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  1. The universe is a vast and ever changing place. Many believe that there are not only multiple universes, but multiple dimensions. In this role play there are as many dimensions as there are blades of grass in a meadow. But nobody is aware of this save for a select few. The story is one that many of you are familiar with, the eternal struggle of good vs evil, light vs dark, etc. But something has changed. The forces of evil have decided to combine their powers and send their forces across dimensions. Superhuman mutants suddenly appear in the middle of 21st century New York, Space troopers with lasers invade the magical world of elves, etc. To combat this evil the forces of good have decided to summon the best and the brightest from their respective dimensions to band together and combat the evil forces. All that is left is for you to decide if your character is strong enough to prevail.

    Keep in mind that this roleplay is focused on teamwork. If everyone decides to be a lone wolf and take on everything themselves they will obviously be cut down to size. So when you create your character try to make one that is unique but can also work well in a team. The best example for this is using MMO style classes. Are you a healer who supports your friends from the rear? Maybe you are a tank that can take the brunt of the enemy's attacks to protect your weaker teammates. Perhaps you are a "glass cannon", someone who while physically weak, can use otherworldly forces to unleash devastating attacks. Overall, have fun making your character and try to get along with everyone else.


    Posting expectations are that you post at least 2 times a week.

    Post length should be at least 1 paragraph (5-6 sentences).

    No godmodding

    Be civil

    Romance is allowed, but any sexual content is not allowed. (basically anything beyond kissing).

    I reserve the right to take over any character that is inactive and holding up the story

    I also reserve the right to kill off characters if they are taking over the story/not allowing others to contribute

    In regards to combat please follow this example. I will present a situation, your character will respond with an action, I will post the resulting reaction. For example: Bad guy A throws a rock at Elvis, You will type out Elvis' response "Elvis dodges and throws a guitar at Bad guy A". Then I will post the reaction, "Bad guy A gets knocked out by the flying guitar.

    Basically I do not want to see one line solutions to a problem that I throw at the group. EX: Good guy A blows up all the bad guys and rescues the damsel the end.

    Character Sheet:




    Race: human/elf/alien etc.

    Picture/description: (no anime, drawn characters are fine)


    weaknesses: (must have at least 1)

    Background description: (who they are, where they are from, etc)

    other: (quirks, more history, etc)
  2. Name: Nils Corspin

    Age: 22

    Gender: male

    Race: human

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    10 foot tall MK5 mobile assault suit (nicknamed The Troll), equipped with twin-linked auto-cannon, variable payload missile launcher, and a retractable titanium wrist blade. Nils has made several modifications and added several large recessed speakers onto the suit along with a fully functional DJ and sound mixer station.

    Personal weapons. One "Judge" model shotgun revolver.

    weaknesses: The rear of The Troll is less armored than the front, a direct hit from a large caliber weapon or explosion has the chance of rupturing the suit.

    Background description: Nils was born into a world where all conflicts were settled in deadly bloodsports. Originally wanting to be a musician, Nils was drafted at the age of 18 and forced into serving his country as a participant in the war games. Nils worked his way up the ranks and eventually was given command of his own mech suit. Using his musical skills to his advantage, Nils equipped his suit with large speakers, this allowed him to distract/annoy his enemies, and if they were close enough the pounding bass from the speakers let Nils disorient and cause his foes to stumble due to the ground shaking vibrations.

    other: Nils is a team player and is skilled in finding out the best combinations of skills that can overcome hard obstacles. Nils is also an accomplished DJ/musician.
  3. Name: Aqua Blu

    Age: Her age differs depending on where she is. For example, in her home galaxy she is 160, whereas on Earth she would be 16. However, she appears as a 16-year-old, so, for the sake of the RP, I'm gonna say she's 16.

    Gender: Female

    Race: Water nymph


    weapons/abilities: Aqua can summon water and control it. She can also melt into water whenever she pleases, whether it's to quickly get away or to hide. Just incase her water magic fails, she has a small, bronze knife which can cut through skin quite easily.

    weaknesses: Aqua cannot stand heights. This is her greatest fear. She also cannot be too far away from water, because this is where she gets all her magic from.

    Background description: Aqua is from the planet Watrina in the small galaxy of Elementria. The galaxy only contains 4 planets, which all orbit a Red Supergiant (sun). The other planets in the galaxy are Firik, Etreni and Arina. But more on that later, this is meant to be about Aqua Blu. She was born on the planet, which is made entirely of water, 160 years ago (time is different there). Being a water nymph, she never knew her mother or father (water nymphs lay their eggs then leave them, very much like reptiles), and was left to grow up alone in the big wide world. Because of this, she is excellent in terms of survival. At the age of 100 (10 in human years), she decided that she wanted to explore. Not just her home planet, but also the world above, the galaxy that she was in. So, she joined GASEI (Galaxy and Space Exploration Incorporated), a space exploration company. She trained to be an astronaut there for 60 years (6) At the age of 160 (16), they sent her and two others, Klaud and Coral, to visit Etreni, the closest planet to theirs. While in space, they accidentally flew into a wormhole, and Klad and Coral unfortunately died. However, Aqua survived the journey, and an amazing adventure was to come...
  4. Character Sheet:

    Name: "Proxy"

    Age: Unknown

    Gender: Female

    Race: Half Demon

    Picture/description: [​IMG]

    Technomancer: She is able to speak with machines and manipulate them. The extent to which she does depends on the energy she exerts.

