Dis-topia (Demons & Angels)

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  1. Supernatural - with a dash of sci-fi and mystery thrown in.
    The City of Dis is very much like our cities - except it's in hell.
    And there's a conspiracy there somewhere, but that would depend on how the story unfolds.

    Anyone up for a heaven/hell RP?

    Beyond the Sea of Sorrows, past the Decaying Docks littered with bleached bones of sea monsters lies the ancient city of Dis, a decaying sprawl of shanties where demons are sent into exile. Here, the vast population of Hell's fallen struggle to survive, relegated to the edges of society, all but forgotten by the Empire. Their daily lives were dour and dull, with little entertainment to occupy the long, agonizing stretch of years. The older residents have managed to form communities and families, and thus, demon children of Dis were born, and their parents can only despair at their unlucky lot in life.

    But a sudden influx of new residents is about to throw their humdrum existence into chaos. Though the number of exiles had increased as millennia went by, the new arrivals weren't the usual disgraced demons that have fallen out of favor — these were human souls with silver coins covering their eyes — the tokens given to those bound to sail for the Silver Shores.

    What to do with these human souls?! Why, they would make the rarest of pets! A never-ending source of entertainment! And those bound for Heaven were even rumored to be an unparalleled dish!

    However, before the first souls could be scrubbed clean of silver (it was poison to demons), the majority of them had disappeared, leaving only their shining silver coins behind.

    If that wasn't cause enough for panic, the Necrosytes, an elite team from the Ministry of War, have suddenly docked in Dis and are now roaming the streets, interfering with the demons’ lives, and imposing a never-before-heard-of curfew. This was — the demons have been told — necessary to determine which of them deserved the Emperor's clemency. Those who were found worthy would be shipped out of Dis, their former titles and holdings restored if they had any.

    While this might sound like a boon to some of the denizens of Dis, the news of the curfew and the Emperor's unusual gift, raised the suspicion of the Cimmerian Agency, Hell's police force, most of them harboring long-standing grudges against the scene-stealing Necrosytes. They suspect that the team had been deployed to uncover (recover?) the real power behind the appearance and subsequent disappearance of the souls.

    Meanwhile, a group of high-ranking angels from the Fifth Sphere of the Heavens, rumored to be under direct orders from an unnamed Principality, is tasked with investigating the unexpected, almost-unbelievable presence of counterfeit coins.

    With all the commotion, the souls that have managed to not disappear find themselves caught between the warring factions of Hell, and with no immediate help from Heaven, they must do all they can to survive.

    The RP will be broken down in arcs. You can be:

    -A lost human soul

    -A denizen of Dis

    -A member of the Necrosyrtes

    -An employee of the C.A. (Cimmerian Agency)

    -An angel of the F.S.H. (Fifth Sphere of the Heavens)

    There's more to the story, and will post more information if this garners any interest. :}
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  2. Interested!
  3. Thanks!

    Although this will need more players to get off the ground. :}

    So - more of the story:

    Everyone has some sort of power in this world. Demons have CURSES, Angels have SONGS, and souls have PRAYERS. Each character only has one power that can do one specific thing.

    Prayers are only defensive.

    Songs are either defensive or offensive (not both).

    Curses are always offensive in nature.

    *Demons, however, can leech. They can defend themselves at the expense of another demon.
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