Dimensional Anime Crossover

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For those who exist and have self awareness, every action holds great importance; every choice made creates a new version of reality, every consequence existing side-by-side across numerous dimensions. But what would happen if the walls separating the various outcomes of existence were to be destroyed?

A single crack was enough to start a great tragedy, monstrous beings with unfathomable power tearing across the various dimensions and wreaking havoc wherever they appeared, and for a time it seemed as if all hope was lost and that all of existence would be destroyed. However, hope appeared as heroes slowly emerged from the chaos, banding together and battling the creatures that sought to destroy and conquer, and the chaos grew until it became a war spanning worlds and realities alike. Spirits arrived, claiming to be reapers of souls, as soulless beings called Arrancar began appearing in greater and greater numbers. Hell itself was torn asunder, unleashing the dead and demonic alike to battle in the ever growing war, and finally an end was reached. Both sides were decimated, the Heroes and Villains alike left barely alive, and for a time there was peace once more.

The creatures that began the war, however, were not content to let the resulting peace remain, and to start the chaos anew, they resurrected one of the strongest beings that had existed during the chaos, a man turned monster who gathered followers as powerful as himself. An Arrancar that had been born from centuries of murder and hatred, a man that exhumed evil that was charismatic enough to lead a small group against the world for the sole purpose of hurling it back into chaos, and the leader of the Ankoku no Ketsuen.