Director of "Suicide Squad" reveals Leto Joker.

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  1. So the official look for the Jared Leto version of the Joker has been revealed for the movie "Suicide Squad"

    Official look:

    Show Spoiler

    Personally, i'm...okay with the look except for that "damaged" tattoo on his forehead. It's not an original look like past versions and I understand they're moving in a new direction with a new look, but in my doesen't fit.

    Also, here's the link to the reveal:
  2. He looks like he should be the drummer for Green Day.
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  3. He looks like a white Li'l Wayne.
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  4. Trying a little too hard with this one, aren't they?
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  5. I guess they are really trying to strike out in a different direction post Ledger. Not sure if I like the tattoo on the forehead, it's too on the nose.
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  6. Yeah, I'd agree that the overall look is just fine if they play it right, but the forehead tattoo is just horrific.
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  7. With the glove he reminds me of a guy who just saw something move when his dog took a dump on the carpet.

    Not a fan of the design I guess. Trying to imagine the Joker sitting still long enough to get a tattoo and not picking at it incessantly seems out of character. To each their own.
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  8. I'll reserve proper judgement for when the film's out, to be honest. I remember not being so keen on Heath Ledger and his Joker look, then being totally blown away upon seeing him in action. Jared Leto is not exactly my favourite person in the world, but he's a fucking good actor: I'd like to think he can do justice to the character.
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  9. Oh hey, Peter showed me this the other night. I studied it for a solid minute or so and realized I hate everything about it.
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  10. Do you have a problem with gang banger Joker? Gang banger Joker came from the streets! He's hustled, scraped and gang banged all the way to the top. There is no shame in his gang banging game. Respek!

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  11. I wouldn't call him "gang banger" Joker or anything like that. Punk rock is a pretty obvious big influence, and I'm getting more than a hint of Marilyn Manson about him, too.

    Shit, Manson may wanna get his lawyers out their coffins on this one now I think about it.
  12. [​IMG]

    Fucking. Seriously.
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  13. First look at the new Mr. Freeze:

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  14. Heath Ledger Joker is best Joker.

    End of story.
  15. So we've gone from being a heroin junkie in one film, a gun runners brother (I think) in another along the line and now that.
  16. Like Marilyn Manson? Not really, not at all. The reason that I jokingly said, "Gang banger Joker," is because all of his tattoos are self referential: the hahahas, the cards, the joker head, the teeth and so on. He even has a "J" where many gang bangers would have a tear. The fact that his tattoos are all there to remind you of who he is and what he's all about is more in line with gang tattoos which do the same thing.
  17. Eh, looks pretty dumb to me. The joker skull, cards, and teeth tattoos aren't bad, and I would have preferred that they kept to those themes for other tattoos to show his obsession with whole joker thing. The others though? I get that they're trying to show that he's not right in the head, but seriously, the word damaged across his forehead? At least two separate tattoos of just "ha ha ha ha" over and over to depict maniacal laughter? Awful. Those take it from what could have been a completely logical theme of tattoos to weird shit that doesn't make sense, and if you're trying to show him as some kind of lunatic then as Winsong already mentioned I find it really out of place that he would sit still long enough to have those tattoos done and that he wouldn't scratch and pick at them while they were healing. His teeth also look extremely dumb.

    Could end up being a great version of the Joker, but as far as looks go I am in no way impressed or enthused.
  18. Well I mean, while it's not contested that the Joker is a lunatic, I don't think he'd have a problem sitting still to get something he wanted done. He did get his entire face removed once. Also, I don't agree that he'd pick at a healing tattoo, his mania and lunacy are very directed.
  19. I think you meant Mark Hamill Joker.

    it's okay, people make typos all the time.
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  20. If we're talking about animation, yes, Mark Hamill joker is best joker. I'm talking about the THE animated Batman series too.

    Live action, however, Heath Ledger joker is best joker and before him it was Jack Nicholson joker.

    Each to their own opinion.
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