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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Vars, Aug 22, 2016.

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  1. When I click a thread title, it automatically takes me to the newest post in the thread, instead of the first post.
    Is there any way to disable that? There are other things I could click to get me to the newest post...

    It might actually be linked to the "newest unread" post, but when I joined I decided to mark everything as read so now browsing around I get sent to random posts inside of a thread when really I want to see the beginning of the first page.

    Slightly related:
    Also is there a button I can click anywhere that will automatically tag a person? Trying to highlight names sometimes gets tricky. (What I mean is, like, put "tag this user" under "more options" next to reply and quote)

    Can thread tools be repeated at the bottom of the thread too? (Like the breadcrumbs, where there at both the top and bottom of a thread page, I feel like the thread toolbar should be that way as well).
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  2. You can tag someone with @username. @Vardoger
    The bookmark is at the bottom right hand corner next to quote and reply.
    I don't think so, but if you click the thread title again, as long as there are no more new replies that you haven't read, it will take you to the first post. Or you can just use the page buttons at the bottom to go to the first page.
  3. As a (slightly belated) note, there's a button to click that takes you to the first post no matter what. Assuming you are on a computer (or have your mobile turned sideways), right next to the name of the person who posted the thread is the date it was posted. Clicking that will always take you to the opening post, no matter what is unread in the thread.
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