Dinner beverages?

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  1. This is totally a silly topic, but I was amused when I stumbled across the question. O___O I didn't realize I had a preference until I thought about it.

    When you are sitting down for dinner, what is your drink of choice?

    Mine is apparently a glass of sweet tea. 8D
  2. Um, out varies between interesting health drinks and flavored water. Sometimes its just water though, if I'm feeling dehydrated.(hint: I hate water)
  3. Root Beer.
  4. Dr. Pepper, with or without rum, sweet tea, or some sort of girly drink. Cucumber vodka is life <3
  5. Water, every time.

    Used to drink milk, but grew out of it a good couple of years ago. Occasionally I might indulge, but usually it's water, flavored/carbonated water or on rare occasions, soft drinks like Coca-Cola.
  6. Either water or I let my inner alcoholic come out.
  7. Coke/Pepsi, and when I can't have that, I have sprite or 7-Up
  8. Water always.
  9. Coffee. If I happen to be someplace that doesn't serve dinner coffee, though, it's usually pop.
  10. I kind of cheat because I rarely get a drink especially to go with my dinner. I eat like a modern bachelor (which I guess is fine because I am one) by bringing my food to my computer and watching shit on Youtube while eating. I always have two drinks at my computer: a bottle of water, and a bottle of soda, which will be either Mt. Dew or Barq's root beer (no other brands or generics, other root beer is for peasants). Those will count as my dinner beverages, I guess.
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  11. If that's eating like a modern bachelor than I eat like one too :p I'm a shy person and hermit by nature. Staying at the computer is nice.
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  12. I am also a Modern Bachelor.
    And when at home my drink of choice is Cranberry Cocktail.

    But when out at a Restaurant it is normally Iced Tea.
    Unless if a Strawberry Milkshake is an option.
  13. Coca cola!
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  14. I always drink water with meals. Unless it's fancy, then I feel obligated to get a fancy drink too.
  15. Human blood.
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  16. Water or milk. Tea after dinner n_n
  17. Water. Sometimes iced tea when we eat out, or those fruit shakes with fancy straws. Sometimes when I indulge I do drink soda.
  18. Water or tea.
  19. Dinner? My preference is Kirin Ichiban, a japanese beer :)
  20. Water. I don't like my drink to compete with my meal.
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