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  1. Long ago, there was a prosperous planet, Auctus. Cultivated by it's people, it Contained many rare natural resources to be used for it's thriving empire of developing technology.


    Among the population lived twelve legends, guardians of the planet's heart; it's spherical, throbbing essence of life. Born to them were different capabilities, each unique to it's possessor. Every Legend had a specific duty, some focusing on tending to the heart's needs, others focusing on protecting it. As long as the heart was safe and healthy, the planet was prosperous in everything it did. Through each generation the unique capabilities were passed down, starting a new line of legends every generation.

    The most recent line of Legends had just finished out their first year of being guardians, not yet having a chance to actually experience an evil force, therefor did not expect what was to come.
    The neighboring planet Vacca, had squandered their planet's source of life over the years; leaving them with a slowly deteriorating planet. The rulers, envious of Auctus' prosperity, devised a plan to steal Auctus' life source to renew their planet to it's former glory. They sent a small group of spies to size up Auctus' new guardians and discover the location of the planet's heart. The Legends were informed, by their own sources, that spies had come to take possession of their planets' heart and feared it was too late to fight back. Making a hasty decision, the Legends split into two groups, each group possessing half the heart, and retreated to Earth. Though they knew this would cause devastation to their planet, it was the only option that would enable them to one day come back and revive their planet, instead of losing it forever.
    This was not enough. After a year, the rulers of Vacca discovered the legends hiding on Earth. At the expense of The Legend of Time and Space's life, he created a parallel dimension and sent one group of legends into the copied dimension in order to confuse the agents of Vacca further. Now, they must wait and guard each part of the life source till the day of the eclipse; the day the worlds align and the two dimensions become one. That day they will gather together and take back their home.

    Helpful Notes

    The setting & Non-Legend characters
    Two generations have passed (It's now 2015) since their arrival on earth and the legend we will be playing are their grandchildren. For the sake of bringing everyone together, I will be requiring that the Legends work at the same company in some way (whether they own it, are long-time employees, just starting to work there, or work for a branch off.) Each Legend has come to New York City for a huge 50th anniversary event. Yes, you can play a normal human, descendant of a native of Auctus, or an agent of Vacca.

    The groups & Their powers
    (I'm sure this has confused a few of you.)
    The two groups are essentially on the same earth, however, the members of group one cannot interact (See, hear, smell, etc...) with the members of group two until the day of the eclipse and after. I will be choosing the people in each group, though you can ask to be in a specific group if you want. As for their powers, I have a specific list which can be seen here, however, Time Control is not an option because I think we can all agree that's way OP(plus, I killed him in the storyline...). The Legends can use small amounts of their power but when they use great amounts their mark (In the power list) will appear like a glowing tattoo. You can have their mark anywhere you want on their body.

    So, what do y'all think of it?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.