Dimesional Crossover:Protect the Cosmos

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  1. A great power has brought several strong people from seperate universes. The reason why was because the Power of the Cosmos has been threatened. They must work together and protect the Power of the Cosmos from The Darkness. The Darkness brought a batch of villains from seperate universes to take on the heroes. If the villainsge their hands on the Power of the Cosmos, then all life in the multiverse will fall.
    Can be any character
    no one over overpowered
    No speed posting
    No killing character unless you havbe persmission
    Be creative
    have fun

    good or evil:
    weapons and tech:
    Other information:
  2. Name Tommy Oliver
    Alias: White Ranger
    age 20s
    look [​IMG]
    good or evil: Good
    From: Power Rangers
    Skills Skilled in several martial arts(Karate, kendo, Taekwundo, Kenpo, Judo, Shinkido, Tso Kune Do,) He is also skilled in sword combat.
    Powers Superhuman abilities. Strong enough to lift a car, faster then most cars and motorcycles, Able to take blow after blow, and still fight, Superhuman stanimina. he can teleport short and long distances. Is made up of Pure good energy
    weapons and tech:Saba the talking sword. It can fire energy beams, and help Tommy in a fight. The White Tigerzord, one of the strongest megazords.
    Feats: is the Strongest Power Ranger
    One of the most skilled and expeirienced Rangers
    Has fought several monsters
    Personality:Couragious, strong willed, quick thinking, saracastic, strong, wiling to risk his life for others,
    Other information: Can lose his connection to the morphing grid, if he fights someone his equal or stronger
  3. Name: ?
    Alias: Jebediah Morningside; The Tall Man
    Age: About 150 in current form, appears to be in his 60s-80s.
    Good or evil: Evil
    From: Phantasm (1979)
    Skills: Advanced scientific mind, skilled funeral director, competent manipulator.

    * Superhuman strength.
    * Superhuman durability.
    * Weak telekinesis, usually used for pushes or holds.
    * Can project his image and will through any re-animated minion.
    * Telepathy, which is used to direct minions in the immediate vicinity, and can also be used to alter victims' dreams.
    * A flying golden sphere within his head acts as his main control center. The golden sphere is three-pronged, and is equipped with two deployable buzzsaws.
    * Keeps an indefinite supply of identical copies of his current body, which the golden sphere may enter if his previous body is damaged.
    * Severed limbs or punctured organs may transmogrify into alien forms and attack independently.

    Weapons and tech:
    * Has the technology to resurrect human corpses as zombie slaves. These can look and act normal, monstrous, or transform from one to another, depending on their intended function.
    * Has the technology to shrink and re-animate human corpses as dwarven slaves, with the strength of a normal human and additional durability.
    * Flying silver spheres, which are powered by leftover parts from dwarves' brains, and typically have the function of piercing human bodies with two deployable prongs, drilling holes into them, and pumping out blood. Different varieties can instead have small circular saws, larger buzzsaws, or "eyestalks" for surveillance (with viewscreen-spheres on the other end). The typical drill-spheres normally stop once they've pierced living tissue, and have to be removed in order to continue hunting. Speed = around 60-90 MPH.
    * May summon space gates, which allow him to teleport between locations, including his home planet (from which he may summon additional minions). These gates look like two waist-high metal poles, and may be deactivated by applying pressure to the tops of both poles at once.
    * Funeral equipment; embalming tools, cremation ovens, hearses, etc...

    * Lifted a coffin with a man's corpse inside under one arm, with little effort.
    * Telekinesis has knocked a motorbike off course, lifted a priest by his own rosary, and flung a man across a room with enough force to knock him out.
    * Survived being hung by the neck for several hours, with only signs of annoyance.
    * Has created vivid scenarios within multiple dreams.
    * Both his silver spheres and dwarves have taken gunshots and continued to fight, although two or more (or slightly heavier artillery) has put them down.
    * Survived multiple shotgun blasts and puncture wounds on different occasions, with little to no reaction.
    * Known for picking up victims in one hand and flinging them across the room.
    * Survived one of his own spheres drilling into his head with no major inconvenience.
    * Has crushed one of his own spheres in his bare hands.
    * Survived impalement.
    * In his golden sphere form, he has flown at speeds greater than his normal silver spheres, torn holes clean through human heads, and survived being doused in liquid nitrogen.
    * Summoned new bodies mere moments after an old one was destroyed.

    Personality: The Tall Man is normally silent and stoic; working alone and keeping his plans to himself. Normal interaction with others is gruff and unfeeling. If challenged or intruded on however, he often addresses his enemies with concise, mocking humor.

    Other information:
    * His red planet is a world of higher gravity, winds, and heat (survivable, but not somewhere you'd be able to do much of anything but crawl)
    * Has bases set up in any number of mortuaries and mausoleums across America, each one patrolled by at least one zombie, one silver sphere, and containing one standing space gate.
    * Wishes to use resurrected corpses as slaves for his home planet.
    * Weak to very low temperatures, which can cause his body to break down if sustained.
    * He and his spheres are weak to high frequencies, such as those created by tuning forks. Exposure may cause temporary paralysis, or direct contact may cause the spheres to explode.
  4. Very underated villain dude.
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