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    So I have to say that I have the absolute WORST sense of direction ever! Before I had a GPS system (yes I'm giving away my age) I would get lost constantly. If I would go anywhere outside my regular routine I'd get lost. Soon it started to become an adventure. Where would I wind up today? I hope I don't run out of gas...

    Now my boyfriend does not use GPS but he has an incredible sense of direction. He uses large landmarks like the mountains to know which direction is which. However, you tell me to go North for 3 miles then head southeast and I'm gonna slap you. I can go down a road a road I drive everyday, but if I happen to drive in the opposite direction on that road I'll get confused and lost.

    How is your sense of direction? Do you use GPS or landmarks to know where you're at/where you're going? Are you oldschool and keep a map in your car?​
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  2. I use GPS, but I have no problems guessing which way to go to reach towns, memorizing which streets to take, and I used to use road maps all the time. Hell, I still keep one in my truck just in case.
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  3. I have the spatial recognition of a goldfish. It actually is really frustrating for me but I just have a really hard time with orienting myself and my world. From trying to remember how to get to a certain building from the apartment to visualizing routes, I am just terrible. I need maps and a solid gameplan for where I'm going and even then, I sometimes still manage to get turned around. This is something of a dirty secret of mine because I find it so embarrassing.
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  4. Someone that understands my struggles T____T
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  5. I'm not good with directions or reading a map. If anyone asks me to, they very quickly learn of their mistake and become frustrated. I'm good at remembering landmarks, but no good at actually navigating from them ^_^'' Unless I've lived in the same place for years, like my home neighbourhood. Or it's a small town (as in less that 5000 people XD).
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  6. My sense of direction sucks when it comes to new places. I moved to a new city last fall and I got lost at least once every time I tried to find my way somewhere new. Even if it was close to a place I already knew. And I was actually reading a map or using GPS every single time. Yes, I get lost with a friggin' map or GPS.

    This happens to me way too often:
    *Looks at the route on his handy google maps thingy* "Alright, I just gotta go down this road, turn right when I reach that building and then turn left after two intersections. I've got this." *Puts phone away and gets on his bike*
    And then I end up god knows where. Stupid as I am, I repeat the above and usually still don't find the right place. At that point I just walk with my bike and glue my eyes to the GPS. And sometimes I still go the wrong way even then.

    I'm hopeless. But I find my own stupidity amusing and I have enough sense to leave early whenever I need to find somewhere new because I know I'll get lost. So all is good. I guess.

    However, I remember my way around places that I've been to at least once or twice before very well.
  7. "Hey Au, do you know how to get to X?"

    "Yeah! Go north."

    "North? North and...?"

    "Just. Just go north."


    "Hey Au, do you know where the nearest restroom is?"



    *We were at a ground-floor park.


    "Au, do you know where you're going?"

    "Yeah! We're going to the theatre."

    "No, I mean, why are we driving down a country road?"

    "Aren't you navigating?"
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  8. I don't have data on my phone so I don't have that built in GPS to my phone, so when I don't have the car and have to go somewhere new (since the car has one) even if I write them down word for word, I'll get lost. Ask @Rain of the Night , he has to suffer when I do this >>
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  9. Never needed any help. Indoors, outdoors, new or old.

    Grandpa taught me the Cardinal directions and how to figure them out when I was pretty young. Then it was "grandpas house is that way which is south!" And use that to figure the rest.

    Been lost in the Florida scrub before with a friend and zero directions. When there's nothing but palmetto for miles around you.. fun stuff. All I knew was it was afternoon, sun sets in the west, and the road ran north.

    Hour later and we're on it heading back to camp.
  10. I use landmarks. I also have a pretty good idea of North/South/East/West most of the time. I do, however still get lost. But mostly because I head in the direction I need to go, and end up on streets the curve around, or dead end before I need them to. I enjoy these adventures.
  11. Google is my compass basically.

    The only areas I know off heart is schools I went to, friends places and local malls.
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