Dimension Keys.

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  1. [You're gonna have to read a lot, sorry]

    Look closely, speak little. Do you see what I see?

    Your normal school day comes to an end as you make your way back home. You know every possible route from your school to your home [and vice versa] and have them nailed down. But today, your mind floats off and your body takes over, leading you to an abandoned neighborhood that no one had bothered to reconstruct or visit.
    Your feet clank against stone steps as you march up to a door with the numbers "34" pasted onto it in gold. The dark maroon paint on the door is peeling off, curling into tiny balls. The paint near the edges of the door is pale, and there are spots of the wooden door that are exposed.The building itself is attached to other homes. The brick walls are pale and bumpy, and there are flaws in the walls everywhere.To each house there are four windows on the front, which are all grimy and smudged from dust and dirt piling on top of each other. Some shingles on the roof are missing, while some cling onto the edge of the roof. You notice something written on a door which catches your eyes. Wondering why you hadn't seen it before, you walk closer to the door to read the writing.

    Dear key holder,
    Dimensions. Different worlds of existence that are so far away, yet, in some cases, just a step away.
    These worlds have always existed, and have been open to us since the first form of life arose on Earth. Yet we never saw them. Why?

    Oh, I'm sorry. Let me clear that up. Only common Feebies [taken from the term "feeble"], our name for mortals, have never been able to see them. And they never will. Why? Possibly two reasons. The first reason- they are too weak. They can't withstand traveling to different dimensions. If they found another way besides portals to get here, then maybe. But that era of technology is definitely far from their hands for now. Therefore, we have closed the entrances to our worlds from their eyes.

    Second reason - You need a key. And no, you can't buy the key, trade for it, or any of that stuff. You are born with the first key - the Bloody Key. And if you are born with that key, then that means that you are most likely not a Febbie. That's right. You're not a human. Take a minute to let your brain sink in. Some of you might find it hard to believe.

    Third reason - The portal changes every four years, making it hard to find.

    Of course, we [not including the Feebies when I say "we"], have discovered the portals many centuries before. When, exactly? Please excuse me, but that's impossible to determine.

    So far, there are only three other dimensions [which you now know as worlds] that we can travel to. [The entire set of these dimensions, including Earth, is called Clover Fields] That's the Bloody Dimension, the Neubuella Dimension, and the Tether Dimension [please, when you read that, read it with complete disgust].

    Currently, there is a very, very long, gory war, known as the Eon War. It all began a few decades or some ago, when the world was at peace and we were already ahead of the humans in Earth.[I’m sure it was around the late 1800s.] The rulers [President, head governor, king/queen, whatever you want to call it] of the worlds had a disagreement. And as you would expect, it was about dominating the universe.

    "Think about the power, the glory, the wealth," Lord Tether XIII had announced one day. He explained his plan in taking over the universe. "And we can kill all the humans once we build up our worlds. So fragile, vulnerable, weak... They're idiots... Feebies," he added.

    "Speak for yourself," Charlotte Evans, a representative favored by many in Evan Dimension [that’s the past name] had spat at him, disgusted. It took a few seconds for the others to reply, because of Lord Tether XIII’s sudden, hostile behavior.

    "If they be idiots, then what are you?" Neubuella L. Sharpe II growled.

    “Fools! This universe doesn't need useless, talking clumps of Frues [very rude in our worlds] like you,” Lord Tether XIII had snarled at them, tugging on his, what he calls, “lucky” amulet that he had found.

    Their quarrel lasted only for two days before Lord Tether XIII began to speak of war.
    "It's the beginning of a very long war" Erick Evans, Charlotte's older brother and president of Evans Dimension [they took onto the Constitution of America], had said. They went on with their lives, trying to avoid conflict, and Neubuella portaled back to the first dimension, preparing for the predicted war.

    As time passed, more found the portals to the dimensions, and each of the founders told them of the situation. Out of all of them, very few returned to Earth, where they could be safe. Most, as Neubuella had foreseen, joined her, or stayed mutual. Some, however, were lured by the promises made by King Tether [and he possessed some of them, Lord knows how] It would take a few more years before they battled.

    Up to this day, right now, they are still fighting. As you are reading this, someone is dying in the Bloody Dimension. So tell me this - will you join Neubuella, or will you fall into the hands of Tether?

    Key holder,
    Look closely, speak little. Do you see what I see?

    Running your fingers over the words one more time, you head home, one thought flooding into your mind - Am I a Key Holder?


    Mortals[Humans]/Feebies - They have no magic in their blood. They live and walk on Earth, unaware of the other Dimensions. Few had crossed the portal and survived.

    Key Holders - Okay. They cannot buy the key, trade for the key or trade it out, sell the key, etc. These are humans, and the key is not literally INSIDE of them. They have magic in their blood. Even if he/she has very little magic, that will be enough to be able to see all the portals and cross to the other dimensions. All Key Holders are able to perform some type of magic, even if it is weak and very little.

    Creatures - The Key Holders were able to breed different kinds of animals with new, better conditions in the other worlds [more fresh, clean, not-polluted, etc.]. Most of these creatures are mutual, and most are similar to animals/monsters in mythological books, fictional books, etc.

    ^Examples - Flying horses [Pegasus, whatever], water horses, mermaid-like creatures, giant, lion-like/wolf-like beasts, lizards that are evolving into dragons, etc.

    Neubuella Dimension - In this war, they are considered the "good/hero" side. Fighting against Lord Tether, they battle on the fields of the Bloody Dimension. They welcome many, and they have friendly relationships with the creatures.

    Bloody/Evan Dimension - Where it is now a bloody battlefield, it used to be a peaceful, beautiful place. The people living here had tried to stay out of the war's way, but the two dimensions had ended up having their first battle here, and they decided to stick to the Evan Dimension. [Now the Bloody Dimension. Because of all the blood-spill, it received its new name.]

    Tether Dimension - It doesn't look like Bowser's evil castle or something. It's not like the sky is always black, the trees are all dead, thunder booms in the background whenever Lord Tether speaks, etc. No. It's the opposite. The Tether Dimension is quite a pleasant place, with a good economy and villages. It's just the people. They're smart but they have a twisted concept: All humans are worthless. They are Frues. They are Feebies. They must die. It's a thing that Lord Tether planted into their minds.

    War Status - Unfortunately, Lord Tether is winning. He is very powerful, and he is still gaining power as he now as a lot of Key Holders on his side.

    [I'm really sorry that there's an awful lot. I just to want to see how many people will be interested in doing this. Message me if you have any questions.]
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  2. This certainly sounds interesting.
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