DIP Falcor the Ferret

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  1. Today is a sad day indeed, first me lose Giger, and now we lose Falcor the Ferret.

    For those of you who don't know Falcor was one of the few ferret actors, who has appeared in a fair few movies, and short films.

    His owner brought him to the vet last night, but they were charging close to $2000 dollars to fix him, which even with the help of us donators wasn't enough to save poor Falcor.

    DIP (Dook in Peace) Falcor.
  2. D:

    Nooo, I'm going to go cry all fucking day now.​
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  3. I see Death is doing overtime today.

    Regardless. This is sad too. The feels, man. The feels! Poor guy.
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  4. I wanna punch Death in his face and steal all his money. I never want to go through the grief of having lost someone dear to me ever again.
  5. Interesting.

    I lost my Ferret, Gatsu, right around the 13th. Poor ferrets...
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