    Engineer (Armaments, Electrical and Computer): She learned as she went to cut down on the overhead cost of maintaining her vessel and by proxy having a live crew, unless necessary.

    Pilot: If it moves faster than walking and has a motor attached she can probably pilot it. She is well versed in most types of systems and their theory. Her co-co-pilot is an AI who controls multiple drones about her ship that handle routine tasks. Currently in her possession is a ship that was intended for a small crew and cargo. It is quick and she has gutted the non-essential things to make room for stealth and smuggling.

    Rune Magic: Proxy is able to carrve arcane runes into objects or living things to help or harm them. This magic typically slow enough to not be suited for combat, but sees much use on her ship.

    Siphon: Draining others life energy to stay young or heal. If the one being drained is willing it is painless mostly. Most are not willing and the process can be painful depending on how much is being taken at once.

    Shapeshift: Able to change her outward appearance. This ability is a little more than a glamour spell granted by her bloodline.

    Weaknesses: Has a terrible habit of siphoning out life energy of others in order to stay young. It is unclear how she does it to most, but the clients seem to be happy to do so or at least delightfully unaware.

    She is also a non combatant or at least prefers to be. Combat is messy and could mess up her hair, but harming her ship or someone she cares about is sufficient motivation to get her to take action, albeit with a grumble and heavy sigh.

    Background description: Proxy get grew up in the company of demons and otherwise terrible individuals who followed them. She learned quickly that to survive she must adapt to situations as they came, a lesson well remembered. Her father was shape shifter and mother a rare breed of demon with healing powers, but the power had to come from somewhere and so she learned to siphon from others. Her mother honed her skills over time to be a deadly huntress, but Proxy never wanted to hunt or fight and so ran away after saving a human slave and hijacking a vessel used to bring captured beings to the demon's planet.

    She has been on her own ever since, after living with the human she rescued for two decades who taught her the basics of piloting and engineering.

    Other (quirks, more history, etc)
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  5. Name: Blade Saltator
    Age: unknown
    Gender: male
    Race: Sentient Robot
    Appearance: http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2...libot__the_demon_killer_by_djahal-d5zbgyb.jpg

    Weapons and abilities:
    Laser sword: Duel bladed. One on his right and left arm.

    His armor: Very tough. Nothing short of an antitank weapon can penetrate it.

    Magnetic mines: He stores six on his back. Basically, it's C4 with a powerful magnet attached to it. Magnetic enemies beware.

    Super jump: Almost self explanatory. He can jump to heights in excess of 400 ft with the assistance of rocket boosters in his feet and shoulders.

    Weakness: His neck armor is much weaker than anywhere else. A blade to the side will greatly impede his senses, movement and if the blade is big enough it could kill him.

    Background: [Data corrupted.]

    Other: He does not remember his past. His programming automatically wipes all memories after a two week period. He is trying to learn how to over come this detriment.
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  6. @Cheeki Breeki

    I would accept it except for his weakness. Having a short temper (while detrimental) is not really a personal weakness. Simply put you need to give your character a realistic weakness that can actually impede or injure your character.
  7. I see. Will fix that.
  8. Done. Save for background and other. Judge me. : )
  9. Name:

    Alexander Argentum​







    alexander paladium armor.jpg

    XV189 Paladin class assault armor-
    -thruster system- along his suit there are ports for it to fire small jet engines that are powered by an iridium core housed internally. These thrusters allow him quick shunts at roughly around 35 the amount of speed someone could normally move however he cannot turn while using them and must shunt in a straight line. Due to the iridium core they do not run out of fuel.
    -enhanced muscle- he is roughly around twice as strong as a normal human thanks to the suit.
    -enhanced movement speed- he can move normally at something around 8 times as fast as a normal person due to the suits enhanced muscle.
    -weapons operating system- most humans in the heat of combat lose all but the most basic of muscle control. The suit adverts this by releasing a constant stream of stimulants into the bloodstream at faint levels making the body react like it was not in a high stress situation. In times of dire need the suit can overload the system and shoot his body full of drugs basically giving him an adrenaline high. This system also links his brain to the suits weapon system allowing him to track shots without using sights it calculates trajectory. However when he aims he can put rounds in places a normal human would have no chance of doing
    Enhanced body-
    -reinforced spine- his spine was reinforced with high density titanium alloy that allows it to take extreme impacts without worrying about it
    -brain enhancements- his brain has had multiple procedures making it fire with the neural speed of fiber optic cable which is roughly around 300,000 times faster than a normal human being. This allows him to think and react much faster than most humans however just because he can see it doesn't mean he can dodge it.
    -neural link- this allows him to link with his suit in a link where it becomes a second skin to him reacting to his brain as his own muscles would there is no lag time.
    XN88 storm hammer
    A six foot long warhammer that detonates a large magnetic field in a repulsion effect when swung with adequate force. This field can crush heavy armor easily and can generally smash tank hulls.
    XN177 assault rifle
    heavy rifle that fires palladium coated rounds that burn through most armor and concrete with ease.

