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  1. The year is 2015. The place... an unassuming diner in the middle of the city of Yuneek, America!

    You're a group of monster girls living in modern society with all the perks that brings with it. Monster Girls, due to their recorded history, are regarded as evil demons of insatiable lust and ill intent. While some of this still holds true, you like to think you've evolved past that. The humans around you, however, aren't so certain.

    As the days came and went, you found companions (or didn't) who suited your needs and when meeting another of your kind, you found a place that was willing to accept you as long as you were willing to work 9-10 hours a day for minimum wage. This diner, Arnold's Dine and Dash, has been around for years and most customers are so old that they don't notice a tail (or nine) hidden behind a dress, and the younger customers just assume it's a costume diner and are strangely willing to accept the oddity and normality.

    In any case, this is where our story begins. Make your characters and we'll discuss everything we need to in this OOC instead of the PM, please vocalize any and all concerns before we start the RP itself so we can work out any uncomfortable issues before we're balls deep in a story (metaphorically speaking, of course, no libertine (unless you wish to do it in PM with the person you're interested in.)


    Lazy Goat doesn't want to completely rewrite this, so I'm just gonna give the major points:

    1) You live in this diner. It's something similar to Bob's Burgers layout, with diner on first floor and the apartment set up above it. This keeps your lives a little more private, you don't have to walk around among the normal people and get noticed. The apartment itself is fairly upscale, very classy and fancy in design, but this is because you have been around for so long that the money you've accrued is nigh endless.

    2) You live in the city of Yukeek, Misarkansas (Pronounced Miz-ark-an-saw). It's not a large city, but it's home. It's out in the middle of nowhere, but it's once of the few places that Monster-Girls can call home without fear of a "witch-hunt" mentality. They don't want to openly parade it around, but they can hide under the guise of "Being in an elaborate costume" as the simple people indigenous to this city assume all outsiders are weird anyway.

    3) There is no 3.

    Character Sheets:

    Monster Girl (and personal description) / Human Appearance:
    Age (Relative age - old/young/uncomfortably young/go back to school)
    Personality Traits (Things we can work off of at the beginning of the game, I don't want to know your life story. Save that for the IC)

    Rules for the game itself:
    1. Don't be an ass.
    2. Make sure you clear it with another character if you're going to move their characters.
    3. Don't God Mod ---^
    4. If you're going to make a big shift in the dynamic of the game, let me know first so it doesn't completely blindside the group
    5. No libertine in the IC, save it for PM
    6. Don't be an ass. We're all (aside from Prox and Guardian) fairly new and writing together and it's going to be a learning experience. Take all you can from each other's writing and use the critiques, if any, as a stepping stone to becoming even better.
  2. Name: Nil an Xoth-Thachhoa from the House of Suld
    Appearance: As a shoggoth, one of an amorphous species of shapeshifters biologically engineered to act as multi-purpose servants, their form is commonly tenuous. A mass of luminescent protoplasm, various appendages, eyes and temporary organs are nearly constantly forming and dissolving back into the body. Most often used to serve an immediate need, some are little more than idle movement; general unconscious vacillations of mass. Holding a single shape for very long is actually quite taxing, forcing said restlessness. Though not impossible, such efforts only last for perhaps forty-five minutes to one hour at a time; any more will quickly exhaust internal reserves, leading to incapacitation and a regression of intelligence. Near-mindless, all thoughts in such a state will consist singularly of the need to feed. Thus is the act largely avoided.
    Age: Unknown, appearance tends to shift as instinct puts forth what an observer will find most comfortable. This of course serves to further cloud any identifying gender, though generally attributes of a female form are maintained.
    Personality: Outwardly tractable, docile and willing to serve with eyes that hide unspeakable notions, a gleam like madness not at all associated with natural luminescence. Whatever this signifies cannot be said and one might even question whether or not what one glimpsed was real or some delusion for most actions are nothing if not agreeable. A relatively new arrival, not only in town but the diner as well, Nil has proven industrious and reliable. Speech is rare though when it occurs the tones are light and musical, at odds with an overall dusky demeanour.
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  3. Name: Dahlia Westbrook
    Monster Girl Inari
    Human Appearance: Average height. average body. Has the look of Alia Shawkat but with long white straight hair.
    Age: early to mid 20s in appearance.
    Personality Traits: kind, soft spoken, has a very soothing nature. She owns Arnold's Dine and Dash(if this isn't ok I'll change it) She lives in a southern mansion away from town. She wMars mostly skirts and blouses as well as dresses. But when residing at home wears clothing from her people.(think Alphonse Mucha or greek) She'll fairly well known around the town but not many people actually know her personally.

