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  1. Hey everyone!! How is it going?!
    Sorry, I'll just get straight to the point of this. I have this idea, and the title basically explains it's self but, I'll just tell you it anyways.
    I thought of having a world where dinosaurs still lived but, they modified just like us from ape to man. But for them it would be dinosaur to dino man ^^' If that makes any sense, which I hope it does for you guys. I thought it would be basically stuck in the wild west theme. Where of course there would be cowboy dinos, to dino outlaws. So basically to sum it up it would be dinosaur anthropomorphic mixed up into a western theme.

    I have not quite figured out the plot yet. But it thought it could be adventurous and romantic.

    I got a few characters in mind for this.

    Drug: Who is a triceratops. He is slightly chubby but has great upper body strength, and his legs were pretty good for a man of his size. His eyes were all white, and even the pupils were pure white. His skin color was dirty orange. Drug is rude, but nice when he wants to be, and only is 28 years old. His average hight was only 6.10 feet tall. Drug is a hard working guy, and always when he gets his pay of the month he goes off and buys himself some whisky.

    I kinda forgot the others, but they are still in my mind. Sorry. ^^;

    So please, join me on this awesome, and wild adventure. I promise it will be fun. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.