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  1. any studying tips? ideas? :|

    i've always struggled to study and i'm really gonna need some advice for the next four days because mid-term next week

    if the subject is of any relevance to how you would personally study, it's literature
  2. I'm in my fifth year of university and I know what works for some people wont always work for another. However, here are some tips I can give you from how I help myself get lots of work done. Find a place your mind can deem a study place. This means don't study in your bedroom, you'll try and associate it with fun, or sleep, making you distracted quickly. Next set up how much you need to read or want to read, then divide it up. Every time you hit a check point take a mini break. For example, replay to a text, Facebook message, watch a short video, and then turn back to where you left off and repeat that over and over again. I find this helps me work for longer, and get more stuff done. If you reach a point where your reading and not really. . . reading it anymore. Take a longer break, step back, change your location, get a snack, watch an episode of a show. Just take your brain away from that type of thinking for at least half an hour and then you can try and start reading again.

    As for how to study, study. That really all depends if you can take in information better by reading or writing. The first thing to do would be to highlight/underline anything you find extra important. If you can get through all your notes, you can try and write it out to trigger your memory through writing too. Writing takes longer though, which is why reading through everything in one go and highlighting it first is the best way. That way you've at least covered it all once, then you can work on remembering extra details. I usually know I'm done studying when I can scan through everything in five minutes nodding my head saying I know this, I know this, I know this.

    If your at all confused about how to break up your break, this image here is what first gave me the idea. But as someone who eats on breaks rather then when I'm studying it wouldn't work so great for me.

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