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  4. Name: Gordon Blackwell (Nickname Gordy)
    Monster Girl: N/A
    Human Appearance: Fairly short, very skinny (not anorexic, just appears like he could gain some weight). Short black hair, spiked in the front, light tan skin and dark brown eyes.
    Age: 23
    Personality Traits: Compassionate, but tries to maintain the gruff exterior to those he doesn't know. Definitely the guy to laugh too hard at his own humor, but he considers his optimism and fluffy nature a good thing. On the flip side, his anger can consume him to the point where he can lash out. When not in his uniform (worn fairly off-kilter for the most part) he dresses himself in "Average Joe" attire (White shirt with no logos, dark blue jeans and black converse). He cares about his appearance a little more than he should, but his Mistress' aggressive demeanor keeps him from obsessing too heavily.
  5. Also... To be completely clear! The OOC intro thingy is NOT a set in stone description. Once everyone's sheets are on here I'll write out a decent intro for us all to fit into so we're not just walkin' around playing with our dicks (or respective genital subsitutions).
  6. name: will gibson
    age: 25
    personality: will is a casual man with a love of people and city life. he's generally uncritical, talks freely, and likes to help others. he is neat and sincere in his habits. he hates conflict and usually escapes it if given the option.

  7. Name: Yuria Hashimoto
    Monster Girl: Ushi Oni
    Age: Young Adult
    Personality: Playful and a bit cruel, Yuria loves messing with people just because she can. She's brash, short tempered and quick to blow off some steam. She doesn't care what other people think of her -- at least that's the image she likes to give off. In truth she just finds it easier to be considered a threat rather than actually dealing with people.

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  8. Today is my day off, so I'll make plans to a flesh out a OOC and make an initial post ^w^
  9. *chants* post post post post post post post post...........
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  10. ~joins the chant~
  11. image.jpeg
    So when I mention "Riveria" I mean this car, exactly. It's a slightly modified version than Buick's original found in GTA V. It's really close to my heart haha
  12. Does no one know what posting order is?
  13. To be fair, Prox, with the separation of characters there's not so much of an issue with posting order. Kai and Allison are almost on their own tangent at this point so as long as they maintain one post for every post we have (so that they don't blow up the thread while you me and Guardian are trying to write) then I don't really see an issue. So far, it's Guardian's turn on our end, I posted, then you did. For SA and Feminty, once they enter a space where we are all (more or less) together, we'll set a specific posting order then.
  14. I don't require a lecture, you know.
    One would think a decade of experience at this would qualify one to make light-hearted complaints.
    I don't care what excuses their are for or against it.
    I was simply amusing myself.
  15. I wasn't giving one, Prox :(

    Frankly, Feminty and I haven't made RPs on this site in YEARS and we're both very nervous about the way we left before. Whether it's warranted or not, I'm going to explain in as few words as possible. The Iwaku we knew was FILLED with so many angry and tantrum throwing players that you couldn't create a single RP without someone getting booted because they threw a fit about someone "controlling their character" or "posting too much and leaving them behind". These two things are my biggest pet peeve, so when Feminty (as an example) said that SA's character gave her "the look" it made me extremely anxious because I was worried someone was going to get angry. But nothing happened, and that's weird to me.

    When it comes to posting, I HATED it when I'd get yelled at because I posted twice in one day or forgot to post and things went to shit. I'm not talking to you and trying to be condescending or rude, I'm doing it specifically because if I don't, my anxiety will tear me apart and I'll be worried about everyone's point of view on this.

    The hardest part for me is understanding tones through messages, it's hard to convey sly or sarcastic comments without a giant "sacasm" tag on them, and with my personality I'm going to assume the worst simply because I'm still stuck in an old mentality.

    TL;DR: I'm not talking down to you, Prox. I felt as if it was an opportunity to clarify things that might not have been clear to the other players (such as posting order and when to wait your turn).
  16. If there's not a problem then there's really no point clarifying.
    But whatever, I made the mistake of commenting.
    I'll excuse myself from wasting time in the future.
  17. these are the Mercedes G wagon and Lexus LS mentioned in my post.

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  18. In case it's unclear, my character has fallen unconscious from the head strike.
  19. Hey y'all! I think I'm just gonna make a posting order so I can shove people back in as needed.

    Uneasy Goat // Feminty // Saint Allison // Proxy // Guardian

    So, we await Saint Allison's post before continuing, but if you wish you deuce from the RP let me know so I can adjust :D
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