Dirty Harry (Video game): A Rambling

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  1. To start off, here's a tid bit of a trailer for a Dirty Harry game which was cancelled way back when. Fairly average graphics for the time, but hasn't aged well in comparison to other releases during the early years of the 360, PS3 and Wii.

    Dirty Harry.
    So a though I'd just toss out there (especially for you Dirty Harry/ Clint fans) is if this title were ever picked up again, just what developer and/or publisher could do this classic series justice? Warner Brothers Game Studios? Bethesda? Sony? EA? Maybe another top notch or up and coming developer? All things considered here however, just what kind of demand do we have for a game adaptation of an older movie franchise that isn't quite so popular among the current generation, but still has a well sized strong following? Along with that, chances are a title like this would end up being something of an open world which is a major trend in gaming right now. Aside from other variables, considering what a title like this would need, only one developer comes to mind.


    Well, Rockstar North would be the primary here since they're the main developing team behind the Grand Theft Auto series, L.A. Noire, Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3. Each of which have been considered outstanding games for not only their varied core mechanics and detailed open worlds (barring Max Payne 3) they also hold a certain cinematic touch to them as well. That said, a game adaptation of a movie would certainly be left in the capable hands of a team which really knows how to capture the same power cinema provides in a very different package.

    Now of course, we have to consider a number of things here of course. Would this be a project even worth investing in? I want to say yes, but I'm unsure. Acting by itself would be a tricky thing, because I would find it unlikely Eastwood would reprise his role as Harry Callahan at the ripe old age of 85. But of course, we've seen Rockstar has grown very capable over the years in finding (or keeping) very talented actors such as Kames McCaffrey, voice of Max Payne who was brought over after Rockstar nabbed the rights to Max Payne to develop the third installment. The casts over the past few Grand Theft Auto games, all the way back to the third installment on the PS2 has shown vast improvement and some actors have rolled over through the games provided smaller bits or just extra vocals of pedestrians and/or small characters while having a new crew for each game.

    But enough about the acting. The game itself. I'm sure anyone can agree it can be done these days and have the potential to be a great action, suspense and mystery game that really draws you in. One that catches the same vibe of the original movie franchise while still remaining relevant to today's issues, something the Dirty Harry movies have done very well in terms of social and political issues. Whether it be a new story the the script simply lifted and molded to work in a video game format. But of course, I doubt many of us want to play a Dirty Harry game and find an onslaught of collectibles scattered around a 1974 re-creation of San Francisco.

    Which brings me to an odd point. I would almost rather see a game like this be a bit more linear, keeping the story well paced instead of finding Harry slinking around a dark alley trying to find some irrelevant collectible item up the fire escape while muttering in a gruff voice about how he needs to hurry to his next destination. Though that seems against how a lot of people want their games to be, it feels a game like this would suffer from being an open world over something more linear. But then again, maybe an open world would provide an opportunity to get to know more about Harry, adding in details and information about not only his character and others, but the times and trials people face in the growing age of information, police corruption and vigilantes.

    Anywho. Enough rambling for the time being. Thoughts?​
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