Dirty Fairy tales

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  1. So I kinda into ruining my childhood by dirtying up some fairy tales.

    My rules ~

    I'm looking to write a bit more but I would like a maximum of 4 decent paragraphs, I'm farsighted so it's super hard to read... But other then that.. I play females, not so comfortable playing males yet.. Smut ratio I usually don't bother and let it flow with the story, I've never been one to shoehorn it in.
  2. Well, what types of Fairy tales are you going for? Disney or Grim Fairy Tales? Of just a Fantasy story where we can make it up as we go?
  3. I'd kind like to rewrite the original grim tales, they could be far from the original plot and become our own ^^
  4. Ooh.. thats quite a task.. I think it would be an amazing undertaking and I would like to help you with it. I just need to reaquaint myself with the tales since I haven't heard them... in almost sixteen years or so.
  5. I'm pretty fine with any of them ^^
  6. I have a couple plots for Snow White, if you're interested.
  7. Sure pm me
  8. Are you only looking for male partners?
  9. Sorta I'm best at fxm but I accept fxf
  10. Well, if you want to do an fxf I'd love to try and work something out with you :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.