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  1. So one of my favorite childhood movies was the movie Dinosaur produced by disney in 2000. I was hoping that people would be interested in doing a rp about the children of Aladar and Neera. Maybe even introduce a Trex problem or something. I'm open to all plot ideas but I watched the movie the other day and my love for it was resparked. Annnyone interssted? :)
  2. I haven't seen the movie in forever. I'm interested, but I may have to refresh my memory.
  3. Haha well I'm glad someone is interested. I think it would be fun honestly.
  4. Yea. If i can at least find clips on YouTube it will refresh my memory s bit. I didn't have Netflix or anything like that.
  5. Yeah clips will do thentrick.in can sum up the plot for you if that will help too?
  6. Yes, please. It's been yeats since I last saw it.
  7. Managed to find the whole movie. Watching it now.
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  8. So what did you think of the movie?
  9. It kept buffering. I still have about 10 minutes left. But I like it.
  10. Yay! :) I'm so excited
  11. So what is the story line you're going for?
  12. I'm thinking of doing a fire overtaking the nesting ground and they all have to leave. Aladar and Neera are dead and it's just their three kids and the lemur kids. Idk, I'm open for ideas but I'm thinking of doing a journey to the ocean, back near the place Aladar was born
  13. Ok, sure. That would be a great adventure. Running into Carnos along the way. I'm definitely playing a female. Haven't decided what to name her yet though.
  14. Yeah just do whatever. See if you can't invite others to play too, I need at least two more, one to play another sibling and at least one lemur
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.