Dinosaurs? Fallout? Apocalypses? SPACE?!

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Which RP would you like to see me start?

  1. Jurassic Park: Lockout

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  2. Children of men: In the end

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  3. Fallout - Smithsonian

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  4. Fed By Fear: The movie.

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  5. Newtonian 3-10-8

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  6. God damn it, non King! Enough of ur sad rp.

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  1. Good evening! I'm back at it again with the group RP ideas! However, I'm only looking to start one of these! Last time I created a thread, I got a lot of interest and enthusiasm but as soon as the IC started it died out quickly. Part my fault as a GM but a players lack of dedication too. But this time, I'm starting one and one only!

    Here are the ideas!


    Jurassic World - Lockout

    Genre: Movie based, sci-fi, survival.
    Setting: 1995, Post-Jurassic Park, Pre-Lost World.

    3-4 players, multiple characters.

    Jurassic Park has been shut down and the island is fully dinosaur inhabited. However, a group of students, paleontologists, photographers and environmentalists get together to explore the island. However, when they loose their boat to a storm, the group must survive from the dinosaurs. Chaos ensures!


    Children Of Men - In the end.

    Genre: Movie based, dark reality, dystopian.
    Setting: 2016 Alternative universe, London, UK.
    Triggers -

    With the idea of a fertile woman, themes of rape might be present, however it will not be RPed!

    3-4 players, multiple character

    Children of men is set in the near future Britain, where all women have become infertile. Because of the chaos the world has descended into, the U.K has become extraorindarily xenophobic. 70 years from the end of the human race, a group of scientists believe they have found a fertile refugee women. Does she want to procreate, does she get to choose? And how do the scientists decide? - This has a lot of room for us to make characters and then give a further developed plot!


    Fallout - Smithsonian

    Genre: Fandom, sci-fi, gritty.
    Setting: Fallout 4 era, Washington.

    Co-GM wanted!
    2-4 players, multiple characters.

    Based in the world of Fallout, Washington has been taken over by four main factions - The Tyrannosaurus Rex, those who believe the government should be taken back, and enforced through fear. The Triceratops, those who want democracy, but still as ferocious for power as Rexes. The Brontosaurus, the rebels against a new government, freedom for all and all for freedom! And last but not least, the Raptors, those who refuse to be enforced, feared or lawed, they will steal, kill and over power the innocent. - This is very very loose and if anybody is interested with taking this RP up via PM to help me arrange and define the idea better would be great! If it doesn't make sense, It still doesn't to me!
    TL;DR: Fallout 4 with factions themed as dinosaurs. Central theme is government and power, instead of technology.


    Fed By Fear: The Movie.

    Genre: Sci-Fi, Dark themes, Survival.
    Setting: Near Future, TV set like scenes.

    Co-GM needed!
    2-4 players, 1-2 characters each.

    A group of people believe they're entering a game show for a cash prize. All they have to do is survive the 'scary' levels and make it to the top. Kind of like fear factor! Just tap out if you're done! You won't tap out, you told nobody about what you're really scared of... Right? Wrong. Crazed directors and writers decide the only way you can make a good horror movie is with real, live horror. The characters will have to survive through the torment the crew puts them through, or might never be heard from again.


    Newtonian 3-10-8

    Genre: Sci-Fi, Horror, Doctor-Who/Alien inspired, Paranormal.
    Setting: 2100, Isolated Spacecraft, Dark undertones.

    2-5 players, multiple characters.

    A group of scientists, aliens, crew and others are orbiting a planet, in search of a new home for the human race. The crew are in observation of the planet when strange things begin to happen. Voices are being heard, hands being felt, the crew don't know what to make of the creepy happenings. It isn't until they discover an unworldly creature, that feeds off fear is living on their ship. With nowhere to go, the crew must find a way to a planet soon, or die trying.

    Please feel free to ask questions! These ideas totally need toying with, I'm more than happy to hear your ideas!

    If you think I'm cool and you like my taste of dark roleplays and stuff, check out my Partner Search HERE!!
  2. You know, I'd love a fallout role-play. I will warn though, I have work and family to attend to, so my posts may be limited to a few times a week. But if that's okay with you, I'd definitely like to join in on that.
  3. KING!! HELLO MY DEAR FRIEND! I am pretty much interested in all of these, so sign me up for the whichever comes first!

    {Also, I'm totally open to co-GMing if need be xD}
  4. Of course! Thanks for showing interest! And do not fear, we all have lives to tend to, I don't expect lightening speed replies c:

    Ahh Kim it's been a while! Nice to see you again! Of course, thanks for showing an interest!
  5. So the Jurassic Park RP and the Fallout RP are the plots with most interest. If anybody wants to point out any more interest on a RP, I shall start setting up the Fallout RP!

    @kimsim12 - Have you played Fallout before? If so then I'd totally appreciate it if we began PMming about this RP and stuff - If not you're totally welcome to still be CO-GM!
  6. My best friend plays Fallout all the time, but I personally haven't played it. She's told me quite a bit about it, though, and I can always look up information or ask you (or her) if there's something I need to know. :)
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