    weaknesses: big enough guns, he is still human even if he is augmented, killing palladium core of suit(this results in a nuclear explosion not recommended), and removal from suit.

    Background description:
    Alexander is a futuristic super soldier and he has fought in only one war however it was huge. The cause of this ongoing war is a precious mineral and fuel known as iridium. It was an ongoing conflict that waged through many dimensions and has had an effect on his age. He is currently 2000 years old however through time travel he has been frozen at 22 years old. He kills enemies but he always maintains a constant cool in battle not letting emotions cloud his judgment. He still believes the war is raging on and fights to defend his nation.
    abilities: Inside the suit he is a normal human with a few augmentations. The suit allows him to have better combat

    He works well with others but can occasionally be rash and hasty, also he is in connection with Arthur Greystrokes who is of questionable moral alignment​
  10. A lot of armor here.
  11. Why do I need a hug?
  12. For making me smile. There is a lot of armor, but there is a certain theme we have going on. Should make for an interesting dynamic.

    And because robots. : D
  13. My character has no armor!
  14. I am thinking of making another character just to add some variety. Maybe a sorcress or something along the lines of magic
  15. Sounds good.
  16. well my character was originally an arena character from another site, his armor just got a slight upgrade in the protection department and he traded out a knife for the storm hammer.
  17. Name
    Unity Valk
    "Don't judge me by my name"

    "Believe it or not"

    "Check "her" out, I dare you"

    "And you question why I'm short?"


    Unity is new to a large staff that emits a magical power, though treasures it and plans to control it's magic. The staff
    can shape the terrain around her, though leaves the newly shaped ground tinged with a frost that is estimated a form of toxins.
    This staff also affects with Unity's nerves. At the touch of her skin, the staff sends a pulse through the flesh layer and
    plays her nerves. The nerves send messages to her brain, where her brain then send an ability for Unity to physically
    weld. This irregular sense of power creates an energy that looks and feels like toxic or poison.
    Note Unity has no idea of what the staff is doing to her. In fact, these powers have barely even started. She has only
    witnessed small "suggestions" of the power.
    Later into the role play, the magic will take compete power in her system.

    Physical contact-At the moment Unity mainly focuses on her magic. She is ignoring her physical strength, making any
    hits like punches and kicks, falling from certain heights and so on very harsh on her body. She doesn't have as much strength and stamina then she should have

    Background description
    I will make a few paragraphs of her history if needed, because right now, I'm tired and I want to get
    this done.

    Long story short, Unity was born to a human woman and a dwarf man (don't ask about... yea). Her mother died birthing
    Unity. Her father abandoned his clan, determined to raise Unity. However, so grief stricken over his dead beloved, he
    forgot about his health and turned weak. Several months later, after searching for quite a while, her father's clan found
    him. Many of his clan mates were merciless towards him, being broke one of the traditional rules. The two were taken
    back to the clan, where Unity's father was publicly executed by ambitious men and women of the tribe. Their leader
    was taken down by this mutiny, as he was to merciful and kind for their likings. The clan was then a vile band of dwarfs.
    At the age of six, Unity was forced into slavery for the clan
    Several long years past, until Unity was sick of the abuse. At the age of twenty, she escaped the tribe. She always heard word about the different dimensions and planets, an dreamed of exploring them... however, she has no way whatsoever of escaping her currant planet.
    She had a dream of some mysterious creature blah blah blah. She woke up with the staff she uses today standing upright from
    the ground beside her.

    Tease her about her history or shortness, you're in for a h*ll of a smack down. Nag on and on to her about something,
    you're in for a h*ll of a smack down. Show or do any harm to her staff, you're six feet under.

    I'll probably add some thing later.​
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  18. Ok guys everything looks good except for a few things
    @Binks and @Esper
    While i do accept your weaknesses I would also like a physical weakness so that way your characters are not simply awesome at what they do and have no weaknesses that I...I mean enemies can exploit. Plus if everybody is perfect than there is no point in cooperating with each other

    Other than that everything else is good, I will start working on the IC thread and hopefully have it up soon.
  19. I am really sorry for taking so long guys. I am kinda in the middle of a family crisis but I am working on getting the IC thread up as soon as I can
  20. Ok, take as long as you need :)
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