start, Jarred? Should I just enter the waiting lounge like you or can I do something else?
  11. Well,you could,or you could wake up in a Relaxation Vault/Long-Sleep Room. You could also wake up in the elevator,or just after the Core Transfer process.
  12. I hope I can still join!
    Name: Joseph Soul
    Nickname: Switch
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18 1/2
    (too lazy to write it all out): core human
    Heterosexual, Homosexual, or Bisexual?: Bisexual
    Looks: [​IMG] but also usually with a loose tie.
    Personality: Switch is pretty outgoing, maybe a little too much. He's a really big flirt, but the sad thing is that, a lot of times, it works. He plays straight since he prefers woman, but he really likes men too. He usually sticks with a down-to-earth attitude about everything, until it comes to something he doesn't want to do. He can switch to an aggresive phycopath in an instant if someone bothers his friends, family, or him, hence his nickname. He has a certain charm to him that he could get anyone to do basically whatever he wants if he really tried, even one time turning a straight man into a homosexual (I'm sorry, I had to XD). Though, a good side to his trickiness and charm is that sometimes, but only sometimes, it works on the scientists.
    Crush; probably every next person he sees...
    Favorite Song: It's on like Donkey Kong by Blood on the Dancefloor (if you have a light heart to, well, sexy things I wouldn't listen to it)
    Other: None
  13. Thanks for joining! Jump in when you want. Also,what Core are you? If you have a certain one in mind,that's fine,but if not,GLaDOS is just gonna call him the Bipolar Core.
  14. I am sorry, but I will have to abandon this due to time issues.
  15. Aw,okay then.