Dirty Paws OOC and Info

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  1. Drinking coffee with a flu... Well, that's what I call having balls of steel! xD
  2. I shall post soon!
  3. I'll get a post up tomorrow!
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  4. @Pangoblin
    Actually can I be skipped? In my opinion at this point the plot needs to be driven and Hawk is kind of a side character if you think about it. :o I can't really think of much for him to do other than run as well.
  5. I disagree. In my opinion, every dog plays a role that affects the story, no matter if is small or big. I think you should at least give us something to let us know how Hawk feels about what is going on.

    P.S. I freaking love Hawk. So far, he's the cutest of them all for me x3
  6. Alright well I'm trying to think of something to post, I'm just kind of stuck at the moment.

    By the way when I said Hawk is a side character, I didn't mean it in a 'I'm not getting nearly enough attention!' way, I meant it in a 'that's his personality and it fits him' way. That's why I wanted him to be an omega.

    Anyway, I'll try to get something up.
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  7. This is terribly late and im very sorry about that ;~; there's no need to force yourself to post if you feel like the story and be pushed further if we needed to skip :o
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  8. Yeah, so I'm not getting anything right now and skipping would be nice. :]
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  9. looking at the posting order it looks like @~Dark Disney~ would be next o3o if they wish to take on the next post
  10. Will do when I have a chance
  11. Sounds good :D and if im at all quiet tomorrow it may be the weather screwing with the power ._.
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  12. Sorry everyone, apparently I didn't get any alerts. I can also understand not able to think of anything to post as well so it is very understandable!
  13. Have to drop sorry, my muse is kinda dead for this one.
  14. @~Dark Disney~ sorry to here that :c and just before it could really get started, things have been slow on my end due to school and work hopefully we can really get the ball rolling soon
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  15. I'm sorry but I have to drop. My schedule isn't as free as when I joined. Best of luck with this rp!
  16. @Cosmic Penguin Nuuuu! Are you sure? The posting is a little slow so there's no huge major rush, but I understand :( I'm sorry to hear that!

    @iiSaralaxyii Were you going to post or wait? If that's so, @Fireflies it would be your turn.
  17. Yeah, sorry. D;
  18. Hey just checking in
  19. Yeah, I wonder if the RP just died... :(