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  1. So, I just saw the Assembly Cut of Alien 3. Fucking awesome. It makes the third installment as good as the first two.

    Same with the Director's Cut of Kingdom of Heaven. Amazing film. One of the best historical epics ever made.

    And of course, Blade Runner.

    Your lives are incomplete if you do not watch the director's cuts of these movies.

    What alternate/extended/re-cut versions of movies do you recommend?
  2. All three Lord of the Rings Extended Editions. Thought they were good before? How about now with 122 more minuets of it.
  3. The first thing I thought of when I saw the title of this thread was Kingdom of Heaven. The Theatrical cut was disjointed and left you with a lingering anger. The Director's Cut, while an hour longer (intermission and everything!), fills in every nook and cranny you could ever be confused about, whilst adding so much to the setting. Historical accuracy aside, it's a beautiful film. Highly recommended, A+++.

    I've heard wind of yet another Blade Runner cut coming out? Unless it already has? At any rate, I can't quite tell you which cut of his I prefer. I just know I like the ones without the narration leagues better.

    Tacking onto Alien 3, Aliens has a special cut that adds 15 or so minutes that really expands on the whole Newt thing, and why she went to such great lengths to save her. It really adds a whole brand new layer of Mama Bear, and the line, "Get away from her you bitch!"

    Finally, one that might be really surprising is Daredevil with Ben Affleck. The Theatrical cut is GOD. AWFUL. It's junk, pure and simple. But the Director's Cut adds while, hilariously enough, taking away. He becomes a much darker hero, and a lot of the cartoony stuff is straight-up taken out. If you haven't seen it in awhile (or at all), I recommend checking it out.
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  4. Hmm... I always had a feeling that Daredevil was a good film buried under shit. I'll check that out.
  5. second third and fourth LotR Extended Editions

    to quote Escaflowne Abridged:

    Best three years of my life.
  6. The orginal cut of blade runner was so damn shitty. Directors cut BR is prolly my favourite movie of all time
  7. Everyone's named the directors cuts that I would recommend, so let me be a contarian cunt and suggest one you should avoid.

    Much as I love Apocalypse Now, stay the fuck away from the Redux they released. It completely disrupts the flow and structure of the movie, adding in superficial and unneeded extra scenes that bloat an already pretty massive movie.

    Seriously, Copella, what the fuck happened?
  8. *Raises hand*

    I liked that director's cut. :O

    It's hard to pin down a solid cut of Dune that fits just right.
  9. We can't be friends anymore.
  10. I think Redux was okay. Most of the scenes added some nice flavour, especially the part with the whores. But I agree the whole stopping off with French landowners was ridiculous. Sure, it was political commentary, but the movie wasn't really about any of that shit by that stage.